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Angel Of Blessings In Disguise

The Universe Desires Nothing More Than To Bless You In Abundance Always & In All Ways

This Angel comes to remind us that even in the darkest of times in our lives, the windows of heaven are open and showering an abundance of blessings upon us!

So often it seems that when something "terrible" happens in our lives, all we can see is what it appears to mean on the surface. You lose your job and suddenly find yourself awash with fear that you won't be able to pay your bills, let alone put food on the table. Or a relationship you had devoted much time, love and attention to suddenly dissolves and you are left bereft and heartbroken. In my own life I was facing a situation that I had been taught to believe would be lifelong with no escape. I was expected to be the one who would take over the care of a family member even though that person is extremely demanding and exhausting, and whom for the most part, refuses to put much effort into helping themselves. I was willing out of love to set aside goals and dreams I would otherwise pursue had I not had to take this situation into consideration. However as I was to find, the Universe had other plans for me in mind. Freedom came when a sudden family emergency led to what a friend referred to as a "defining moment" in my life. This person chose to behave in such a way that I realized I had no choice but to sever that tie. On the surface the event was deeply wrenching for me. Yet, it was also liberating in a way I never expected it could be and even then I found myself floundering as how to even cope with this new positive sense of freedom! As I continued to delve even more deeply into what had happened, I began to understand that I am not responsible for another's well being. The whole event, though traumatic at the time it occurred, was indeed a major Blessing in Disguise.

As I reflected back upon my life I began to see how many of the things that I thought of as being really bad luck, bad karma, a wrenching twist of fate, what ever one chooses to call it, were all in reality filled with the energy of the Angel of Blessings in Disguise. Each even led me to a greater understanding of myself and my own potential, they showed me how to be strong in the face of challenges and not to tuck my tail and run but face them head on. I found that all of these things could in some way be incorporated into my work and thus serve others as though to say see, I made this mistake but you don't have to! You can instead learn from what I did "wrong", or if you are already on that path, here are some tips and tools to help you get onto a higher path. I saw that the more I was willing to take each thing that was a challenge in my life and asked this Angel to show me the purpose behind it, it would serve as a tremendous source of inspiration. It helped me to examine other people's lives so I could begin to learn from THEIR mistakes, hopefully that I too would not have to traverse those paths. As this Angel teaches, we are all both student and teacher in all that we do.

A Closed Door Only Means That Something Better Awaits You!

This Angel comes to remind us that no matter what we are facing, we are never alone! Yes the job may have come to an end but perhaps if you listen closely, you will hear this Angel directing you to an even better job. Maybe there will be more pay, or greater fulfillment and satisfaction. Maybe you will find yourself finally free to pursue your own business or feel that its okay to start looking into furthering your education in some way. Maybe a friend offers you the opportunity to travel around the world with them, working your way through country after country as you go. Or maybe you take up volunteer work which leads you to your ultimate dream job. One door has closed, and this Angel comes to remind us not to stop and stare at the closed door hoping that it will somehow re-open but instead to take a broader perspective and look to see what other doors are standing wide open! And honestly you may have really hated your job and at some level wanted to be free of it. You may have remained because you didn't trust that anything better would be out there for you. Now you have the chance of a lifetime to put the Universe to the test! Ask this Angel and the Universe for your dream job! Ask to be shown which doors are open if you can't see them clearly yet! I guarantee that if you listen to this Angel with an open heart and mind, you will be amazed at how grateful you will someday be as you look back on your present experience.

Your present challenge may instead involve a health crises. It may be one that appears to be impossible to heal and you feel you have little reason to hope. This Angel is standing beside you and shouting to get your attention right now! Please listen! The next person you speak with may say something that will turn this situation around for you if you are willing to act upon the guidance being given. Turn on the telly and you may see a program about an alternative health treatment that is exactly what you need. Or you may meet someone who also faced what you are currently facing and now walks in the world as healed. Perhaps you yourself will develop an alternative treatment or method of healing that will help thousands if not millions of other people. Dr. Bach of the Bach Flower Essences used his own suffering to help him find the flower essences that could heal him. He then went on to share these essences with people the world over. The blessing might also be that it pushes you into living each day to the utmost the best you can and in the process, to serve as an inspiration for others to do the same. Norman Cousins through his own life threatening experience with ankylosing spondylitis had the intuitive hit that he could heal himself through laughter. Years later after suffering a major coronary, he once again followed his own inner guidance healed himself. Both events led him to write books that have helped countless others heal themselves and their lives. Truly, this man and many others like him, were touched by the Angel of Blessings in Disguise and went on to channel the love and energy of this angel for so many others.

You Have The Power Within You To Create Great Good For Yourself & Others

This Angel can teach us that its not what happens to us in life that is so important, but how we choose to respond to each challenge. It may be that all along we were getting intuitive guidance that we needed to take different actions, to begin looking around to see what doors were starting to open so we could begin to move towards them before an actual crises hit. It may be that your own Soul has been urging you to pursue something that has great purpose and meaning for you, if only you would allow yourself the time to follow through. The crises or challenge then becomes the opportunity for you to follow through on what you really love and value in life. Losing the job, relationship, health, money or what ever it is you are feeling is being torn away, might be the very thing that needs to happen if it pushes you to find out what your true potential and destiny really is. This Angel urges you to have faith that nothing ever leaves our lives unless there is some higher purpose behind it, even if we cannot see it at the present time. Your job right now is to attune to the energy of this angel and ask to be shown the blessings that are waiting for you to discover them! For there is nothing in this life that we cannot choose to turn into a blessing for someone else. If you don't believe me, think about this as an example; a woman who lost her child to a drunk driver went on to create MADD which has served to educate thousands of people about the dangers of drinking and driving. Now, think of how can you use the challenges in your own life to be a channel of love and blessings for others and you will find the way. Your own life in return will be blessed in more ways than you can ever begin to imagine!

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

You find yourself facing a difficult situation and yet as you open your heart and mind to guidance, an abundance of helpful advice and potential solutions come flooding into your life.

Your find yourself thinking of challenges in new ways, asking yourself how you can turn a given situation into a positive as though "someone else" were taking over your very thought processes.

You start to feel less and less afraid of all the "what if's" of life and begin to focus more on expanding possibilities.

You find yourself beginning to be strongly attracted to positive people and things, as though you are craving a daily dose of positive energy from what ever source you can find it from.

When challenges strike, they don't remain challenges for long because solutions are already at hand or the situation begins to dissolve as though by Divine Intervention.

Other ways to work with the energy of this Angel is to ask yourself what you can do right now to find something positive in your current situation. I understand how difficult this can be and yet if you are truly willing to see what might be good in it, this good will expand in your life. The greatest good comes when you also seek to find ways of sharing this good with others that they too may benefit. Even if right now you cannot see anything at all good in what is happening, if you ask this Angel for support and wisdom, it shall be given to you in great abundance!

You Are So Loved!

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