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Angel of Heart's Desires

What heart felt desire might you need to be paying attention to at this time? This Angel has reached out to you at this time to help you make it a reality!

Too often we all tend to set aside the desires of our hearts because we don't believe they are possible to achieve. We may think of all the obstacles that we may have to confront instead of the joy we shall feel in taking the steps we need to in order to make them manifest. This Angel has come to you to tell you that if you follow the yearnings of your heart, the Universe will literally move heaven and earth to insure that you achieve your desires! The ways of the Universe are infinite and more creative than we can even begin to imagine. If you begin by taking even one small step, the Universe will respond and in bigger and better ways than you imagine! Take another step and the Universe will respond again, rewarding and blessing you many times over because you have found the courage and strength within yourself to allow yourself to live your life from your Soul's level.

The desires of your heart do come from your Soul. Your Soul which is the Higher or Expanded Self that knows all that you are capable of being and doing. It sees your true potential and sends you the longings to fulfill your heart's desires because they are the only desires that are truly worthy of your achieving. Yes, there may be many other things that you accomplish and manifest in this life that are good and worthwhile. And yes, they may fulfill you on different levels for a time. Yet they never seem to be what you truly want for yourself and your life. There is always this longing for "something more" that you may not always be able to define in words, and yet you recognize as coming from the deepest part of yourself. You may have thought that by achieving goals that you hoped would take the place of your true heart's desires that you could feel satisfied and happy with that, that the longings and the "what if's" would somehow be diminished and eventually cease to be. Yet you can never put out the fire of your own Soul! Even if you were able to dim it to the tiniest spark, it is infinite and can never be put out. This Angel is here today to remind you of this. So stop trying to stamp out your own inner spark and instead choose to start moving in the direction you really desire to be moving in! This Angel says it is time!

The Angel of Heart's Desires is also a very protective Angel. It is protective of you AND your dreams, for it knows that there are people in this world who because they have chosen not to follow their own heart's desires, they are not able to give you the support and encouragement you need. Some may even try to stop you cold in your tracks by telling you all the reasons they think you can't do it. They may say you are not good enough, do not have the proper education, too old, too young, too this, too that. Or it would take too much money, time, energy and effort. This is why this Angel is likely to encourage you to only share your heart's desires with those people whom you absolutely know will support, honor and respect them. It can be so easy to listen to someone else tell you why you cannot achieve something and yet think of it this way; do you really want to listen to people that never even made the attempt to manifest their own heart's desires? As a very wise person once said "you don't go to someone who has had a series of failed marriages for relationship advice" and the same holds true here. The only person right now who needs to know anything about your heart's desires is YOU! That's it! YOU are the most important person in this equation. And if you are truly intent on manifesting that which your Soul is leading you to, then the Universe will find an abundance of ways to surround you with people who can and will support you every step in of the way.

This Angel works hand in hand with the Angel of Dreams. The Angel of Dreams often tries to find a way in first because it knows that the dreams you can allow yourself to have are guideposts along the way to even deeper desires. The dreams that we can begin to think are even a little bit possible help to provide the foundation for our biggest heart's desires. We gain confidence and faith in ourselves and the Universe as we make progress on our dreams so that when the Angel of Heart's Desires knows the time has come to make its presence known, we are feeling ready to take this next and one of the biggest steps yet! By acknowledging the presence of the Angel of Dreams in our lives, we have already begun the process of clearing away that, which was holding us back. We are on the trail of something wonderful and we know it now! We have caught a glimpse of the larger pattern for our lives and we desire with every fibre of our being to see even more! And the only way to see even more is to now admit to ourselves and to the Universe, that there is so much more to this physical experience that we call life.

Life is HUGE! It is magnificent! It is filled with wonder and experiences that are simply waiting for us to wake up to the reality that they exist! Life and we ourselves are so much larger, expansive and creative than we give it and ourselves credit for. This Angel knows that you are now ready to experience more of who you truly are. It knows you have now heard the song of your own Soul and once you have heard that, even for a moment, there is no turning back. And why would you want to? Once you connect with the passion, the zest, the joy for life that following your heart's desire can offer you, nothing will ever satisfy you in the same way ever again. And that is a very good thing!

As you are reading these words you may feel that you don't really know what your true heart's desire is. You may have this feeling of longing within you that says something important and vital in your life seems to be missing yet you can't quite sort out what that may be. If this is the case then it is time for you to spend some quiet time over the next several days or even weeks going within as often as you can and connecting with your Higher Self and this Angel to ask them to show you what you are truly wanting. You may have buried your heart's desire so deeply that it needs time, love and patience to be coaxed forth again. It may seem to big that you are frightened to even contemplate attempting it so you have pretended to yourself that you have forgotten it or it never existed in the first place. Yet your Soul and this Angel know better. Trust in their wisdom! They know what they are doing!

Or you know what your Heart's desire is and feel that it really isn't that important and your achieving it will not have a great impact on the world for the better. You may thing that what your Heart's desire "should" be is to do something that will have a great impact on many, many people instead of appearing to serve only you. What you need to understand is that every time someone allows themselves to go for what their hearts are really longing for, it does change the world for the better. As each individual begins to feel happier and more fulfilled, their energy radiates out into all of life and the Universe. Those who are also seeking to feel greater joy and happiness suddenly find their desire for this is supported by life. Those who are seeking healing find the healing that is appropriate for them. Those who are seeking to understand their inner self more fully find that they are receiving greater insights than ever before. The world is changed for the better as one individual at a time chooses to change their own life for the better. There is no other way for we are all part of the same wonderful tapestry. What affects one affects the whole. It may be that your true heart's desire is to stay home with your beloved children instead of having to work outside the home. By reaching for this Soul level desire, you are supporting not only all others who share this with you but also all children who are seeking more love and support in their own lives, no matter where they may be on the planet. Don't you think this is good enough reason alone to reach for what you are wanting? Yet this Angel and I also pray that you do realize that your heart's desire is worthy because it is yours. And you are totally worthy of having it! Even if it didn't impact another person outside of you, it is still as worthy as a heart's desire because it belongs to you! And the entire focus of the Universe revolves round that which gives you joy!

The most important message from this Angel to you is to be very honest with yourself about what your Heart's Desire truly is. Many times people will say to themselves it is one thing because they think that is what it "ought or should" be. Usually this is to please someone else instead of you. Yet you are not responsible for another person's happiness and in truth you cannot make someone else happy who is not already willing to feel happiness within themselves. You do not have to live out someone else's dream. You do not have to sacrifice what is heartfelt to you. You are here on this earth to increase the Light and Joy of life. You can do this best by allowing your own Soul to guide you to that which makes you truly happy for then your joy and happiness will radiate out into all of life which will uplift and inspire countless others!

What to watch for with this Angel:

You find that you feel compelled to begin moving towards the manifestation of your Heart's Desire and begin to believe that it IS possible for you to manifest!

New people begin to enter your life and are extremely supportive of what you are trying to achieve. Or someone you have known casually suddenly becomes more active and helpful in your life, perhaps even leading you straight into the manifestation on your dream!

You find it easier to stay focused on what you really desire in life and begin to drop activities and things that do not contribute to the manifestation of your Heart's Desire. Instead you find it easier and easier to gravitate towards those things that do!

You find you greatly desire more ease and joy in your life. Negativity blocks the manifestation of your Good. Accepting that life can be easier and much more joyful also helps you to release negative thinking and believe that your desire is also easier to manifest.

You find that while you may not know how your Heart's Desire will manifest, you have a strong sense of faith within that as long as you continue to move towards it, the Universe will handle all the details of its manifestation for you.

You wake up in the mornings feeling excited because this day is one day closer to manifestation of your Heart's Desire. You become even more excited as you notice all the little signs and omens that the Universe is sending you telling you that it IS in process of being manifested! Some people refer to this as seeing "driftwood". Sailors know when they are approaching land because of the driftwood in the waters. So too does the Universe alert us that something we are wanting is going to manifest through synchronicity, "coincidences" and other signs that manifestation is near so keep going!

Other ways to work with this Angel:

There are many wonderful books on the market today that can help you look at manifesting your Heart's Desire in a number of ways. Sonia Choquettes Creating your Heart's Desire is excellent as is Wayne Dyer's Manifest Your Destiny. The more immersed you are each day in focusing on what it is your desire, the faster and easier it can manifest for you. Seek out other books that relate to your Heart's Desire. For example, if you want to have a child, read books that resonate for you on parenting. If you are wanting your dream home, attend open houses, read through the Real Estate ads, think about how you want your home to look and in what ways it will support your inner and outer growth in this lifetime. If any of these things however make you feel pressured or discouraged in any way, then set them aside and ask this Angel to lead you to those things that will increase your positive focus.

Spend some time each day or every few days just talking with this Angel. Talk about how good it feels to know that your desire is manifesting. Yet talk too when you are feeling down or discouraged. At those times, ask that you be lifted up into a more positive frame of mind and positive expectation. Ask to be given a sign that you are traveling the right path and this Angel will be happy to send you an abundance of signs!

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