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Angel of Life Purpose

Each of us comes into this world with a special mission or life purpose that only we can accomplish. Often we have a sense of what this purpose is from the time we are very young yet few are fortunate enough to have that sense of purpose encouraged or supported. Instead many of us are pushed into doing things that our parents or other people feel is really best for us to be doing, they ignore our own vision of what we came here to do because THEIRS was also ignored when they were young as well! It takes great strength of will and stamina to go against what others may see us being right for us and sadly many fall into that trap of living out someone else's dream.

Yet there is an Angel of Life Purpose who is always with each of us, trying to remind us in each moment what it is we know we came here to accomplish. This Angel speaks to us when we are working at jobs that we hate and desperately wishing there was something else we could be doing to pay the rent and put food on the table! It is at those moments especially when this Angel begins to speak to us, urging us to take hold of our original desire and sense of life purpose and begin to work in the present moment to make it a reality! Even if on the surface it looks like it might be very difficult indeed to accomplish our life's purpose and make a living to boot, this Angel stands ready to say that money and support flows where the life purpose is also being focused upon, and in far greater abundance than we would ever receive working at jobs or careers that we hate! We shall also find that as we begin the process of moving towards accomplishing our life mission, that all the pieces begin to fall into place with greater and greater ease. We feel more alive and awake when we are pursuing that which we love, our days are filled with joy and harmony rather than struggle and strife. Even the old career becomes easier to bear when we understand that it is a springboard to where we really desire to be in life. We can remain in our old job even as we are embarking on the new and through it, we may even find people that are happy to lend a hand or can lead us to still others who can help us accomplish our life purpose.

For those who are confused as to what their life purpose may be, think back and call upon this Angel to help remind you of what you wanted to be when you were young. I wanted to be an Anthropologist and later, a Forensic Anthropologist. In many ways, my work now does involve digging through the bones of the past to help a client piece together the puzzle of their own life. I help them root through all the aspects of themselves that were " killed off" by their family myth or expectations or simply because society was not ready to embrace what these people had to offer so they drove their life purpose deep underground. I find that I am living out my life purpose though not in ways I ever expected when I was younger! Perhaps though, nothing comes to mind as to what you felt you wanted to be when "you grew up". It may well be that there was nothing in those days that could help you define what your life mission might be, no container to embrace it. Like many others, you may find that you need to create a new niche for your work to find fulfillment. You may love to do research for example and yet have a difficult time finding the right research projects to embark upon that also help to pay the bills! It may be that the research you have come here to do involves alternative methods or ideas, concepts that the world does not yet know it needs and yet stands poised to embrace. There may not be a "career" that you can name but you can still get a sense of all it involves and through this, this Angel will help lead you straight into the sort of work that is truly a part of your mission here on earth. This involves a huge amount of trust and faith as well! Its so easy to follow in someone else's footsteps yet much harder to blaze your own trail. Yet facing this challenge will also bring you rewards that you have not even dreamed of yet! Or perhaps you need to simply spend some quiet time with this Angel, asking what your life purpose or mission truly is and how you can begin the process of bringing it into your reality. You may find that you love to write and from that, this Angel begins to bring you many topics and ideas to write upon. Perhaps this will lead to a book or having your work published in other ways that brings you great success and joy! Yet you shall never know unless you try, unless you actively pursue those things that give you joy in your daily life even if you can't see how any of it could possibly become a career you truly love.

This Angel also desires for us to know that each of us is worthy of having work that is both life sustaining and fulfilling. Every human being who lives to be between the ages of 38 and 45 goes through what we call "mid-life crises". This is an astrological as well as an inner phenomenon in which the individual is pushed to reconcile what gives meaning and a sense of purpose to life and what does not. This is why so many feel compelled to walk away from careers (among other things) that one has been able to maintain up until this point, but no longer! Some where some how the person knows that something is terribly wrong and the original intent to embark upon the career in the first place now seems meaningless. This Angel is hard at work during these years, pushing the person to begin reaching for that which is their true life's purpose! The person knows deep inside that not to have that sense of mission and purpose means that they have already started the death process. Some folks do leave during these years due to heart attack or an accident if they cannot allow themselves to reach for something that gives them a sense of purpose in life. It is a very difficult time, a time when an individual realizes that nothing, not money, success, an appearance of power or prestige, wearing the right label of designer clothing, none of it is life sustaining if one is not fulfilling one's life purpose. Even worse is the sense that one may have wasted the best years of one's life in pursuit of an illusion that has left them feeling empty inside. This Angel can then intervene to remind the person that their best years are yet to come! Life can become invigorated again when one has a sense of purpose and mission. Nieztche once wrote that "he who has a purpose to live can bear any how". Having this sense of purpose and mission keeps the body young just as it does the heart and mind. People who are pursuing their true life's purpose often do appear younger than their actual physical years. Their bodies simply do not age at the same rate as other people's because they have this constant infusion of light and vitality flowing to them through that which they love doing and do well. When we do what we love, when we actively pursue that which is our true life purpose, we attract an abundance of light and energy onto the planet which uplifts all others as well! We then make it easier for every other individual to find their own life purpose and to begin infusing it with the light of the Divine.

If you need help believing in the potential of your life's purpose, ask this Angel to begin showing you all the people that will benefit. You may hear people begin to say "gee, I wish I could find someone who is doing ______(fill in the blank) as I could really use some support in that area." Or you may be acting upon what you love doing and someone will comment how much they enjoy watching what you are doing or how you have inspired them to pursue more of what they love doing as well. The people that you connect with by doing what you love will always benefit in more ways than you can imagine. And they will tell you how much you have helped, even though you may feel you have actually done very little for them! The Universe will find a multitude of ways to help you believe in yourself and your life mission. Its clients or students you need, then those that can truly benefit will find you in one way or another, often through word of mouth. While others may feel the need to take out expensive adverts in magazines or through other media, you will find that you simply attract the perfect number of clients and students to you as you and they are ready. Or perhaps it is sales of some form you are seeking, these folks too will start appearing as if by magic, drawn to your work through the feelings of love and sense of purpose that you have put into it. Other people may feel they need to struggle to attract enough yet you will find yourself sailing along with greater ease. People that can help and support you in getting your work off the ground will appear out of nowhere as long as you are willing to truly try and have faith in yourself and the Universe! As long as you feel a strong sense of excitement about what you are doing, it really makes your heart sing when you are doing it and you miss it when you are not, even if it is something that you have loved doing for years, then you know for a certainty that you are indeed fulfilling your life's purpose!

Some people have asked if it is possible to pursue one's life purpose and yet not attract the business or support they need to make it a success. This can happen when someone has doubts or fears in their own ability or are pursuing something they may enjoy, but it doesn't really suit their deeper needs and they are pursuing it because they can't see how they could possibly create a career doing what they would really love to be doing. It can take much soul searching to determine which may be true for anyone in this position. This Angel is ready to help the person work through this process, to help them look deep within themselves and to be totally honest about what it is they really desire! The person may indeed be on the right track, but needs to drop certain elements of what they are doing and put more emphasis on others. What ever the case may be, this Angel is calling to the person to begin examining what it is they truly want and to begin moving in that direction.

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

You suddenly realize that a career you have been pursuing simply does not suit and you have a strong, compelling urge to seek out something that ius much more in keeping with what you do during your leisure hours.

You suddenly lose a job you hated or hear that the company you are working for is downsizing and your job is up for the cut. Some folks have found that their job was "saved" by some miracle once they choose to begin pursuing something that was truly calling to them. Others have found that even though the job went away, new opportunities were suddenly presented to them as long as they were open to seeing the good in what was happening.

Someone mentions something they have been learning about and you feel a strong sense of fascination with it, a sense of "that is so me!" I felt this with feng Shui, all they study and effort I have put into learning about it has been an absolute joy that words cannot express! You feel naturally drawn towards learning more about what ever it is and find along the way that all the information you need comes to you easily.

You may have the desire to start your own business and have many wonderful ideas of what you can achieve through it.

You gain inspiration and insight from others who are also doing what they love, these people are keen to help you in any way they can and you both prosper and grow as a result.

You feel a compelling urge to find what is of true value to you, what your time on this earth is really worth to you. We spend so much of our lives working, when you sense you need to be doing that which really gives you joy, then you know this Angel is speaking to you.

Someone may start strongly encouraging you to do those things you really love doing or even offer to help support you financially while you get this new career off the ground. I have known several people this has happened to over the years!

Other ways to work with the energy of this Angel is to write down all the things that you love to do with your free time and energy. Is there a cohesive thread that runs through them all? Or are there ways you can integrate all of the different elements so that they form the basis of your life's work? Even those things that don't appear to fit together most likely do have relevance and meaning so don\t discount them! Next, create a collage usually photos or pictures from magazines or the internet. Paste together anything that reminds you of what you would love to be doing and place it where you can see it frequently. If part of what you are seeking to create is your own business, begin the process of deciding if it is something you can do from home or if you will need to lease space for it. If home based, begin designating and clearing that space now, don't wait! This sets forth the intent that you will have what you desire! If you find you need to lease a space, begin searching for the right area now, even if you don't have the money yet. You will if you keep going! Find ways to honor what you love to do in what ever way you can. One thing I do is to keep flowers in my own work space as well as a crystal or two and other elements that remind me of how fortunate I am to be doing what I love with my days! It need not be elaborate, sometimes the most simple of things can be the best! Light a candle each day to remind you that your own life's work is now being illuminated through this Angel and the Universe and also to give thanks for all the insight and awareness you have already been given. Spend time conversing with this Angel, telling it of all your hopes and dreams for the future, allow yourself to become truly excited by fulfilling your own Life's purpose, make it a part of your career/business team! You deserve to have days filled with the energy of doing what you love!

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