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Angel of Positive Expectations

We all have many expectations about life and ourselves. Some are positive and some are negative. Depending upon which we choose to focus upon will determine what shall manifest in our lives.

When I first began working on the Angel Oracle my initial expectation was that it would be slow going and a lot of work, even though I also felt it would be very enjoyable. Then I felt someone tapping on my shoulder and it was this Angel who had come to remind me that my expectations would determine whether the writing flowed easily and well or turned into a struggle. I had set up in my own mind all these thought expectations that didn't need to be there. I was so focused on what I didn't know that I was expecting to make it all so challenging that I forgot to focus instead on the expectation that if I did what I felt guided to do, the Universe would sort out all the other details. When I shifted my expectations from negative to positive ones, indeed everything flowed far better than I could have imagined!

Our expectations are important to be aware of because they do in part determine what we tend to think about and focus upon. For example, if someone is doing affirmations to improve their health yet also hold the expectation that ill health is prevalent in their family and they have expected to have problems with their own health because "that is just the way it is" or it is "genetic", then their expectations will cancel out the good their affirmations are doing. Expectations often tend to lie just below the surface of our conscious thoughts where we may be repeating them endlessly to ourselves without really recognizing that we are doing so. Yet this Angel brings us the message that if we sit and ask ourselves what our expectations truly are in any area of life, they will immediately come bobbing up to the surface of our conscious mind. Once they do, it is easy to create an affirmation to shift the negative ones to positive expectations. It is also important to note the positive expectations too that you may focus on them more actively!

Right now sit quietly for a moment and ask this Angel to help you look at some of your own expectations. Have a pen and paper handy so that you may jot down any that come to mind. Don't worry about sorting them into positive or negative ones at first, just write down any that come to you. Once this feels complete then start to sort them into two categories. Notice anything interesting? In areas where life is going well for you it is likely you have a great many positive expectations. In areas where there are challenges, there tends to be more negative expectations. Now sit quietly again for a moment and ask the Angel of Positive Expectations to show you where you first began to believe in the negative expectations. Many probably stem from childhood when your parents and other family members held these same sorts of expectations. They appeared to be true for you too because that is what your family experienced. Yet now you know that because they held these expectations that this is what the Universe mirrored back to them. This Angel can now help you to begin releasing these old negative expectations through this understanding. And they are easy to turn into positive ones. For example, in your family there may have been the expectation that "life is hard". Look at what is opposite of that: "Life is easy". These three simple words that can have a huge impact on how you experience your daily life. You are now in process of changing your expectation from one that says life is difficult to an expectation that says life is easy. The more you remind yourself to affirm that you have this new, positive expectation (and this Angel will certainly support you in this process!) the easier and more enjoyable your life will become. Your expectation of what life and the Universe is bringing to you really is the key!

Let's say you have a project or goal that is dear to your heart. You truly desire to manifest this goal in your life and yet your underlying expectations may be as follows; This is going to be a major challenge. I expect that someone is going to become upset with me if I pursue this. I expect that I am going to have to work through a lot of obstacles both within and without before I can manifest this. Keep going and then you finally reach a point where in despair you throw your hands in the air and proclaim "I can never do this! Its too hard, too many obstacles, how on earth will I ever be able to manifest something like this!" Your negative expectations have already blocked the manifestation even before you could take the first step! Yet this Angel has come to you today to help you shift your expectations. You may hear a voice in your mind yelling "STOP!" That is the voice of this Angel and it can be extremely loud if it needs to be! I remember one time whilst driving that I was running a list of negative expectations through my mind. And sure enough, every light I came to was Red. And every one was a very long wait too, though normally the lights in that area changed fairly quickly. Finally feeling totally exasperated I thought "Universe, why am I hitting all these long red lights"? Immediately I heard the voice of this Angel saying "I am trying to get your attention here! Look at what you are thinking, what you are expecting to have happen! And please, STOP IT NOW!" AHA! As I gave Thanks to this Angel I then asked to be given some positive expectations to focus upon and it immediately started to remind me of the ones I already hold. That soon lead to my thinking that yes, if those expectations were correct and they always have been for me, then why not expect that these other things will go well too. After all, I don't have any concrete evidence that these things won't be easier for me if I hold positive expectations about them. And plenty of concrete evidence of what happens when I do hold negative expectations! So perhaps by changing my expectations round these things, they shall go much more smoothly! As soon as I thought this, I noticed that for some time I had started hitting all the Green lights. And sure enough, within a few days I had my concrete evidence that holding my new positive expectations had shifted what I had been experiencing.

This Angel knows that you may be wondering what the difference is between a thought form and an expectation. Though they are in many ways one and the same, expectations are often more deeply ingrained for better or worse. Think of expectations as something that you hold to be true about yourself and your life experience. For example, you may expect that when you go to bed at night, when you wake in the morning the sun will have risen. And it has. This affirms your expectation that each new day the sun will rise. Even when you cannot see the sun because of weather conditions such as a cloudy day, you know it is still there. This is absolutely true for you. Or think of someone that you know who always seems to have really good luck. Everything seems to flow effortlessly for this person and even when a challenge does arise, they find ways to sail through it and "magically" seem to have even greater luck in spite of it. This person holds an expectation that they are indeed extremely lucky. They expect good luck to be present in their lives. Their positive expectation in this regard alerts them to when a wonderful opportunity is about to become available to them. They find it easy to accept because they expect this to happen and so act on the opportunity when it appears. Expectations cause us to look for evidence of what we hold to be true, what we expect to have happen. In general, many of our thoughts are much more random in nature. They come and go, they are more easily influenced by the people we are round at any given moment because they are not so deeply ingrained. Expectations on the other hand can be thought of as the bedrock or foundation for all the other thoughts that we think. If someone expects that when they do positive affirmations that they will be helpful, they shall be. If another person expects that positive affirmations will not be helpful for them because the underlying expectation is "nothing works for me" then that is what they shall experience. The message this Angel brings to you today is that by looking at and changing any negative expectations you hold to more positive ones, this in turn will change your overall thought patterns for the positive as well! They must, for it is almost impossible to automatically generate thought forms that are negative if someone is holding a positive expectation in regards to that area of life. One would really have to work hard to generate negative thoughts instead and of course, why would one wish to!

As you go throughout your day, this Angel asks you to become more aware of what your own expectations are in every area of your life. Really listen to yourself when you talk to yourself and others. What are you really saying? I remember one time talking about expectations with someone and this person sharing that oh yes, they held many positive expectations about their life. She then proceeded to launch into a whine session about how awful her life was and it was just her bad luck that this and this happened, and if only this person or that situation would change, then she could finally be happy. She was so disconnected from what her actual expectations of life really were that she honestly had no idea what was pouring out of her mouth! I tried to get a word in edgewise to say "wait, stop, hold on! Think about what you are saying!" and I am certain this Angel was trying to do the same! Yet on and on she went until she finally took a breath and in that moment I started to speak when she cut me off by saying "oh, have to run, see you later" and out the door she went. I am sure at some level she did know what her expectations really were and yet at that time she was also unwilling to change them. I have caught myself doing this too which is precisely why this Angel guided this person into my life at that time. Bless them both, for she has served to act as a reminder for me to listen to myself and then ask this Angel to help me choose more positive expectations and the words to back them up!

You do not have to struggle to change your expectations to more positive ones either for this Angel is always standing by you to support you in this process. Once you become aware that you do have a negative expectation simply ask this Angel to help you flip it to the positive side. Write your new positive expectation down and place it where you can see it often or read through it several times a day. Each time you catch yourself reverting back to the negative expectation ask this Angel to help you cancel that expectation and then repeat the new one several times to yourself. It takes practice and yet the results can be miraculous if you do your best!

What to watch for with this Angel:

You find yourself feeling tired of repeating the same old negative expectations to yourself. When I reached this point I was so weary of thinking and expecting in the same old ways that were most certainly NOT bringing me what I desired, I called out to the Universe with every fiber of my being "Help ME!" I immediately heard this lovely, cheery voice in my mind saying "Oh beloved, I am so GLAD that you have asked for help! I am here, let's begin!" Its difficult to put into words what this feeling is like, to be so bloody sick and tired of thinking and being in the old, negative ways, yet when you hit this wall, you will know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. You will also know that the only way for you to go now is up! And this Angel is right there with you to help you make this upward climb in the easiest and most gentle ways possible.

You become equally weary of listening to other people's negative expectations. Sometimes people don't always come straight out and affirm a negative expectation by stating "I expect that things will always go wrong for me". Yet you can still hear that this is exactly what they are saying! When people whinge and complain about their lives, what you are really hearing them say is "here are all of my negative expectations." It can be so easy to fall into the trap of agreeing that yes, these negative expectations are true for them and then also for you yourself as you begin to bring up examples from your own life. STOP! It's totally okay for you and everyone else to keep affirming the negative expectations, the Universe will not judge you or anyone else for doing so. Yet if you truly desire to change your life, then you need to step away from these sorts of expectations. Stop affirming them to yourself and others. Many people that have connected with this Angel admit that when they hear someone starting down the "Negative Expectation Road" they feel the need to run in the other direction. This is fine! You are actually doing the other person a favor by not contributing to their opportunity to rattle on about how awful their lives are. Later on as you feel stronger and more confident in your own ability to stay centered in your positive expectations when around these sorts of people then you will have an opportunity to help them plant some new and more positive seeds for their lives.

You wake up in the mornings with the thought "I expect today is going to be a WONDERFUL day"! When faced with a challenge, you think "I expect that this is going to sort it out itself in the most joyful and highest way possible" and then you go on with the rest of your day, expecting that the Universe is on your side and is always seeking to show you how much it loves you. The key words here are "I expect". You find you are becoming much more aware of your overall expectations as more and more of your thoughts are prefaced by these two words.

You find that many new tools start coming into your life that support your process of changing your core expectations about life. You find the right books, crystals, flower essences, audiotapes or Cd's, even movies. Often people say that they just "stumble" across the perfect thing when in truth it is this Angel leading them and now you, to what is perfect in the present moment.

Other ways of working with this Angel:

I have an affirmation that I use daily that this Angel suggested I use and others I have suggested it to have also found it to be very helpful; "I Expect that everything in my life today is moving up ever more into the Higher Flow". Repeat this to yourself frequently throughout the day. Don't think about any challenges that you may be facing or how they are going to be sorted out. Keep bringing your mind back to the words; "I Expect that everything in my life today is moving up ever more into the Higher Flow". Even if you don't feel the energy of this happening at a deep level it is working. And you will soon see the energy of these words and this Angel manifesting more and more in your life!

If you find you have a great number of negative expectations or are having a lot of trouble releasing them, write them down on paper and then burn it. This can be extremely effective because you are symbolically giving them over to the Divine Fire where the energy can be recycled and transformed into good for yourself and others. It's okay if you need to do this process several times. Each time you will be releasing a little more of their hold on you until they are gone for good.

Also write down your positive expectations. Place this list (no one else need see it, you can place it in a box or envelope if you wish) and light a candle near it or place it near another source of light such as a lamp or even in a sunny window. If using a candle of course use all appropriate safety precautions! By doing this you are affirming in a very powerful symbolic way that this is the light of your consciousness. You are bringing Divine Light into every aspect of your life and being where all healing is not only possible, it must occur!

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