Angel Of Problem Solved Gem Essences

Angel of Problem Solved

From time to time we all experience things in our lives, problems and challenges that we wish would just go away! It may appear that no matter what you do, the situation will only get worse before there is any hope of it getting any better. This angel has come to you today to bring you most welcome news! The problem or challenge you have feared/fretted over has already been solved for you. It may seem to you that the problem is well and firmly still in place, but this is because you are not seeing the bigger picture. This Angel does see the bigger picture and has the solution already in place, the problem is dissolving even as you are reading these words.

It can take a leap of faith to trust in what this Angel is saying to you right now. To support you in this process of trusting and believing, this Angel asks you to stop for a moment right now. Take a deep breath and release it slowly. Lean back in your chair and feel her arms supporting the weight of your body. Feel her hands moving over your brow, soothing and relaxing your mind. Continue to breathe deeply until you feel calm and at peace within yourself. Now, only as you feel calm and at peace, think of your problem and say "Peace be with you", opening your heart and allowing the love within to flow to it. As you do this, you notice that suddenly you feel ever so much better! As you continue to relax and say to yourself the words "peace be with you" you feel the energy round your problem is dissolving and flowing away from you. Stay with this feeling for as long as you can, asking this Angel to support you in really feeling and believing it. There! Problem solved!

What this Angel has just helped you to understand is that everything is vibration. When your vibration is flowing on a high, positive level, you are able to attract more positive things, people and events into your life. When your energy has been flowing downward or you have been worrying about a potential situation or event happening, that too brings your level of vibration down and you have become a "match" to what ever you are fearing or concerned about. If you really listen to this Angel within yourself, you will hear her saying over and over again that all problems/challenges/lessons come with a safety net and a Divine solution. What allows the Divine solution to manifest is being willing to open your heart and mind to the truth that such a thing exists and is waiting for you to allow it to manifest for you.

You may feel that you have made mistakes or done things in your life that you need to be "punished" for. Because of this you may feel that you don't deserve a Divine solution for this problem. This Angel seeks to help you understand that being a soul in physical expression, you do not always see the larger picture and thus you and others sometimes make mistakes due to fear or lack of vision. Punishing you or others for mistakes you and they have made does not heal the fear. It does not allow for expanded vision that will help you and them to make better choices in the present and future. What does create healing and help you to get on the "right track" is forgiveness. Forgive yourself, know that you have done the best you knew how at the time the action was taken and let it go. This Angel suggests that for the next several days you work with the following affirmation: I love and forgive myself. I love and forgive others. It is healed.

The more willing you are to accept the Divine solution the faster it can manifest for you in your life. Feel this Angel working within you, opening your heart and mind to allowing and accepting it! Think of how good it feels to already be past this problem/challenge! Allow this feeling to grow powerfully within you. Feed it with the same loving attention you would give to anything important to you in your life. This alone will help you to heal and move past what ever it is you may be facing.

This Angel also wants you to know that there is no problem or challenge too great for Spirit/God/Goddess to handle for you and indeed, it already has been! Nothing is more powerful than Spirit! Nothing is more powerful than Love! This Angel knows that in seeking to allow this problem to be healed, you are also in the process of healing feelings of separation from the Source of all. As you allow this knowledge to grow within you, you shall find that everything in your life becomes much more enjoyable and fun. Problems large and small simply don't find their way to you as easily as before. In fact, you are likely to have a run of many days without noticing them at all. When you know deep within that there is a solution to everything, a solution that is based on love and compassion, then there is no room for that which we see as "problems". Something can't be a problem once there is a solution to it.

The most important thing you can do for yourself this day is to affirm that you are loving and lovable, that you deserve Divine solutions and that such a solution is manifesting for you right this minute. There is nothing more you need do other than to follow your own inner guidance, ask for this Angel's help in allowing yourself to accept the solution and focus your mind and energy on something that feels better to you. The better you feel the higher your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more positive life experience you shall have!

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

You suddenly feel weary of worrying about problems in your life and feel a deep resolve to just let them go for the moment and focus on something more enjoyable. This is one of the primary ways this Angel seeks to work with you for she knows that if she can get you to release and let go, even for a short time, the easier it will be for you to allow the Divine solution to present itself.

You may start to think of miraculous, albeit farfetched ways that a problem could be resolved. This angel also understands that all of us are taught to try and think of solutions to problems rather than knowing it is always better to turn them over to her and Spirit, getting ourselves out of the way so a solution can be made manifest. Yet sometimes we just can't help but try to think up solutions on our own. That is when this Angel will try to step in and inspire you to think of the most incredible ways that a problem could be resolved. As these solutions are often fun or even funny to think about, this too can help to lift your vibration and thus allow the Divine solution to present itself.

You suddenly feel a sense of peace and harmony descending upon you or a sense of being in a state of grace. Mountains suddenly begin to look like molehills and you begin to wonder what you were worrying for to begin with.

Divine solutions always feel good to you. They feel uplifting and miraculous, loving and warm. This Angel will always let you know when a solution is truly Divine by how you feel about it. Moving into a feeling state of being able to embrace these feelings will also help to allow you to accept the Divine solution.

Other ways of working with this Angel:

Write your problem down on paper. If you really cannot bear to use a lot of details, that is okay. Just put down the gist of it and then ask this Angel to please manifest for you the Divine solution and to support you in allowing it to manifest. Because allowing the Divine solution to manifest usually does involve forgiving yourself or another, it can be very helpful to sprinkle some rose water or essential oil on the paper, fold it up and then place it beneath a rose or pink colored candle. (Make sure that the candle is safely ensconced in a proper candle holder and cannot catch the paper on fire.) You may then allow the candle to burn down over the course of a single day or leave it lit only at specific times. There is no right or wrong way to do this, only what works for you. Leave the candle and paper in place for as long as you feel it appropriate and then burn the paper in a safe container (a Pyrex bowl works well for this). Scatter the ashes to the four winds knowing that this Angel is gathering them up in her loving hands and carrying the energy to Spirit where it is immediately healed.

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