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Angel of Protection

You are safe! You are being cradled in this Angel's arms in this moment and no power is greater than the power of love that surrounds you right now!

This Angel comes to you know to bring you a deep inner sense of security and protection. No matter where you are or what you are doing, this Angel serves to remind you that you are being sheltered and looked after by the love of Heaven. It can be so easy for us humans to believe that there are powers of evil that are stronger than the power of the Love of the Universe and all the Angels. We seem to see so much evil in our world day after day and many of us have wondered why a Loving Spirit or God would allow such pain and suffering to exist. Yet we must also remember that we live in a world of Free Will, this is one of the most precious gifts we have been given, and because of this, we all have the choice to live and experience what ever we choose without interference from the Higher Realms. Some people do choose to see only the negativity in the world and their focus upon that attracts more negativity to them. Others choose to look for the seed of good that exists in each and every individual on the planet. This too attracts to them what they expect to experience. For most of us, it is a blend of seeing both the good and bad, or in higher terms, the Alpha and the Omega. We live in a world of polarities and this Angel has come to remind you that both good and evil are really the same side of the same coin. For in all good is the seed of its opposite just as in all that is bad, there is the seed of good. Yet this Angel has also appeared to bring you a message; focus on what is good in your life and more good shall follow!

This Angel also comes to remind you that no matter what is happening in your life or where you go, Divine Protection exists in you as you and all around you if you will but call upon it. Not only are you protected anytime you call upon this Angel or any aspect of the Universe for help, but you too may be a source of protection for another. You may never know what good you have spread in the world simply by going about your day to day life but consider this; perhaps because you choose to walk down a certain street one day, it kept another from becoming the victim of a mugging because your presence was enough to scare the potential mugger off. Because you choose to show kindness one day to someone who was in a bad mood, they did not go home and take it out on their spouse or child. Because you allowed a irate driver into your lane as you were driving to work, another driver did not have to experience road rage several miles down the road. Your very presence in this world can help tip the balance towards greater light and positive energy on the planet. It is your free will choices that make this possible and this Angel serves to remind you and all others that it is our own choices that determine whether all of humanity experiences love and safety in the world or hatred and negativity.

It may be that right now in this moment you yourself are feeling afraid of a current challenge in your life or perhaps you are afraid of something that may happen in the future. Take a dep breath, sit back in your chair and close your eyes. Call upon the Angel of Protection right now and begin to feel its loving energy filling you, mind, body and soul. Open your heart and allow its radiance to move into your heart chakra and then feel that energy radiating back out into the world. By doing this, you are lifting your energy up into a much higher level of vibration and thus anything that could be harmful to you is being dissolved right now for on the higher planes, it cannot exist! At the same time, you too are being an Angel of Protection for all others who are wanting to tune into the love that you are now radiating forth. Each time that you begin to worry or feel afraid, tune again into this Angel's energy and feel the sense of peace and love that it brings moving through you. There is a wonderful quotation that this Angel wants us all to hear. "Fear knocked at the door. Love answered it, and there was no one there".

This Angel also works strongly through intuition. You may have made the decision to eat at a certain cafe one day only to find yourself feeling the need to eat lunch at your desk or eat somewhere else. Later on, you hear that several people became ill from tainted food from the cafe you originally had in mind. Or on your way to work one morning you decide to take a different route, thus missing being involved in a terrible accident that occurred on your normal route. I find this Angel to be quite active when driving/riding in cars. Very often I have felt this Angel directing my attention to another driver who is distracted or had obviously been drinking. Each time I was able to warn the person driving or take defensive action while I was behind the wheel that prevented an accident. Protection comes through intuition in other ways as well! More than once has this Angel alerted me not to purchase something because I could find it at a lower price elsewhere or it wasn't really what I needed at the time and something better was just ahead. This Angel will look after any aspect of our lives that may need protection, including our finances! Or perhaps you are struggling to find the right words to say to a dear friend or your spouse or child and you are afraid that by saying the wrong thing, that it will damage your relationship with this person. This Angel has come to let you know that this too falls under its guidance and protection, that it will guide you with the right words to say when the time is right. So many problems in life could be avoided all together if we would all learn to heed and act upon our intuitive guidance! Could this really be the message this Angel has for you today?

Each of us on the planet today has access to this Angel's love and guidance. Each of us has the choice to focus on what we desire to see in the world today. Each of us can choose to tune into this Angel's energy at any moment and thus dissolve that much more of fear, negativity, pain and suffering. We have the choice right now to choose Divine Protection no matter what we may be facing in our lives! We have the choice right now to believe with all of our heart's and soul's that no matter what, we are safe, we are divinely guided and we are so very loved! There is no Universal Law that states that any of us must suffer for any reason. We came to this planet to love, to experience joy, to be free to choose what ever we may desire in order to grow and become more fully awakened souls on planet earth. It is only our beliefs that evil and suffering must exist that make it so. Yet even in what appears to be the greatest of evils that humankind has ever known, there is also the Divine seed of love and hope. When we choose to look for that seed, we can protect it, nurture it, water it and watch it grow. When we look for that Divine seed we alter the course of events for all of life. All of us move that much closer to experiencing and recognizing that we are all the Divine in human form we begin to attract more of that which is positive and joyful in life thus making it easier for all others to do the same. Do you understand now why this Angel is praying with all its might that you will hear the messages it has for you today? For it is not just for you alone that you are seeking protection at this time. It is for all of life that exists on this planet. When you can accept that this Angel's protection is always with you, when you really allow it in, when you feel it down to the very fiber of your being, then you have become this Angel.

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

Even when you are feeling fear, you may suddenly feel a strong sense of peace and upliftment. This is this Angel coming to you in response to your need.

You may find that other people begin coming to you for support and protection. It is important that even as you are extending what support you can, that you also affirm to these people that they too have this power within them and that this Angel is always with them as it is with you.

Potentially negative situations dissolve before they even manifest around you. An individual that you feel may bear you ill will as you are walking to your car suddenly turns and walks the other way. A car accident in the making suddenly and inexplicably doesn't happen. Or you feel a strong urge to take another route to your intended destination, only to find later that this guidance kept you from being harmed in some way.

Your intuition becomes much stronger and you find yourself tuning in more often to ask for guidance on what activities would serve you and others best each day rather than automatically forging ahead with a set routine.

Events that seem negative or difficult on the surface somehow resolve themselves in your favor and for the good of all others as well.

Other ways to work with the energy of this Angel is to reflect upon the ways in which you radiate your own Divine energy and presence into the world more fully at this time. Are you spending more of your time smiling at others, helping them to feel good about themselves and thus safer in the world because of your loving acceptance of them or are you frowning and complaining all the while? Do you stop for a moment to appreciate the beauty and splendor of this world and thus help others appreciate and desire to protect Mother Earth even more strongly? Are you yourself recycling, driving less or driving a more fuel efficient vehicle, or purchasing products from companies that are ethical and humane? There are so many ways that each of us can be Angels of Protection for others! And as we do unto others, so too shall it be done unto us.

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