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Angel of Talents

What talents do you have within you that have been ignored and hidden away? This Angel has come to ask you to let them shine forth!

Every human being on the planet has special talents and gifts that they came into this earthly life to express. It may be a talent for writing or music. It could be a talent for raising children or teaching. It may be that your own special talent is baking the best Lemon Pound cake ever! No matter what your talents and gifts are, there is a need for them to be expressed in the world in what ever way you feel guided to share them.

No talent, no matter how seemingly small or "unimportant", is always wanting to be expressed and shared through you. Think of the joy that comes when you yourself are able to partake of someone else's special talents. Perhaps there is an author whose books move your heart and soul into a state of bliss and joy. Mrs. Field's cookies have brought joy to millions of people (as well as providing much needed employment and the circulation of money). Certainly any talent that gives you or another joy, even if it is just for a moment, is worth expressing and sharing!

You may feel that what you have to share is not as big or important as what someone else might be able to offer. This Angel wants you to know that your own talents and gifts are as important as any other. She understands that they might not seem so important to you, after all, you live with them day after day and may well take them for granted. Yet she wants you to understand that you have these talents for a reason. They are gifts that only you can offer in your own unique way. There is no one else in the world that can express your talents in precisely the same way that you can. Other people may be doing similar things, but it is YOUR unique vibration that sets your own talents apart from all others. There may be thousands of mystery writers for example and yet each of them brings their own personal style and sense of perspective to the books that they write. This Angel seeks to remind you that you too have a way of expressing your own talents that other people want to enjoy. Even if they are not yet aware that you have those abilities! This Angel knows that at a deeper level, we are all aware of each other's talents and gifts, some we resonate with on a personal level and some we do not. Yet the ones we do resonate with, we pray that these people will find the courage and the determination to find ways of expressing their talents with us! So too are so many others praying and waiting for the day when you will allow yourself to express your talents for them!

You may feel that you really don't have much of any sort of talent. This Angel says that indeed you have many! She has come to you today to remind you of these talents. Think of what you do with great ease, think of as fun and enjoyable to do, look forward to having more free time to do and that others have complimented you on in the past. This is something that you have a talent for! It may have started as a hobby or as an expression of love towards a friend or family member. And while it may seem to be a simply thing to you that anyone could do, it isn't. We all come in with a wide range of talents and what may seem simple and fun for you to do, may be a big challenge to someone else. What is so important for you to understand at this time is that this Angel wants you to grasp that other people really do need for you to express your own talents as fully as you can! The world is waiting and watching to see what you will do. How shall you respond?

You may know that you have certain talents and yet do not feel that they are really worth expressing or sharing with someone else because you think to yourself "others can do these things so much better than I can". Can you hear this Angel whispering in your ear "This is not truth! Only you can express a talent in your own style and way that is so needed on the planet at this time!" As I was typing this portion of the Angel Oracle and thinking to myself "is this really any good? Couldn't I be doing so much better with all of this?" a quote popped into my email inbox - "You are doing better than you think you are." - Alan Cohen

What a wonderful message from this Angel and how I love being able to pass it on now to you! Yes you may need to polish and work on your own talents. But "hiding them under a bushel" until you feel they are "worthy" of being shared is not ever going to help you feel good about what your talents are. And it only deprives others of the enjoyment and even healing they would have gained had you believed in this Angel and yourself. How often have I written something thinking it wasn't very good, had occasion to share it with someone else and then heard from them "what you wrote has made such a positive difference in my life". It may not have seemed like much to me at the time, yet to someone else, it made all the difference in the world. Can you also understand now that this Angel needs you to express your own talents because she knows someone is out there waiting for the healing and love that you can bring into their lives? Can you now begin to envision the possibility that you too have something valuable and important to share? Both this Angel and I pray that you do!

It may be that at this point in your life that you do not understand why you have drawn this Angel card. You may be facing a challenge that you were praying for an answer and guidance on. This card IS your answer! No matter what challenge you may be facing right now, this Angel is guiding you to use your talents in any way that you feel you can because it WILL help you overcome what you are facing! You do not need to wonder how exactly you are going to express your talents in ways that will attract worldwide attention. All you need do is start with where you are at right now. What small, simple baby-step can you take today? That is all you need to do. As you take one small step, and then another and then another, what you will find is that this Angel is working closely with you, helping you to know what the right next step is and insuring that the people and resources that you need are going to find their way to you. Your job is to focus on polishing and working with your talents as often as you can. Think of how good you feel when you are expressing and sharing your talents with others! Think of the joy your talents can bring to so many others! Think of all the times that someone has complimented you when you have been expressing your talents! Your contribution has already attracted more light and joy into the world. Give thanks for being the beloved channel for these talents that you are!

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

Often times there is a feeling of being nudged or even pushed to do more with a given talent that you have. It may be that someone suddenly asks you to share your talent with them or you seem to be handed opportunities right and left to express your talents in some way. Honour this and act upon it for it shall lead you to much happiness and joy if you do!

As you think about expressing one or more of your talents, you find that you are filled with inspiration and enthusiasm, finding unique ways of using and expressing your talent. Other talents that you have may also be called into play, and you will see new ways of combining them that you had never dreamt of before.

You may feel that you have to free up more time for the expression of your talents. You find that other things are slowing down or even leaving your life so that you do have the time needed to express your talents. This is a door opening for you, this Angel may even be leading you to using your talents as your livelihood. At the least, by taking the time to enjoy and express your talents it will attract a wealth of positive, fun, new energy into your life.

You may be facing a challenge in your life and finding that you have talents that really can help you overcome this challenge. If so, the energy will flow very easily and smoothly as long as you continue to take action!

You may desire to try something new, something you have always wanted to do and yet never felt you had time for or was an idle indulgence. This impulse is this Angel speaking to you, encouraging you to give it a go. You may well find that you have a talent for something that you didn't even know was yours!

You may feel the need to make some major changes in your life (especially career) and yet have no real idea of what those changes might be or how you would even go about creating positive change. Dusting off and using all your talents, following your inner guidance will lead you further and faster to making positive changes than almost any other method. Doing what you enjoy doing and what you love to do will always lead you to better things!

Other ways to work with this Angel is to sit down with pen and paper and list all the things that you do well or even wish that you had a talent for. At first just write, try not to censor anything. Next, go through your list and on another sheet of paper list in order which activities you find the most fun and enjoyable. What gives you and others the most pleasure as you do these things? The first three things listed are the talents this Angel is asking you to really focus on at this time. The remainder is supporting talents that will help you polish and express the first three in even more fun and wonderful ways.

You may also wish to sit down with someone who knows you well and ask him or her what talents you have that they especially admire and enjoy. The answers may really surprise you! Talents that you thought of as being okay or not even worth mentioning may be the very things that others are really needing and wanting for you to express. As long as they are things that you truly enjoy doing, then you know this Angel is also encouraging you to express them more often!

You can always ask this Angel to bring you the guidance and awareness of what your true talents are and what would give you the most joy to express in your own life. She is just waiting for you to ask as she has an abundance of answers for you! Pay close attention to Synchronicity as well, for this Angel and the Angel of Synchronicity do seem to really enjoy working hand in hand to bring you the answers and guidance you need. Once you have asked for direction and clarification go find something fun and enjoyable to do. Angels are always trying to guide us into doing more that is fun and pleasurable for they know that this is the fastest and easiest way to bring more joy, enlightenment and positive energy/events into our lives.

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