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Angel of The Home

We all need a special place that we can truly call home. Our homes are the place where we can be refreshed and nurtured, derive a sense of empowerment and feel secure in order to go forth and face the challenges of our day to day lives. When we can feel a sense of safety and replenishment through the sanctuary of our homes, then we and our families or others that share our homes with us also feel in balance and harmony with ourselves and others.

Every home has its own special angel, the Angel of the Home. It is this Angel who nudges us to take good care of our homes as an extension of our own bodies and souls, for we are indeed connected with everything on the planet and throughout the Universe. When we care for those things that are around us and that help us to feel a sense of "home" within, then we carry that energy with us out into the world and can share it with those that are also in need of the healing and support that a strong sense of "home" can provide. For many however, a home has come to be symbolized by a large house filled with expensive gadgets and toys, little emphasis is placed on whether these things really do help us to feel good, let alone truly supported in our daily lives! The cost alone of not only marinating a large expensive home but filling it with yet more, has come to symbolize the cost to our own Souls when we neglect to feed the soul and ourselves with what we truly need and want. Obviously there is nothing wrong with having a large, expensive home if that is truly something that the person desires and takes great joy from! Yet it takes far more than money alone to truly create a space that feels like a warm, nourishing home. A home is a truly a home when it is filled with love and peace. It is truly a home when it is a place where you can return from being out in the world and feel a sense of refuge and sanctuary. It is a home when the things that are in it feel holy and sacred to you. It is a home when all who live within its walls feel a sense of community and kinship with those who share the space with them. This Angel is seeking to help us walk that path back to what home is truly meant to be, to help each individual make the choices as to what people and things they want to fill their homes with from a soul level, not from a cultural or societal expectation level. Those expectations and things may be totally right for one person and yet to another, they may only bring a sense of emptiness. If we don't feel we have a special place that we can truly call home, if we feel the homes we are living in are not supporting us on all levels, it makes it that much more difficult to accomplish all we came to do here in this world. Home is a very important ingredient in everything from staying healthy to being successful, to living with joy to reaching a sense of enlightenment. Everything we do is impacted for better or worse through the energy we are receiving daily from our homes. It has the strongest vibrational impact on us! It is the place where we are at our most vulnerable and open. Thus it behooves us to insure that our homes are truly places that we wish to be!

This Angel is seeking to help you reconnect with your own home in some way. Look around you, what do you have in your home that you love, that brings you a sense of joy and upliftment each time you look at it? Do you like the colors you have painted on the walls? What is your favorite room in the house and why? What is in there that makes you feel connected with your home and the Universe at a soul level? Where is the part of the home that you gravitate most towards? Can you identify where the heart of your home is? This is the place where everyone loves to gather, where people feel especially welcome and warm. Or perhaps you are feeling that your home has no heart and no soul. If you are looking around and all you see are things you dislike (or even hate!) if the colors on the walls irritate or make you feel blue or sad, if there is no special place within your home that you feel you can go and just be you, to reconnect with your own soul and space in the Universal plan, then its time for some changes and this Angel has come to help! By asking for help from this Angel, asking for its wisdom and guidance, you can begin to become very honest with yourself as to what home really means to you. Perhaps you are living in an city or town that does not suit your deeper needs and you need to be open to the possibility of moving to an area that is more nurturing for you. You don't need to know how you will generate the money to move or even how you will possibly find the right place/job and so forth during the process. You simply need to ask for the right place and resources to be offered to you. The Angel of your current home is working with the Angel of your right home to bring it all about so leave it in their hands! Yet do as you feel guided to do, if you feel you want to explore a city you have read about, get out the travel books or jump online and do some research. Maybe a friend or family member is living someplace you do feel in synch with, contact them and see where it leads. Be open to the process, be willing to do your bit as your Angel and Guidance suggests and trust that it is all working out for you. Understand that your new home is as excited about having you live within its walls as you are! For truly a house does have a heart and soul and will call out to and support those very people who it most wants to share its energy with. If you feel inclined, you can write a letter to the Angel of your new home as well as to the soul of the home itself, asking for their guidance and support, asking them both to be made known to you and for all the resources and people you need to make it happen to suddenly begin appearing. Write a second letter to the home you are in now and its angel, thank them both for shielding and supporting you (even if you really dislike your home, this is important to do. Obviously some good has come to you from living there, even if it was to teach you what you didn't want!) Be willing to allow your old home to leave your life and ask that the person who WILL feel supported and nurtured find their way to your old home even as you are looking for the new. This both honors the energy of your old home and shows that you have faith that the Universe is leading you directly to what you want! To further honor the energy of the old and new, you can place each letter in a separate special box or container and place these where you will see them often. As you look at each, both affirm that you are thankful for what you have had in your home and are now willing to accept the new home coming into your life. Be grateful for both! From time to time (though this can work awfully quickly so don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself packing up and moving!) take the letter to your new home and just hold it in your hands and feel the touch of the Angel of that home on your shoulder. Think of how good it will feel to be living in your own special home!

If you love many things about your home and wish to stay where you are living yet don't like some of the elements of it, again you can write a letter to the Angel of your home and the home itself, asking for guidance as to what you can do to further improve its energy. Ask what your home also needs from you to feel supported itself, for it is indeed a two way street and we need to give back something in exchange for all our homes have given to us. It may be as simple as wanting its windows washed more frequently or that you really do need to get around to replacing the carpet. If you feel you don't have the financial resources to follow through on what your home is asking for, explain that you need some assistance with this to both your home and this Angel. You may well be surprised at what happens! Above all, look at your home with love. Ask yourself what you can do to make it better for everyone who lives with you. If you have housemates that are not in synch with you, ask that they find their right place and that you attract new people that you can live in harmony with! When you ask for anything with love and gratitude, with a sense of it being good for everyone and everything involved, the Universe and this Angel along with your home will also work with you to open doors that will bring you great joy!

If this angel has appeared for you today, it may be an indication that you need to reconnect with what home really means to you. You need to take stock of what is in your home and how it makes you feel. Repairs to your home may be a priority or there may be things you need to do to make it safer in some way. You may be feeling the need to move and yet not knowing where you are to move to, you have been pushing that thought way. Now is the time to focus on what you really need and want from your home, where your ideal home would be and the people who would be living there with you. Focus on what you truly want from a soul level and not what you think others should expect you to want or what would make someone else happy! Be true to you, be true to your own Soul. It is when we are in our right homes and they are filled with the energy of those things that feed us at a soul level, that miracles occur and flow into the world to help bring all other homes and the people they shelter into harmony and balance.

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

You find yourself thinking of a special home or place, perhaps it is a place you used to live or have dreamt about. Perhaps it is a house you have seen on your daily commute and always felt drawn to. How ever this home is appearing to you, it is an indication from this Angel that you need to begin the process of either recreating your current abode or moving to a new home.

You start seeing U-hauls or Furniture delivery lorries everywhere you go! I always know now when it is really time for me to move house, and the size of the moving lorry can tell you just how far you may need to travel to get to your new home as well. Smaller ones usually indicate a move somewhere within the city or town you are already living in. The huge ones, well maybe you should prepare for a "major" move!

Your find yourself strongly attracted to books or magazines that offer information on home decor or home repair, even when you may have passed them by before.

A strong feeling of needing to move on or that you cannot bear your home the way it is now another moment! You may suddenly feel a strong urge to set aside what you had planned to do on a given day or weekend and instead plunge into recreating your home or clearing out the clutter.

You may find yourself suddenly attracted to studying Feng Shui to bring more balance and harmony into your home. Books, people, websites, all may suddenly start popping up out of the blue that will help you create a home that is filled with heart and soul.

Other ways to work with the energy of this Angel is to express to it what it is you truly want and need from your home. If you are unsure because of what others have taught you to want and expect from a home, ask to be shown what is really true for you at a soul level. Ask to be reminded of what home you intended to create when you came here to live as a spiritual being having a physical experience! I truly believe that before we come into a given lifetime, that a big priority is to plan in advance what sort of home will help support us best, that is how important a home is and should be to all of us! By asking this Angel to help us reconnect with that energy of intention, we can re-discover what we truly need our homes to be.

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