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Angel of Well Being

This Angel has come to you today to remind you that Well Being is your natural and normal state of Being! She knows that sometimes life seems very difficult and challenging, but truly this is because this is what we have all been taught to believe is so. Yet there is a greater Spiritual Truth that says that all of us have come here to live in Joy, Peace, Abundance and will a total sense of Well Being in every aspect of our lives. Not only is she whispering this Divine Truth into your ears, she is also going to show you how to live it!

Well Being is not something that comes to us from outside of ourselves. It is not the better job or more money, the improved relationship or nicer home that brings us feelings of Well Being. It comes from cultivating within ourselves the recognition of all that we already have in our lives that is Good and Wonderful. There are people that have very little and yet have strong feelings of Well Being that attracts everything they need and want (and remember, some people really want very little and that is totally perfect and right for them!) and there are people who have much yet are very unhappy and actually lead rather miserable lives. Well Being is what we choose or choose not to have. It really is up to each of us to decide that above all else, what we want is to have a strong feeling of Well Being in our lives. And if we are committed to this and are truly willing to take the responsibility to live our lives from this perspective, then there is nothing we cannot be, do or have for it All Good springs from a strong inner feeling of Well Being. We always have the power of choice and we can choose to look at what IS working in our lives or we can choose to focus upon that which makes us feel worried, sad or angry. We can choose to count our Blessings morning, noon and night, which stimulates strong feelings of Joy and Well Being. We can choose to be open to seeing the Beauty in life which promotes strong feelings of Well Being. We can choose to do those things for ourselves that help us to feel loved and nurtured which must attract strong feelings of Well Being. Or we can choose to complain about our lives and say "well, I will feel Well Being when something good finally happens for me." Yet that's not how it works for someone can literally wait a lifetime for their Good not understanding that be refusing to make the choice to feel Well Being now, they have effectively blocked their Good coming to them.

So, what exactly is Well Being? This Angel responds "Well Being is a state of mind in which you feel Love, Supported and Sustained By Life and The Divine. It is a feeling of living in a state of Grace, an Inner Knowing that all truly is well in your life. It is remembering that when you choose to come into your physical form that you would remember who you truly are as you went about the days of your life. You came to this physical place and time with the faith that you would remember to approach each new day from a perspective of Joy and excitement. You choose to believe that you could create exactly the life you wanted and you would do so from feeling Good, not from the perspective of struggling and making things more difficult for yourself. You wanted to express the Light and Love of your own Soul in the world and you knew the best way to do this was from connecting and aligning with your Inner State of Well Being. You knew that many Souls already here in the physical were counting on you to be their Teacher, to help them re-connect with their own Well Being through how you lived your own life. Dear One, can you see how important it is, not only for you but for all who you have contact with throughout your days that living in a state of Well Being is the fastest and easiest way you can uplift and help heal others? For when you are living in a state of Well Being you raise the vibration of all others with whom you come into contact with. And even if it is only for a brief moment, it is enough to get the other pointed in a more Joyful direction. You are so valued and needed here at this time, come into Alignment now with your Well Being and feel the power of it flowing through you right now!"

Sometimes because of what other people have said and done to us we may feel that we are not worthy of Well Being or that it is something that may be for others but not for yourself. Nothing could be further from the truth! This Angel would have you know that at times people say and do hurtful or unkind things because they themselves are feeling hurt, frightened or angry within. For some, the feelings of dis-connection from The Divine is so strong, and is so painful, that they lash out at others in an attempt to alleviate the pain and fear they are feeling. Certainly this is never "Right Behavior" and really only makes their feelings of pain and dis-connection worse, yet it is important for you to know that what they are doing has nothing to do with your worth and value as a human being. People only act in this way when they have closed themselves off from The Higher, for anyone who feels connected and plugged into The Universe only wants what is Good for all others. Think of all the times when you yourself have felt wonderful within, really happy and on top of the world. Did you want to hurt another in those moments? Of course not, for you were expressing who you truly are at those times. You had come into alignment with your own sense of Well Being and what you wanted was for everyone to be as happy as you in that moment. So when you think of someone who hurt you or is currently doing things that you find hurtful, try to Bless them as best you can, feel compassion for them for no one who feels Well Being ever desires to hurt another! Please also know that as you feel a stronger and stronger connection with your own sense of Well Being that many of these sorts of people will leave your life. The Vibrations of who they are and who you are will no longer be a match. It may also be that they choose to shift with you up into a Higher Level of Being. If this happens, rejoice! For you have helped them come to remember who they truly are as well! Yet no matter what happens, know that you have planted some wonderful seeds that will begin to sprout and grow for this person when the time is right for them. We cannot force others to change and grow, yet we can always make that choice for ourselves. And sometimes, that is all we really need to do.

This Angel understands that at times it feels difficult to us to remember to Align with our own sense of Well Being because of many different things that may be happening in our lives. Something may be ending that we feel sad about. Something may not be manifesting for us that we dearly want. Sometimes it just feels like we have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed and nothing about the day begins on a good note. Yet for all of this, this Beloved Angel would have you know that there truly is a simple and yet profound remedy that WILL begin to turn things round for us. And that remedy is to stop, take a deep breath and just get quiet for a few minutes. Nothing is so important that we have to start straightaway than taking the moment to connect with this Angel and our Higher/Expanded Self. Begin to affirm to yourself "I Am Well Being. All Is Well In My World. I Am Well Being." Even if you don't feel it readily to begin with, that's okay! Its a starting point and as you continue to go on with your day, repeating this as frequently to yourself as you can, it will start to feel truer to you and before you know it, your entire day will have turned right round in wonderful ways! As with anything, practice makes perfect so the more you do this, the easier it shall become. What ever we say to ourselves repeatedly becomes true for us. This is why people that have an Abundance of All Good in their lives find it so easy to attract even more. They become so focused on all the Good that is happening that it crowds out any thoughts they might otherwise have the would have them focused on problems and challenges. Those thoughts are not attracted to them because they are of a different vibration from what the person normally thinks. When you focus on thoughts of Well Being, you too shall begin to attract more and more thoughts of Well Being that will in turn attract more experiences, people and things into your life that are reflective of this. Even if a "problem" begins to surface, you will soon find the best solution or it will simply begin to dissolve of its own accord with little or no effort on your part. Choosing to look for Well Being in every area of your life means that you are open to allowing better and better things to come to you. Even during those times when something appears to be leaving your life instead of feeling sadness or regret, you will find yourself Blessing and Thanking it for all that it gave you. You will feel excited that something new and even more wonderful is coming into your life as the old leaves. You will completely understand that because everything exists in a Divine state of Well Being that nothing can ever truly "die". The forms of the things in your life will change from time to time but this is very positive! For this is showing you that you too are changing and growing, expanding and becoming yet ever more of who you truly are! So be Thankful for this for it is a wonderful indication from The Universe that you are becoming yet more aligned with all that you came here to be!

Right now you may feel unsure of your ability to come more into Alignment with your own Well Being. Yet this is precisely why this Angel has come to you! She knows all the things you can begin doing today that are perfect and right for you to do, that will help you to feel more aligned with Well Being. You don't have to wait to begin feeling this way, you can start right now! Perhaps you have some affirmation audio tapes or CD's that you enjoy listening to but haven't for a while. You can get those out straightaway and begin listening to them now. Or maybe you really love being creative but have allowed the "busyness" of life to stand in the way of that. You can choose to take some time today to begin being creative again. Or perhaps you have a favourite movie or program on the telly that you really enjoy watching and that makes you feel good. If you have the movie available to you right now, get it out and pop it in the player. Or choose to stop and rent a copy of it to enjoy later on today. Grab an inspirational book and a cup of tea, put your feet up and just relax into the Ahhhh of it all! Maybe a walk in the park is what will float your boat today. You see, it doesn't really matter what it is, the only thing that is important is that it is something that you can do for yourself that helps you to feel more aligned with a sense of Well Being. All of us can always find time during our days to do this for ourselves and as we do, we find that these moments grow and expand. So no matter what you are doing or who you are doing it with, you find that The Universe expands your opportunities to feel Well Being right here right now. And really this is all it takes. A small step here another there and soon you find yourself running along the Path of Well Being throughout all of your days. And this is exactly what you have come here to do!

Well Being heals everything in your life. Well Being manifests for you everything and anything you could ever want in your life. It truly is "the ticket" to the life that you intended to live when you came into physical form. The more your own feelings of Well Being grow, the more your life will begin to reflect these feelings back to you in ways you can't even begin to imagine right now. You will find yourself living from a point that it expansive and flowing, loving and joyful, passionate and playful, healthy, wealthy and wise. When you awake each day you will feel eager to begin your day for you shall know that it is a wonderful new day that is already overflowing with Blessings and an Abundance of All Good. You will feel refreshed and well-rested, your body will feel wonderful, with every cell singing with Joy. You will have a feeling of deep Inner Knowing that The Universe is always seeking to shower you with Blessings, Joy and Happiness that you can easily share with others and others will gladly accept from you what you have to offer! People will be drawn to you because they will feel your Well Being emanating from you and they will want to know how they too can feel more as you do. You will find that each of your days becomes a huge Blessing for others, and you shall be The Light unto the world that you always knew you could be!

What to watch for with this Angel:

Often people find that they are suddenly surrounded by others who also believe that Well Being is our natural state of Being and who look for ways to express this in their everyday lives. Often these folks will speak of all the Good that is in their lives currently and how this Good just grows and grows easily and effortlessly.

Affirmations such as the one suggested above are very helpful for increasing and enhancing feelings of Well Being. You may suddenly find that you are given an Abundance of affirmations that are perfect for you to work with at this time. Any that help you feel aligned with your own Higher/Expanded Self and this Angel are perfect for you to work with at this time. So say them to yourself often, write them down and post then where you can see them frequently, even make up songs using your affirmations and just have fun with them!

You may find that you suddenly notice many things that make you feel wonderful. You may be walking or driving down a street that you are familiar with and yet suddenly notice the beauty of it in ways that you had not noticed before. Or you may notice a shop that has in stock a beautiful piece of art or a book that you can easily afford and that enhances your feelings of Well Being. It could also be that a friend gives you something that you have always enjoyed and admired seeing in their home and suddenly your friend wants you to have it. There are so many ways that this Angel can bring your attention to what is already Good in your life so be open to wonderful surprises!

You find it easier and easier to think thoughts that are positive in nature and to say to ones that are not "No, that thought is not the truth of me. I know that Well Being and Love ARE the real truth of me." You will find yourself actively seeking thoughts that help you to feel Good, you will crave those thoughts as sure as you crave air to breath and food to eat. For these are food for your Soul!

Other Ways to work with this Angel:

Create a Sphere of Pink Light that contains this Angel and Your own Higher/Expanded Self within it. Now walk into this sphere of Pink Light to join them, feeling all the Love that they have for you and the Joy they are feeling that you have joined them here. Just bask in this for as long as you like and then see yourself merging with them both, the three of you becoming one. Know that this is who you truly are and that from this moment in your life that all shall be infused with this wondrous energy of total Well Being!

Instead of approaching things in your life the way you used to, instead take a moment to say to yourself "The Angel of Well Being and I are working together in this moment to bring more Light and Joy into my life as well as the world". Repeat as often as you need to and you shall soon see that is Abundantly true for you!

Make a play date with yourself and this Angel at least once a week. Ask her to lead you to things that would be great fun for you to do, enhance your own sense of Well Being and that would feel totally delicious for you. Allow yourself time to look forward to this play date during the week, anticipate it and think of all the Joy and Well Being you are feeling as you do. This will make the actual time you are spending with this Angel all the more wonderful!

Ask this Angel to help you feel more Love for yourself. For the more you Love yourself, the more willing you shall become to dwell in a state of Well Being more of the time. Send Love too to every moment that you feel a sense of Well Being. All things are attracted by Love and what we Love, also grows and expands in our lives in ways that are perfect for each of us.

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