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Archangel Uriel Auriel

All of us have faced times when the darkness seemed to overwhelm and shut out the light and there was no hope of release from the prison of heartache and pain we found ourselves in. It is at these moments when this Archangel is immediately at out side to point the way out of the dark places and to restore feelings of peace and hope within. Archangel Auriel also assists us in making the right choices for ourselves so that we no longer need to venture into the dark places out of mis-guidance or lack of a sense of direction. Through this Angel we can weigh most carefully the consequences of our choices and acts, to help insure that we choose only those things that are in line with our special spiritual and human destinies and thus create the best possible future for ourselves. When we need wisdom, this is the Archangel to call upon who will bestow his healing grace upon us and shine a light indicating our highest path at this time.

Archangel Auriel is also known as Uriel. His is the voice of wisdom, when we are thinking of taking an action and feel a sense of not right energy, that is Auriel stepping in to let us know that no action or a different course of action is needed at this time. In times of great distress, Auriel reminds us that everything serves a higher purpose and even though one's heart may be breaking, good will emerge from the situation in unexpected ways and times. A gift is being given us, it may be the gift of freedom and liberation, a gift of having the old cleared so something we truly desire may come in. It may be a new perspective that allows us to catch a glimpse of the inner workings of the Universe and thus we have mastered another lesson in the art of manifestation and co-creation.

When choosing a course of action it is wise to check in with Auriel for guidance as to the wisdom of each choice. Even though both choices may appear to be equal, there is always one that leads us to a slightly higher if not significantly higher state of being. One choice may have unforeseen to use consequences that could have devastating impact on one's life though in the surface it may appear to be rather jolly. Another choice may appear to be leading us in a different direction than what we think we need to be moving in and yet inherent within it are the seeds of all we could envision for ourselves. Taking this job instead of that one could lead us to meet someone who has an enormous impact on our lives in some way. Perhaps they inspire us or introduce us to our Soulmate for example. While we may see only a small fragment of what the picture is, Auriel sees the entire tapestry of our lives and thus when we turn to him we too can get a clearer and larger image of what lies ahead.

Auriel helps us to recognize the possible ramifications of our actions. We stop and look far beneath the surface, to weigh all the choices before us and ask repeatedly, is this truly what I want? Is there a way I need to fine-tune it further before embarking upon this path? Am I doing this because it feels right to me or is it because it is what is expected of me? So often we do ask for things not thinking further than well this looks rather jolly, I think I shall add this to my wish list and see what the Universe brings me. We don't really take the time to focus on the little details, or think of how we might be changing further on down the road and thus lock ourselves into situations that are not really aligned with our higher purpose in life. There is a wonderful series of books by Sanaya Roman. She is a channel for Orin, a very wise and loving spiritual being who teaches through her about prosperity, manifesting and so forth. Orin described how one woman wanting a new career became quite detail oriented in what kind of office she wanted to work in, even down to the color of the typewriter. Sure enough, she did indeed manifest what she had envisioned and yet because she did not stop to think of what would suit her from her entire state of being, her soul as well as her mind, the job did not suit her deeper needs and so she quit. While she certainly learned a very valuable lesson, the Universe gives us what we ask for, even when what we are asking for is not truly in our best interests if that is where we have focused our energies and we are determined to have what ever it is, she could have saved herself an immense amount of time and energy had she simply stopped and thought everything through. Fortunately The Universe has provided us with Auriel to help remind us that each choice we make needs to be based on the true needs of the soul, what makes the heart sing rather than just what the mind thinks we ought to want.

If this angel has appeared for you today Auriel may be asking you to slow down and really think about the action you are planning on taking. You may find that if you project several years into the future that it truly will not serve your deeper needs to pursue it after all! This way you can instead ask for what you truly want and thus save yourself much time and energy! You may wish to write a letter to Auriel asking that he send you the signs and omens you need to help you make the best choice for yourself at this time. Auriel is trying to guide you to a higher choice so set aside all that you think you know about your present circumstances or situation and simply allow the Universe and Auriel to point the way.

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

When an important decision needs to be made this Angel will send one many signs such as through synchronicity as to what is the proper path to take. Often people have told me they felt Auriel's presence when they came across a book that really perked their interest and then found themselves embarking on a whole new line of study.

Others have said that they knew he was about when they met someone who seemed especially wise and knowing to them, even when the other person was quite young. They still seemed at an energy level to be far wiser than their years suggested!

A need for time alone, to ponder and consider where one is at and where you would like to be moving towards in the future. Its important to take time out on a regular basis to regroup as this is often the time that the Universe and this Angel can come through to give you the guidance you need at the time.

Others may begin seeking you out so you can share what you have learned with them. More than once person who felt touched by this great Angel found they began mentoring or tutoring someone and that the experience was highly beneficial for both parties involved!

People simply show up that have the answers you need to hear. You may not always like what is being said, yet as you consider it more deeply you can come to see the wisdom of what these folks are saying to you.

You suddenly understand with great awareness why you behave in ways that are not really to your benefit and can now take steps to correct these behaviors! The right tools, the right resources, the right people and information, all just seems to drop into your lap and you find that you are now able to release so much that held you back and can now head forward into a much brighter and happier future!

Other ways to work with the energy of Archangel Auriel is to think of someone you know or someone you have never met but long admired for their wisdom. Learn as much about this person as you can if you don't know them already and ask what is it they do that has helped them reached their highest potential and become so wise? How does this person live their life, what things and values are most important to them and how do they offer their gifts and talents to the world? use people such as these as role models and while you do not want to walk directly in their footsteps, always you want to remain true to your own path and goals, you can follow their greater example by emulating those things that helped them create the sort of life that you admire and respect and thus create that for yourself!

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