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Archangel Michael

No matter the situation, no matter the challenge, Michael stands ready with his sword and host of Angels to protect and serve all who call upon him for assistance. He clears the path of obstacles, he gives us strength and courage to carry on during the dark times in our lives. He fills us with hope, inspiration, and faith that the Universe is always on our side. Michael protects against negative or psychic attack and astral debris that can cling to our energy fields.

Archangel Michael is often pictured with a sword and shield to represent his ability to bring protection as well as to cut away that which is no longer needed in our lives. Even though Michael is an Angel, His energy may still be called upon during shamanic cord cutting rituals in order to insure the cords are permanently severed and rapid healing of the cuts takes place. Michael is also associated with fire, it is a purifying fire that burns away the dross and insures that alchemical reactions within the psyche produce the "gold" that one is seeking, in this case evolution and spiritual enlightenment. And yet Michael is more than just an Archangel for enlightenment, he is an Angel for awareness of all levels of life, including the mundane and the physical. There is no concern or problem that Michael cannot and will not address when he is called upon to do so. This makes Michael what I call "all purpose" archangel as he appears when needed to be of support, assistance and protection in any situation unlike the other Archangels such as Auriel who is primarily associated with wisdom or Raphael who is associated with healing although their energies can be combined and called upon along with Michael's as needed. Michael assists us in transforming our self- limitations, he brings faith and courage as well as the understanding that one is never alone and that all Guardian Angels are emissaries of Michael's sent to watch over and guide us. Some say that Michael was the first Archangel that Spirit created and his name symbolizes his position as the right hand of God or Spirit. It is Michael that moves through us when we seek to right a wrong, protect those who come to us for assistance and support and to help bring greater awareness and light into the world. If you look at a sword and shield, the light bounces from it, illuminating everything in it's path. So it is the same with Michael's energy, it is not only the power to cut through limitation and falsehood but also the light that allows us to discern the truth from the fabrication.

Archangel Michael stands first and foremost for protection and assistance in times of stress and need. It is the cutting awareness that all one needs to do is ask for help from the higher powers and that support is surely on it's way. For those who believe they are unworthy or the Divine would find their problems and fears too trivial or not spiritual enough to be worthy of consideration, This Angel has appeared to remind you that ALL are worthy of support and love from the Universe! Nothing is too small or trivial for the Divine to direct the full attention and flow of the Universe towards it's resolution and that all are more than worthy of living a joyful, happy and abundant life. For those who believe it is their karmic duty to pay off some sort of debt for an something they may have done several lifetimes ago, Archangel Michael comes through to show the individual that ALL things serve a higher purpose. To judge one event or lifetime as sinful or wrong is the product of a belief system that seeks to control others so that a few may prosper and have power while others are enslaved to support these few. This essence then acts as a purifying fire to assist the individual in seeking the truth for themselves, what resonates within their own heart as truth for them and not simply buying into the dogma of another. If it serves a person's evolution to continue to believe in the dogma and "sins" of this and prior lifetimes, then they shall of course continue to do so for this Michael will never take away one's free will. However if an individual is ready to move beyond the old concepts and beliefs, this Archangel will surely support in the cutting of the old ties that bind.

If this angel has appeared for you today, it may be an indication that some sort of cleansing and protection is needed at this time. Or perhaps you need to gather your inner courage and strength to pursue a new goal or dream that has been beckoning you. Michael brings empowerment to help you be all that you can be in this life if you are willing to take the next step that you know inside you need to take.
At times, Michael appears when we need a bit of a nudge, a prod from his sword if you will, to get us unstuck and the energy flowing in our lives again. Or perhaps you have been buying into someone else's belief systems that are not helpful or healing for you. Archangel Michael says it is now time to develop your own beliefs that are centered around joy, worthiness and expectations of the best that life has to offer! Archangel Michael's primary message to you today is to believe in yourself and believe that the Universe is seeking right now to lead you out of the darkness and into the light. All you need do is call upon Michael's energy with your heart and you will find he has been standing next to you, supporting and shielding you all this time.

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

People that can serve as protectors or guardians for you in some way, these may include family members, friends, colleagues or even folks you have yet to meet. When someone offers you support or assistance in some way, saying YES! and accepting with Gratitude opens the door for even more to come to you!

New opportunities to expand your resources in some way. This Angel is as concerned with protecting your Life's work, business, career, money, and so forth as any other area of your life. Be open to new opportunities that can help you expand what you are already doing or help you to find a career that is much more aligned with the needs of your Soul.

Needing to mentor or protect others who are coming to you for support and guidance. This may also include a project or goal that is dear to your heart that you need to focus on especially strongly right now. Or if you are someone who is already giving and giving and giving to many others, it may be time to focus more on doing and giving to yourself. Remember, the more you take care of you, the more you will have to give to others!

If you are facing a situation that seems impossible to resolve and is causing you a lot of stress and pain, call upon Michael to help you resolve the issues and then stand by to honor what your inner guidance tells you to do! Light a candle dedicating it to Michael and meditate in front of it or simply allow it to burn for as long as you feel it appropriate. (be sure to follow all standard safety precautions when burning candles!) You may also choose to write a letter to this angel, placing it underneath the candle holder or lying in front of the holder. There are also 14 day candles that can be found at many supermarkets or catholic supply shops that have a representation of Michael on the front and a prayer on the back. Shops such as Walgreen's and Sav-on also often carry these candles.

Other ways to work with the energy of Archangel Michael is to sort through all those things in your life, be they job related, personal, people, things in your home that you no longer resonate with, belief systems, even old projects or goals that no longer fit who you are and give them all permission to go! You can do this on a physical level by clearing clutter and old papers from your home/office and by consciously admitting that a goal you once had needs to be released and you are now letting it go. Thank all these things for once having served you, Bless them, and then ask Michael to carry them away.

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