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A very long while back now I had been chatting with a fellow Healer and saying that I felt strongly that the Grandfather's had some sort of energy exercise for attracting right clients, customers and business in general but had no idea what all it might entail. Time went on and while I did get this feeling from time to time, nothing seemed to be coming through and so I carried on with what information was coming through, thinking that when it was right, the energy would flow.
It was while I was filling an order for several Master Vortex Energy Essences that the GF's came through and gave me the following Chakra energy exercise. I was so excited, I could barely contain myself long enough to fill the order I so wanted to get on with writing everything down! Yet as I continued with the task at hand, the energy became stronger and more details and information came through. I am glad I waited! I suggest that you read through this energy exercise first and then do the process. It can be repeated as often as you feel the need.

The Grandfathers - Chakra Energy Exercise for Attracting more Clients and Customers


We are very pleased to be sharing with you the following Chakra energy exercise that is designed to help you attract greater success in your business and life's work. However we must state strongly that not just any success is right success for always there are those that are most benefited by your work with them and from whom you will most benefit. Thus, this exercise is designed to help you attract Right Success for it is through Right Success that you will actually attract far more business than you may have thought possible and be able to flow with your life's work with far greater ease and sense of purpose.

To begin, we suggest that you find a comfortable position and allow yourself a few moments to relax and deepen your breathing patterns. On each inhale, try to breath as fully down into the Root Chakra as you possibly can. This will automatically align all the Chakras and empower them for greater effectiveness. On the exhale, release as much as you possibly can of what you have taken in. Do this slowly for we understand that intense breathing such as this can make on feel light headed until the body becomes adapted to it.

When you feel calm and relaxed, we ask that you picture the color of the Root Chakra which is a rich and vibrant Red. Allow this color to flow into your Root Chakra from the Universal flow and then see it flowing out from your Root Chakra forming a bubble around you. Do the same with the second Chakra and repeat until you are encased in a rainbow bubble of all the Chakra colors. See how all the colors dance together in harmony and how they serve to empower and nurture you and the work you have come to this planet to do!

Next, you are going to begin again with the color Red and place your focus upon it. It is our understanding that this color is to attract to you those that will be most strengthened and empowered above and beyond a survival level when they work with you in what ever capacity you have chosen as your life's work. Merge your energy field with this color for 4 minutes maximum though no less than 40 seconds.

Now place your attention on the color Orange. This is to help you creatively approach all those who come to you through your life's work and career. Just as no two individuals are exactly the same, nor should your approach when connecting with others become rote. Instead feel this color opening you to new ways of connecting and working with others so that each encounter becomes a sacred and healing encounter for all concerned.

Now focus on the color of Yellow. In order for others to feel attracted to and empowered by your life's work/career, so must you too feel in resonance with it and empowered by it as well. If what you are doing is not truly within your soul alignment, this aspect of the exercise will support you in developing your true life's work. If you already feel empowered by your work, this aspect of the exercise will assist you through Divine Will in attracting those you can best serve. You and others will understand that the work you do is in truth, The Divine's Great Work.

Now focus on the color Green. This is to empower your ability to both give AND receive love! Loving what you do and doing what you love is the greatest gift that any of you can give. This aspect also enhances your ability to love yourself more so that you may receive more of what is right and good for you as individual. This color also enhances your ability to receive more prosperity in your life.

Now focus on the color Blue. This is to support you in communicating the value of your life's work/career to others so that they may also come to value and appreciate what you have come here to offer.

Now focus on the color of Indigo. This will greatly enhance your ability to receive clear, intuitive guidance concerning your life's work/career as well as supporting you in every other aspect of your life.

Now focus on the color Violet. This is the color of Divine Inspiration and will also greatly support the attraction process. This color also helps to lift the energy of what ever work you are doing to a very high level.

Now, you may picture or even sense these colors and their energies exploding out from you as though they were a great beam of light with you as nuclear fusion at the centre. You may see these colors emanating from all around you or through one or more Chakras in particular, how ever you see or sense it is right for you. These colors/energies are going forth and attracting to you those that you can best serve through the work that you are doing. As you feel or see these colors streaming forth, know that they are connecting you first on and energy level and then upon the physical level with all those that will be empowered by your work. Some of you may suddenly find that you are surrounded by many Souls, all of whom are responding to your energy invitation or you may instead sense that you are making connections with other Souls yet not see them. The actual components of how you experience this is not important. Instead focus on sending forth the message of Love through all your Chakras to all those that are responding to your energy invitation at this time. You may feel as though your energy is dancing with theirs and that indeed all of the Universe is also dancing with you at this time! Revel in this moment, enjoy it to the fullest you are able to and then slowly begin to allow the colors/energies to return to you. As they do, see or feel each color moving into it's respective Chakra, feeling a sense of balance and empowerment. Thank each Soul who has responded to your energy invitation and feel them Thanking you for providing this most sacred of moments and for the work that you are doing.

As you come out of this exercise, we suggest that you allow yourself a few moments to feel grounded. Eating a snack or light meal, drinking water or herbal teas may also help you to feel more grounded and focused.

You may do this energy exercise as often as you feel the need however we do suggest a few tips if you will, for maximizing its effectiveness.

1.) Be willing to receive what you have asked for through this exercise. If you do not feel right about the work you are doing, ask to be shown what would be your true soul path. Doing this exercise will help you uncover this if that is your true need at this time.

2.) Make the time and space to receive more business, clients and customers into your life. If you are constantly cluttering your life with things that have no real value to you or that drain you, you have left no time and space for anyone or anything new to come in.

3.) Follow your own inner guidance. If guidance nudges you to follow a course of action such as creating flyers, taking out an ad in a local paper, mentioning your work to someone you have just met, follow through with it. If your guidance suggests you read certain books or practice affirmations or join a group of like mind, follow through. We understand that from your perspective that guidance might not always appear to make much sense. Yet we know as well that if you commit to following your guidance, you will soon find that it is always directing you to the right actions that will take you further and faster along the path you wish to travel.

4.) Give Thanks in advance for all the wonderful new people and things that are flowing to you now!

5.)We also suggest that you play with this energy exercise and adapt it to your own particular needs. Allow yourself to connect with what each color also means to you as individual, Meditating upon the aspect of the Rainbow will also give you much insight into the light energy available to you from it at this time.

We also understand that from time to time many of you may be seeking the right person/business to connect with in any aspect of your life. You may also choose to do this exercise focusing on attracting to you those who can best serve and empower you rather than attracting to yourself new business.

Our wish for you is that you find this energy exercise to be most helpful and beneficial in all that you do and all that you have come here to express as your life's work.

With Our Love and The Blessings That Are Ours to Give,

The Grandfathers

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