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Numerology and essences work so well together and can be very helpful in assisting those who are seeking to fine tune their essence selections. For example, those who are a number 6 may find that essences that vibrate to this number are especially helpful for them. Since we also each have an individual year number as well as a Universal year number, essences that vibrate to those numbers can be especially helpful to use throughout the year. For example, the current year is an 8 year and thus those who are a number 8 may find that essences that reduce to the number 8 numerically or working with the 8 essence blend can be especially helpful for them.

Another way to use this information is to calculate the numeric value for something that is desired, say a new job. Taking those two words, fine tuning them by adding a person's personal number and breaking the whole down into a single digit number can help pinpoint the person towards essences that maybe helpful for them in finding or creating a new job. Or, if someone wanted to be an artist for example, they could state what kind of artist they desired to be, include their name and then total it into a single digit. You can get as creative with this as you want and there are numerous books and web sites that are devoted to numerology that may be of further assistance to you. I have included below links where you can find information on how numerology works and where you can have your name and birthday calculated to discover your own personal number and more. These links will open in a separate window.

I have also listed here my own very brief interpretations of the numbers most commonly worked with in numerology. Below this I am including a section listing the totem, essential oil, Tarot card, Color and planetary energy that I most associate with each number. These are simply guidelines and may not resonate for you at all so simply take what does resonate and leave the rest. We also offer essential oil/essence/color essence/totem and planetary essence blends in 2oz/60 ml carrier oil bottles for use when working with a number's energy. The cost for these is $27.00 per bottle plus shipping. The shopping cart for these essences are listed below.

There are many different ways to work with each number and it's energy and further exploration of other web sites and books relating to Numerology is highly encouraged!

Please let us know if you would like the essences produced without alcohol

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Numerology Essences Essential Oils

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Numerology Essences Essential Oils

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Numerology Essences Essential Oils


Number One
Totem - Wolf. Color - Red. Planetary energies - Mars/Uranus. Tarot card- The Magician/Sun and all aces in the minor arcana. Also the Wheel of Fortune and all 10's of the minor arcana. Also the Knights. Pink Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Ginger
1- The Pioneer, Leadership ability, acting independently, choosing the path less traveled.
Number Two
Totem - Loon. Color - Rose Pink. Planetary energy - Venus/Moon. Tarot Card - The High Priestess/Judgment and all twos of the minor arcana. Also the Pages.
Pink Lotus, Rose, Jasmine
2 - Relationships, cooperative ventures with others, diplomacy, connections are made.
Number Three
Totem - Squirrel. Color - Orange. Planetary energy - Mercury/Moon. Tarot Card - The Empress/Hanged Man/World and all three's of the minor arcana. Also the Queens.
 Tangerine, Oakmoss & Lime
3 - Fruition through actions taken at numbers one and two, creating like minded groups and associations, sharing talents and abilities with others, tending the garden in order to reap a rich harvest.
Number Four
Totem - Buffalo. Color - Gold. Planetary energy - Jupiter/Saturn. Tarot Card - The Emperor/Death and all four's of the minor arcana. Also the Kings.
Copaiba, Guaicwood, Frankincense
4 - Foundation of things, attainment and harvest, structure and stability, hard work pays off.
Number Five
Totem - Eagle . Color - Yellow. Planetary Energy - The Sun/Uranus. Tarot Card - The High Priest/Temperance and all the minor arcana Fives.
Lime, Black Pepper & Myrrh
5 - Need for adventure, change and a bit of chaos so that the structure of the four energy does not become crystallized but remains open to positive change and advancement.
Number Six
Totem - Hawk. Color - Red/Violet. Planetary Energy - The Sun/Jupiter. Tarot Card - The Lovers/Devil and all the minor arcana six's.
Havozo Bark, Rose & Oakmoss
6 - Success, stepping forth into the limelight, being acknowledged for hard work and talents.
Number Seven
Totem - Crow/Coyote/ Raven. Color - Violet/Indigo Blue. Planetary Energy - Uranus/Neptune/Pluto. Tarot card - The Chariot/Tower and all the minor arcana seven's.
Frankincense, Tuberose Absolute & Jasmine
7 - The Bridge Keeper, holding one's ground, preparing to step beyond the gates of what is known into the realms of mysticism and magic, can be somewhat eccentric in beliefs and behavior as a means of changing the status quo.
Number Eight
Totem - Dragonfly/Swan. Color - Brilliant Greens and Blues. Planetary Energy - Mercury/Neptune. Tarot Card - Strength/Star and all minor arcana eight's.
Lime, Vanilla Absolute & Sweet Orange
8 - Infinity, opening to greater Universal awareness, allowing the Universe to move through you in order to help bring about greater positive social change.
Number Nine
Totem - Snow Goose. Color - Violet/Silver. Planetary Energy - Jupiter/Neptune. Tarot card - The Hermit/Moon and all minor arcana 9's.
Lavender, Fir Balsam & Cedar
9 - Seeking greater fulfillment through the understanding and application of Universal laws. Acting as a light bearer and mentor for others, yet still the student as well as the teacher.
Number Eleven
Totem - Bear/Polar Bear. Color - Indigo Blue. Planetary Energy - Saturn. Tarot card - Justice.
Tuberose Absolute, Cedar & Oakmoss
11 - Intuitive, highly creative, mastering the earth plane.
Number Twenty-Two
Black Pepper, Bergamot & Vanilla Absolute
22 - Spiritual success and Leadership.

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