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Saint Anthony

"Tony, Tony rally round, something's lost and must be found!"

This rather child like chant to Saint Anthony is one that is especially dear to my heart. This is the patron saint of things that have been lost and not only lost material possessions but also of anything that we feel has been lost from within ourselves.

Saint Anthony comes to us when we feel we have lost a part of ourselves or when we call upon him to help us find a lost object. Though he is frequently asked to help with the latter it is the former that I feel he is especially desirous of helping us with! In shamanic terms, when someone has undergone a severe stress or trauma, a part of the Soul may split off that carries the fear and worst of the pain with it. This may help to cushion the blow of what one has undergone and yet this also means that the person is working with less than their whole selves; a vital part of whom that person is has gone missing and until it is retrieved the person is operating under less than optimal energy conditions. A Soul Retrieval, when performed properly by a qualified shaman helps to bring that missing piece back and integrate it into the rest of the person's soul and energy system. While totem animals and allies may be called upon to assist the shaman in this process, so may Saint Anthony be called upon to further support this process. Saint Anthony can also help us remember things that may have caused a splitting off on a soul level so that we may actively begin the process of retrieving and integrating those energies into a more positive expression in our lives.

Sometimes we forget those dreams and desires that sustained us in our early years and helped to give our lives meaning and a sense of purpose. Perhaps one was told that to be a great artist was not realistic or would not be putting any food on the table! Or the desire to be a mum and housewife was sneered at by those that felt it was putting all women "back in the stone ages". Certainly being a money spinner is so much better isn't it? Not if it does little to nothing to feed the Soul, which is what really matters if one is to be truly happy! We forget why we aspired to be those things in the first place and then allow other's judgments and perceptions to chart the course of our lives. This is why so many often feel others are in control! As we lose touch with that which holds the deepest meaning for us and buy into what we think others want of us, we have effectively given control of our lives over to someone else's opinion. If we want to get back in touch with our true natures and desires, all we need do is cal upon Saint Anthony and he will lead us back to the lost desires and dreams that once meant so very much!

Saint Anthony also comes to us when we have forgotten that we have the power to heal ourselves and our own lives. He reminds us that all we experience is generated first from within ourselves. Thus we have the ultimate power to change things! If we don't like our current jobs we can seek new ones. If a relationship is causing us heartache we can ask for Higher Guidance on how to heal it or allow it to go so that we may embrace a new one. It can be so easy to blame someone or something else for all of our problems and yet when we remember to stop and look within, we can find what was churning in us that attracted those problems to begin with!

If this Saint has appeared for you today, he may be asking you to stop and ask yourself what you need to remember that will help you move forward and heal your own life in some way. Perhaps an old dream has been knocking at the door and yet you have brushed it away thinking it would never be possible to achieve now. Saint Anthony says to remember why you felt so drawn to that dream/goal initially and then ask to be shown how to make it manifest! Or maybe you have forgotten who you really are and instead have been listening to everyone else's ideas and dogmas. Or that there is always some action you can take to change your life's circumstances.

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

You may begin to think of childhood memories that have bearing on your life's current expression. If there are memories that remind you of past hurts, work on healing and releasing that pain with the understanding that by doing so it will help you to move forward now.

A song, a book, a poem, a painting, any of these things may be "haunting" you which is Saint Anthony's way of reminding you that there is something you need to remember about the time you first encountered the song, book etc, or that there is a message contained for you within the memory or verse that needs to be brought into conscious awareness now. Perhaps the song made you feel especially happy when you heard it and listening to it now will help you to find that space of joy again which will in turn attract more joy to you! Or the book was an inspirational one that helped you find solutions from within. Perhaps now there is something you are facing that could benefit from another reading of it. A Painting may have served as inspiration in another way, perhaps it moved you creatively and now you are needing to get creative with one or more aspect of your life. Never disregard the little hints and reminders such as these! So often they prove to be just the ticket!

You may remember some wise words that someone shared with you when you needed to hear them in time to pass them along to someone who needs to hear them now.

You may feel "nagged" to do things that relate to your heartfelt goals but tend to "forget" to do them because you are often sidetracked by things that are really just major time eaters! Ask Saint Anthony to help you let the time eaters go and keep your focus on your true goals and purpose.

You lose your pocketbook, car keys or forget where you parked your car! Any lost material possessions can be found through the assistance of Saint Anthony so ask him to remind you to ask for his help when you need it! Once you have retrieved the object, maybe a little down time is in order to understand why it might have gone missing in the first place. The answers can be very enlightening!

Other ways to work with this Saint's energy is to ask him to help you remember all the good that is in your life today, to remember who you are really are and what you have come to this earthwalk to do. Ask him to help you remember to be grateful, to feel joy and reconnect with the Universe more frequently throughout the day. Ask to be reminded that each day you have a plan and a purpose and nothing is as important as being the person that you truly are!

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