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If man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. - Henry David Thoreau
Due to numerous requests we now have all of the Akumon essences available in Soul Energy form.

Here are some tips for working with the Akumon essences:

1) Ask for what you desire while using the essence. I take both in dose concentration as well as mist my entire house, office, even the garden with these. As I do, I ask for friends who are ill to be healed, for others to prosper in their life's work even as I am asking to prosper in mine. I ask for my consciousness to be uplifted and more light centered. Anything you can think of you can ask for, but you have to ask as they will not interfere with your free will. You can use the essences without asking for anything at all and still receive a bounty of blessings, joy and abundance, but for specifics, you need to ask.

2) Anything you do to help yourself create a happier, more fulfilling life for yourself and others whether it be meditating, reading inspirational materials, helping a friend in need, sending out healing, love and light to the world, all will be amplified considerably while you are working with the Akumon and therefore will be returned to you multiplied. Take an attitude of being able to receive more each day, continue to open more and more, allowing the abundance and light of the Universe to enter into every cell of your body and every particle of your Soul.

3) Spend 22 minutes a day simply mediating on the Akumon. They are here to help us and desire to connect with us more fully. They give great advice, help to solve problems and can connect you more deeply with your own Higher or Master Self.

4) Mist or place a few drops of the Akumon essences in a bowl of water for your home or office. Add to bird baths and watch a substantial increase in the wild birds that visit your home. Animal and bird energies attract more positive energies and as you are uplifting them, they will also help to uplift your own life experience.

5) Follow your inner guidance as it is most likely to expand very quickly and to keep the momentum going, you need to acknowledge and act upon the insights you receive.

6) Use the Akumon essences before sleeping or mist your pillow and bed. These will promote helpful, problem solving and healing dreams so be sure to note them down in a dream journal the next day.

7) Speaking of journals, keep a daily or weekly record of what happens in your life once you start working with the Akumon. The more changes you notice, the faster new changes will arrive and they will increasingly become more and more beneficial.

8) Act upon new opportunities that present themselves to you for they are messages from the Universe as what you can accomplish in terms of your highest potential in this lifetime.


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Soul Energy Akumon Essences Essential Oils

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Soul Energy Akumon Essences Essential Oils

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Soul Energy Akumon Essences Essential Oils

The Akumon Essences, Series One
SE Akumon - The Sacred Well
What does it do? From what I understand it will work differently for different people, but it's intent is to uplift and help the person using it to evolve faster and higher than before. I felt connected in with my probable self and have been in communication with her.

Since I first started using this essence, so many new things have opened up for me In my life, things that has taken me years of working towards suddenly began manifesting literally overnight. Yet everything can be traced back to that day in April when I took a most remarkable journey and returned profoundly changed forever.

Update on Sacred Well: The above has been true for everyone who has been using this essence as well, there have been reports of major turn around in everything from personal affairs to business, to spiritual development and family healing and connections. People are so excited about this essence and the possibilities for personal and world transformation, that I am still reeling from what is happening myself. I have never seen an essence, and I have worked with thousands over the years, do so much for so many in such a short period of time. It truly has been phenomenal. What also fascinated me was how many people reported that others who were around them in some capacity also seemed to be experiencing the same shifts, not to the same degree as the person using Sacred Well, but definite changes were taking place that the person could only ascribe to being an outgrowth of their use of Sacred Well.
SE Akumon - Celestial Gateway
This, the fifth essence, is for moving yourself into a perpetual state of bliss, with what resonates for you as Soul in physical form, releasing anything that no longer supports or advances you in the direction of your heart's desire while simultaneously bringing in what is perfect and joyful for you.
SE Akumon - Expansion Of Light
This one for me felt like I had huge waves of love and light surging through me, pouring from my heart center and out into the world around me. I found I could send this energy to others even more easily than before, it was effortless, a completely effortless flow of energy and healing light and I cannot help but think of the implications of this essence for healers around the world. Because the healing is sent so effortlessly it is quite possible to send out vast amounts of light and healing rays with no depletion for the healer. This energy then returns in ever increasing waves of light and a feeling of expansion that is so blissful and harmonious, it is almost impossible to describe in words. This essence also expands upon the qualities of the first two essences, bringing in a higher and higher vibration that fills the person with a sense of such deep, unconditional love for the self and others which makes it very easy to automatically accept more and more of the good the Universe so longs to share with us all. Greater Spiritual awareness is enhanced and there is such an upliftment in the person's consciousness that a great evolutionary leap is taken forward. The person senses and trusts that all things are indeed possible to manifest!
SE Akumon - The Bridge of Light
This essence has been found to create a sort of "link up" between people, places and things that are of benefit not only to the person using the essence, but draws in others who also benefit from being around the person as well. I have found personally since using this essence that I am connecting more and more with my own Soul family, I feel a vibration has been coded within me through the use of Bridge of Light that is acting as a magnet to draw more and more good into my life. I have noticed that I have been receiving an astonishing amount of support and assistance for my life's work, and in each case, it has been a real win win for all involved. It appears that positive karma is generated very quickly through the use of this essence while negative Karma is dissolved. I truly believe that Bridge Of Light is to help us learn how to grow and evolve through joy and happiness rather than pain and suffering. I have felt a stronger connection with my Guides and teachers, my intuition continues to grow by leaps and bounds, everyone around me is far more cooperative and helpful. People have literally been going out of their way to offer support and assistance in getting the Akumon essences as well as the other Morningstar essences in any way they can.
Others experiences have been very similar to mine, they are drawing more and more people and things into their lives that are of such benefit and joy for them, it's as though the windows of the Universe have opened even wider and blessings in abundance are being showered upon us. Problems are resolved, often of their own accord or with very little effort, many feel they are plugged into some kind of cosmic energy system that is so supportive, loving and giving, they need only ask to know that what they have asked for is already in the process of manifesting in their lives.

SE Akumon - Celestial Miracles
I have noticed that I get an idea of the energy before it actually comes through, this one appears to take us beyond our normal concepts of miracles into the realm where not only is anything possible but miracles and magic become the order of the day! Of course the more open we are and follow up on our intuition and guidance the more likely it is we will experience the full impact of what ever tools we are using. Stay tuned for more information!
SE Akumon - Light Pyramid
This is the fourth essence. Because this essence was produced two days before a Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn, this is an intensely powerful essence indeed. The journey was very successful and as usual, I didn't want to return, but when I did come back I heard the words "This is for wishes that come true!" I think what this one does is to elevate and straighten out any parts of a wish, dream or desire that isn't for the best and elevates all the components so that what is manifested is really what the person desires. We can sure use that! I also noticed I have been very energized since the journey, following the steps I feel guided to take in order to manifest what I desire and the guidance is extremely clear. When I hit a few snags in the process yesterday I heard "Now focus on what is desired" and as I did, the obstacle cleared itself up automatically. I also felt deluged by new creative ideas, looking at the world around me through new eyes, which gave me such an intense feeling of love, faith, and hope, and I also received a few unexpected gifts from people that were so perfect for me and fit right in with what I have been working on manifesting. I feel the entire Universe is backing me up, guiding me and working for and through me, the sense of support and freedom is wondrous!
SE Akumon - Point Of Power
This is the point in which we recognize our true capabilities and see them move outwardly into the world of time and space. I felt such an amazing shift inside of myself when this essence was produced on November 6th 2000, and since that time I have noticed spiritual concepts that I had trouble grasping suddenly not only made perfect sense but filled me with a sense of such illumination and peace. The only way I can describe this feeling in words is that it felt as though a giant hand had pushed a door open within me and suddenly I found myself propelled into a sense of reality that I have never experienced before. The true power within me seemed to rise up and take control of the reins. I then felt this power moving outwards and into the world around me. I made a firm commitment to utilizing this power to the fullest to live with "the license of a higher order of beings" (Thoreau). This is such a strong sense of "I can do this", "I can reach these goals", "I can be who and what I desire to be", such a strong sense of conviction within that all doubt must melt in the face of it and then the sky is the limit on what one individual can achieve.
SE Akumon - Mystical Dreaming
Reality is first formed in our "dreaming consciousness" the part of ourselves that knows all things are possible if we will only allow ourselves to dream our dreams and allow the power within each of us to bring our dreams into the realm of reality. We need not be concerned that no one has manifested in this way before or even with what is happening within the reality of the mass consciousness. We can finally recognize that we do have the ability to step aside from the mass illusion and dream a new dream that has inherent within it all the potential we are capable of manifesting within our lives. As we move towards this new realm of being and manifesting we empower all others to also set their old limiting belief systems aside and see ourselves as we truly are: Light Beings of the Highest Order who have a magnificent destiny to fulfill.

SE Akumon - Consciousness of Light
The day before I cross the bridge to retrieve an essence from the Akumon I have noticed that I start getting a direct indication of what the essence is for. This time I had received an email from a friend who was experiencing a bit of a crisis and asked for my help. I did a small ceremony for us both and as I did, I saw this amazing beam of light that shot out from my heart and as the light moved away from me I could see actual forms and faces! I realized that the Light when we call upon it and send it forth takes on form that is best needed to manifest the healing or assistance that is asked for. Later on that day I kept hearing the soft murmurings of voices and knew it was the Consciousness of Light that was speaking to me. As I listened I understood it to say that it is an extension of ourselves and when we ignore it, it's as though we are ignoring our foot or arm, even though it is still an extension of our body.
When we work with the Light the way we would a dear friend or trusted advisor, it can then guide us on what form we need to request it take in order to sure a most successful outcome. We then become co-creators with another extension of ourselves and over time this connection will become so well developed that we will automatically ask for exactly what is truly needed and desired. Instead of sitting and thinking about how to word an affirmation or what words to use to ask for anything, we will have an automatic knowing and this will be instantly transmitted into the ethers. This awareness of Light Consciousness I feel may also be invaluable in understanding what for us personally may be blocking something we have desired from manifesting, we are able then to get to the root of the problem and clear it so the Light can take the needed form. There is also an enhanced intuitive knowing of how the Universe works and an understanding of Universal law that cuts through what we have been taught to believe and helps us to home in on what is truth for us.
I am very excited about this essence as I am all of the Akumon essences. Yet this one for me has signaled a huge shift in energy and awareness, much bigger than I had anticipated. I had noticed over the preceding few weeks that I was able to handle more and more work and influxes of energy. Point of Power I fully credit for that and feel it was required for me to be able to handle and understand the changes I feel are occurring within me now with Consciousness of Light. I am very curious to see where this leads and am very excited about hearing how this newest Akumon essence impacts others!
SE Akumon - Walking Free
The Akumon's tenth essence is named "Walking Free', how appropriate for the start of a New Millennium as this essence was first produced on January 2, 2001! Get ready to leave bag and baggage behind and head into the life you only dreamed of. Miracles and dreams do come true and I am living proof of that! I am asking for those things that seemed impossible for me to manifest even 6 months ago. Now they not only seem possible but there is also an inner feeling that they are most likely to occur so remember to ask for what you really want and make sure you want it for it will show up, and with the Akumon involved, probably accompanied by a parade and bells too!
SE Akumon - Ascension
Akumon - Ascension is our graduation from level one of working with the Akumon and level two begins in March of 2001. I have been looking at the past almost full year now since I met the Akumon and have been astounded at how much my life has changed. Had anyone told me when I met them all that would happen because of their love and energy I would have been ringing up the men in white coats and butterfly nets for sure! My life has changed dramatically since that time, Morningstar has grown beyond all reasonable expectations, I am living in the city I have desired to live in for several years, my flatmate was hired into his dream job and even heard about the job opening at first by a sheer "twist of fate", my children are growing and developing in ways that just astound me, my friendships with others has grown deeper and richer, I am healthier than I have ever been in my life, I simply am not the same person who sat in her office last April when the Akumon appeared. And every where I look I see nothing but good headed my way! I really did not understand why the Akumon essences are as powerful as they are but after reading Lynn Grabhorn's book "Excuse me, your life is waiting" I think I understand them much better. The Akumon always vibrate in a place of joy just the same as our Expanded or Higher Selves do. They know nothing of negativity or fear, only happiness, success, fulfillment, pleasure, fun, gratitude and love. Think of all the positive words you can and that's what the Akumon are all about. When we work with them in any capacity we are allowing them to help us lift our own energies to a higher state of being, hence the seeming miracles that often occur when someone uses one of their essences. They knew the book by Lynn was coming and was going to be dropped into my lap and they wanted to insure that I was willing to go for it, to set aside any disbelief I had and just play with the energy and see what happened. Well folks, it works. And when one person makes a shift in consciousness so does everyone else. Maybe we can't always see it right off but believe me it's there alright!
Soul Energy Akumon Essences Series Two
SE Akumon - Gathering Light
This essence supports the process of calling in the energy and guidance needed to begin working with manifesting on several levels of reality simultaneously. This is a multidimensional manifesting which acts as a support structure for establishing all you may desire in your life. All are multidimensional beings. You experience several lives and realities all at once though your primary focus is on this one alone for the most part. Yet each has impact on all the others and thus as you begin to advance in awareness of these realities you can then learn how to manipulate the energies at each level that will bring you greatest benefit on all levels of reality.
SE Akumon - Transforming Visions
As you become one with the inspired energy template you have envisioned, you will find yourself sending energy out forwards, backwards and sideways in time through which you will begin healing all things and life energy expressions that you have been, are now, and will ever be. This has an enormous impact on your current state of reality as each life energy construct down to the most minute detail impacts the whole. Thus if by sending energy forth to heal poverty or illness in a past life, so too shall you open to and be uplifted by greater health and prosperity in this life. You will come to more fully understand how each expression of life energy you are currently experiencing also has impact on all other life energy constructs and states of being.
SE Akumon - Aura Expansion
This essence is for the awakening and understanding of your true nature. In truth there is only one life force that expresses through countless "fragments". Each of these expressions of the life force is who you are, expressed at different levels and vibrational frequencies. As this becomes more and more a part of your deeper understanding, there is nothing you shall not manifest for you shall understand all of it is available to you as part of your own nature and thus you cannot be separate from any "good" thing.
SE Akumon - Light Working
This essence is for learning how to merge with the energy essence of what you are seeking to become. As you create a vision of yourself as to how you desire to be you create an energy template that you can begin to actively merge with. The greater your focus on this energy template, the faster you will find yourselves becoming one with it and the stabilization process shall be complete. You will then find yourself easily living this new person or energy construct that you have created out of your own conscious awareness and may utilize this energy to take great leaps forward in consciousness leading to even greater unfoldment of your Soul's potential.
SE Akumon - Energy Vortex
You may choose through this essence which vortexes of energy you wish to see become more prominent in your daily life. When using this essence focus upon that which is desired and see what images come into your mind. A swirl of symbols and patterns surround you and these shall become embedded into every level of your energy and life construct. Thus as you make your way through the world, you yourself shall be a walking energy vortex that makes these energies available to all others at the rate at which they are able to accept them.
SE Akumon - Flowing Acceptance
This is a stabilizing point essence. Even as you reach this point, old thought forms in the process of clearing come forth to be cleansed and recycled completely as new energy available for your own and other's use. It allows you the ability to accept that even as some of the things you do not wish for may still be manifesting, they are clearing rapidly ad this stage is only temporary. Likewise you shall find that all that you focus on with positive intent manifests with ever increasing speed and positive benefit. Here you stand at the threshold.
SE Akumon -Integration of Power
This essence provides for an integration of power harnessed both through the use of the Akumon essences as well as work one has done throughout all levels and all lifetimes of existence, both in this and other realms. It supports one's ability to integrate greater and greater levels of energy intensity without the struggle or blowing "psychic fuses". For those who find they often feel unbalanced or unstable on any level while undergoing a major energy shift or after the shift has occurred due to the integration process, this essence may be of great benefit.
SE Akumon - Star Walking
This essence aligns the energy systems of you in your totality, the Being that you are on the earth realm and the Beings that you are in other realms of existence. This allows for more rapid evolution on all levels and provides for much greater awareness and insight into your current and evolving life path.
SE Akumon - Expansion of Success
For many individuals, only a minute amount of both energy and success is allowed into the life through fear of being unable to handle more than one has already received, feelings of guilt that one may have more than the next person, feelings of unworthiness or even that any quantum leap forward in allowing more may cause a breaking down of structures and forms one holds dear such as relationships. This essence allows the individual to process the blockage that limits both evolution and greater acceptance of success and overall wellbeing so that the life may take that quantum leap forward into expressing its full energetic potential.
SE Akumon - Radiant Being
This essence is to help the individual understand themselves as Energetic Beings rather than mere physical forms as humans have been led to believe. Once the individual has fully grasped the concept that one is a mass of energy and light that is constantly seeking to transform more and more of itself into even greater expressions of the Source or Spirit from which it was created, then one begins to understand how to harness the energy of the Universe to bring forth the higher visions and ideals that each of us was assigned to carry into this earthly realm. One becomes aware that one IS the mission or destiny. The person then understands how all aspects of one's individuality and Self have been designed and created by themselves before they entered into this earth realm for the purposeful expression of this higher purpose and that it was intended to be created through and with, a sense of joy.
SE Akumon - Second Ascension
Here there is a pause that is not inactive or stagnant, but allows for the space needed for one to embrace all the good and benefit that arises from doing one's inner work. More and greater blessings and joy flow into the life and there is also a greater urge to give to others because one has become aware that there is so much more that one truly does have to offer. It is a time for both harvest and celebration and then to begin the process of preparing for the next level of growth and expansion.
Soul Energy Akumon Essences Series Three
SE Akumon - Illuminating the Mastery of Mind
It really has helped me gain some tremendous insights into what steps I need to take next and what I need to complete at this time so I can move forward, I have had some astounding and mind blowing concepts coming through that just had me going good heavens, no wonder! I am very excited about this new one from them and will be adding additional information as time goes on.
SE Akumon - Holographic Envisioning
This essence allow us to envision the sort of future we would most like to experience as though selecting from a "menu of life". There are so many possibilities and potentials inherent in us all that we have ignored because we were taught we are limited rather than unlimited beings. Through working with this essence, one can begin to envision strongly what one desires to be and experience in this lifetime and project it out in front of the self so one may simply walk into it. The Akumon suggested when I first began working with this essence to step up to an actual doorway in my home and on the other side of that door, to picture clearly in my mind what I desired to experience. Once I had that picture firmly in my mind, I was to walk through the actual doorway. As I did so, I felt a shimmer of energy moving through my crown chakra and down to the soles of my feet. I could feel changes occurring within me on all levels and shortly thereafter, many signs and new tools began appearing in my life to help support me as I moved more fully into this new state of being.
SE Akumon - Activating Quantum Consciousness
This essence brings mind expanding concepts and equations into a much deeper level of one's consciousness. There is a strong sense that these new energies and concepts are somehow being anchored within the body as well as the mind and soul.
SE Akumon - The 12 Energy Bodies
The energy profile that equates to your soul mission or purpose for being. Moving through each individual layer of the energy bodies and gaining awareness of which each level offers you in terms of personal or individual growth as well as growth on a mass, galactic and spiritual or Universal level.
SE Akumon -Into The Light
This essence supports the emergence from one's known consciousness and awareness into that of living from the perspective of the Light Body and Expanded or Higher Self. This essence helps to direct the individual onto the path of pure joy and awareness of Universal support in manifesting that which will assist one in attaining spiritual mastery in this lifetime.
SE Akumon - Perceptional Dreaming
As we move more fully into the Path of Light, our perceptions of this framework that we agree is "reality" begins to dissolve and a greater understanding of the overall framework of the Universe begins to take its place. As this shift occurs, one finds that the purpose for the life as an individual within the context of the Universal fabric takes on greater meaning and expression. One also finds that life as we have been taught to live it is a "dream", a dream that takes an abundance of energy to recreate each day as we return from the sleep state. This energy can be freed for other purposes, including enlightenment, when we choose to allow the true nature of life and the Universe to present itself without our colorations and mass agreements as to what it "must be". One feels empowered to live the life that one has dreamed from the Soul level.
SE Akumon - Paradigm Shifts
Enhances shifts in the perceptions of time, space and matter. Helps one to grasp and apply the known laws of Physics in spiritual or metaphysical ways.
SE Akumon - Manifesting Larger Frameworks
As humans, we each have the ability to call upon a number of "Inner Selves", each of whom embodies distinct talents and abilities that we may not be wholly aware of within the conscious mind. It is this understanding that within one is the ability to heal, the ability to perform a creative act, the ability to produce an abundance of prosperity, right livelihood, right relationship, attain great heights of spiritual awareness and so forth through the abilities of each individual self that makes up the larger self that we know as ourselves, that calls them into play. This is the first step in understanding the true potential and gift of our own multi-dimensionality. That we not only live within these much larger frameworks of our own creation, albeit unconsciously, but that we can do so with full conscious awareness. Each of us can learn how to tap into the abilities of each of our inner selves and call them forth at will so that over time, they become an integral part of our everyday lives that will allow us to step aside from the belief in the struggle and pain of life and move into the arena of experiencing the energy of the Higher on a more consistent basis.
SE Akumon - Karois
Kairos is a Greek word which means to move through a passage at the right moment in time that is abundant with opportunity and potential to allow the greatness within to begin to flourish. Currently we are experiencing many such moments in time or kayois opportunities, their purpose is to support us in embodying greater and greater amounts of light energy without causing disruption or a sense of imbalance throughout our energy systems as we become acclimated to this Light energy. By placing our attention on kayois, we can begin to attract more and more of this energy through synchronistic events as well as through intuitive impulses.
SE Akumon Third Ascension
The third Graduation/Initiation. At this point the individual assimilates all that has gone before and prepares to begin the process of the Fourth Level. The energy is stabilized and rooted deeply into one's energy field
  SE Akumon - Expanding The Greater Self
This essence allows for a greater and greater expression of the Higher or Expanded Self to move through your physical form which elevates the vibration of the body. This is extremely important for it is crucial that the body be raised ever higher in vibration in order for us to continue to evolve and grow spiritually. As this process continues, it becomes much easier for the individual to take great strides forward in their spiritual evolution.
SE Akumon DNA Sequence Essences
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4 Ounce Essences

SE Akumon - DNA One
Begins the initial process of linking and activating the cells Mitochondrial DNA. Each strand of DNA is checked for stability and any needing repair, are repaired vibrationally. This then begins the process of having such repairs reflected throughout all of one's energy systems and life construct. Some using this essence may begin to notice a "hum" within the body as each strand of DNA (both seen and unseen by your science) is brought into higher alignment and the repair and stabilization process is complete. This provides a foundation through which greater and greater quantities of light may be processed and integrated into the body and the electrical systems far more easily, bringing about greater changes in conscious awareness and focus.
SE Akumon - DNA Two
As the stabilization process is completed, this essence keys each individual strand of DNA to begin vibrating with it's higher vibrational component that is stored in an etheric library. This library contains not books but a record of each individual molecule of the sum total of all like energy constructs. Within each strand of DNA from this library are hundreds of further layers f energy and life force. This essence "calls" to your physical DNA strands those layers which can be properly assimilated at this time and sets the foundation for the establishment of the three fold pattern that will come into form with DNA three.

SE Akumon - DNA Three
The three fold pattern is the first weaving together of the strands that form the basis of creative regeneration on all levels. This allows for further creative input from one's Higher Guide's and steps up the person's ability to vibrate at a higher level without creating a healing crises. Much can be released during this process that one will not be aware of yet a state of lightness and an overall sensation of joy will be noticed. At this stage dream states will be enhanced and one may note greater guidance and solutions to problems occurring within the dream state. The individual will become more acutely aware of what is possible to be shifted with reality constructs. It will become much easier for example for those working with this essence to dismantle old energy/reality structures and begin the process of building new ones. This will be further enhanced through DNA Four.
SE Akumon - DNA Four
As you continue to work with the DNA essences via DNA Four you will find that old structures in your life will be removed. It is important at this point to recognize that these old structures are no longer supportive or appropriate for your life so give yourself permission to let them go easily. The new structures will grow out of the higher patterning of your own cells. Many of you may find you need to continue removing old forms and structures, including those things you have in your home, and replace them with forms that better reflect the new person you are becoming on all levels. At this point the energy will begin to stabilize and yet not crystallize but remain fluid and flexible. You will begin to experience stability through flux and change. The old patterns of only feeling stability through crystallization and limitation will be released.
SE Akumon - DNA Five
Expansion of the senses is often enhanced during this stage. Colors, sounds, smells, all may become more intense yet this tends to be highly pleasurable. The purpose for this is to help you understand how circulation of all energy throughout your body impacts your immediate environment and is then extended throughout the world. This also supports your ability to use the power and vitality of your cells to create positive changes in your own life and the lives of others. At this point you may begin the process of programming your entire being to send forth the radiation of love, joy, well being, peace, prosperity or any other high vibration that you desire.
SE Akumon - DNA Six
This essence sets up a protective shield that supports the process of deflecting incoming negative beliefs and thought forms related to the mass consciousness. This is especially important at this time because of the widespread beliefs many humans have that their physical health and well being is under constant threat from Bacteria's and Virus. Each of you has already come equipped with a natural immune system that when allowed to do it's proper job (not being undermined by repetitive thoughts of ill health) will use any incoming virus or bacteria to further support and strengthen the immune system. It is very important that each of you understands that in order to evolve the Soul you must evolve the body along with it or your progress will be hampered greatly by your thoughts and fears of ill health.
SE Akumon - DNA Seven
Allows the body to adapt more easily to the influx of very high, fine spiritual energy without unbalancing it. The body becomes more comfortable with allowing these much higher vibrations to be assimilated within it, thus automatically attracting greater and greater amounts of light energy. At this juncture, the individual may find they begin craving different foods that they may not have had a taste for before. This occurs because the body in it's innate wisdom is seeking the nutrients found in certain foods that will allow it to integrate and contain higher and higher frequencies of light energy.
SE Akumon - DNA Eight
Greater conciousness is attained in terms of understanding the physical purpose of one's life on the Earth plane. One is better able to view one's "cosmic mission" and the need for the body to have been created as it was in order for the individual to complete their life purpose. The individual becomes much more aware of strengths they have not been aware of before and how they can learn to actively work with these previously hidden abilities.
SE Akumon - DNA Nine
As the DNA strands continue to be more tightly woven and intertwined, this will begin the releasing process of ingrained patterns and thought processes that have been carried over through the soul from lifetime to lifetime. It will begin to be understood that one carries the body with one throughout the entire of the life and death process, that what appears to be an actual physical body in death is simply a manifestation of what one is expected to see. This in turn will amplify the individual's ability to grasp the concepts of Law of Attraction, the focusing and turning of one's energy systems towards what one believes must be true and thus it becomes true for the individual in their reality.
SE Akumon - DNA Ten
This essence supports the continued unhooking from the mass consciousness to the degree that the Individual is prepared to accept greater responsibility for their own thought/creation manifestation process. It also eases the fear that accompanies stepping aside from mass belief systems as you have all been taught that he or she who does not see the world and reality in the same way as everyone else is believed to be insane. At one time in your physical history, the ability to see what others could not was greatly valued and supported because it was believed that this was how physical as well as soul growth could expand. This changed when the concepts of manipulation and control were introduced as thought forms by those who were curious to see what would occur when such thought forms were accepted. What started off as a small experiment spiraled out of control and it is in the remembering of this experiment that the individual can begin to release these cords of fear.
SE Akumon - DNA Eleven
Thus begins the process of moving into Avatar consciousness, the ability to manipulate energy in such a way that form emerges from the unseen at a faster and more precise rate. This process begins by becoming better able to focus the mind and emotions towards a highly specific end and remaining unwavering in that focus until the object or situation manifests as desired. The individual must bear in mind however that this essence is only the first step in the process and additional methods are required and which will be made known to the individual through their own Guides.
SE Akumon - DNA Twelve
This essence represents the ability to follow a strand of energy through to its completion within the greater pattern of the Universe. Thus one is better able to trace one's life history beginning from the time the individual's soul came into manifestation and what the soul was seeking to accomplish both through experiences on the spiritual levels as well as the physical levels. The individual may choose to fine tune this by the following of a single strand that may relate to anything he or she is currently facing in the physical expression. Each experience, each event is comprised of a single strand of light that can be viewed forwards or backwards through what appears to be time and space (though there is no time or space on the spiritual levels) and thus gain a broader understanding of the purpose and dynamics of an experience. This also allows the individual to make a conscious choice as to whether to continue operating from that pattern or to work with the tools he or she is guided to use in order to bring completion to this pattern/repeating event.
SE Akumon - DNA Thirteen
The energy of the etheric bodies becomes more closely entwined with the physical body thus greatly increasing the speed and intensity of its vibration. Greater energy and vigour is noted along with an activation of the body physical's innate wisdom and knowing. Thus one may not only operate from the intuitive level of the mind but also from the earthy sensation of the body which will allow the individual to make more potent and beneficial decisions and actions.
SE Akumon - DNA Fourteen
Activation of the Higher or Expanded Self through the body physical can begin to occur. There is far greater ease in moving from one state of consciousness to another; one who is feeling afraid or worried finds they are more easily able to accept peace. One who is angry finds themselves able to channel this energy into constructive and beneficial channels. The energy of the Individual vegins to align itself automatically with the Higher Good of that Individual and events in the outer world reflect this.
SE Akumon - DNA Fifteen
The ability to understand information on an etheric level is greatly enhanced. The Laws of the Universe are more easily understood and new Universal Laws and Concepts begin to flow into the Individual's consciousness that one is able to put to immediate practical application. Universal wisdom and understanding penetrates through to the core of Individual Being so that the Individual understands these Laws and Concepts within a deeper and more grounded framework.
SE Akumon - DNA Sixteen
Activates a column of Light that begins to move through the highest chakras and down through the crown chakra into the body physical. This stimulates emotions of ecstasy and bliss that are intensely healing to the mind, body and soul. As this healing takes place, the Individual becomes able to stimulate healing and greater awareness of the spiritualness of life in others with whom she or he comes into contact. There is a far greater awareness and understanding of the root causes of all suffering and how this suffering may be alleviated through spiritual applications.
SE Akumon - DNA Seventeen
This essence assists the individual in assimilating greater frequencies that are related to Starlight. Each Star vibrates with a special frequency that is designed to assist those seeking greater spiritual evolution in any lifetime. Since modern day individuals are not as exposed to the nighttime sky as were their ancestors, they are not receiving the same levels of energy "nutrients" as they need to be. This essence helps to correct this as well as helping the individual to key in on their own particular Star system for self-healing as well as greater spiritual and physical progress.
SE Akumon - DNA Eighteen
This essence supports the individual in feeling loved and embraced by the Life Energy that comprises the physical world. This allows the individual to feel it is safe and acceptable for them to grow and evolve on all levels. It is especially supportive of the body physical as it assists the body physical in "catching up" to the higher levels and vibrations of the Soul. At this level, the individual begins to understand that what is known as "death" is not an ending, but that the body itself undergoes a process whereby it is better able to pull in the light frequencies needed to become finer and lighter in vibration. What many individuals perceive as a physical ending of the body, is actually the birthing of a higher, finer and more radiant version of itself. At this juncture, the individual is no longer weighed down by mass beliefs in regards to physical life and thus truly does one "see the light".
SE Akumon - DNA Nineteen
This essence integrates the Over-Soul energy of one's Soul Family with the Soul energy of the individual. The individual feels more supported as a result and better able to navigate both the spiritual and material dimensions of their life. This essence is extremely healing for those who feel disconnected from their physical/earthly families.
SE Akumon - DNA Twenty
This essence both grately enhances both the learning process and the ability to make more positive life changes as a result. There is a sense of completion as each life lesson is learned and thus one is able to focus more energy in direction of spiritual growth and understanding rather than having to repeat old life lessons over and over again. For those who at a soul level have grasped a lesson and are still unable to release the repetition of it, they must needs understand that this is an old lesson from many previous incarnations that have been encoded into the body physical and the chakras. This essence will benefit those who seek to release this energy from all of their energy systems and thus release the physical need to repeat the lesson.
SE Akumon - DNA Twenty-one
This essence allows the individual to work with their nightly dreams in order to bring about greater beneficial change in the everyday life. The individual learns how to create dreams that will give them the energy boost and power of attraction to manifest. The individual will also learn how to create very specific dreams that will eventually lead them into "living the dream" at the level he or she chooses.
SE Akumon - DNA Twenty-two
This essence helps the individual to move through different life experiences without judgment as to whether the experience is positive, negative or neutral. Instead, he or she shall see all experience as part of their own becoming and thus all has value and can elevate the vibration of the self ever higher. The individual will find that their emotions become more harmonious and tranquil as a result. The mid will become much calmer and quieter, focusing with laser like precision on that which the individual chooses to focus his or her energies upon. The individual will find that he or she is better able to harness and focus their energy towards specific goals without concern as to actual outcomes. The learning process as well as the journey becomes the ultimate goal and reward.
SE Akumon - DNA Twenty-three
The vast potential of the Soul and body physical integrated becomes much more apparent to the individual. At this level, the Individual becomes most focused on a quest to radiate that potential not only into the world, but throughout the Universe as well. The Individual begins to better understand the role they play within the totality of the Universe which takes them far beyond their initial concepts of their life purpose.
Akumon - DNA Twenty-four
This is the culminating integration of all that has gone before. The Individual is now ready to embark on a new life path unlike anything they have previously encountered.

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