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Souls' Energy Essence

This is a VERY special group of essences that we feel very blessed to have had a part in creating. While in a trance/dream state, Lynx was taught how to channel the vibrational patterns of any soul on the planet and suspend it in the spring water medium. These essences are co-produced with a highly evolved group of beings known as " The council". The purpose of these essences as stated by The Council is; "To draw to each individual who desires that it be so, the opportunity to know and express themselves as the most high in physical form. This group of essences recalibrates the individuals entire energy system so that they vibrate in alignment with their true self and full potential. We know of no greater gift we can offer. Use these essences with the intent to resonate with your highest consciousness and in so doing, draw greater light, peace, joy and love to the earth plane. And for Heavens sake, lighten up all of you and allow more fun into your lives!"

Since we began producing these essences in 1995 the response has been tremendous! People have reported everything from relief from insomnia to more productivity in their lives and business. It makes sense that when we resonate with the highest aspects of our being, we must draw greater things into our lives. These essences are produced solely on a request basis. All that is required is the name of the person the essence is to be produced for. They truly are a miracle of the love the universe has for each of us. Many people who have received their own Soul's Energy Essence report that when they use it on a daily basis, their lives simply work better. The wonderful thing is this; your Soul's Energy Essence is produced for you, and you alone. It is the unique imprint of your Soul's highest vibration. These are truly a joy for me to produce and I always feel incredibly honored by people's requests for these essences. Because of the unique nature of these essences, we offer them by special order only. The cost of these essences is higher than our other essences, but a stock bottle should last you a considerable time when 4-8 drops are diluted in a 1 oz. dosage bottle. One colleague was so impressed with this essence, he demanded that Lynx Channel an entire quart bottle of it for him, so he'd be sure to have a supply!


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Soul's Energy  Essences Essential Oils

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Soul's Energy  Essences Essential Oils

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Soul's Energy  Essences Essential Oils

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Soul's Energy  Essences Essential Oils

Soul's Energy Essence
The vibrational essence of your Highest Self and potential. This is the energy of your Soul, your unique vibratory rate. This essence can be used alone or in conjunction with other essences.

Also In 4 Ounce Myst $160.00 

Soul's Energy  Essences Essential Oils

SE Accessing the Multidimensional Self
You exist in many dimensional and probable realities all at once. This essence helps you to access the highest energies of all your probable selves. (Students of Jane Robert's/Seth books will love this one!)

SE Communicating As The Higher Self
Empowers a person to speak their truth from the energy level of the Higher Self so one does not have to worry that what one is saying will create adverse reactions in others. Your Higher or Expanded Self always knows just the right words to say and how to say them in such a way that others can accept and work with the communication at a heart and soul level.
SE Connecting with your Business and Prosperity Deva
Joining forces consciously with your own business and prosperity Deva to manifest greater abundance both personally and professionally.
SE Connecting with Divine Consciousness
This is like having your own 1-800 number to the Universe, I have seen some amazing things when people have worked with this essence and it has for me personally been a very important support in maintaining my faith and awareness.
SE Destiny Path
So many people are looking for their "right" path at this time. We all feel that there is so much we came here to do and yet at times we feel pulled off course or confused due to other's input or ideas about what we "should" be doing. This essence is to help you lock in to your true Soul Path and Destiny so that it can unfold much more easily and effortlessly.
SE Dream Symbols
Dreams are so very personal, we have within us a producer who over sees each aspect of the dream to insure that it not only catches our attention but pushes us to make beneficial changes in our lives as well! So why do some dreams seem so hard to understand? To get our attention of course, so we will puzzle over them and think about them through the day. Sometimes we just don't want to hear the message consciously and the only way the dream producer can get the message through is to trick us into pondering upon a dream until we are ready to hear the meaning. This essence speeds up the process as well as helping to clarify your own personal dream symbols.
SE Healing and Clearing Past Lives
Access past life talents while cleansing and healing past life traumas and "mistakes". Helps to bring clarity to possible past lives and current connections with those we have walked the path with before.
SE Healing the Inner Child
Often when we find ourselves having trouble as adults it is because we don't receive the love and acceptance we needed as children. The inner child often needs much support and caring before he/she can heal, traumas that may have occurred are still very real and frightening to the inner child. This essence acts as a spiritual tonic for the Inner Child that he/she may feel loved and nurtured in the present and allow the adult you have become to assist it in releasing and healing.
SE Higher Guidance
This is an important essence for those who feel they are constantly doubting and questioning their own inner guidance or have trouble following through and acting upon the guidance they are being given.
SE I Allow Success in My Life
All of us are prone at times to self-sabotage due to fear of what success may bring. When we trust that the success that comes is because we are ready for it and already have the ability to handle it responsibly then we can allow greater and greater successes to enter our lives.
SE I Am Open To Today
When we are open to each day being brand new and unlike any other in our personal history we open the door for many wondrous and magical experiences to occur. We can approach each new day with child like innocence and grace, expecting the best and enjoying life to the fullest.
SE Light Worker
This is an important essence for Light Workers who are in need extra support and guidance as we all move through the major earth and energy shifts that are occurring at this time. It helps to further increase a Light Worker's ability to channel healing energy and also assists them in replenishing their own energy reserves when doing extensive light work and healing. For experienced Light Workers or those just stepping on to the path of the Light Worker, this essence can be invaluable for helping them attract those people they can best serve.
SE Linking with Your Soul Family
For linking up with both those who are of our Soul family, whether they be on or off planet. Very comforting and supportive.
SE Making Light Filled Choices
Each moment we are making choices either subconsciously or consciously. This essence helps you to make the highest possible choices for you.
SE Motivation
So much can be accomplished in life when we feel the motivation to simply go for what we desire. Sometimes it is too easy to tell our selves numerous reasons why we can't have or do something when what is really needed is to muster up the energy to see what we CAN do to create something! The more we feel personally motivated to have something the more energy is stirred up within the Universe to insure it manifests. When we procrastinate out of doubt or fear, other things are put on hold in our lives as well. When we feel motivated and confident we will succeed, then all areas of our lives also respond accordingly.
SE Motivation and Excitement
This essence was introduced because people began asking for an essence that would also help them to feel excited about pursuing their life goals as well as feeling motivated to begin the process. This essence helps to keep excitement levels at a higher yet comfortable level for you so you don't start off enthused and then feel this excitement dropping as time goes on.
SE My Dreams Manifest!
<> For everyone it seems, there is a heart felt dream that seems so difficult to manifest because it appears to be so large or complex, that where does one even begin to make it a reality! To make it even more challenging, often times we tell ourselves that such dreams are impossible and we should simply settle for what we have. I believe that our dreams come to us from a Soul level and that if there is something we are aching within to create, then the Soul itself is saying to us that we have not only a right to manifest it, but that the Soul itself is backing the manifestation up with all its power and knowing. Our job is to allow the manifestation to occur by believing that the dream IS possible and we shall be guided straight into its manifestation.
SE Personal Cycles
Being at the right place at the right time doing the right thing is the keynote of this essence.
SE Personal Totem
This essence is to help you connect at the deepest level with your own primary totem. This is a much more shamanic based essence than any of the other SE essences and when using this essence it is important to be committed to working with your own primary totem to first heal yourself and then see where it will lead you in terms of helping to heal others. If you are unsure what your primary totem is and would like help with this process, please
contact Lynx for a Totem Awareness session
SE Prosperity
This essence helps you to align vibrationally with the power and knowingness of unlimited prosperity and abundance of your own Soul. It not only supports the attraction of Prosperity from a Soul level, it also helps one to understand one's own personal relationship, thoughts, emotions and beliefs regarding wealth and prosperity. Once one gets the messages one's own Soul and The Universe wants one to understand in regards to what one is sending forth vibrationally that is either attracting or repelling money, then it becomes almost effortless to attract greater wealth and prosperity.
Soul's Energy Essence For Pets
Since 1995, Lynx has been producing Soul Energy Essences for people. Because of an ever increasing demand, Lynx is now offering Soul Energy Essences for Pets as well. The Soul Energy Essence for your pet is unique to it, and these essences can be produced for any type of pet companion that you share your life with, from cats and dogs to turtles and fish. To order a Soul Energy Essence for your pet, please use the shopping cart below and when going through the check-out process, include your pet's name in the message box. Or you can email Lynx the name of the pet the essence is to be produced for.

4 Ounce Myst $160.00 

Soul's Energy  Essences Essential Oils


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