Angel Of Abundance

Angel of Abundance

Your Prayers For Abundance Are Now Being Answered.

This lovely Angel always comes bearing good news! Perhaps you have been praying for a miracle of the abundance sort. This Angel has appeared to tell you that your prayers have been heard and that by opening your heart and moving through your life with faith and trust, the abundance you seek shall manifest shortly!

This Angel also comes to remind us all that in order for us to have what we are seeking we must also give in such a way that it helps to provide abundance for someone else. Often people will ask and pray for abundance and yet they give very little to anyone else. Their focus is on "well, I just don't have any extra to spare right now yet when I do, I shall be the first to give!" This sort of attitude sets up a vibration that says "I don't have enough" which in turn creates more of what the person doesn't want. It is Universal Law that through our thoughts and actions we tell the Universe what is true for us. And by the Law of Attraction, we can only attract into our lives that which we have set up a resonance for. This Angel comes to remind us that there are many ways we can give and not all alike huge amounts of money to get the process flowing! Dropping a few coins into the charity tin at work or school can begin the process of more flowing in. It is the process of letting go of what one already has, in this instance some money, that says to the Universe okay, I am now able to receive more because I have made some space for it! This is not meant to be taken that one is to spend money foolishly in an attempt to get something back, but to give what one can with an open heart and mind knowing that when one gives, one shall also surely receive even more abundance! If you want someone to give to you, then you must also think of what you can give to that person or someone else that helps to complete the cycle of energy exchange. It is no wonder that so many people who follow spiritual paths also live on the edge of poverty with they and many others feeling that's all spiritual teachings and healings are worth! If you are working with this oracle it is likely that you too are following a spiritual path and thus this angel is saying to you it is time to examine your own beliefs and attitudes towards money from a spiritual perspective. If you are a spiritual teacher or healer can you really feel that it is okay to charge fees that can help you prosper? If you are on the receiving end of these healings and teachings, how much are you willing to spend to receive these things? What is truly important to you? This Angel comes to remind us all that the most important awareness we can have is that we each have a duty to support those people and things that are bringing more light and joy into the world for the benefit of all! Doing anything less says that in reality, we are content with the status quo of people, services and things that do not contribute to the Higher Paths.

This Angel also comes to bring the message that the Universe is total abundance. Look around at nature, Spirit made not one type of flower in one hue but thousands. There are hundreds of different Hummingbirds and within each specie, there are the masses of individuals who are each unique unto themselves. Even human twins have variations between them and certainly no two snow flakes are alike. If this is not a lavish show of abundance I can't think of what is! If you could count every single stone, every twig, every individual insect, grain of sand, human, every plant, the fish in the sea, it would take you countless lifetimes just to count what is on the planet at this point in time, let alone all the new births that would come to pass while you were counting! It truly is infinite right here on our home planet let alone the entire of the Galaxies throughout the Universe! If you can allow this to really sink deep into your consciousness, you would soon find that you will begin to attract more and more abundance of the sort you would really like to have which brings us to this Angel's next message.

Express Love & Gratitude For The Good That Is In Your Life Right Now.

You, like everyone else on the planet already has an abundance! The question is, is it an abundance of what what gives you joy or an abundance of problems and fears? The Universe truly knows no lack! There is no way for any of us not to be abundant! It is Universal Law that all things must have abundance yet as humans with free will, we also get to choose what sorts of abundance we experience. So we can choose to have an abundance of time to do all the things that give us joy or an abundance of "stuff" to do that simply eats away at our minutes each day. We make those choices each day when we allow others to pressure us into doing things we don't want to do or when we say our dreams and goals are not really worth working for anyway. We can have an abundance of energy or an abundance of lack of energy. We make those choices when we spend our precious time doing things that do not contribute to overall feelings of aliveness and joy or when we are constantly at the beck and call of others who seek to take but rarely give anything back. We can choose to have an abundance of money or an abundance of bills we struggle to pay each month. We make this choice when we spend our money energy on things that have little true value to us as individuals yet we bought them because we hoped they would fill an aching gap within or "having this means I am fitting in with the crowd and just as god as anyone else!" when in reality those things are not truly what makes us happy. Or we can choose to put our money energy towards our soul felt dreams and goals such as starting a business, perhaps investing in companies that have ethics and morals, the dividends going to help support one being a stay at home parent or purchasing a home that will increase in value not to mention providing a loving sanctuary for all who enter.

Look at the abundance you are currently experiencing. Perhaps it is not an abundance of money you need right now but an abundance of more time to spend with your children or partner. Perhaps it is an abundance of down time and relaxation you are really craving. Perhaps it is an abundance of prompt paying clients or customers for your work or business that you are asking for. Now look within yourself and begin asking, why am I experiencing the exact opposite of what I desire? Do I believe truly that there is more than enough abundance to go around? Do I feel guilty asking for more when some appear to have so little? Do I feel this is all I can attract? What ever the cause you find within, this Angel can help you turn it around if you will just ask for help! Keep in mind that abundance comes in many forms so be sure to ask for all the sorts of abundance you truly desire! An abundance of money will not ease the loneliness of an abundance of no friends or no right relationship while an abundance of right relationship can be strained by the abundance of struggle to pay bills each month! Abundance is about balance, being able to accept that there are an abundance of facets to your own life that can not be fulfilled by just one or two things. Each requires its own unique form of abundance!

Examine What IS Working For You & Then Apply That To Other Areas Of Your Life

If this Angel has appeared for you today, it is an indication that there are many facets that you need to be examining in order to understand how abundance works in your own life. You may have an abundance over here that is working quite well, for example an abundance of love and shared moments with your children and yet your abundance with your spouse or partner is not the sort you desire. Look at what you did to create the abundance you desired with your children and see how you might apply to those same actions and principles to your relationship with your significant other! Look at the areas of your life where you are happy with the abundance you have created and then look to see what you did that created that for you. You are bound to find that there are many of those same techniques, thoughts/beliefs and actions that you can use to create the sort of abundance you desire in every area of your life.

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

You begin to feel the need to examine why you have created abundance that is joyful in some areas and not in others or may even be feeling that you have no abundance of anything good at all! This Angel is reminding you that you need to change your focus from an abundance of lack to one of plenty by acknowledging all the good you have already been given, giving thanks for it, and keeping that at the forefront of your mind as much as you can throughout your days. This is one of the fastest ways to turn any abundance of lack around!

You may find new information on how you can easily expand your resources or new ways of looking at your own abundance/money energy and working with it. When you ask sincerely to be shown what patterns and behavior may be limiting your forward movement, this Angel will provide you with an abundance of awareness and also an abundance of tools to help you break free!

You may suddenly realize that everyone you know is constantly referring to what they don't have or are constantly concerned about money and abundance in general. If you find yourself chiming in about your own abundance of lack, this Angel is telling you to STOP! You cannot change another person's way of thinking or being but you can change your own! Try suggesting that everyone you know play a fun game with you called the Abundance Game: Grab a journal and a pen. Each day you note on paper at the end of the day how much happy abundance found its way to you that day. Include everything you can think of such as an abundance of green lights on your drive into work or an abundance of smiles and hello's that others shared with you. Perhaps you saw an abundance of birds of flowers, or found a shiny new coin on the pavement. All of these things and more are the Universe's way of showing you just how much abundance is truly available to all. As you jot each thing down, feel your sense of gratitude and joy at all these wonderful things that were given to you today. The next time you are talking with people playing the game, share what joyful abundance you experienced the day before and ask them to do the same. If you are consistent with this, before long the only abundance any of you will experience will be of exactly the sort you desire!

If you are in crises over money or any other form of abundance it is time to ask for help! If it is credit card debt, ask this Angel to lead you to the right people who can help you get out from under. There are many agencies and folks out there who can help you and many do not charge for their services but are instead funded through private donations, government grants or through creditors that are hoping to at least receive some of what they are owed. Above all, do not feel you have failed or are a bad person! Recognize that you may have bought into someone else's idea of how you should live your life instead of your own and commit to adjusting those beliefs and behavior. Play the abundance game daily all the while asking this Angel to help show you the abundance that is around you and how you can receive more. There are many websites online that offer ideas and ways of enhancing wealth and abundance of all sorts, seek those out and pick up the tools that can help you move through this time with greater ease. Above all, look at what you have been creating, ask what within you may have taken you down this road to begin with and start the inner work needed to turn this situation around!

Other ways to work with the energy of this Angel is to simply ask to be made more aware of all the things that you can do on a daily or weekly basis to help increase the sort of abundance you are asking for. As you complete each task you feel guided to do, more information and ideas will be given! You must take the tools in hand that resonate for you and learn to work with them to the best of your ability. Practice makes perfect! And it will help you to keep your focus where you want it to be, on Joyful, Fulfilling Abundance!

You Are So Loved!

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