Angel Of Allowing All Good

Angel of Allowing All Good
Your Highest & Best Good Is Seeking You Now. Let It In!

If this lovely Angel has come to you today then you truly have cause for celebration as she is bringing you the message that your Good is seeking to Manifest in your life today in Divine ways! Her message to you is that it is nothing you have done that has been especially "good" nor have you recently become "worthy" of it. For you have always been Good Enough and you have always been Worthy for you ARE a Beloved Child of The Universe.

Did you know that it has always been the plan for your life that you would live with every wonderful thing and experience that you could imagine and more? It is true! For All there has always been a Divine Plan of an ever unfolding flood of Divine Good into everyone's lives. Yours, mine, even the person whom you feel does the most terrible things to others. For each of us The Universe has set aside All Good in Abundance that everyone would have more than enough to enjoy and share with one another. Allowing your own Good has nothing to do with being "worthy" and everything to do with what you are willing to allow yourself to have. Those who have more Abundance and Good are not better, smarter or more important than others. They have simply allowed themselves to attract more of what they desire to have in life because they believe that it is good for them to have those things. And you too can now begin to learn and Allow your own Good into your life right now! This is the promise this Angel is making to you for she knows that deep inside you there is the memory of all the wonderful people, things and experiences that you planned to allow yourself to have once you came into your physical body. You knew that it would be easy for you to attract what ever you desired for you knew it was okay for you to ask, then allow and then receive. Yet somewhere along the way you have forgotten this. Or perhaps you are starting to remember but need a little help in understanding that this is the Truth of you, of all of us. There is nothing that you cannot Be, Do or Have if you are willing to Allow it into your life. You came here not to suffer, struggle and strive, but to Allow, Allow and Allow even more. You came here expecting that life would be Joyful and Fun and you knew that through your expression of Divine Principles and Truths that you could help to remind others that they too were meant to live with Joy, Laughter, Freedom and All Good. This Angel is here to remind you that you came on a Mission to live your own life from this place of Lovingly Allowing every Good thing into your life. For in doing so you help to Heal and Uplift all others. For when you Allow your own Good, others can learn from your example and as each person recognizes the Truth of themselves, this world will shift in miraculous ways!

It Is Easy To Allow Your Good. Simply Affirm That This Is So.

You can begin to Allow more of your Good by paying attention to the things you say and the thoughts you think. So often people push their Good away unknowingly by saying things such as "good things never happen for me. I never win anything or get the job I really want. Everyone I know has clothes and homes that are much nicer than mine. I could never afford that car. All of my relationships suck, they just never work out well for me". On and on it goes, the thoughts of "how terrible everything is, the economy is awful, my boss is a troll, and oh look, now my car is breaking down, again!" What is so important for you to know is that it is precisely the things we say and think, to ourselves and others all day long that push our Good away from us. For when we are focused on what is "wrong", we are not in a space where we can allow our Good to flow to us. When we say that it is difficult for us to attract anything that is Good or Positive into our lives, we are in fact affirming that this is the truth of us when of course it really isn't. This Angel would like for to stop and think what the word "Affirm" really means. To "Affirm" something means that we are making something firm in our lives. Think of it this way; let's say that your thoughts and words are like making Jell-o. Every word is an ingredient so by your choices of words you are in essence choosing the "flavor" of your own life. You get to select the words/flavor as you go along. As you continue, this becomes all the ingredients you need to make your own special lift Jell-o. Then in order to firm everything up, you continue to think the same thoughts and say the things that you always do, day in and day out. You invite other folks to put their thoughts and words into your Jell-o too, every time you share what you are thinking or feeling with another. Every now and again you check your life Jell-o and yes, its coming along all right, firming up wonderfully! The only problem is, you really hate the flavor and so you try to set the mess aside as you begin to make a new batch of life Jell-o. Only you keep using the same ingredients over and over again then wondering why nothing ever changes for the better! It truly is amazing how many people find more to complain about than things to be grateful for or happy about. Yet the fastest and easiest way to allow more of anything that IS wonderful into your life is to begin looking for the Good, right here and right now, no matter how small it may seem to be.

Now this Angel and I both know that it can seem very challenging at times to think of anything that is going well in your life. Yet perhaps you have a friend or family member who truly loves you and is always there for you. Perhaps you have an awesome feline or canine companion that always knows how to make you smile and who fills your heart with Love overflowing. Or maybe this morning someone was kind and courteous towards you by stopping and allowing you to merge into traffic. Do you ever find yourself going on about how loved you feel or how happy you are that you have such a wonderful animal companion in your life or even saying "you know, some motorists really are very considerate and safe drivers". If not, why not? This Angel would like to know and if you want your life to change for the better in a big way, then you will want to know too! If you are like many people, you have probably trained yourself to focus on what is going wrong rather than what is going right. Maybe you believe that you need to struggle and try to whack things into place rather than just Allowing life to flow in more positive ways. Maybe you think that you must have done something so awful in a past life that you really need to suffer now. Yet none of these things are true! The one and only thing you are doing that could be considered at all "wrong" is focusing on what you don't want. You just need to begin focusing on what you have Allowed that IS Good. When you speak and think in ways that are life - enhancing (I have people in my life who really love me) or positive ( I love that I found the perfect clothes for me to wear to work on sale and they look great on me! I receive so many compliments on how nice I look.) or playful (I am just going to have fun with this project, let's see how creative I can be with this!) this is when you begin to Allow your own Good because now you are making life Jell-o that has precisely the flavour you want. You are firming up all that you do want in your life and releasing what you don't. This is all Allowing is! It really is that simple! If you don't believe this Angel and I, try this little experiment. Take one good thing that has happened for you recently, doesn't matter what it is, and just Love and Appreciate the heck out of it. Bring it into your mind often, say "Thank you!" to this Angel and The Universe and also Thank yourself for Allowing yourself to have it. If you can think of several things to do this with, wonderful! Then say to yourself, "wow, I see that it IS easy for me to Allow my Good" and say it to yourself often. I think you will be amazed at how many wonderful things start popping up into your life!

You Are Always Being Guided Towards Your Good.

This Angel will often work through your Intuition to help you Allow more Good into your own life. So often people will say that they knew they should have done this or not done that because they just had a "feeling". This is what Intuition is, it was given to you by a Loving Creator who knew that you would, from time to time, get so caught up in what you believed to be the "reality" of your life that you would forget who you truly were and why you were here. Your Intuition has always been meant to Guide you easily and effortlessly towards the very things that are going to make your heart sing. And also to steer you away from those things that are not for your Greater Good. By taking just a little time each day to connect with this Angel you will find that your own Intuition begins to expand and grow, leading you to the very things that you really do want for yourself. This is part of the Allowing process. When you Allow something, you are relaxed, at ease, peaceful and harmonious. You Allow you and what ever you are wanting to come together in the perfect way and time. You don't worry about whether it will come or when it will come, you are simply flowing with the Inner Knowing that all is well and your Good is seeking you. (For truly, it is!) Writing, for me anyway, can be very much like this. I can't force the words to come though I could try I suppose. But then, it wouldn't be very much fun for me to write and probably not much fun for anyone to read either! Yet when I Affirm the desire that "today I feel like writing and I know it shall all flow well and as it is meant to. I trust that the right words will come and that what I am writing will be helpful for someone else as well as myself" then indeed it does all flow easily and well. I can sit here and just Allow each word to flow through me without struggle or stain. Usually I have a hard time typing fast enough to keep up with all the words that are coming through! My Intuition kicks in, Inspiration begins to flow and before I know it great progress has been made! Sometimes I find that as I am writing that this Angel nudges me with a new idea or concept that if I focus and act upon it, my own Greater Good begins to flow to me and in larger amounts than ever before. It isn't anything I could have forced to have happen, it really is more of a sense of just Allowing it to happen. And usually something else happens as well; someone I know has something Flow to them that is also quite wonderful! Remember, we are all connected so if you have any doubts or concerns about Allowing your own Good to come, please bear in mind that when you Allow your Good, it makes it easier for others to Allow their Good too!

As You begin to Allow more of your own Good, you will find it easier and easier to Allow in more and more and more. This is the way life is meant to be! Yet you need to get your speaking and thinking off the "negative" and onto the positive. You need to take the time to listen to your own Inner Guidance, who cares what anyone else thinks or says! This is YOUR life and you deserve to have the very best! This Angel and the Greater Part of you, your own Higher/ Expanded Self, is always holding a focus for you of all the Good that you can have, as soon as you are willing to Allow it. Think about this for a moment. There are very powerful forces in this wonderful Universe that are focused solely on you receiving your Good! All of it, not just one little bit of it here or there, but all of it! Isn't that an amazing idea to dwell upon? And not only is the focus on your Good but it is also on how to get you to let it in! All you need to do is ask them how you can do this for only that which is within you knows best what is blocking you from receiving more of your own Good. If there are people or things that can help you better understand how you can be a more expansive "Allower of Good" then surely you shall be led to those people and things. For the entire of The Universe is directed towards supporting you in living the most Fabulous, Wonderful, Joyful, Amazing life that you can live. Even if it seems that right now your Good is very far away from you, please know that as soon as you begin to Allow a little more, even just a tiny bit more, that is enough. For once you really get into the mindset that its okay for you to Allow your Good (and indeed it is!) and you begin to think in terms of you being able to "Allow Good" (and indeed you can!) then many things in your life will begin to shift for the better. Sometimes it takes us all a little longer than we would like for the "big" things in life to manifest but this is okay too. All of your Good is on its way, you just need to relax and affirm that you are now Allowing it to come.

There Is Nothing Outside Of You That Can Keep Your Good From You.

There is nothing and no one that can keep you from your Good. Not your parents, not your co-workers, not your teachers, not your spouse or children. There is only your Divine Right to live a Happy, Healthy, Joyful life, in what ever ways you choose. YOU are the only person can allow or dis-allow your Good. This Angel wants you to fully understand this message for it is so very important! It truly is in your hands and you already have all the Wisdom and Guidance you need within you to begin Allowing your Good to begin Flowing to you right now. It doesn't matter what others think or do, for you always have the choice to focus on the positives such as Love, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance, Ease and Joy. No matter what is happening around you, you have the power within your own mind to think what ever thoughts you desire to think and the power within your own heart to feel Love for yourself and others. It all begins within you, and no matter what you have felt or thought in the past, it doesn't matter. For the only moment from which you can create anything is this, your present moment. And when you align with the Inner Knowing of your own Soul that you can Allow your Good, then this is what you will begin to express as the Truth of your own life.

What to watch for with this Angel:

You will probably find that each time you think a thought that does not Allow your Good that you will find yourself catching it and really wanting to turn your thinking towards a happier, more positive thought. It doesn't take a lot of effort, just choose to think a thought that helps you to feel happier.

You will often find yourself feeling excited in the morning when you get up, and asking what wonderful things you could Allow to flow into your life this day. This is excellent for you are starting to "prime the pump" so to speak and the more you do this, the better each of your days will flow!

You will find yourself becoming much more aware of the evidence that your Good is flowing to you in Abundance now. Often in the beginning it is smaller things like a compliment that someone pays you, or the smile of a child. Remember that every time you note the "little" Allowances of Good that what you are really doing is opening up to the "Big" Allowances of Good. So heads-up! No matter how small it may seem to be in the beginning, each time you Allow something Good to come to you, you are opening up more and more to Allowing the most wonderful and fabulous of things to come your way as well.

You will find yourself thinking of something that you desire and instead of trying to sort out how it could all come about you will find yourself saying "I Am just going to Allow it to come to me when the time is right". If there are actions you need to take your Intuition will let you know and you will feel excited and enthused about taking those actions instead of dreading them or feeling the need to "whack things into place".

When something isn't working well in your life or you are having an off day, you will feel the need to just stop and ask this Angel "How can I just Allow things to go better for me right now"? If you are truly wanting an answer, you will receive one! Other Ways to work with this Angel:

Have a heart to heart talk with this Angel and ask what may be blocking you from Allowing more of your Good. Sometimes the answer unfolds over the space of a few hours or even days so be patient with the process. It may even be an answer that you already knew but didn't want to admit to yourself. That's okay! Just be patient with your own process and if you need further assistance, ask this Angel and the perfect assistance for you will be on its way.

Look for the Good in everything and everyone. If you can't find it, ask this Angel to help you see it. Believe me, I do know that there are things that can make us feel that nothing Good could ever be part of the equation. And yet somehow, all things really do lead to The Higher, even if we can't see how they possibly could at the time.

Write your own personal Allowing All Good affirmation. It can be very simple such as "I Am Now Allowing My Good". As long as the words feel good to you that is all that matters. Say it to yourself as often as you can and ask this Angel to help you remember to say or write your affirmation often. You can even ask her to say to you "You Are Now Allowing All Of Your Good!". Sometimes it is very helpful to have someone affirm to us that we are indeed manifesting that which we are wanting and who better than an Angel to help you on your way to Allowing All of your own Good!

There is one last thing for you to keep in mind, no matter what you may be thinking, feeling or saying as you go about your days. And that is -
You Are So Loved!

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