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Angel of Celebration

When You Celebrate Anything, It Opens The Door To Your Greater Good

Time to hold a celebration! Even if you feel you have little to celebrate in your life at this time, this Angel has come to you to encourage you to find something, no matter how minor it may seem, and celebrate it for all it is worth! (and you shall find that it is indeed worth far more than you may ever have dreamed!)

This Angel comes to remind you that life is meant to be a celebration and when we choose to find things to celebrate, The Universe can bring is even more to celebrate in life. Celebrating is really a state of mind: we can celebrate that we awake each morning whole and healthy. We can Celebrate that we are able to see. We can Celebrate that each day is a brand new day filled to the brim with potential and possibility. Or alternatively, we can choose to focus instead on all the things that we think are "wrong" in our lives and forget all the good we have already been given! Celebrating can be as simple as giving Thanks each day for all we have and to really feel that Thankfulness pulsing through as a form of Celebration. Sometimes I will spray essences around my home that really make me feel good as a form of celebrating. Blowing bubbles, burning incense, lighting a candle, all of these things when done with mindful intention can be used to celebrate anything we choose. It need not be a huge blowout sort of Celebration, yet it still serves to help us bring in that energy and vibration which in turn goes out into the world to bring more light and joy to others as well.

This Angel also comes to suggest "Let's create something to Celebrate about!" Perhaps you have been wishing that something wonderful would happen in your life, perhaps something specific or simply "anything fun and good". Calling upon this Angel to help you create a Celebration is a wonderful way of invoking the power of the Universe on your behalf. Asking for this Angel's help, stating your intent to create something wonderful to celebrate within a given time frame can be extremely powerful. Even more powerful is to hold the Celebration even BEFORE what you have asked for arrives, this sets forth a powerful intention and helps to send the energy on its way to be manifested as though powered by jet fuel! You can choose to invite friends over to Celebrate with you or Celebrate on your own being sure to invite this Angel to the party! Or perhaps something already has happened for you that you are being guided to Celebrate at this time. Holding an actual party with those that love and care for you, again inviting this Angel and any other unseen friends that may have helped you, is a powerful way of also giving Thanks as well as affirming that life is meant to be Celebrated. Another way of utilizing this energy is to have a Celebration/party or get together once a week or once a month, at the beginning of each new month is a most auspicious time to do this. Rotate where the celebration is to be held and have everyone pitch in to bring something to the Celebration. Make a list of all the things you and each of your friends would like to Celebrate during the coming months and see what happens! Think of fun, creative games or other activities that help you and your friends feel as though you are truly Celebrating and allow that energy to flow through you from day to day and be sure to decorate and have special foods on hand that add to the festivities. Having this to look forward to each time is also a wonderful energy enhancer and also helps you to stay connected with the people you love, yet another reason to Celebrate!

Remember To Leave Room For Your Good To Enter

Impromptu Celebrations are also highly recommended by this Angel! When something good happens, no matter if it be large or small, take some time to Celebrate it in some way. By finding the time to hold even a small Celebration, you are also saying to the Universe that you are making even more room for more good to come to you! If our lives are filled with nothing but work, worry and stress, then the Universe has to wait until we allow ourselves a breather before it can share more of its bounty with us. It is during the quiet times, the times when we allow ourselves to stop and take stock of our lives, to reflect upon what we really desire in life, that The Universe can begin speaking to us and show us what direction we need to move in next. A few moments of quiet reflection and Joy can accomplish far more than striving and action ever could. When we add to this the energy of Celebration, then our lives can really take off in wonderful ways! For it is then that we are bringing together the energy of Inner Guidance with the emotions of Happiness and Joy which is a powerful combination that moves mountains. If we are always trying to rush ahead, we may very well miss the "off-ramp" that we need to take that will lead us to exactly what we want. If we are always rushing about, we don't allow ourselves the time and space to Celebrate and then we miss out on all the fun that life has to offer. What a pity, when all we really needed to do was slow down enough so we could see all the wonderful things that this Angel and The Universe have in store for us next!

This Angel may have come to you today because you have been allowing yourself to feel overworked and overstressed, and so seeks to remind you to leave some space for the good things in life to begin flowing your way. Perhaps it is a financial concern that is weighing heavily upon you. By clearing some room from your schedule to Celebrate something in your life, this in turn can get the financial flow moving much more abundantly for you. If you have been caring for a sick parent or child, allowing someone else to step in for you, even for a few hours, may give you the Celebration break you need in order to attract yet more help or even new tools that will benefit the person you are caring for. If you have been overworking "trying to get ahead in life" taking a Celebration break now and again may help open the door for the Universe to show you a faster, easier way to get there! Celebrations give us hope for the future. They allow us to feel good even if it is just for an hour or two which in turn attracts more positive energy and life force to us. When we are filled to the brim with this energy, then we can turn and share more of it with others and thus ever increase the light and feelings of Goodwill to be found on Planet Earth.

The More You Ask To Celebrate About, The More Shall Be Given Unto You

When this Angel appears, no matter what your life looks like on the surface, rest assured that good news is on the way and you shall soon have a reason to Celebrate! Open your heart and mind to the possibilities, feel the wonderful feelings you have when something fabulous happens to you! If you feel that nothing good ever happens for you, call upon this Angel to help you shift your thinking and allow even more good to come through to you. Ask to be surprised by a blessing or two, ask for miracles to Celebrate each and every day. Nothing is too big for you to ask for, so really go for it! If you want to Celebrate winning the lotto ask for it! If you want to Celebrate being in the perfect relationship ask for it! If you want to Celebrate purchasing your dream car or buying your first home, ask for it! Think BIG! This Angel loves nothing more than to bring you anything you ask for as a reason to Celebrate!

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

You may have these urges to Celebrate just for the fun of it! Children do this frequently, so become a child again at heart and think what fun it would be to simply Celebrate anything that pops into your mind.

You may start to hear of good news happening to several people you know or have events happen for you that call out for a celebration.

You may start to notice party supply shops more frequently or come across items that remind you of parties and Celebrations. This is a sign that not only may something be on the way for you to Celebrate but that you NEED to have one, even if its just for the fun of it!

You may have the urge to spend an evening or afternoon with friends or alone sipping a favorite beverage out of a special glass and eating foods that remind you of festive times. Turn this into an impromptu Celebration, even if the only thing you can think of to Celebrate is having some time to kick back and relax!

You may feel at times like simply spinning in circles laughing or throwing your arms open and saying Thank You Universe! for all you have been given. These moments are very special Celebrations and are strongly encouraged!

Other ways to work with the energy of this Angel is to hold firmly in your mind all the details of what sort of Celebration you would have if something truly spectacular happened to you in your life. Or have a special outfit that you wear when you feel you need to have more Celebration energy flowing into your life and add special touches such as jewelry or a scarf or hat that you find especially uplifting. Spend time thinking of all the things that have happened in your life that gave you cause for Celebration. Even if you didn't Celebrate those times when they happened, you still can right now, today! Perhaps it was the first time your writing was accepted by a publisher or you saw your first client. Perhaps it was a breakthrough in consciousness that led you onto a wonderful life path. Perhaps it was caring and support from another person, even someone who was a total stranger that helped you out in some way. Now do something special to Celebrate those events! You never need spend a lot of money or time to make the Celebration happen, look around at what you have on hand already and see if you can use that to Celebrate with. Ask some friends or family over and suggest they bring something festive to contribute to the party and have fun! Don't be surprised if you feel the touch of this Angel's hand on your shoulder all the while, there is no where this Angel would rather be than there with you and enjoying the Celebrations!

You Are So Loved!

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