Angel Of Divine Balance

Angel Of Divine Balance

When Your Life Is In Divine Balance, Then It Is Truly Divine!
Do you feel that your life is harmonious and in balance or does it feel chaotic and out of control? This Angel has come to assist you in bringing Divine Balance into your life!

Often times we forget the importance of balance in our lives. What Divine Balance really means is that everything do, everything we own and everything we seek to bring into our lives is in balance with who we truly are at a Soul level. It means that what we put our energy towards are only those things that are truly going to compliment our lives and fit best with our Highest Goals and Dreams. Each day we are bombarded with what others think we should want, be, do and have. And while some of those things may truly fit who we are as individuals, there are many other things that will simply upset the balance of our lives because they do not accurately reflect back into the world and The Universe who we truly are. Instead of bringing us Joy, Peace and Contentment, they only serve to disrupt our energy fields and present a false front. We are in a very real sense, telling others and the Universe that we are “this” by what we own and what sorts of energies we allow into our lives. This in turn attracts ever more of what we are saying is the truth of us. For The Universe will always respond to the vibration that we are putting forth and this vibration stems from all that we think, feel and surround ourselves with. This Angel is telling you now to examine carefully all the areas of your life and to ask yourself, “does this truly reflect who I am? Is it bringing me a feeling of Peace and Balance in to my life or is it making me feel chaotic, frenzied and out of balance?”

This Angel serves to remind us that the menu of Life is hugely Abundant! We can select from this menu anything that we desire and yet we are also cautioned to choose wisely and well. This takes time, it takes time for us to simply sit with ourselves and ask “what is the truth of me? What is it I wish to reflect back to The Universe that it may increase in perfect ways for me?” Yet also “What do I have in Abundance in my life that is not the truth of me?” It may be that you have an abundance of clutter in your home and if so, this Angel is saying to you that now is the time to let it go. For clutter on the outside of you reflects the clutter within and makes it much harder for The Universe to bring you what you want. For how can you have more if the space around you is already filled to the brim! Truly what you have is Abundance and yet it is not the sort of Abundance you really want. You may find that you know an Abundance of people and yet they are not the sorts of folks that help you to feel good about yourself or the world around you. Again, this Angel is saying to you that you have Abundance, but it is not the Abundance you are wanting. It is okay to move on, to release all those who are not for your Higher Good and Bless them as they go. For this too allows them to now seek their own Higher Good and isn’t this what we all really want for one another?

Focus On Doing Only Those Things That Serve Your Higher Good & Release The Rest

You may have an Abundance of activities that you perform each day or week and yet many of these activities are not joyful for you. You may instead feel terribly overwhelmed and find it hard to complete projects or allow yourself some time and much needed space for yourself as you are rushing about all the time. This Angel says to you “STOP!!!” Slow down, take a deep breath and then ask yourself why you insist on doing this to yourself. Is this what you really want more of? Or would you rather feel that your days are filled with Divine Balance as you easily and Joyfully flow from one activity to the next. You do have a choice though both I and this Angel understand that it isn’t always easy to say no and mean it, to say I just cannot do this anymore and stick to it. Baby steps, Dear one, always start with something small that you can easily let go of. Then you can move up to something slightly bigger. Over time you will find that your days are much less harried and there is a greater sense of both Balance and peace in your life. This will be reflected in everything that you do, no matter how mundane it may appear to be. Your every action will serve to attract more Light, Divine Balance, Peace and Joy into the world, all things that are certainly worth attracting more of! And if there are others who feel angry or upset that you are no longer at their beck and call, well, that is okay too. Simply ask this Angel to help these folks if they are open to it for they too are likely reacting to their own Inner sense of feeling out of balance in some way. Remember, the only person that you can ever make truly happy is you! And when you are feeling happy, your happiness will spread to attract an ever increasing Abundance of Happiness to others as well!

This Angel has also come to you to remind you that being in Divine Balance means that we also take the time to do things to the best of our ability. We may not always know the “perfect” or “right” way to do something, but The Universe does know and when we feel in balance, we are open to Divine Inspiration and Wisdom. We can better allow The Universe to flow its most Loving and Highest energies through us so that everything we are doing comes together beautifully. Our Intuition becomes stronger and we are far better able to heed and follow it. We just seem to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it in ways that are perfect for us. And other people respond to what we are doing in more open and accepting ways too for they also feel the Divine Flow that is moving through you in that moment. This Uplifts and Inspires others too, and again, isn’t this what we truly want? So take the time to do things to the best of your ability, always and in all ways. You will soon find that instead of taking time out of your day, it will actually increase the available amount of time you have for you will not find yourself having to go back and re-do something again and again. When we are in Divine Balance, we are also in the Higher Flow where there is no time and space. Everything simply comes together in ways that are best for us and others!

This Angel has also come to you today to ask you why you are doing so many things that are keeping you from feeling Divine Balance in your own life. She knows the answers, but are you consciously aware of them? This is most important for until you understand why you are doing things that are not healthy and right for you, then you will tend to continue doing them, no matter how much you say you wish to let them go. It may be that you feel fear that if you do not do certain things that you will not be able to provide for yourself and your family. If this is so, then ask this Angel to help show you a better way and to help you release the fears. It may be that you feel you are not deserving of anything better so here again, you can ask this Angel to help you heal this. There may be any number of reasons why someone does what they do, and yet when these reasons are held up to The Light of Divine Love, you will also find that they begin to dissolve for they cannot remain in the face of Divine Truth and Love. What you are really doing is lifting your own Consciousness into a much Higher Vibration where all is forever in perfect Divine Harmony and Balance.

Create Space For Your Greater Good To Flow Into

When working with this Angel, be prepared to take some time to sit quietly and simply think about all the things you do each day. What activities bring you the most Joy? What activities make you feel rushed, irritated or overwhelmed? Now ask this Angel what you need to do to release those things that are keeping you from feeling in Divine Balance. Write the suggestions down in a journal or notebook and make a commitment to yourself that you are going to begin releasing these things now. Remember though, this Angel can only help you if you are truly willing to let these things go! It may also be that there are others in your life for which these activities would be an absolute Joy so why not ask them if they would be willing to take those on. They may be doing things that are not so joyful for them that would be very joyful for you, so both of you can strike a better Balance in your lives, a true win-win! There always Higher Solutions and Higher Ways to do absolutely everything and we seek those things, then everything in our lives begins to come together.

It is also helpful when working with this Angel to examine each and every item that you own. Many of us own things than we realize, with cupboard drawers and closets crammed full! Owning things that we rarely use if ever, or that we don’t even like, does create tremendous stress in our lives because we still have to care for and maintain all of these things. It can be a financial burden as well, as the more we have, the bigger the space we need to store it all! Yet when we decide to begin releasing the things that we don’t love and appreciate, never use or that remind us of bad times then we are freed from the chains that have been holding us back. For these things can actually act as anchors to hold energies in place that we do not want. So let them go! As you do, you shall find that your life comes into Divine Balance all on its own. It really can be this simple! Then to stop yourself from creating more clutter, every time you feel tempted to buy something new, stop and ask this Angel if it is truly something that will bring you Joy or if it will plant the seeds for Imbalance again. If it is something that will truly bring you pleasure over the long term you will know it, there shall be no question in your heart and Soul!

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

Many times people feel the need to withdraw from the world for a time because they sense deep within themselves that their lives have become terribly unbalanced and yet they don’t know what to do to correct the matter. This is a sign from this Angel that they truly do need to stop, turn within and ask for Guidance as to what to do next. It is important to honor the need to withdraw from time to time because this is the first step in achieving Divine Balance. We withdraw from outside influences and stimulants that are pushing us to go faster and faster, do more and more. This is what causes us to feel out of balance to begin with and more of the same will not help! If we try to carry on, the Wiser part of ourselves may even create an illness or injury that forces us to slow down for a time. This is not a negative thing but may in fact be keeping us from experiencing something much worse! So allow yourself to step back from your life. It may only be for a few days yet, even if a longer time is need that is okay too. Once you have brought your life back into Divine Balance, then you shall more than make up for “lost time”!

You may find that people or things suddenly seem to be drifting out of your life. The cat knocks a vase you secretly hated off the table or someone that drained you of time and energy no longer comes round or phones. Instead of feeling sad, you feel great relief! It is as though a burden has been lifted from your shoulders and suddenly you realize that there are many other things in your life that you wouldn’t mind releasing either. Wonderful! This is exactly what you need to recognize and act on right now. You can speed this process up by asking this Angel to lovingly and gently clear anything else from your life that is no longer working for you. Don’t be afraid to do this for she really does have your Highest Good at heart! She also knows that you will soon experience the Greater Manifestation of that which you do want which will more than “make up” for what has been released.

You may find that you are attracted to new things and new people that can help you discover ways of re-creating your life that is slower and simpler, yet infinitely more satisfying and abundant at the same time. Things that once seemed so important to you just don’t matter anymore. You lose interest in what others think you should be, do or own and instead are more focused on what it is truly important to you. This is what Divine Balance really means, the entire of your life is centered round that which uplifts you and feeds your Soul. Life really doesn’t get any better than this!

Other ways to work with this Angel:

Simply ask this Angel where greater Balance is needed in your life right now. It may be something minor that you need to change and yet by being willing to make a minor change now, it can prevent you from needing to make much larger and more challenging changes in the future.

Often people already know what they need to change to bring a greater sense of Divine Balance into their lives and yet they may hesitate, not sure if the changes will truly bring them what they want. Its okay to ask this Angel to give you signs of how much better your life will be once you move through the process. You will soon find yourself showered with numerous signs of just how wonderful your life can be!

If you are holding onto things due to fear, this Angel can also help you to face and move through the fear so you can begin the process of letting go. All Angels understand that we have fears, it is part of being Human. Yet this Angel is also here to say to you “If only you knew how much you are Loved, you would never feel fear again!” repeat these words to yourself over and over, you shall soon find that Divine Balance and Divine Love do indeed fill your life and uplift you ever Higher into the Light of the Divine!

You Are So Loved!

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