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Angel Of Faith

It Is Truth That If You Have The Faith Of A Mustard Seed That You Shall Move Mountains.

The Angel of Faith is a very sweet Angel, she comes to us when we feel our own faith is slipping away and there is nothing or no one that can help make our circumstances any better. In fact in those moments we may actually have great faith that things can only get worse!

This Angel then comes to us, often heralded by the scent of Lilies or other sweet smelling flowers, to remind us that Faith in our lives is always active, we have just focused our faith on the belief that something wrong will occur. Instead of having Faith that things will suddenly turn out okay or even better than okay, we may be focusing our wondrous inner power and energies towards that which we assuredly do not desire! Then this Angel comes to us to say " Turn your faith back towards the light and watch as the miracles begin to flow!" Even during those times when we don't have much Faith in ourselves, we can still develop a stronger Faith in The Higher. We may simply need to say "I may not know exactly what to do in this moment but I know that The Divine within me does. And I can rely on that which is within me to lead me to where I need to be right now". We cultivate the energy of Faith each time that we affirm that there is a Power and Light within us that always knows what is best for us, that always knows how to Guide us to what we desire in life and is always Loving us unconditionally, no matter what. We cultivate Faith when we ask The Universe to Bless us with the energy of Faith and here too, when we ask for this or anything else, it is always given. It is not for us to be concerned as to how it shall come about, for that is the work of The Universe. All we need do is to affirm that we have Faith that all is indeed well and that each day our lives shall expand and improve in wondrous ways.

This Angel teaches us how to reconnect with the Light by reminding us that all we need do is turn our attention to it. There is nothing more we need do except to intend that we shall indeed feel the presence of Spirit and all the Angels flowing to and through us. Then if we are truly receptive to the energy we shall find that we are filled with the Light of the Universe and lifted up into a much higher vibration where gratitude, joy and peace reign supreme! It takes only a moment to reconnect with this Angel throughout the day and by doing so frequently we shall find that many of the problems and fears that we thought firmly entrenched are being dissolved by the Light and Love that this Angel has to offer. This too is an expression of Faith for in those moments what we are really saying is "I am turning away from outside appearances. I know that nothing is too big or difficult for The Universe to handle. I have Faith that my prayers have been heard and have been answered. I know that at the right moment, all shall come together for me in ways that are even more wonderful than I could ever have imagined!" This is Faith in action and yet the paradox is that we are moving with the energy of Faith which is an Inner Process not an outward, active process. We "do without doing and it all gets done". There is simply no way that we can take enough outward action to make our dreams manifest for us that will have as good a result as when we have Faith that The Universe can and will do it for us. Faith means we are willing to hand it all over, keep our focus on what we desire, and know within that everything is coming together as it should.

With Faith You Can Do The "Impossible"

When we are starting something new, be it a new job, moving to a new home, starting a new relationship, we can ask this Angel to bless this new beginning with the Faith that all shall indeed work in our highest interests! Or if you are feeling the need to move towards something new in your life and fear that the change shall not be positive, calling upon this Angel can give you the peace and courage to follow through. If indeed it is not for your highest good that you should embark on the new this Angel will help to point you towards a new direction that fills you with great joy and the promise of a brighter present and future. Now it may be that the direction this Angel points you in is not quite what you expected. Sometimes it is not what you would have expected at all! Yet there shall also be a sense of excitement, of enthusiasm, of wanting to know more about this new direction because somehow it just feels so delicious to you. At first you may think that there is no way you could ever do what this Angel is suggesting and yet here again Faith is your ally. You can say to yourself "well, this Angel sure seems to have Faith in me that I can do this. I hadn't really thought about doing something like this before yet it does feel good to me. In fact, it sounds like a lot of fun! And even if right now I don't know where to begin with it, I am sure that somehow I shall be Guided to all that I need to know. After all, if this Angel has Faith in me, then maybe I should have Faith in me too!" Have you ever heard the story of "The Little Engine that could"? Here is this little engine needing to pull a train up the mountain when all the larger engines had refused because they believed they couldn't do it. Yet the little engine had enough Faith within itself to at least try. So as it starts up the mountain it says to itself "I think I can, I think I can". Up and up it bravely chugs, all the way still saying "I think I can, I think I can". Finally it reaches the top exclaiming "I thought I could, I thought I could!" The moral of the story of course is that the only way anyone can find out what they can actually achieve is to try. When you put forth your best effort, keeping your eyes fixed on the goal and trusting in yourself and The Universe, that is Faith being acted out in a highly positive way. Then there is nothing that you cannot do for you have within you the Unlimited Power of The Divine, You just have to allow Faith to bring it forth and then shall your life soar!

Where You Place Your Faith Is What Must Manifest For You

This Angel also reminds us that when we expect something to occur, whether this expectation is positive or negative, we are also placing all of our powerful faith behind the thought that this will indeed come to pass! Expectations are simply another way of expressing where we have placed our faith. If we expect we won't get the job we are seeking for example then that energy sets up the vibration that repels the job away from us. Yet when we can turn this energy around by coming from a space that says "I have no idea how this situation can turn to my benefit yet I have faith that it shall for a higher power is working on my behalf and nothing is impossible for Spirit to achieve!" then we have tapped into the grace and power that the Universe always has available for us. All we need do is point our faith in the proper direction. If you find this hard to do, don't beat up on yourself. Instead, understand that you have had a lifetime of putting your Faith in the opposite direction of where you want to go. That is all it is. Yet you can begin to turn this around right now and begin to affirm that from this point forward you are putting your Faith in the Love that created you and that only Good is ahead for you. If you need to, you can always pretend that you already have Faith and as you affirm this as often you can, you shall see that this is indeed true for you!

If this Angel has appeared for you today she may be asking you to look at what you are placing your own faith at this time. Is your faith slanted towards the best or the worst that could happen? Are you focusing your time and attention worrying about what may happen today or taking the actions that you feel guided to take to insure that only the best will occur? Do you have faith in your own ability to create the life that you desire to be living? If not, ask this Angel to enter your life with an open heart and mind and allow her to fill you with the Faith she has in you.

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

This Angel appears when we need to be reminded that our Faith in the good of life, no matter how small it may feel to us inside, can be easily activated when we choose to ask for it to grow. Often when we ask to be shown the power of positive faith this Angel responds in amazing ways, bringing us many people and opportunities that can create ever expanding joy and fulfillment in our lives. All we need do is ask, remind ourselves to go on asking and sending our gratitude and thanks back out into the Universe and the world.

Many have felt the touch of this Angel's hand on their shoulder when undergoing an especially difficult time in their lives. This touch led to a profound sense of peace and inner knowing that indeed everything would be alright!

You may start becoming much more aware of what you are putting your thoughts and focus on. Remember that expectations are another word for Faith so be sure that the things you are expecting are as positive as possible!

You suddenly find yourself pursuing those things that make your heart sing and feel deeply fulfilling. Even when you have no idea how you will actually manifest these things into your life, you move towards them anyway with the inner knowing that the way will be cleared and all help need is at hand!

Other ways to work with the energy of this Angel is to choose one thing that you would like to have more positive faith around. Then write an affirmation along the lines of the following: "I now have great faith that _____________ (Fill in the blank) is manifesting in my life today". Then watch for signs and omens that say this indeed is coming into your life. Act as though you have all the faith in the world that you can achieve any dream, overcome any hardship and indeed you shall see that Faith being rewarded immeasurably!

You Are So Loved! 

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