Angel Of Imagination Gem Essences

Angel of Imagination
Did you know that your ability to imagine your life as you desire for it to be is one of the greatest gifts that The Universe has given to you? This Angel has appeared for you today to insure that you do understand this!

We were all born with the ability to imagine an endless number of experiences. Our ability to imagine allows us to live something before it actually manifests in our lives. This is so important because it is in the imagining that we can gauge how what we are seeing in our minds feels to us, what thoughts it causes to spring forth from within us. For example, someone may imagine an event happening to them that is not so positive and in doing so, they can clearly state to themselves that this is something they personally are not wanting to experience. This is important because the next step needs to be that the person will then begin to reflect to themselves "I know I don't want this, yet what I do want is________". What we do want is always the flip side of what we don't want. So someone may hear of someone else with a serious illness and for a moment they may imagine themselves with that same illness. They can then affirm that what they do want is Good Health and then begin to imagine themselves as wonderfully healthy throughout their lives. The more this person chooses to imagine and see themselves within their own mind as being happy and healthy, the more it shall be true for them, no matter what others may be experiencing.

This Angel knows however that many of us hear "bad news" and become focused on that. Instead of realizing that the most important thing we can do is to look at what we do want and begin to imagine that as frequently as we can, we all tend to do the exact opposite. And what we focus on is what we begin to attract. Yet it isn't that we need to be fearful of hearing about the negative, we simply have to understand that this Angel is right here with us to begin nudging us towards the thoughts and pictures in our minds of what we do want. And as we do, we shall begin attracting that and in greater Abundance! No matter what is happening in your own life right now, you can begin to imagine how you want your life to be and the more your thoughts begin to revolve round that, the sooner it shall become true for you.

Imagination is also the way that we fine tune the details of what we experience in our lives. Let's say that you desire to have a lot of money or a wonderful relationship in your life. The first step is to begin to picture in your mind what your life would be like if you had that already. You don't need to get bogged down in the details of how something shall come to you for The Universe has an infinite number of ways of bring things to you. The channels for the manifestation of anything that any of us could desire truly are abundant and endless! It really isn't your job to sort out how it shall come and in fact that can actually keep what you desire from manifesting because you can get so caught up in the idea that it must come one way or another. That is for The Universe to determine and it shall always be in the way that is most perfect for you. So allow The Universe and this Angel to do their jobs while you focus on more important things such as how good it feels to you to be seeing in your mind that you already have what you desire. Focus on what you would do with the money, focus on how it feels to be holding it in your hands or seeing a certain sum in your bank account. If any of the images that you are imagining start to feel up feelings or thoughts of discomfort, then please know that this Angel and your own Higher Self are trying to re-direct you away from those thoughts and images. Instead of trying to resist or fight those images and thoughts that are bringing you discomfort, instead try and relax, taking deep, easy breaths and then ask for more joyful thoughts and images to begin entering your mind. Or you can retrace your steps so to speak and go back to the images that were helping you to feel uplifted and positive. The more you focus on those images and thoughts that help you to feel good, the more of those same sorts of images will begin coming to you. Law of Attraction in action and this Angel is helping you to work with it in the way that best suits you!

This Angel knows that sometimes it does seem hard to use to imagine something that we don't yet have, let alone feel good about it before it manifests. Yet the most important thing we can do is practice, practice and then practice some more! It is learning to think and feel "as if" something we have been wanting has already manifested in our lives. The Angel of Imagination wants you to understand that everything that is in our so called "reality" is nothing more than vibration. Many of us have heard the old saying "like attracts like" or "birds of a feather flock together". So what we are vibrating is what we are attracting and what we picture and imagine in our own minds is how we begin to vibrate in alignment with one thing or another. So someone who pictures him or herself as being wealthy tends to attract more wealth while someone who pictures him/herself as poor attracts greater poverty and discomfort. It has nothing to do with the wealthy person being more deserving of wealth than the poorer person, it is simply a matter of what each is vibrating. The poor person can suddenly begin to shift their vibration from one of lack to one of abundance and soon find that they are indeed attracting wealth. Our ability to imagine something different for ourselves is what sets the process in motion. You can prove this to yourself by doing the following: choose some small thing that you would like to see manifest. Some folks choose being able to find parking spaces easily but it can be anything that you want it to be. Now spend some time each day imagining this thing manifesting in your life. Just gently picture it and say "wouldn't it be wonderful if this happened", Bless it and send it on its way out into The Universe. Again, you don't need to try and see how it shall come about. Instead, just focus on yourself experiencing it in your physical reality. The more you imagine it, the stronger it becomes a part of your own vibration. You shall soon find that what you are imagining does manifest for you have aligned your own vibration with it. Then choose something slightly bigger and then after that manifests, take the next slightly bigger step. This Angel will always be at your side throughout this process, gently nudging you this way or that so you need not fear getting it wrong. Enjoying the process is key to learning how to harness your own wonderful imagination!

Sometimes people when they first begin to understand the power of their own minds become fearful. They worry they shall become focused on thoughts they don't want manifesting or if they think something, that it will manifest in their lives because they put that thought form out into The Universe. This Angel really wants for you to understand that this isn't how it works at all! It actually takes far more focus and energy to manifest something that is "negative" than something that is positive or desired. The entire of The Universe is always slanted heavily in favor of Well Being. The bigger part of you, that which many of us refer to as the Higher Self is always focused on your own Well Being and Happiness for that is what it's job is. It is always helping you to attract better and better things to yourself because it truly and totally loves you! Your Higher Self wants you to be Divinely Happy in every moment of your life for that is the state in which it always exists. And don't you yourself, when you love someone, want them to be as happy as they can be too? Well, this is exactly how your Higher Self feels about you! You are always worthy, you are always deserving, there is nothing that you can be, say or do that can keep your Good away from you unless you imagine this to be so. You can begin now to use your imagination to see yourself as being this incredible, fabulous Being (which is what you truly are!) who is abundantly fulfilled in every way you desire to be. And that this is true for you because you are worthy of it. You do deserve it and the more you can imagine this as part of your own Inner Knowing to the depths of your Beingness, the more you shall see that this is indeed true for you too! You need not ever fear the power of your own mind for it has been given to you to help you create a wonderful life for yourself. You only need to understand how the process works so you can harness it more fully and this Angel is going to help you do exactly this!

You can use your imagination in so many ways. If you desire to be happier, then you can spend time imagining yourself being happy right now. If you desire to feel more secure in the world, you can begin to imagine yourself feeling this way right now. You can even imagine yourself being better able to imagine and focus on what you really want! Many times I have heard people say that they have a difficult time imagining or visualizing anything. Yet what they often don't realize is that they are actually using their own ability to imagine in a backwards way. For what they are really doing is imagining themselves as the sort of person who cannot imagine things as someone else might and thus it becomes true for them. If you feel you are one of these folks, then the answer is simple. First, begin to affirm that you can imagine things easily and effortlessly. All imagination is is the ability to see pictures in your own mind and everyone can do that. If I said to you to picture your home or car, I know you could easily share with me many details about either of those things. You wouldn't need to go home or out to your car to see what it looks like all over again. You would simply call up from your memory bank what your home or car looks like. The ability to imagine something is really the same thing. If you can pull an image up in your mind, then you can imagine anything that you desire to.

It is said that in order for what we desire to manifest, we must first find a way to feel happy even before it comes to us. This can seem very challenging for any of us to do and yet here again, this Angel is nudging you towards using your imagination to achieve this as well. Begin to imagine yourself going on with each of your days feeling very happy and fulfilled. See yourself as always being in the right place at the right time doing the right things. Picture yourself naturally attracting others who also value and treasure thoughts of Joy and Happiness to you and see yourself totally enjoying your interactions with them. Imagine that you are feeling this wonderful sense of "Everything is Okay, all is well in my world". See your life unfolding in such a way that you can honestly say to yourself "I don't care when or even if what I have asked for manifests. I am just so happy right here and now that anything else that is Good that comes my way is truly icing on the cake!" What this Angel desires for you to know is that The Universe has more Good for you than you are able to imagine right now. Its not just the money or relationship or new career or car that it wants to give you. It is so much more, so much bigger! Can you now really get a sense of that, just how big it truly all is? Imagine that you can for this Angel is cheering you on as you do! There is always so much more and more and more that The Universe is seeking to Bless you with. Yet so many of us through using our imaginations and beliefs and emotions in a backwards sort of way honestly come to believe that life is difficult at best and then you die, that's the end of it. This is so far from the truth and yet it appears as real to us because so many of us do picture life this way and tell each other that indeed this is so. Yet this Angel is saying to you right now "Dear One, there is so much more to you and your life expression, please take my hand now and use the power of your imagination to soar high above with me that you may see the truth of how life is meant to be!

It is not our actions that manifest anything in the world. I know it seems that way but the truth is we can only manifest what we can picture in our own minds first. When we take pleasure in imagining and focusing on what we would enjoy experiencing, then the energy lines up for its manifestation. When action is actually needed, we shall know that it is in fact time to act and yet the actions we take will be so much easier and joyful for us. Why? Because we took the time to come into alignment with the manifestation, we have already worked out any kinks in our minds and become quite clear in regards to what we really want. At times people find that while something was fun to imagine, they don't really want to live it out and that is fine too! In fact, this is a wonderful way of determining what we really want as opposed to what we don't want. "I thought I wanted this but I am finding what I really want is that". This is excellent, very good indeed! You have used your imagination properly so that you don't have to live out something only to feel the need to release it later. You have become very clear on what makes you feel good and what doesn't, who you really are and who you are not. The clearer you become, the easier you shall find it to manifest more and more Good in your own life. And this is truly what life is really all about!

What to watch for with this Angel:

This Angel will often Guide you to books, cd's or audio tapes that will help you to more easily harness your own imagination. Or you may find you have a friend or will soon make a new friend who finds it easy to imagine all sorts of wonderful things for themselves and others. Ask this person for help, and know that this Angel is working through them to help you!

You will often feel a need to slow your life down a bit because you feel the need to "spend some quality time dreaming". Dreaming is often used as another word for imagining so it is important that you understand that this Angel is giving you the nudge to take some time for yourself and follow through on this.

You will start to treasure and value the moments when you are working with your imagination. You will truly look forward to those moments in the day when you can just sit back and relax, bringing this valuable tool to the forefront of your consciousness and playing with the images in your mind. It will feel fun and playful, a joyous time that you are having with all of this and as you carry on with your day, you will notice something else; all other things in your life will take on new meaning and value for you too. For you are opening your heart to all the Good that is already present in your life and as you acknowledge and Bless all that you already have, more shall indeed be given to you!

Many people find that they almost feel compelled to go through their homes and release anything that doesn't support them in feeling Good. The reason for this is because anytime we focus on anything in our lives, be it a situation or an object, it grows and becomes stronger in our vibrations. Thus someone who lives with a number of things they really dislike or even hate (and yes, people do this all the time!) they tend to bring that picture up in their imaginations repeatedly and say "I sure dislike that" or "every time I see that thing, my energy just drops and I feel bad". It reminds them of what they don't like which begins to attract more images of what they don't like or want which begins to attract more of the same. It is far better to Bless and release as much of this stuff as you can, imagining that someone else will Love what you are giving away and will be drawn to allowing it into their own lives. Even if you have to let go of much of what you own, you will feel much better! And as you start to feel better, you will begin attracting things that have value and meaning for you because you not only feel better, you have created the space for these things to come into.

You may begin to notice that as you do see something you would like to experience or manifest that you feel the need to begin picturing yourself experiencing it in your own life. As you continue to focus on the images that make you feel good, you soon begin to find that they become stronger and more powerful. You can over time get so good at this that you don't even notice that this thing is not in your life already and when you hit that point, here it comes! What has happened is that you have told yourself repeatedly that you already have it, you became clear in your own mind what it feels like to have it or be experiencing it, you felt happy as you thought about it and trusted in the process. It became such a strong part of your vibration that it had to manifest for you.

Other ways to work with this Angel:

Be willing to set aside some time each day to just imagine what you desire to have manifest in your life. See yourself living it in the now moment, not as some future event. For we can only experience our lives now, the future is always one step ahead of us. So by imagining your desires manifested in the present moment, that is what allows you to experience them as actual manifestations.

This is an old technique but a very helpful one nonetheless! Make a treasure map of all the things that you would love to see manifested in your life and every so often (once a day if at all possible) just picture yourself living with these wonderful things and experiences. Imagine how you feel as you are living with in this new reality, bring up as many happy and positive emotions as you can and just ride them for all they are worth. The more you can feels this, to the extent that you now feel happy within even before these things have manifested, the sooner you shall have them!

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