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Angel Of Intuition
Do you listen to your intuition or do you just shrug it off thinking what it is saying to you couldn't possibly be accurate? This lovely Angel has flown to you today to tell you that your intuition has something very important to tell you so please listen to it!

We have all been given the gift of Intuition and a most precious gift it is indeed. Our Intuition can help guide us away from danger or straight into situations that we have been longing for from the depths of our hearts. It can help us find the answers we need to the most mundane of questions or even be an answer to a prayer. So many of us tend to ignore that "still small voice within" because it often seems to fly in the face of what our rational minds think must be true. Yet our Intuition sees the whole picture of our lives, it knows what we really desire and what will best serve us. It knows what will bring us the greatest happiness and the most profound sense of peace. All we need to do is listen to it and trust in it, for it shall never steer us wrong!

This Angel is here to remind you of what you knew before you came into this lifetime. That you would come in with this great gift so that you would always feel connected to The Higher, so you would always know that you are never alone or without Right Guidance from the Divine. Intuition is your Birthright as much as Joy, Peace and Well Being in all things are also your Birthright. This is a part of you that you can never completely shut down or disconnect from. For you are always connected with the God/Goddess/All That Is, and it is through this connection that Intuition flows into your mind and heart. Yes, you can ignore it and pretend that what it is saying to you couldn't possibly be helpful or truthful. You can choose to act in ways that are completely contrary to the Guidance it is offering you. Yet like a faithful friend, it will forever be at your side, reminding you in the smallest and largest of ways that it is here for you and shall never turn its back on you. Are you ready to listen to it now?

It may be that you are in fact facing a situation to which your rational mind doesn't know how to respond, thus leaving you feeling worried and out of sorts. You see, your Rational Mind only knows what it has already experienced in life. It doesn't have the greater sense of awareness that your Intuitive Mind does. It cannot see what is coming round the next corner or what will happen in the next week. It can only grasp what is in the here and now, so of course it cannot give you the answers that you are seeking! Yet your Intuition can. The answers may not be as "complete" or laid out in a way that your Rational Mind can accept. Intuition doesn't give you a blueprint for your life in the same way that your Rational Mind would. Instead Intuition is often very subtle, it is a gentle nudge or even a nagging feeling that just won't let you be. It is the urge within you to do this, go there or do that. Most importantly it just feels to you to be the right thing to do, even if what it is suggesting doesn't seem to make much sense on the surface. And yet, when you follow through and take the action that your Intuition is suggesting you also feel deep within that it is indeed the right action to take. You know you are doing the right thing when you feel a profound sense of peace or even relief! This too is a gift from this Angel to you, to encourage you to continue heeding and acting upon your Intuition's guidance!

This Angel knows that there are many that feel they are not terribly intuitive at all or who feel they must struggle to hear their own Intuition. This Angel has a most important message for you if you are one of these people, for this Angel is here to help you strengthen your Intuition so you can work with it more effectively. At first Intuition may feel to be very slight, but as you pay attention to it you notice how it starts to become stronger and more insistent. This is because this Angel is at work on your behalf, she knows that the message you have been needing to hear is starting to get through and she never lets such a sublime opportunity pass by! If you listen closely you can almost hear her saying, "yes, this is the answer you have been seeking, follow through and just trust the process! Everything is okay, you simply need to move with the flow here and soon you shall see that both I and your Intuition are completely on your side and we want nothing more than for you to be happy and at peace". Truly, the most effective and easiest way to develop your own Intuition is to pay close attention every time you do sense that little nudge within you. It may be as simple as thinking, "I don't really want to do _____ right now. What I do want to do is this ______. " For this too is the Angel of Intuition's way of guiding you towards that which is going to bring you the most joy or help you to resolve a challenge. When we commit to doing what we really feel like doing from moment to moment, at least as much as we possibly can, The Universe responds to this by giving us more and more time, space and energy to do what we really desire to be doing. And there is a Higher Purpose to this. For when we are doing what we are really wanting to be doing, we are in essence following the dictates of our own Soul/Higher Self. The Higher Self sees past all that we think we ought to be doing and instead helps us to remember that which we came into this lifetime to do. Our Intuition is always seeking to direct us back to our original Soul Purpose, for it knows that in order for any of us to be truly happy and thrive, we must choose to express who we truly are at a Soul level as fully and completely as we can. This is the most precious offering that our Intuition and this Angel can give to us!

This Angel also encourages you to remember to ASK for Intuitive guidance when ever you may need it! Intuition is always in the "on" position yet the very act of asking for guidance sends a powerful message forth to The Universe that you are indeed willing to be more accepting of it. It is in the asking that this Angel can more fully and powerfully enter your life, guiding you to the right tools and support you may need to help you access your own Intuitive guidance in what ever ways are truly right for you. The bonus is that this Angel will also make sure that the tools you are guided to are also fun and easy for you to use! This can and should be a very playful process for when we are enjoying what we are doing, everything is so much easier and the pieces all fall neatly into place with much less effort on our part.

Your Intuition was always meant to guide you directly to what you really want in life and this Angel has come to help you to participate more fully in your own Intuitive process. Sit quietly for just a moment and breathe in the energy of this most lovely Angel. What is your intuition saying to you right now? What has it been urging you to do or not do, to look at or turn away from? What would you most love to do right now? For your Intuition is born of Love, can only express Love and is Lovingly guiding you towards that which is truly in your best interests. Please listen to it!

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

You may feel more of a need to spend time alone just to be in a quiet space. It is often much easier to hear our Intuition when we can allow ourselves to simply relax and find a quiet, restful spot for a short while. This helps to quiet the mind which in turn allows Intuition to flow!

You may feel the nudge to do something different, even radically different, than what you would normally do. This may be as simple as driving or walking a different way to work or as big as suddenly deciding to look for a new home. It is important to heed all the nudges you feel from within, for they are there to lead you directly to what you have been wanting in your life. A good rule of thumb is if it feels good, do it!

You can also ask this Angel to bring you Intuitive Guidance throughout your day. Asking really does help to open the door and gets the energy moving!

You can ask this Angel for a symbol that will appear for you in some way when ever your Intuition has a message for you or you can also choose a symbol yourself. Your symbol can also be a color or a scent, it doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it has relevance for you personally. Just be sure that the symbol is one that is uplifting and joyful for you. One person I suggested this to asked for her symbol to be a Dandelion because she said they always made her feel happy inside. She was amazed because even in the middle of winter she would see pictures of Dandelions or someone would mention them in her presence. The Universe knows no limits and neither does this angel, so be aware that your symbol can appear at anytime and anyplace. Always it is a signal to get quiet for a moment and ask this Angel what it is you are needing to know. The answer may come straightaway or not until a few hours or even a day or later. But come it will when you are ready to hear it. Many people find this to be a fun and playful way of developing their Intuition and it really does work!

Another way of working with this Angel:

Go out and buy a notebook of any type which appeals to you. You may want to have two, one to carry with you as you go about your day and another that you can keep at home. It can be plain or simple, you can decorate it or leave it as it is. Do what feels good and right to you. And be sure to always have a pen with your notebook for you are going to need it, no matter how unintuitive you feel you are right now. That is really going to change!

Now each time you feel even the slightest bit of a nudge coming from within, grab your notebook and jot down what you are thinking/feeling right then and there if at all possible. If this isn’t possible, try repeating what you are thinking/feeling to yourself until you can jot it down. You can also say to yourself “I am going to remember what I need to with ease” and then when you have a chance, make sure to everything down in your notebook. This serves two purposes; it not only helps you to remember to pay attention to your Intuition but it also helps you to validate your Intuitive feelings as time passes. This is so important because as people see that they really are hearing their Intuition and it is accurate, it greatly increases their trust in it and also their ability to hear more and more of it. This Angel knows that you too have great Intuitive ability and is always with you to remind you that you have constant, ongoing access to this loving stream of Guidance and Divine Direction!

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