Angel Of Manifestation Gem Essences

Angel of Manifesting

This angel comes to us to remind us that nothing is impossible that we have put our minds to! Right now you are being given added extra energy and support to help your own manifesting dreams become a reality.

Sometimes this angel appears when we have been working very hard to manifest something and yet nothing seems to be happening. We may have done all the rational things we think we "should" be doing in order to make our dreams come true and yet we may have forgotten a few key elements. If we are focused on creating something for a few moments and then thinking (and not always consciously!) "oh, what's the use, this will never happen for me!" we have effectively blocked the energy of its manifesting from occurring in our lives. We may have numerous doubts and fears that we have been stuffing down instead of acknowledging that is making it difficult for us to manifest the things we truly desire. By bringing those doubts and fears into the open, we can tackle them one by one with this Angel's help and support. As each one surfaces, we can ask that this Angel help us find a solution that will resolve and heal each one. Perhaps feelings of unworthiness block our way. This Angel may suggest flower essences, crystals, affirmations or other tools that will help us to feel worthy in abundance! Or perhaps it is that we fear we won't be able to handle something if we do manifest it. This Angel can help us acquire what ever skills and tools we may need so that we can easily handle what ever arises in connection with our manifesting if that is indeed needed. Or, this Angel may help us look at what skills we already have that can be put to good use should the need arise.

Another key element is letting go. Once we have chosen to manifest something we need to remember that it is not only up to us to create it but that the entire Universe stands ready to lend a helping hand! The only way this can happen though is if we are willing to give it over to the Universe, to ask for help and pay close attention to what our inner guidance suggests we take as the next step. Otherwise we may spend more time trying to sort out what we need to be doing (and not seeing the whole picture, we may end up taking the longest, hardest path to get there rather than allowing the Universe to take us straight to it!) which deflects energy away from the manifestation as this process can also lead us straight back into doubting that we can accomplish what we are seeking to create. Instead, we find a balance by asking each day what steps we need to take, listening closely for this Angel's reply and then we take immediate action on those steps. Once those are completed, new steps and ideas will be handed to us and as long as we continue in this manner, soon we shall find we are living out what we have requested!

The Angel of Manifesting may also ask us to release some other things that we thought we wanted but actually interfere with what we truly want from a heart and soul level. It may be that we are spending so much time chasing after things that really have no true meaning for us or serve us in our lives, but is instead siphoning our energy from those things that we really desire. Projects may suddenly shut down or be lost, we may find that we need to change jobs or living environments. Friends that we once felt close to may fall away or we find we have to distance ourselves from family members that are not supportive or are draining us in some way. This can be a very frightening time to say the least! It may see we have asked for this Angel's help only to watch the foundations of our lives crumble and turn to dust, not what we expected at all! And yet, this is also a liberating energy that allows us to begin anew, to focus on what is truly fulfilling and joyful for us. These things that we believed formed the basis of our lives may actually be supporting us only in the sense that it allows us to continue living a "false life", there is no true passion or vitality that is coming through to us from these things or people because they do not represent who we truly are! We need to clear away the rubble from time to time so that we may flow our energies where they will truly do us and others the most good. And every step of the way, we shall find this Angel walking right beside us or carrying us as we move through this process.

Above all, this angel wishes for us to understand that we do have the power within us to manifest anything we desire! This Angel may come to you in dreams giving you guidance or teaching you new techniques that will help you become a more empowered manifestor. This Angel may also offer you feelings of joy and hope which in turn will help you to manifest what you are seeking in greater abundance and with ease. This Angel may lead you to books, websites, people or other sources through which you can learn even more about manifesting and how the process works so that you may share what you have learned with others. The more people that are tuned into their own ability to manifest, the less conflict and strife we shall see in the world. This Angel's goal is to help each person become empowered through manifesting from within, knowing that each of us has the ability to create lives that are abundant, joyful and rich in the fulfillment of our dreams!

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

You may have the urge to study manifesting through using a number of techniques and tools. One such tool is suddenly coming across a Manifesting Crystal which has a smaller crystal contained within it or someone may gift you with one which is what happened for me.

Someone may mention some channeled works they have been working with that have been very helpful for them. When you read or listen to the material, you find that much of it has to do with manifesting.

You begin to notice with increasing frequency that "thoughts are things". You think about something and shortly after, you experience it in your life.

The phrase "be careful what you wish for, you may get it" comes up with greater and greater frequency from others.

You suddenly find yourself disagreeing strongly with the mass consciousness about how to manifest or create anything. You find yourself knowing deep inside that there "has to be another way" and you feel determined to find out what that way may be!

You find that you start hearing about more and more people that have manifested something you desire. Really listen to their stories and take them to heart, for you can learn much from them about how to manifest what you are seeking as well!

You may find a need to keep quiet about what you are seeking to manifest. This is a well known technique that has been handed down through the ages. Speaking of what you are seeking can attract energy from others for a variety of reasons that are not helpful for your manifestation. People may mean well but in seeking to keep you from feeling pain or disappointment, they may discourage your attempts in subtle or not so subtle ways so keep quiet unless you know in your heart the other person will be truly supportive of you.

When you think of manifesting something you may feel your energy lift as though you were flying to the moon! This is a gift from this Angel, hold on to this feeling for as long as you can and each time you think of your desire, see if you can bring your energy back up to this level, asking for this Angel's help if needed.

Other ways to work with the energy of this Angel is to keep a manifesting journal. Each time you notice something you have thought about manifesting in your life, jot it down in your journal. Now, think back to that moment. What were you feeling emotionally? Did you notice any sensations in your body at that time that were different from what you normally feel from your body? How long did you hold onto the thought before you let it go and what did you do immediately after? Did you speak of what you were thinking to any one else and if so, what was their reaction? Notice too what clothing you were wearing, the colors, what time of day, what the weather was like. All of these things are clues to help you piece together your own unique way of manifesting in the world. Be as detailed as you can!


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