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Angel of Miracles

This Angel want us to know that Miracles are only a thought and an open heart away. Angels know that there is no shortage of miracles, they are available to anyone who is willing to receive them! This Angel comes to remind us that Miracles are part of our everyday lives and they come in all sizes, shapes and packages. While there is never a shortage of miracles, our ability to see them may become clouded as we move through our day to day lives. This happens when we are focused on all the things that we think are "wrong" or difficult in our lives instead of looking to see what is positive and good. When we focus on what we don't like, we effectively close the door to experiencing the ever abundant and present miracles that this Angel is seeking to bring our way.

Many years ago I read a wonderful affirmation: Expect a Miracle. It made me stop and think, how often do most of us expect miracles to occur? When was the last time you asked for a miracle in your own life? This Angel has come to you to say it is time to begin asking now! Miracles are easy for the Universe to give us because they are composed of Love and come from Spirit whose love for us knows no bounds or limitations. Spirit created the Angelic realms to remind each of us that we are never alone, help is always available and that miracles can flow in abundance if we are open to receiving them. Many times I have heard people say that they are afraid to ask for a miracle for what if they are not worthy and the miracle they are asking for does not appear? This Angel says we are all worthy of receiving as many miracles as we can think to ask for, that our prayers and requests for miracles are always heard and responded to!

Sometimes the miracles do not come packaged as we might expect. There are many reasons for this as this Angel says that we so often ask for a miracle, then feel at some level we are not worthy of having it and so we "downsize it" to something we think we can have though not always consciously. We may for example ask for a shiny, new red car that runs well to get us to and from work and around on our errands during the day. What we would really like this new car to be is a sporty model and yet feeling greedy or selfish for being so specific and wanting such a thing, another part of ourselves kicks in to say " oh, honestly any old red car will do!" so that is what we are able to receive and not the new sporty model we may have had our hearts set on. Or perhaps another person asks for the miracle of having a physical healing occur and then at some level feels guilty for asking for such a miracle because they did not eat properly in the past, or they drank alcohol or they allowed themselves to get very stressed and pushed their bodies far harder than they ought to have. So the person ends up being able to accept only part of the miracle if at all. We humans are very good at judging ourselves and others so we do not fully understand that the Angels never judge us, they never point a blaming or shaming finger at us and say how dare you ask for this or that! They love us unconditionally, they know that we have yet to remember who we truly are and along the way they are here for us to help us move past our "mistakes" as well as to celebrate our awakenings as we move through our lives. There is nothing that we can ask for that the Angels would say "shame on you!" Instead they greet our requests with joy for they want us to be happy! Think of the movie "Michael", one I loved for many years now. Michael knew that life was meant to be joyful and fun and pleasurable and that his seeking those things in life brought great joy to others as well.

Sometimes miracles come in forms that lead us to yet another miracle. We may have asked for something and yet this Angel knowing that we were not quite ready to fully accept what we had asked for, sent us a miracle of a different sort that would help us move closer to being able to accepting what we really desire. Sometimes that even means it appears our requests for a miracle are not being answered to push us into seeking help for a problem or lead us into reading a book or listening to an audio tape that has information we are really needing to hear. Not receiving quite yet the miracle we had asked for is unto itself a miracle as well or can be if we are willing to look at how we might be blocking this Angel's assistance and love. Had we received the miracle we originally asked for, it would not have brought us everything we had hoped unless we had cleared some other things out of the way first. Then we can more easily embrace and enjoy what we have asked for. Or it may be that not getting what we want immediately, we can then be pushed through some doors we may not have considered before that will bring us far more than we had ever dreamed! For example, the person whose current career is ending may ask for the miracle of having that career continue only to find that it does indeed come to an end. Yet they may also find that there is an even better career just waiting in the wings if they are willing to open their heart and see what is beckoning them at this point in time. This Angel knows and understands that this can be a very frightening process and it can be hard to trust and have faith! Yet if you will look and listen carefully, you will hear this Angel's voice speaking to you, telling you that you are not alone in what ever you are facing, to give this Angel your hand and allow yourself to be led into a life of endless miracles and joy!

This Angel may have come to you today in response to your own request for a miracle or to remind you that you need to ask for one! Is there something in your life right now that you want to see impacted by the energy of miracles? Right it down, what ever it might be and at the top put the words "I expect a miracle now". Carry this with you as you go about your day to day activities or place it where you can see it often. You may want to visualize this Angel sending love and light to your request or see it being gathered up in Angelic hands. The important thing is to remind yourself frequently that this loving Angel is drawing to you all the elements of your requested miracle and all you need do is open your heart to receive it!

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

You may begin to become more aware of the small daily miracles that occur all around you. As you feel joy and gratitude for these miracles this attracts even greater miracles to you.

You may hear of miracles occurring to all sorts of people, or the word miracle will keep popping up repeatedly and in unexpected places and ways. Things will suddenly begin to sort themselves out all around you or you will get some wonderful news that will help validate the reality of miracles for you!

You may begin to feel a strong, uplifting presence that makes you feel that anything is possible! Plug into this feeling as strongly as you can, see how long you can sustain it. Ask this Angel to help you feel this energy more and more each day and watch as the miracles begin to unfold in your own life.

One way of working with this Angel is to list all the things that spring to mind when you think of the word Miracles. Leave nothing out and do not censor any of it! You may find yourself writing down things such as " miracles happen to others but never to me!" This Angel is trying to make you more aware of your deeper thoughts around miracles so you can clear any that may be blocking your acceptance of them. Once you have made your list, make a second list of all the thoughts that are inhibiting your ability to accept more miracles in your life, ask that this Angel please take them away from you and replace it with good thoughts and feelings. Then place the list in an envelope addressed to "The Angel of Miracles" and place it in a basket or even burn it if that is what you feel guided to do. If you use the basket method, take the list out after 30 days has passed and see if those same thoughts still resonate for you or not! If not, Hooray! Dispose of the list in what ever way you feel appropriate! If they do, then you know you just need a little more time working with this Angel so place the list back in the basket for another 7 days and repeat this same process for as long as you need to. You will start to see results as you work with this Angel, asking for guidance, support, cleansing and healing all the while. Be sure to take any actions on these things as you feel guided to and know that this Angel is always there for you!

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