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Angel of Money

Money is often a very challenging topic for many of us to talk about. I have noticed over the years that many people do not even like using the word "Money" but tend instead to dance round the subject. For those of us on the Spiritual path, we tend to speak of "equal energy exchange" or "Abundance", "Prosperity", "Opening to the Flow of The Universe" or even "My Good". And while all of these expressions are perfectly good and valid, we often push Money away from us because we cringe inwards every time we say or hear this word. Then we wonder why our bank accounts are not as full as we might like!

This Angel wants you to take a deep breath right now and say the word either aloud or to yourself. Cringe if you must, its okay, she is going to help you move past this soon, but say the word anyway: MONEY. Now, say it again but this time think of how this word is making you feel: MONEY. If you are like most people, you probably have many negative feelings and thoughts coming up right now. This is perfectly okay, just allow what ever thoughts and feelings you have about this word come to the fore front of your mind. Don't be afraid of them, you are not actively attracting more of the same to you for what you are doing is moving more to a place of examining what you really think and feel about Money so you know what you need to shift and change within. For this Angel is telling you that if you don't acknowledge what you really think and feel about Money, all you are really doing is pushing the energy down deeper where it can fester and grow. By examining what you are really thinking and feeling, then you can see more clearly what sort of vibration you are sending out in regards to Money. And that is going to show you why you are attracting what you are.

This Angel is also aware that you are probably saying to yourself "why would I want to attract more of what I don't want? This isn't what I intended for myself!" and she says this is true! You never intended to live with anything but the best that life has to offer and that includes as much Money as you desire to have in your life. Yet when we come into our physical forms, we also become immersed in everyone else's ideas, thoughts and beliefs about Money. If those round us when we were growing up had positive beliefs about Money, felt it was easy to attract and believed that it was Right and Good for everyone to have Money (which of course it is) then we too would also tend to believe these same things and thus find it very easy to attract Money in what ever amounts we wanted. This is one reason why as the old saying goes "The Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer". Its all about what we are thinking and feeling about a given topic. For everyone we think and feel is transmitted out from us as Vibration. Like also attracts like so if our vibrations on a topic are Happy, Joyful, Positive, Upbeat, guess what, that is what we tend to attract more of! This Angel is now saying to you "Your "Job" is not to try and sort out how to work harder or do more so that more Money will flow to you. Your "job" is to pay attention to how you feel about Money so that you can begin shifting your beliefs and old patterns now, in this present moment". You see, it doesn't matter what you have thought or done in the past. It doesn't matter how much or how little Money you have been able to attract to yourself yesterday or 10 years ago. All that really matters is today, right in the here and now. You can start right now to replace your old thoughts, feelings and beliefs by looking at what you have vibrated before and affirm to yourself "I am choosing right now to begin believing and feeling in a whole new positive way about Money. I am finding this super easy to do and it feels wonderful to me!" If you are truly wanting to change, you will find that This Angel and The whole of The Universe will respond immediately through giving you encouragement, strong feelings of Well Being and Upliftment, and before long, an easier flow of Money into your life as well! If you find yourself starting to slide back into fear or worry over Money, and many of us do from time to time, you will also feel this Angel moving closer into your Vibration to help you move past your doubts and fears. Its okay to feel the way that you do in any given moment! You are not trying to force a change within yourself or what appears to be your outer circumstances, you are simply opening up to become willing to change. You just have to begin where you are and know that through your willingness to change and practice, it will all become quite easy. You have had a lifetime of thinking and feeling the way that you do, on any given topic. All that this Angel is asking you to do is to give yourself a chance. Take it easy on yourself. You can do this!

How often have I heard someone say "I hate Money! Its such a difficult thing for me to get a handle on. I never seem to have enough and oh, the work I have to do to even receive a pittance! If I just didn't have to worry about paying the bills each month or if I could quit this job I hate, my life would be so much better!" Even when people don't use these exact same words, often with what they are saying, the vibration is the same. Of course the person doesn't really hate Money, Money has simply become the scapegoat for how they feel about their lives. Yet this is precisely what is keeping the Money away. Without realizing what they are doing, the person has put a strong barrier to the Money flowing through to them. It isn't that it is not available to them, it is just that they have cut themselves off from the flow of it. They hate their job so they lack appreciation of the Money that is flowing to them through it. Or they are really angry at their spouse but because they are fearful that if they speak up their marriage will end and then they will be worse off financially than before. So not feeling capable of facing that, they blame their job for their discomfort. It is so easy to find something else to blame for what is really bothering us rather than facing it head-on. Yet this is really rather like being on an eternal roundabout, you just keep going in circles until finally you reach a point where you say "I don't care what happens, I just cannot carry on like this anymore, I am so done!" THIS is often the moment this Angel has been waiting for! For it is at this moment that the ideas, support and help that we need can begin to flow to us for we have LET GO. We have stopped trying to sort everything out ourselves and in that moment, the door swings open to allow the Angel of Money (and all the others!) to come into your life and help you shift to a happier, more fulfilling way of Being. Now of course we never have to reach a point where things look so awful in our lives that we have no idea how we shall ever see the light of day again. Instead we can understand that as we pay attention to the things that are niggling at us, the little discomforts in our lives, we can stop and ask this Angel or any of the others, what we need to be aware of so we can begin to shift our attitude towards it. We can deal with it while it is still small rather than waiting until it is a monster before we ask The Higher for help.

Yet no matter how bad things may appear to be for you right now, there is a way through for you! This Angel wants you to understand that what you flow your Love to also increases in your life, often in miraculous ways! So take your mind off how much you hate your job or how much you think you may hate Money. Or maybe you feel you really dislike people who are successful and have a lot of Money. Or maybe you think the whole concept of Money is sinful or wrong. Does any of that feel or sound Loving to you? Of course not and you know something else, "hating" anything is not the Truth of you are either! If there is only ever one Universal Truth that you take away from reading this, then that alone shall be enough. And that Truth is that YOU are LOVE! You were created from Love, you came into this physical space and time to express and lavish your Love on yourself, your Money, on all others, on every thing that you can see, hear, touch and taste. The Divine sees you as you really are, this incredible Being that is filled with Love for all things. And it is through Love that you can attract all that you could possibly desire for yourself. And yes, this includes learning how to Love Money from a Spiritual perspective as well. I know people often say that "The love of money is the root of all evil". Now what is really meant by this is the person is not coming from a place of true Divine Love. For Love seeks what is best for All, not just for one person. If someone "loves" Money to the point where they are willing to hurt other people to get it, to try and take from others what rightfully belongs to that other, is "greedy, selfish, self-centered" and cares not how their actions hurt someone else, that has nothing to do with Divine Love. And those who live their lives that way often find that their lives tend to be pretty miserable, no matter how much Money they have. Yet those who have learned the Truth of Money, that it is meant for all, that their is plenty, plenty, plenty of Money for all of us and want All Others to have Money as well as themselves, Ahhh! This is how it is meant to be!

Try this experiment. No matter how you are feeling about your own Money flow right now, the next time you see someone working at their job, try to move into a space of that person being well paid for what they are doing. See them enjoying their own Money flow and being Blessed by it. See them not only enjoying their Money but also Blessing All Others because they have it flowing into their lives. Feel the Love and Gratitude within that someone else is prospering in this world. If you do this, you will soon come to understand that what you are really doing is Blessing yourself and opening a channel for more Money to begin flowing to you too. It may begin as an idea or thought, but some way, some how, this Angel working hand in hand with All That Is is going to find numerous ways for you to begin allowing more Money flow into your own life. A good example of this happened for me. Behind the building we live in, there is quite a construction project going on. A New school is being built and folks from many trades are working out there 6 days a week. Knowing a bit about many of these trades myself, I found it fun and interesting to watch these people work from time to time. Then one day I heard "Send them Joy and be grateful that they have good jobs where they can earn a good supply of Money to care for themselves and their families". So I did, day after day for about a week I would do this, just feeling happy for them that they were employed providing a wonderful service that others needed. Then I noticed that something interesting began to happen within me. And I am getting chills as I type this now! Suddenly I had all these creative thoughts popping into my mind, really like a popcorn popper going full steam! One after another they poured in and I felt so enthused and excited I couldn't wait to get moving on them! Ideas for older projects also abounded and I suddenly found myself not only finishing those more easily, but I also started to receive emails from people, one after another, saying how much they loved and appreciated all of the work that I do. How much it had helped them and how they are looking forward to the completion of all of my projects. I was amazed! All because I took a few moments during my day to Bless and flow Love and Appreciation to the people who were working so hard and feeling how much they deserved to have an ever increasing Money flow in their own lives. I wanted them to feel Happy and Joyful in their Lives just as much as I wanted this for me and the people I love. What we are willing to give, we also receive and in far greater amounts than what we gave away.

Which brings us to another bit of Wisdom that this Angel would like to share with you. For it really is true that what we offer to others, we are also offering to ourselves. Call it Tithing or what you will, it doesn't really matter. What is important is that you do the following: If you want more Love, give more Love to others. If you want more support, find ways of supporting others that are within your means and feels good for you to do. If you want more friends, be more friendly towards others. If you want more wisdom and Understanding, take the time to share with someone else what you have mastered. If you want more Joy, be willing to share your Joy with someone else. If you want more Money, be willing to share some of the Money you have with someone else that feels Right and Good to you. People who want to do nothing but take and take and take without ever giving back often find that they stay stuck exactly where they are. And they are usually not much fun to be round. People who give in ways that are Right and Good for them find that their lives continue to Blossom and Expand in many wonderful ways. They are such a Joy to be around because they are coming from a space of Love and Appreciation for all that they have. And they so Love and Appreciate everything in their own lives, they want to share this with others too so they can also feel this way. You can give of your time, your energy, your love or your Money. But when you give, do it from a place of Love and a feeling of wanting to share. Not from a space of "Oh, if I give this I expect something back from somewhere!" The latter never works for that is not true Giving and Sharing. If you are coming from a space of "well, I would like to give but......." this isn't going to get you very far either. You either are willing to do it or you are not, either is okay. But saying that "someday when things are better I shall give" will guarantee that not much is going to change in your life because you are coming from a place of lack and fear, not trust and faith. Even if you don't have comfortable sums of Money right now, what is stopping you from volunteering at a soup kitchen or an animal shelter? Maybe you have a niece or nephew or even a neighbors child who could really use some help with their schoolwork or even just to have a friendly, loving person in their lives. Maybe you have an elderly neighbor who could use some help taking the groceries in or help with their yard work. Won't cost you a dime and yet what you receive in return will be immeasurable! You see, Tithing isn't just about Money. Its really about what we are willing to give and share with others because we feel we are so Blessed in our own lives, that we want nothing more than to share what we have been Blessed with. And when we come from this space, then the Money must come too for this is Universal Law. It may always come in the way you think it will, yet it shall come and in ways that if you allow it to, will be from sources that are totally delightful for you!

What to watch for with this Angel's presence and how to work with her with a warning: Some "tough talk" lies ahead and yet sometimes what we don't really want to hear or face is what we really need to get.

If you are feeling sorry for yourself because your Money flow isn't what you would like it to be, you may very well hear the following from this Angel: "Quit your whining and just get on with things! Clean your home, release anything that you don't want or need anymore. Someone else will Love having it in their lives! Get started on that book you have been wanting to write (or that Blog, article for a magazine, that Poem) and do it now! Don't wait for someone else to come along and give you permission to do it, just do it! And for Heaven's sake, don't worry about where the Money will come to support you in this, it is on its way as soon as you get your finger out and get cracking on it! You know you are a wonderful photographer, so spend what free time you do have working with that instead of crying to yourself about how if only you could win the lottery you could do that full time!" So on and so forth, yet I reckon you get the idea here. And Yes, sometimes Angels can and do talk this way because they know that there are times when this is the only way we can hear it. They Love us enough to do what ever it takes to get us up and moving along the path of our dreams!

Make it a top priority that every day when you see something you want for yourself, you are going to say "YES, Universe! THAT is for ME!" Don't start thinking about how much it will cost and you don't have the money for it (yet). Just say over and over to yourself "Yes, This is for Me and so is this, this and this!" Then appreciate that someone already has it because if they didn't, it wouldn't be available for you either. Think of these things as templates for what you can attract to yourself. And don't just focus on having the Money for it either. People do win things for free. Sometimes things just show up right outside your own door. Someone may even Tithe to you for something you have done for them. Just be open to this process and don't try to sort out how it is going to come because that is NOT YOUR JOB! Don't try and do the job of The Universe, allow it to do it's job and you do yours, which is focusing on feeling Good and being open to receiving more of your Good. This Angel will gladly join you in this game and lead you to many wonderful things that will enhance the Joy and Happiness you already feel in your life.

YOU are the only person who can make YOU happy. Money won't make you happy if you don't already know how to feel that way without it. I understand that you may be thinking "Both you and this Angel are complete idiots if you think I can feel happy when I don't even know how I am going to pay my bills this month!" Believe me, I have been there too and I know how scary it can be, especially when one has a family to support as I do. Yet worry and fear are not going to help the situation, never have, never will. What WILL help is if you start asking this Angel for what you can do right now, today, and what you need to continue to do to come out of this space once and for all. There are always people who can help. But you have to be open and willing to allow the help to come to you if you really want things to change. Be willing to be okay with what is, that is the first step. The second step is to say to yourself "Know what? I am going to stop caring about anything that doesn't make me feel Happy. Because when I feel Happy, then things start to fall into place in my life. The right people show up, the right answers magically appear. I know there is always something I can do to improve my life. It doesn't take much for me to shift and even a small shift can create wonderful manifestations. So Happiness, here I come!" And when you really get this and do your best to apply it to your everyday life, then the Money begins to show up too. Every time.

Do your best to feel Love and Gratitude every time you pay your bills. Even if what you are sending is in only a small portion of what you owe, be grateful that you can at least offer that. Remember, there are real people on the receiving end of your payments, folks just like you and me who are also doing the very best they know how. What you think and feel about them is what you are also really saying to and about yourself. Again, I understand this can be tough to do and yet if you make an effort, this Angel will support you in totally changing your attitude and thus the Flow of Money into your life will also increase. You can also think back to all the times you have paid your bills and say to yourself "I have always paid my bills with Love and that Love prospers me and All others". Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

Start affirming that you Love and Appreciate Money. That you Love and Appreciate it so very much that you are now willing to allow it to flow to you by the bucketful! If this makes you feel less than "Spiritual", please understand that Money is as Spiritual as any other energy you may desire. Would you ever say to yourself that Good Health is "sinful" or having Love in your life is "bad"? No? Sounds silly doesn't it. Well, saying this about Money is just as silly! Truly, stop and think about it. What good could happen in the world if more people who are coming from a Loving and Spiritual place had loads of Money themselves? A Very wise group of Beings known as Abraham stated quite clearly "You can never be poor enough to make all others wealthy. You can never be sick enough to make all others healthy". Life just doesn't work that way. It serves no one for you to be poor. It doesn't help others for you to push your Good away in an effort to appear "Spiritual" to yourself or others. That's not what you came here to do and it is NOT the Truth of you either. And when you really get this, you can then allow your Good to manifest and it will include as much Money as you desire to have. And you will be able to use that Money to Bless and Prosper others too. And that IS part of what you came here to do!

STOP Complaining! About anything! Just STOP IT! Seriously folks, if you spend much of your time complaining about how awful your life is guess what, that is going to keep your Money flow far, far away from you too. Instead, ask this Angel to help you find something to Appreciate, anything will do. Make lists of all the wonderful things you have in your life, take a moment here and there to just flow Love and Appreciation to someone who has helped you in some way. Say a prayer that this person be Blessed in every area of their life even as you are asking for Blessings in your own. Complaining takes up a lot of valuable time and energy, energy that could be far better spent doing something that is positive and constructive, even if it has nothing to do with Money.

Its okay to have a good cry about your financial situation if that is what you really feel like doing. Instead of stuffing your feelings down, just let them loose and get it all out. You will feel better and that is when you can ask for Guidance from this Angel and it shall come! This Angel wants you to know that there is nothing too big or scary for it and The Universe to handle. But you have got to do your best to take your hands off of it. Do what you can do in the present moment, even if it is nothing more than taking a walk or watering your plants. Your job is to follow your Guidance from moment to moment, even when it doesn't seem to make much sense or the energy isn't moving. It will, and it will begin moving sooner if you do your best to keep your focus on what you know it needs to be focused upon which is NOT your problems.

Be willing to not beat yourself up over any "bad choices or mistakes" you feel you have made. Again, we are always doing the best we know how, Mistakes are one way we have of learning, that is all they are, They don't make you a bad person. Likewise, if someone owes you Money and they can't or won't pay, don't think of them as being "bad" either. We all have such bizarre, convoluted ideas in regards to Money that it is no wonder that many of us have the problems with it that we do. But you are changing this for yourself, so take heart and know that things are improving for you, even if you can't see the results yet. The Manifestation of what you do want is on its way so just allow it to Be.

Don't ask others to give you their time, energy and services for free. This is an all too common complaint that I hear from many Healers, that folks seem to see nothing wrong for asking for all sorts of things from free massages to free astrology readings to free this, that and the other thing! Many people do seem to have this attitude that anything to do with the Spiritual should just be given away but little thought is given to how these same people who have trained and worked hard to be the wonderful Healers that they are, are supposed to pay their bills and rent or to be able to do their share of Tithing. If your priority is to heal or shift something, then put your Money where your priority is. If not, then spend your Money elsewhere. But don't expect others to give to you what you are unwilling to give to them. If you are a Healer and are experiencing this, STOP IT, STOP IT RIGHT NOW! You are NOT serving anyone by doing this, all you are doing is draining yourself and the other person will not be able to allow and accept the healing you are offering anyway. Focus your energy on those who are willing to value and honor what you have to give. After working with many people on this same subject, what I have learned over the years is that if someone truly wants and needs something, they will find a way to pay for it. I know its hard to say no and mean it, believe me I still struggle with this. And sometimes I still allow someone to pull me into doing something for them that I know they are not ever going to pay me for because I do want to help if I can. Then I end up feeling drained, sometimes even hurt when it was someone who I liked and trusted that has done this. Yet I have also learned how not to beat myself up over it, not take it personally and understand that the other person was coming from a deep place of lack and unfortunately sometimes with not a lot of integrity either. Its okay, we are always doing the best we can! So let it go and move on, knowing that what you have to offer IS valuable and worthwhile and as you do, you will attract many others who feel the same! When someone cries "Poverty" then that is what they shall continue to attract. Likewise, if you are not willing to follow through and pay for what you are asking the other person for, then don't ask, just that simple. Its amazing to me how many times I have heard people say that their job doesn't pay them nearly what they are worth and then they turn right round and ask for a "freebie". And then they wonder why their job isn't paying THEM what they think they are worth! What we send out is what comes back to us, plain and simple. So try giving more of what you can to others and you shall find that your life is overflowing with an Abundance of All Good, which of course shall include Money, as well as anything else that will enhance the Joy already present in your life!

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