Angel Of Peace Gem Essences

Angel of Peace (Peace Be With You!)

Peace is one of the most Blessed and Valuable Feelings that we can cultivate in our lives. For when we are at Peace within, so too is this reflected outwardly in our lives. This means we are at Peace with our Families and Partner. We are at Peace with our Friends and Co-workers. We are at Peace with our Bodies, our Health and our Finances. We are at Peace with our Past, Present and Future. And even if we are not feeling at peace with these things now, when we begin the process of cultivating Peace, we soon shall be. If you have selected this Angel, then you know what the message is already: To find the place of Peace within you.

Peace is not something that we have to work for or earn, in fact, nothing that is for our Higher Good needs to be earned. We deserve it because we are all worthy of it, YOU are worthy of it, right here and now. The more you can feel at Peace within your own life, the more everything will flow in wonderful ways for you. For the opposite of Peace is anxiety, fear, worry and none of these emotions can bring us all that we want in our lives. Those emotions lead to confrontation, not cooperation. Peace is cooperative, it knows how to work with others and the energy within each of us to bring about all that is Good, Loving and Kind. It is an expression of The Divine within us who Itself knows nothing but Peace and is always at Peace. Just the way that we are meant to Be as well. Peace is something that we can choose for ourselves, right here and now. If we ask this Angel to Bless us with the feeling of Peace, she is certain to respond! You see, the entire of The Universe wants nothing but Love, Joy and Peace for you. It isn't that anyone or anything can keep us from feeling this way, it is that we have closed ourselves off to the feelings of Peace. We do this every time we think of conflict instead of understanding. We do this every time we worry about a problem rather than handing it over to The Divine and saying "here, I don't know what to do about this but I know you do. And I have perfect Faith that in Truth, all is well in my world". We close ourselves off to Peace within when we choose to look at what is wrong in the world instead of what is right. Yet if we need help to change our point of view, all we need to do is ask this Angel to constantly remind us of all that is going wonderfully well. And soon we shall see that what she is saying is indeed so!

My own personal connection with this Angel came about through a lovely book by German author Barbel Mohr titled "The Cosmic Ordering Service". One chapter is on this subject of Peace and there is a wonderful story about an Aunt of hers that had gone to her Doctor complaining of this ache and this pain, on and on the complaints went. Her Doctor was wise enough to see that was causing the bodily ills was a lack of self-love and love for others. So he said to her that the next time she felt irritated and wanted to complain about anything or anyone, she was to say instead "Peace be with you". Soon enough she had an opportunity to try this out and strangely enough, it worked! The person she thought she was having a problem with instead did her a kindness that she hadn't expected. And so it went. I was so enchanted by this story that I thought I would give it a go myself, much to this Angel's delight I must say! I have said this to problems, to people that were being annoying or rude, to situations that I wasn't sure how to handle properly, even saying it to the next day when I went to be at night. Nothing more than "Peace be with you" and then turning my attention elsewhere. It worked! Sure, maybe some folks remained obnoxious and annoying and yet they sure weren't flowing that energy in my direction any longer. Sometimes they would even suddenly stop what they were doing, give me a huge smile and turn to go on their way. Often in Los Angeles the drivers can be very aggressive and unsafe, especially towards smaller vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, etc. I found that before I left the house I would say "Peace be with you" to all the motorists that would be out there at the same time I was, I rarely had a direct encounter with someone who was driving in an unsafe manner. Good thing when one is often on foot! In fact, more often than not many motorists were exceptionally polite and courteous towards me and the other pedestrians that were near me at the time. What a refreshing change!

Another way to approach this is something this Angel suggested. She told me that if I was having trouble saying "Peace be with you" to anyone or anything, that I could instead think of what I wanted for myself which of course was to feel peaceful and at ease. Then she said "Now, in your mind say to the other person I wish Peace for you even as I wish Peace for myself". Seemed a little wordy to me at the time and yet I soon realised why she had suggested this. If I want something in my life, one of the fastest ways for me to receive it is to also ask for it for all others too. For if someone else feels at peace, they certainly aren't going to be running about trying to cause problems for me or anyone else! This has also worked wonderfully well for me for the Truth is that what we send forth from our thoughts and emotions is what is going to return to us. When we are vibrating Peace, then we attract people and situations that are also Peaceful. The more we vibrate the feeling of Peace and see the energy of Peace flowing throughout the world to all people, places and circumstances, the more Peace we shall find flooding back into our own lives. Being at Peace is Good for us! It is what helps to keep our bodies and minds strong and healthy. It allows us to better hear our own Inner Guidance and to know what to do when a problem or challenge crops up (which doesn't happen but rarely when we are at Peace). Peace is strongly connected with Faith for when we feel at Peace, we are also vibrating out into the world that we know all is well. We don't have to fight against anything, we don't have to struggle. We can just let go and move with The Divine Flow which is always carrying us forward to our Highest and Best Good. And isn't that what we all really want? Of course!

The amazing thing about Peace is how quickly it can grow and blossom in our lives. We start to reach a point where we wonder why we would have wanted to live any other way. Things we may have felt concern over start to dissolve and leave our lives. We feel healthier, stronger, clearer, wiser and more loving than ever before. Our Self-esteem and Self-confidence grows and expands in wondrous ways. We understand (finally!) that there is nothing we cannot Be, Do or Have when we come from a place of Peace. We know then that the point of life, for all of us, truly is to live happily ever after and we run with this. We learn how to teach it to our children, our brothers and sisters, our parents and grandparents, IF they are willing to embrace the teachings. We find that we can better soothe and uplift all others who come to us for support and assistance. For when we are at Peace within ourselves, we can convey this vibration to others who happen to be around us. Yet if they choose not to feel at Peace right along with us, they will go elsewhere until they are ready. Bless each person as they go their own way and ask this Angel to please Guide them towards Perfect Peace when the time is right. There is no need to ever worry or fear about what another is doing for if you focus on your own sweet Self, then you can be the planter of Divine Seeds that will in time shift the old vibrations of fear, lack and distress right out of this world. In Truth, this is part of what you have come here to do. Yet you can only be this if you have chosen Peace for yourself, no matter what, and no matter what.

Now it may be that in this, your present moment, there is something happening in your life that has left you feeling anything but Peaceful. Perhaps there is something you have been needing or wanting that has yet to manifest in your life and you are wondering if The Universe hasn't heard your prayers or you are going to be left dangling in the wind forever. Or maybe you are facing a physical illness that is really frightening for you and you don't know what to do. Maybe its a financial problem where you can see no positive outcome. Maybe your child is having problems that you don't know how to help him or her with. Please know that what ever it may be, that this Angel has pulled close to you right now and is wrapping you in her beautiful wings! We don't always know what to do but this is why we have our Angels who love us so, who do know what to do and can act on our behalf IF we are willing to allow them to take the lead. One way we can do this is to say to this Angel "Right now, all I want is a feeling of Peace. I want to know from the deepest part of myself that everything really is okay. I want to have Faith that even though I may not know what to do right now, there IS a Higher Power that does. And this Higher Power, how ever I choose to think of it, LOVES ME! Really, truly LOVES Me and is here for me, right here and right now!" Then begin to affirm to yourself "I choose Peace, I choose Peace. Over and over again, say this to yourself and you shall start to feel more at Peace with everything and everyone in your life. It really does work if you allow it to. Then when fears and doubts raise their heads again, just say "I choose Peace, all that matters to me right now is that I am at Peace. All is well in my world". The more you do this, the stronger your results will be and the faster you will see the resolution in your life of anything that has been troubling you. Because you see Dear One, Life really is FOR you, not against you. I know that it seems the other way round more often than not and yet this is only because this is what you have been taught to expect. Like many of us, you were taught that Life was a struggle, a "vale of tears" and yet Life was never intended to be this way! It was meant to be Fun and Joyful, Happy and Fulfilling. Not just for some, but for All! And this includes you too so can you please just stop for a moment and listen for this Angel saying to you "Peace be with you, in your Mind in your Heart, in your Soul, now and forevermore". And it shall be true for you too!

Peace is a feeling that can be cultivated just the same as a gardener cultivates plants in the garden. We water and feed our feelings of Peace with our willingness to embrace it. We weed out the negative thoughts and feelings by paying attention to how we are thinking and feeling as we move throughout our day. Then we start to feel badly or think something that is not the Truth of us, we can stop ourselves and remember that "No, this is NOT the Truth of me. For the Truth of me is kind and loving, towards myself and others. I choose Peace instead." This allows our Inner Garden of Peace to expand and grow for now it has plenty of room in which to do so! And we soon find that "companion plants" are soon springing up round our Peace "plants" as well. Joy, Abundance, Faith, Love, even Wealth begins to grow and expand in our lives for Peace attracts these things to us easily and effortlessly. Our talents and abilities also begin to grow and blossom for Peace also nurtures these things. We find we have so much more to share with others and others want to be near us. Other people crave the company of those who are Peaceful for it is the healing vibrations of Peace that are so needed in the world at this time. More and more people begin to attune to the Truth that it is when more of us are at Peace, that everything in our world just flows better. For all of us.

Some people fear that to be at Peace means they shall have no Passion of Zest for life and yet nothing could be further from the truth! If anything, you will feel more Excitement, more Passion, more Enthusiasm for your life yet it will be coming from a place that is in Divine Balance within you. Instead of going up and down like a roller coaster, you will simply flow from one wonderful experience to the next, having the most Divine encounters with other people and totally enjoying the heck out of life! Wonderful surprises will fill your days, you will feel Blessed beyond measure and Life will take on a shimmering, magical quality for you. Any projects or goals you are working on will flow more smoothly and you will find yourself completing these things with great Joy and Ease. Other people will respond more positively to what ever you do as well, for they too shall sense the feeling of Peace and Balance within you. Things just fall in to place as though by Magic and each day you shall find more and more to be grateful for. It is so worth it to work with this Angel to take the hand she has stretched out to you and begin in this moment to start living from your own place of Peace!

What to watch for with this Angel:

Many people find that they feel the need to learn some form of Meditation. This is a wonderful way to attract more Peace into you life and any method that feels good to you is the one to choose!

You are likely to begin saying "Peace be with you" to everyone and everything, just because it really feels so Good to say it! What a wonderful Blessing to offer to others!

You are also likely to say to yourself the word "Peace" over and over. You may not even realize you are doing it until you catch yourself at it. This is so positive when you do for what you are focused upon you shall attract.

You are likely to find that your Inner Guidance seems to be directing you away from people and situations that are stressful and anything but Peaceful. Youf find that you are simply unwilling to go there any longer, no matter what someone else expects you to do. This is okay, simply Bless all people and situations in your life and release them to their own Higher Good (which is really the only thing you can do anyway!)

You start saying "No Thanks" to anything that does not leave you with the Higher Vibration of Peace, Joy and Zest for life. It it doesn't feel Peaceful and Joyful to you, just don't go there. That really is all that you have to do.

Other Ways to work with this Angel:

Be open to allowing more folks into your life who are already in a place of Peace within their own lives. This doesn't mean that their lives will be "perfect" (after all, whose life is) yet what it does mean is that these people have accepted the concept of Peace as being the Truth of who they really are and are doing the best they can to live this each day.

Write the word PEACE in capital letters, just as I have done here, on a piece of paper and carry it with you. Slip another piece under your pillow to affirm that your nights will be restful and your dreams Peaceful and Happy.

In the moments that you start to feel worry and fear, ask this Angel to immediately come to your aid and begin chanting the word "Peace" with her over and over again. Do this as long as you need to and soon you will find that feelings of Peace come more readily and easily to you.

Its okay to ask for manifestations to remind you that all really is well in your world and that you can be at Peace! Just remember to ask and the more you ask, for any Good thing, the more that shall be given unto you!

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