Angel Of Positive Thinking Gem Essences

Angel of Positive Thinking

One of the greatest gifts we have been given is the gift of being able to choose for ourselves alone which thoughts we wish to dwell upon. If we choose to dwell on the thoughts that are joyful then we shall build foundations for our lives that are also joyful.

This Angel has come to you today to remind you to pay close attention to your thoughts! This Angel knows that no matter what your life may be like in this present moment the moment you choose thoughts that are high and positive you also begin to change your present circumstances for the better. Thoughts are things. What you think becomes true for you in your life. If you think about how you are blessed, then the Universe will bestow more blessings upon you. This Angel understands that this may sound very simplistic to you and yet it is saying right now that it truly is this simple! Think back to a time when you had an especially happy day. Didn't it seem to you that the entire of life was "conspiring" to bring you even more to be happy about? It was probably easy for you to keep your mind focused on all the good that was happening to you that day and thus negative thoughts had nary a way to enter your mind and thus your life. Yet like many people you have probably also long thought and believed that "what goes up must come down" or "maybe today was a good day, but with my luck it won't last and tomorrow it will be back to the same old same old." What has happened is that you have effectively negated the good you were experiencing by focusing on the thought expectation that things could only go downhill from there! This Angel says not to regret this but to learn from it. Decide right now that you are willing to be committed and loving enough of yourself to choose more positive thoughts as often as you can throughout all your days. This Angel will certainly help you to accomplish this if you but ask!

This Angel can also help to inspire you with many high, positive thoughts that will make your heart and soul sing. You yourself however must be willing to change! She says it need not be a difficult process for you to shift from the negative thoughts to the positive ones. You don't have to sort through every negative thought in order to release them. You simply need to be willing to be open to thinking in new ways. This Angel is always present to remind you that when you do have a negative thought that this is not the path you want to be moving down. For truly it is a downward spiral that will impact every other area of your life, including areas that might have been going well. Its amazing though how frequently what seems to be a very negative situation can suddenly be transformed for the better by choosing new positive thoughts! You don't even have to try and think of what may be positive in the situation, you can choose any positive thought that truly makes you feel better. This will help you to begin moving up into a Higher Flow of Universal Energy where anything that is negative must begin to dissolve as negative energies cannot hold themselves together in the realm of higher, faster vibrations. If you find yourself feeling that finding any positive thought is impossible for you at the moment, take a moment to go within and think of this Angel. Ask her to help you to feel better, to begin reaching for the positive thoughts that will help you move out of your current vibration. This Angel says you don't even need to try and believe that she will help you. All you need do is try to keep your mind open that perhaps there is a better way. And you will find that she does respond!

This Angel is also very fond of introducing you to positive Affirmations which when used consistently and repeatedly do help to make actual changes in the brain. Thoughts produce a sort of groove in the brain, which is what makes it so easy for us to think the same thoughts over and over again. Think of a busy road. The road has traffic all hours of the day and night, some of the vehicles being light (positive thoughts) and some being quite heavy (negative thoughts). On and on the traffic flows and before long, potholes and other damage appear in the roadway. Over time if these are not repaired, the potholes will get bigger and deeper and more challenging for motorists to try and navigate. In other words, it makes it more and more difficult for your positive thoughts to have a greater impact in your life because they have to try and navigate round the damage that the negative thoughts have created. Don't fret however! There is a gentle and effective way to begin repairing the damage! By choosing to turn your attention more and more frequently to higher, lighter, positive thoughts, the energy of these thoughts begin to repair the damage automatically. They create new grooves in the brain that support your ability to think in these new and higher ways more frequently. The key is that as soon as things do start to shift for the better in your life to not discontinue doing what this Angel has guided you to do in order to keep your own personal "thought roadway" in good repair! Many of us have had a lifetime of thinking in very negative ways and it can be easy to slip back into old patterns when we are not paying attention. Over time however you will find that you think in the old ways less and less and less and in the new positive ways more and more and more! Congratulate yourself when you achieve this and be sure to Thank this Angel for all her wise and wonderful help as well!

You may also find that there are some negative thoughts you may not wish to give up for any number of reasons. You may feel that you want to hold onto feelings and thoughts of anger towards someone because they did something very hurtful to you and you feel justified in keeping this energy going. You may feel that by giving up your negative thinking and having your life improve may turn other people away from you because they will be jealous of your ongoing good fortune. Fear and Anger are two of the biggest contributors to people not allowing positive change to enter their lives. No matter how justified you may be in holding onto your anger and bitterness, the only person it is really harming is you. Yes, you may indeed be totally "justified" in how you are feeling yet ask yourself, is it truly worth it? Can you see instead how it is not only keeping you from living the life you deserve, you are also in a sense allowing the other person to win! For as long as you hang onto your thoughts and feelings of anger towards the other person, they have power and control over you and how you live your life. This Angel can be of such service here in helping you to move past this! Its totally okay to pour it all out to her, every single bit of it, just get it out and allow her to transform it into something beautiful and wondrous for you. She can if you will allow her to! Same with any fears you may have, share them with her! This is what she is here for, to help you move through these things as easily and joyfully as possible. It need not be a struggle, and instead she can inspire you with joyful thoughts of how easy this all is for you now and how readily you are accomplishing this goal of thinking in higher and ever more positive ways!

Science has found that most people think negatively a full 75% of the time. Now can you imagine what life and the world would be like if that shifted to all of us thinking POSITIVE thoughts 75% (or more!) of the time. The transformation would be stupendous! All of us have this capability. No matter how long you have been thinking in ways that have not served you, you can begin to change that today, right now. You don't have to wait another second to begin thinking a new and more positive thought. You only have to be willing to begin moving in this direction and you will find that this Angel and the entire of the Universe is moving right along with you to help you!

Positive thinking will impact every area of your life for the better. From your health to you wealth, to your relationships, business, career and personal success, even your ability to make a positive difference in the world. There is nothing that you cannot achieve that positive thinking doesn't help to make it so!

What to watch for with this Angel:

You may start to notice more frequently what other people are saying or writing to you. Other people can be such a valuable mirror to show us what direction our thinking is moving. If you are receiving a high percentage of negative thought forms through what other people are saying or writing to you, then you know you need to stop and take stock of what you yourself have been focusing on! On the other hand, if you are noticing more positive messages coming through to you from others then you know that you too are making valuable changes within yourself.

Often people who are touched by this angel find that she guides them to many different resources including books, audio tapes, CD's and/or websites that have much positive information to share. Someone may throw a positive thinking tape on your desk at work commenting on how helpful it has been for them and for some reason they thought you might enjoy it too. Or someone will, totally out of the blue, email you a link to a website because it has a feel good story that they wanted to share. You visit it and find a link to another site that has much valuable information and support for changing your thought habits. Remember, both positive and negative thinking ARE habits and we do get to choose which habit is the most valuable to us! On your way to work or shopping you may notice a billboard or some other sign that reminds you to be more aware of your thoughts. Once when I was in a rather dreary mood I passed a sign that read "Lighten Up!". It reminded me to start shifting my focus to what was going right in my life and soon not only did I feel loads better, but the problem I thought I needed to focus on in order to resolve it totally cleared up on its own!

You may feel the urge to make a list of positive thoughts or affirmations that you would like to focus on more frequently. I took some 3 x 5 cards and came up with simple phrases such as "Higher Vibrations Are Abundant" or "I Welcome More Fun". Each morning I shuffle the deck and pull one as a sort of thought for the day. I leave it propped against my computer monitor so that I see it even when I am working and it really does make such a difference!

You may also find that you stop pushing yourself to do the things that you really do not want to do and instead gravitate more and more towards those things you do wish to do. If you dislike your job and tend to think negatively of it, you find you start looking for a new job that is more in alignment with your real joy. Or maybe you decide one afternoon that it is much more important to take your children to the park rather than do the washing up. The dishes will wait. Your children will be grown and gone before you know it. Spending loving time with them now will provide you with many positive memories to reflect back on in the future! Bear in mind that you do not need to make major changes all at once in your life. Instead, each day choose to do one thing that fills you with joy and that you feel happy thinking about vs. something that doesn't. Chances are that if you have your fun first, you will also find that if you do need to do the other it won't seem nearly as much of a chore and will flow much better than you expected!

You start saying no to people and requests that make you feel bad about yourself in any way or that leave you feeling frustrated and harried when you try to do them. That you are having negative thoughts and feelings is this Angel telling you that these things are not for your Higher Good (or the other person's!) and to step away from the situation or say no firmly and mean it. You have the right to say NO so use it! And then begin asking this Angel to lead you into those things that you can feel really good about saying YES to.

Other Ways to work with this Angel:

Ask to be guided to any tools and resources that you will find helpful in shifting your thinking from negative to the positive. Flower essences, working with crystals, aromatherapy, books, audiotapes or CD's. There are a vast number of wonderful resources available today and this Angel will help you find those that are perfect for you!

Another way to work with this Angel is to get some alphabet kitchen magnets and each morning make the first positive word that pops into your mind on your refrigerator with the magnets. Write your word for the day down on paper or an index card and be sure to carry it with you throughout your day. Try to think of your word as often as you can and just feel the energy of it. See how many sentences you can think of using your word while waiting in a queue or at a stoplight. If you think of some that are especially resonate for you, repeat frequently and write them down at the first available opportunity. I carry a small notebook and pen with me in my handbag in case inspiration strikes!

When you find yourself slipping down the negative slide ask this Angel to please support you in thinking of new and more positive thoughts. Say to yourself "I now cancel the negative thoughts I was thinking. I release them and cheerfully replace them with thoughts that help me to feel happy and at peace with myself and the world." You can also ask this Angel to say "cancel negative thought energies" right along with you and you can be sure she will love doing this!

The more frequently you attune to this Angel the better and faster your results will be! Remember, she will help you in any way that is within her power to do so and yet you must be the one that makes an active and conscious decision to do the best you can to change your thoughts for the better!

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