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Angel of Probability
There is a Law of The Universe, The Law of Probability, that this Angel has come to teach you about today. This Law is very special to my own heart for it was through this very law that I was able to meet and connect with this lovely Angel! Right before we met, I had been feeling that I was looking for something but wasn't sure what it was I was looking for. So I began by visiting some of my own favorite websites, one of which led me to another site which led me to an interview with Jack Canfield which led me to connecting with this Angel! Yet it hasn't stopped there for even now I am finding more and more tools, books, even re-discovering some tools I had worked with in the past and then forgotten about that I am finding very useful and helpful for me now. There is no limit to what this Angel and The Universe can bring to us if we follow our Inner Guidance to begin the process of seeking something, even if we are not quite sure yet what it is we are looking for!

The Law of Probability in a nutshell can be explained thusly; The more avenues you pursue, be it through websites, books, self-help CD's and audio tapes, going to seminars or workshops, learning different forms of meditation or what ever may especially appeal to you, then the more likely you are to find something that is going to be truly life changing for you. Certainly it may take a bit of time or it may happen almost straightaway. For me, the most recent happenstance with this Law happened over a period of about 3 days. Yet when the event finally occurred, I truly was open to it happening. I felt more in alignment with that which I was seeking, even though I didn't know what that was. I only knew that it would be something that would make me feel good and I would know it when it happened. Did I ever! I could hear the bells ringing like a choir in my head, and I knew that this Angel would be an important helper in my own life. The Law of Probability says that anytime we reach for something more, we expand our minds and hearts to learn more of how The Universe works, we will at some point begin to attract information and resources that will improve our lives. It MUST happen, for this is Universal Law. And like other Universal Laws such as Law of Attraction, this Law too is always at work in our lives whether we are aware of it or not. This is why in the Bible it says "seek and ye shall find". What this is talking about is the Law of Probability. The more you are willing to be open to it, the more you are likely to get out of it.

So often it seems that all of us are searching for the "magic bullet", the one thing that will forever and immediately change our lives to how we want for them to be. And while I certainly do believe that this is possible, I also know that many of us have not quite reached that point yet. So we beat ourselves up when we try something and it doesn't work as well as we had hoped, thus negating the Good that we had received from it. We tell ourselves there must be something wrong with us, maybe we aren't worthy enough or smart enough or good enough. Why isn't what we wanting manifesting faster or in greater abundance we cry! Surely we must be doing something wrong! Yet this Angel has come to say that it is none of these things for none of this is the truth of any of us! What has happened is that we have in fact made a shift, and often this is far more than many people will do in their entire lives. We have made progress forward. It may not seem much to us but this Angel is saying that this is "Only the tip of the iceberg!". The creation of a wonderful life isn't a race down the motorway, it is a step by step process that unfolds more slowly so that we can learn to relax and move with the Flow of the river of Life rather than trying to paddle furiously downstream. If we are paddling furiously, we may miss small but important details that can help us further clarify what it is we truly desire from our lives. When we try to rush the process, trying to skip over the steps we need to take, we may find that we have in fact rushed right by the life of our dreams and didn't even realize it. This Angel would have you know though that this isn't the end of anything for we get all the second chances we are willing to grab hold of! Yet it does mean we may have more to shed or release as we backtrack to where we really want to be. No harm done in the greater scheme of things and truly we will have learned a very valuable lesson. If we are rushing on our way to somewhere, we may also miss out on important information that we need in order to insure that when we receive what we desire, it will truly fulfill us in the ways we had hoped it would. In fact, our rushing can actually push what we are wanting away from us for it is really doing is saying to The Universe that we don't really believe that we can receive what we desire so we have to find a way to push the matter along just in case our requests were not heard by All That Is.

This Angel often works hand in hand with the Angel of Slowing Down. When we are willing to relax, this is when This Angel and The Universe can speak to us. It is in those moments that we get the gentle nudge to do this or go there. And then when we follow through we find exactly the information or the person or the resources we were looking for. And often, not all that far from our own front door either! It is when we are madly rushing about that we tend to enact the "shadow" side of this Law (The shadow only really being a mis-application of a given Law). For example, for many people the Law of Probability works this way: They get an idea of what it is they are wanting. And instead of using the Law of Probability to help them zero directly in on the information and resources they may need to bring this into manifestation, they instead begin toying with the desire to include this possibility and that possibility, to the point that completely lose the plot. In other words, they have really set aside their original desire because deep down they didn't think it possible for them to manifest or they didn't feel they were worthy enough of having it manifest. So the person may decide to go for something a bit less than what is truly desired because that "seems easier". Yet second best is never enough for anyone because we will still hunger for that which will really make our Souls sing! One may also not be very clear about what is desired or is afraid to trust in what they sense is truly right for them. All of us do this to one degree or another and then we wonder why our desires aren't manifesting faster than they are! The more ambivalence we have over our desires, the longer it is going to take for them to manifest. The Universe Thankfully is forever patient and loving as we move through this process. Much more patient and loving towards us than we are ourselves! So no matter how badly we think we have dodged something, this Angel is soothing us and reassuring us that all is never lost and that at any moment we can get ourselves turned right round again and moving in the direction that we really desire to be moving in.

This Angel can show is how best to work with this Law if we are open and willing to learn. This is really all that matters in life, to be willing to release our beliefs of how we think the world must work and instead approach each new day from a fresh perspective. For it is through the Law of Probability that we learn that if we continue to think the same thoughts each new days as we did the day before, the chances are very high that we are going to attract very similar circumstances day after day. If the thoughts we have been thinking and the emotions we have been feeling have on the whole been positive, then this Law along with the Law of Attraction will insure that we continue to have positive experiences day in and day out. And in fact this will grow because the more we note that which is positive, the more we begin to both expect it and even actively seek it out, again enhancing the probability that even more wonderful things will happen for us. Some people seem to have a handle on this without even consciously understanding why how they live is so effective for them. Yet any of us can learn to live more effectively if we choose to. It is just a simple matter of being open to the process which increases the probability that we will find the processes that are truly right for us as individuals. Which brings us right back to The Law of Probability and this Angel! For life is truly a circle, it flows round and round without end. It needn't be like scaling Mt. Everest for you to activate this Law in positive ways in your own life for struggling is what we are all moving past at this point in time. All you need to do is say to this Angel "you know, I have these desires that I am not really quite sure what to do with. Can you please show me how I can increase the probability that I can manifest them? Thank you!" Then you allow yourself to remain open to the process. You allow yourself to pay attention to the gentle nudges and whispers that this Angel sends you. You choose to pop into that bookstore that you have always been wanting to visit and find "The Book" that alters your entire thought processes. Or you finally decide to attend "That Class" where you learn more about yourself and your life than you had dreamed possible. Or you happen to meet the person who turns out to be the love of your life. Once you begin to consciously begin to work with The Higher there is no limit to the wonderful manifestations that can occur!

You may at this point be thinking to yourself that you have been invoking this Law in ways that have not been positive for you, but please take heart! Now that you are aware of this Law, know that this Angel is also a part of your Vibration and always will be by your side, helping you to put this Law to use in many positive ways for the benefit of yourself as well as others! There is not a single one of us that comes in knowing everything that there is to know. Yes, the Higher and Wiser part of ourselves does know and yet it too also knows that as we come into physical form, that we will be exposed to many others who have forgotten who they and we are. Yet you see, a safety net was already put into place for each of us long before we came into these physical bodies. One piece of that safety net is the yearning inside each of us to better understand life, to know why things appear to happen as they do. The contrast that each of us experiences is meant to cause us to ask why this and not that, or why do some of us have such wonderful lives while others suffer so. What is the purpose behind it all? As each of us begins to ask these questions and is truly open to hearing the answers, then they must come to us. We begin to learn about The Universal Laws and how we can use them to help ourselves and others. Within us is then born a strong desire to uplift others and bring Joy and Divine Healing into their lives, even as we are seeking Joy and Healing in our own lives. Yet we must also use caution to not try and force our own knowing onto others who may not be ready to hear it. Each of us must come to our own spiritual awareness and understanding at the moment that is right for each to do so and not before. Instead we must trust that all the Laws of The Universe, including this one, will make its way into the conscious awareness of each person as they are ready. And we can help to prepare the way for this by learning as much as we can about all the Laws that we may put them to best use in our own lives for there is nothing that we can do that will not help or hinder all others.

When you first begin to apply this Law consciously in your own life, this Angel wants you to know that it is not required that you grasp at this tool or that in hopes of finding the right one for that is more a sign of resistance and not a positive application of the Law. What this Angel would suggest you do instead is be open to hearing its whispers of "yes, that one!" and "I think we need to wander over this way today. There is something I would like for you to notice today". This is really what the process feels like, just a gentle flowing from moment to moment with an open heart and mind. Too, it is important to not automatically discount something just because it seems very strange and new to you. Take the time to stop and ask if just maybe there is something here that would be useful for you. If not, this Angel along with your own Inner Guidance will let you know. Be aware however that there may also be a clue in what isn't quite right as to what will be perfect for you. I have this happen often in my own life where I have felt the urge to investigate a website I have heard about and while the material there may not be quite a good fit for me, there may be a link to another site or mention of a book that IS perfect for me. By following the urge to investigate and learn a little more, I am inevitably led to something that helps me to move more Joyfully along my own life's path. I may stumble across some information I had been seeking for quite some time, the answer to a question or the phrasing of something that helped me to better understand something I had not been able to grasp before. For this is precisely how this Law works, when we seek, we shall be led to the answers. And find that in truth, the answers were within us all along.

So today make the choice that you are going to trust where you are being led and that as you sift through all the wonderful tools that are available to you, that you are going to find the perfect ones for you with ease and Joy. Just because one thing doesn't seem to work well for you doesn't mean that something else won't. Part of this process is also having the willingness within you to change, to do things differently, to be willing to let go of resistance and choose to think different thoughts. None of this need be a long, arduous process. In fact, if you allow this Angel to help you, it can actually be a great deal of fun! Yet what is even more wonderful is when you begin to notice little positive changes happening in your life here and there. Then those changes grow into bigger and even more positive circumstances. Then you find that what you have done is open yourself to the probability that life truly was meant to be fun and Joyful and that you do indeed deserve to live a most wonderful life!

What to watch for with this Angel:

You will find as you wake each morning that you feel a strong inner need to change the thoughts you normally think, unless of course they are already highly positive. But if not, you are likely to awaken thinking to yourself "I really want to think differently today, I just feel so open to thinking new thoughts today and seeing where they lead me as time goes on".

You may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the possible choices of tools that begin coming your way. That's okay, all you need to do is just ask this Angel to help you feel clearer as to what you really need to be working on right now. It may not always be what you think it is so again, remember to be open to this process and just allow it to be what ever it may be.

You may feel drawn to trying something that you have never done before and yet it feels so right to you. Go for it! Its amazing what can happen when we allow this Angel and The Universe to direct our lives, this is when miracles happen!

Someone you know may suddenly speak to you of something they have been using for themselves and have had success with. This happens frequently with this Angel as often the people we are closest too are the ones that can see what we too may be needing in our lives at this time.

This Angel knows that one of the biggest concerns we may have is "where is the money going to come from to help me pay for this or that!" Yet there are many ways the tools that you need can come to you so remain open to this happening for you as well. Sometimes a friend gives us a book or an audio tape that is just what we need. Or we stop in at the Library and find they have numerous books for us to peruse that will be very helpful. Your income can increase, sometimes substantially and I have seen this happen with many people. There truly is magic that happens when we are willing to pursue our own Healing and Upliftment, The Universe always responds with what ever we need to make this a reality!

Other ways to work with this Angel:

Ask this Angel to show you were you are already using this Law in a positive way and also where you are not using it as well. The answers will be very enlightening for you!

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