Angel Of Slowing Down Gem Essences

The Angel of Slowing Down

It is so easy in our modern day society to be constantly rushing about, trying to pile on yet more and more for ourselves to do each day. Faster and faster we go only to find that we are burned out, stressed out and really no further along towards the goals and dreams of our hearts. So we try to go even faster thinking that we just aren’t doing enough while this Angel is calling out to us “Slow Down!”

When I first began writing about this Angel a friend said to me “It seems that so many people are rushing about only to find they are rushing to nowhere, at least nowhere good that I can see”. Her words made me realize how important this Angel truly is for I know that when we slow down, take a deep breath and look to see where we are really headed, then our Intuition can kick in and Guide us to where we really need to be and to what we really need to be doing. For all of our busyness, many of us feel we are no closer to where we really wish to be than we were before. Sometimes we all forget that it is in the quiet moments that we can hear our Guides and Angels, when we can hear the voice of sanity and reason. It is not the busy moments when we are truly accomplishing anything, it is when we are quiet and still that much gets done for it is in those moments that we allow The Universe to step in for us. We are then allowing it to do the work or to sort things out on our behalf. If we are constantly on the go, what we are really doing is saying “Angels, Guides, Universe, I don’t need your help. See how busy I am? I can do it all by myself, Thank you very much!” And then we wonder why we are so tired and irritable all the time or why our health is failing or why things just don’t seem to go terribly well in our lives. Small wonder when we don’t even have the time to allow All that Loves us so into our lives!

The first time I had a heart to heart talk with this Angel, the first thing she asked me was how much of what you are so busy with is bringing you a sense of peace and joy? How much of it is part of what you know in your heart and soul is part of your Divine Life Path and what isn’t? Are you accomplishing anything that is of real value to you through all that you are doing? And if not, then why are you doing it?!” It was then that I realized that above all, I had to slow way down, take stock of where I was at and where I really wanted to be. What did I value doing most as I went about my day? What was truly of importance to me and what left me feeling joyful as I was doing it? When I looked back on my day in the evening, did I accomplish anything that I really wanted to and left me feeling satisfied, even proud of myself or did I just feel exhausted and dreading having to go through the same routine the next day. As I asked myself this each evening I could hear this Angel speaking to me and saying “this you can let go of, you don’t really need to be doing that. And this can go too, oh and this as well. Now, when tomorrow comes, don’t try to take those things back! Remember, you have given these things over to me and The Universe and I shall take care of these for you”. What a relief! Yet being all too human, I often did try to pick those things back up again. Thankfully this Angel already had a plan in place to keep me on the “straight and narrow”. She would immediately come through to me and say “You so love to walk, now would be a great time to take a half hour or so and just go move your body.” Or “Here is an idea for some writing you have wanted to do, best hop to it so you don’t lose the moment of inspiration!” Over and over she did this, coming up with the perfect thing for me to be doing next and soon I found I was getting so much more accomplished that had value for me even though I was slowing down at the same time.

How is this possible, to accomplish more by slowing down and doing less? I honestly don’t know, it is certainly one of the paradoxes of The Universe and yet I know it is absolutely true! Perhaps it is because when we stop to listen, we find that what we thought we needed to do is not the correct action at all. Or perhaps it is because we are working more in alignment with The Universe, we are living our lives on Universal Time not Human Time. There is a Zen saying that “we do without doing and everything gets done”. I know many people say “but I have to do this and this, and I promised someone else that I would get to that, and oh, so many responsibilities!” This Angel doesn’t say to us to shirk our responsibilities, but she does say to us to be more mindful and aware of what our true responsibilities are. For example, I have come to realize that one of my own responsibilities is to take some exercise each day. My body loves it, and I am rewarded with better health and those lovely rushes of endorphins! I feel revitalized and renewed, I eat healthier food in order to fuel my workouts and I am much more relaxed and at peace. All very good things! Another of my responsibilities is to write, something else I so love to do. People seem to enjoy what I write and find it helpful so this is another way for me to contribute to others well-being while making myself happy too. Bliss!! Yet in order to take care of all that are my true responsibilities, then I have to let go of those things that are not mine to do. Someone who is better at it than I am can do those things and contribute far more to others than I could by doing them! And this is what this Angel wants you to understand as well, that you too have responsibilities that are very important for you to be doing, which will contribute to your well-being and the well-being of others. But you must STOP and really think about what you are doing now that is mindless busyness. And if you do, if you really listen to this Angel, what you will soon see that much of what you are doing now is not contributing to your Divine Life Path at all, but is in fact leading you further and further from it. If the path you are currently on was truly making you happy, I know that you wouldn’t have called out from within yourself for this Angel to come to you in this your present moment. You would have been to busy doing what you love and having fun!

I can already hear some people saying “But I have to take my kids to all their after school activities, and then I have to go to the supermarket and then I need to work overtime because, because, because”. Well, did you ever stop to think that maybe your kids might like to slow down a bit too? Or that if you took a little time to slow down you could plan some meals, take stock of what is in the pantry and then make one trip to the market a week? Or maybe you have a friend or family member who loves grocery shopping (yes, these folks do exist!) and they would be more than happy to help you with yours? And what is it about your job that you have to work so much; is it the money? Have you tried asking The Universe to bring you more money in joyful, fun ways or have you shut that concept out of your mind completely? Or is it because no one else will pick up the slack and so you are the one who is expected to do so? If so, maybe its time to have a talk with this Angel and see what can be done, even if that includes looking for another job. Good jobs are out there, but you also have to be open to walking right into the one that is going to be perfect for you! Don’t worry or wonder how it will come about, just ask this Angel and your Guides for help and trust that they will indeed lead you to the perfect job and in the perfect way and time!

This Angel also wishes for you to know that it is our willingness to slow down, relax and allow what is desired to come to us that we are truly at are most effective as manifestors. You relax and what you wants manifests, you slow down and the perfect opportunity or circumstance presents itself. You find yourself happily and peacefully going about your day and everything falls into place for you. It isn’t through the “busyness” of life that we manifest what makes us happy , it is the quiet moment, the peaceful times, the moments of calm and saying “ahhhh, I feel so relaxed and at peace right now”. People can be so busy that they actually go rushing past the very thing they have been wanting! As an example, I know someone who had been looking for a new place to live. He looked and looked but nothing seemed to be presenting itself. Each day, he bustled about, doing this that and the other thing, all the while congratulating himself on how hard he was working at things and yet feeling very frustrated that his “Right Home” had yet to manifest. After all, he was working so hard at it and other things, why had it not come into being? Until one afternoon when he was rushing home from work and he suddenly had the urge to turn down a street that he had passed many times before. He said he had often felt the urge to simply stop his car and go for a stroll along this street but “never felt he had the time” to follow through. This time something made him stop (this Angel of course!) and as he begin to walk along and relax, he noticed this house with a “For Rent” sign in front of it. Needless to say, this turned out to be the perfect place for him! It was closer to his work and all the places he preferred to shop at so he soon felt he had much more time to relax and slow down than before. His neighbors were wonderful people who were kind and helpful, often inviting him over for dinner or offering to help him with yard work and other chores. They felt they benefited by their friendship with him in many ways and he certainly did as well! Not only had his life slowed to a much more comfortable and joyful level, he was now sharing it with some pretty wonderful people!

I have heard of this same sort of thing happening to other folks as well but also in terms of finding one’s Soulmate, or making a new friend who helped them get a wonderful new job. All because these folks heeded this Angel’s advice to just stop, slow down and take it easy. If you are always in a hurry, how can you see all the potential and opportunity that surrounds you always and in all ways?

When you slow down you feel good or at least a little better. Your health improves, your relationships improve, your focus and concentration improves. Life just flows so much more easily and joyfully when we listen to this Angel!

Other ways to work with this Angel:

Make a commitment to take a 5 – 10 minute breather at some point during your day. Shut off the phone, hang a sign on your door saying “do not disturb”, kick your shoes off and just relax. You can read or listen to music if that helps you to feel more peaceful, or write in your journal. You can just sit and talk with this Angel, asking her if you have rushed by any opportunities recently that you need to be aware of so you can take the appropriate steps now to re-connect with them. Do what ever it is that helps you feel peaceful, relaxed, slowed down. Doesn’t mater what it is as long as it works for you.

Ask this Angel to help you better understand what it is that is over-driving you. Are you trying to please or impress someone else with all your busyness? Do you not feel you are worthy or important unless you are always rushing about? Are you fearful that if you are not always “doing, doing, doing” that others will think you lazy and shiftless? There are many reasons why we all feel we need to “out-perform” ourselves and even others. None of them are worth holding on to so do ask this Angel to help you to release them!

Ask this Angel to immediately begin bringing you an Abundance of Blessings and Gifts as you begin to slow down. This will help prove to you that by being willing to slow down that The Universe will bestow upon you all that you could possibly desire and more! It truly does work so be willing for a time to step aside from your normal busy routine and allow space for this Angel and Spirit to move on your behalf.

There is not one person on the planet that could possibly keep up with all the demands that others can throw at us. And you know something? You don’t have to, not anymore! For you have this Angel on your side, Divinely Guiding and leading you to all that you truly want for your life to be.

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