Angel of Synchronicity Gem Essences

Angel of Synchronicity

This is a very magical Angel that comes to let us know through the energy of synchronicity that we are on track and have the full backing of the Universe behind us! Synchronicity happens because we are being reminded that everything and everyone is connected at a deep level and consciously or unconsciously everything and everyone is working together to bring us the support and guidance we need at this time.

Synchronicity may occur when a person thinks to themselves " I sure would love to do_________! (Fill in the blank) If this something, what ever it may be from learning to play the drums to going on a cruise round the world, is heart and soul felt then the Universe immediately begins to validate this desire as good and obtainable through synchronicity. The person may meet someone that day out of the blue who is a travel agent or is learning how to play the drums and knows of a fabulous teacher. He or she may see a drum kit being unloaded right near their home. Travel brochures may arrive unexpectedly in the post or upon turning on the telly, there is an offer for a fabulous cruise at a fraction of the cost that the person would have expected. All of these things and more are saying to the person "absolutely, you want this or that, you can have it if you just keep your focus on what messages you are being sent and staying excited and upbeat knowing that what you are asking for is in the process of manifesting". By the same token, if our little friend here decides to take a downward swing and start to think " Oh I could never do this, it would take too much time, money, trouble" etc, then again the Universe will send them messages, usually through other people, that how they are thinking now is bringing them even more of what they do not desire. Synchronicity works both ways! Think in positive terms then positive synchronicity is what comes back. Think in downer terms and downer synchronism is what also comes back. The Angel of Synchronicity often works many long hours trying to get this message through our heads! You can easily see this for yourself by watching what you are feeling and thinking during the day and noting what messages come back to you in return. Pay attention though for messages and synchronicity always seem to pop up when you least expect, such a standing in the queue at the supermarket!

This angel works in other ways through "Synch" (for short) as well. For example, lets say you noticed a beautiful vase at a super price and you really want to purchase it but then think well, I already have x number of vases, I don't really need another. You trundle on home, still thinking about that vase and how you wished you had just purchased it and are met at the door by the family cat who is looking rather sheepish (if cats ever do!). That's when you notice the broken glass on the floor of what used to be one of your x number of vases! This Angel was whispering in your ear "buy the vase, its perfect and just what you DO need right now" knowing all the while that Kitty was in the process of making sure that space would be cleared so the new vase would have a home! The real topper comes when after purchasing the vase, a friend hands you a book on Feng Shui and your realize that your new vase is actually the perfect size, shape and color to use as a wealth vase! That's when you start to hear about Feng Shui everywhere you go and what ever you do which leads you to have your own home Feng Shui'd which leads you to establishing a fabulous new career which leads to meeting the love of your life which leads to........Well you get the idea now I am sure! This is how synchronicity works, when we follow through on it and trust in it we find ourselves being led directly to all the wonderful things that life has to offer far more easily than had we struggled and strained and doubted and feared and wondered if any good would ever come our way at all. Synchronicity is intuitive. It is heartfelt. It makes the hair on the napes of our necks stand up and we shake our heads in awe of the Master Planner of it all that has only our highest good at heart. It is meant through this Angel to tell us over and over again that we can have anything we desire if we are truly desiring of it, we are willing to receive it and to follow along as this Angel brings us synchronicities after synchronicities experiences. We can choose to ignore the synchronicity that occurs in our lives saying it is nothing but a coincidence or we can see it for what it really is: A loving message from a loving Universe saying that our desires are good and we are worthy of having them fulfilled.

Synchronicity can help us with problem solving, inspire us creatively, help us find the right words to bring comfort to a friend or loved one. Its primary purpose and that of this Angel is Love. It serves to remind us that we have yet to see the whole picture and that what we are taught "Reality" is, is but a fragment of what we are capable of experiencing.

This Angel has come to you today in response to something you have been desiring and wondering if it is possible for you to have or perhaps you are needing a solution to a problem. Heads up! Pay attention! An alert has been sounded throughout the Universe that a beloved child of Spirit is in need of some validation or support! It is important for you to understand that everything IS working on your behalf, even if it doesn't seem so at the time. For the Angels of Synchronicity and Blessings In Disguise are also to be found and where ever these two can be found you can be sure that only good and light may enter into any situation. Keep a small journal or notebook at hand and jot down what messages you keep seeing on the telly, hear on the radio or near the coffee machine at work. What signs street signs or billboards jump out at you on your way home from work or to work? Are there animals you keep seeing such as an abundance of dogs or squirrels? Or maybe you just "happen" to notice a new magazine at the newsstand one day that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you and then you find that suddenly you are meeting people over and over that are interested in those same things and have much to share with you. This Angel will find more ways to bring you the energy of synchronicity than you may think now and along the way once you see how much fun it is to catch and notice these signs you will never want this Angel to leave!

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

This one is pretty obvious of course! You think something and that same day three other people mention the same or similar thoughts to you. You start daydreaming about having or being or doing what ever and then those things start popping up in front of your face over and over again. You ask for a solution to a problem and then while having your hair cut your hairdresser starts telling you a story about something that happened to a friend of hers and then you realize you have just received your answer. It comes through the day to day things, the little things that we do day in and day out, all can be used by this Angel to bring us messages of hope and cheer.

Other ways to work with the energy of this Angel is to make a sign with the word Synchronicity in large letters upon it. Decorate it if you wish, then hang it where you can see it often. Make several such signs and hang them all over your home or put one in your car. For you Feng Shui addicts like me, put the sign underneath a bell or wind chime to "ring in" the energy of synchronicity. Meditate on the word, write in your journal what sorts of synch experiences you would like to have, ask for this Angel to enter your life in any way that strikes your fancy! Be creative with this for the energy of Synchronicity itself is highly creative and unlimited in its expression! And be sure to give Thanks to this Angel and all of life.

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