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The Angel's Song
*By request we are delighted to have added The Angel's Song essence Lotion*

There is quite a story behind this essence and so to be able to explain more fully how and why it came about, I have included what I originally wrote about my first experience with this most exquisite song of an Angel in the August 2006 Newsletter

As some of you already know, we moved quite suddenly mid-July and so this newsletter will not be as extensive as normal due to the move. It was completely unexpected and yet, that's Mercury Retrograde combined with the power of affirmations!

My eldest and I had been chatting and he mentioned that he wished we had more space and I heartily agreed. So I said well, let's do some affirmations together and see what happens. Maybe a house will open up that will be perfect for us. So we each started doing our own affirmations round this and not three days later I just "happened" to walk out our door at the same time as one of our Managers. He mentioned that the flat upstairs had become available and would I like to see it. Now I had seen the flat across from this one before but as it is the same size as the one we were in at the time we weren't interested even though the views from it are really lovely. I had had some interesting encounters with the tenant who had lived in this flat for over 35 years before the people who then took it over when he moved (more on that in a moment) and thought it would be interesting to see the layout as I knew there had to be some very beneficial chi moving through here as well as one challenge so I decided to at least take a look to confirm my suspicions if nothing else. Too, I knew that it was quite a bit larger and I thought well, can't hurt to look. Turned out the very guas I felt had to be positive were and the gua that I knew was a challenge, was. Well, one thing led to another and now here we are!

Now for the interesting encounters! The gentleman who lived here previously was getting on in years and when we first moved to this building he was very polite and yet extremely reserved so we never really knew him well and yet as time went on we noticed that his mind was beginning to wander. We would find him out on the fire escape and would have to bring him in through our flat and re-direct him to his home again. He thought my son Donald was the manager, and then he decided that I was literally a Saint and every time he saw me he would inform me of this at which point I went to the managers and said that I was becoming increasingly concerned for this man's well being and safety. Several tenants besides us were also trying to keep watch on him and he did have several very close friends who were also trying to get some sort of intervention happening for him. Thankfully as it turned out this man was very wealthy and so had the financial means to insure that he could receive the best of care. So I knew this flat had to have an excellent flow of chi through the Prosperity Gua as well as the Helpful Friends Gua though I suspected the Health Gua left a lot to be desired. (It does, though I do have adjustments in place for that)

Events took their course and finally he was moved to a care home where he could be properly looked after. At the time I felt both a bit sad for him and yet also relieved as I knew that this was really what was best for him. Some other tenants moved in and then they left after buying a house. Initially I had to admit I felt a little funny about moving in here as I still felt like this flat "belonged" to the gentleman who had lived here for so long. And then I was up here alone looking things over when suddenly I heard the most beautiful singing, it was truly exquisite and I thought, oh someone has such a beautiful voice. Because I was so absorbed in what I was doing in the moment I had forgotten that I was in fact the only person up here! The tenants who lived in the flat directly across from this one had moved out two weeks previously as they were returning to Brazil. And then I realized that the singing seemed to be coming directly behind me and as I turned to look there was no one there. I looked all through rooms, went out on the landing, even up the stairs to the skylight and there was no one on this floor at the time but me. I sat here on the floor with chills running up my spine and just knew that for what ever reason we needed to be here for a time. How long it will be, who knows! That doesn't seem to matter as I feel this space is a sort of "launching pad" for us and what ever happens I know it will be good. I also like to think that maybe the gentleman who had lived here had somehow picked up my thoughts and concerns and sent an Angel to me to let me know that we had his blessing. I know that as I was hearing the singing I also noticed that this space felt so clear and clean, as though no one had ever lived here before and left remnants of their energy behind. I had never experienced this before, usually I know it is mandatory to go through and clear all the areas when one moves into a new home. This felt so different so I knew that it was meant to be.

It occurred to me that this wondrous song that I heard was meant to be an essence. My first thought after first hearing this song was how I wished there was a way I could recreate it on audio tape or CD to be able to share it with anyone who wished to experience it. Then I remembered I had a similar experience before in a dream in which I was standing near this massive bridge and as I stared up at it in wonder, I suddenly heard the most beautiful music and singing I have ever heard in my life. Never in all my years have I heard music quite like that, the purity and tone was truly awesome and once again I woke up wishing that there was a way to recreate it but there simply is no way that any musician or singer could match quite what I have heard, either in the dream or here in my home. Then it hit me that it might be possible to create an essence and then as before, one thing led to another and here it is. I know now that both times what I heard was the Music of Angels, it was just too amazing to be anything else and perhaps it is because of my deep and lifelong study and love of music that these incredible blessings were attracted to me.

Its hard to put into words the way this essence feels. Its unlike anything I have ever produced before. It if for clarity and peace, an unshakable knowing that one is totally plugged into The Universe and that there are always an abundance of Angels, Love and Support in what ever way we need when we need it. It is for a "Waterfall of Blessings" (the word waterfall is one this Angel has chosen to describe it) it is for knowing that the choices we make are totally supported by The Universe and that all things can be elevated and lifted up into a Higher Vibration where they can only bring an Abundance of Joy and Good to all. I do feel as well that this essence will work with all who resonate with it in very personal ways and I am keen to hear how it blesses other people as it has certainly been blessing all of us here!

Ylang Ylang, Pink Lotus and Rose


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The Angel's Song Essence Lotion - essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Pink Lotus and Rose
2 Ounces


Angel's Song Essence Lotion

The Angel's Song Essence Lotion - essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Pink Lotus and Rose
4 Ounces


Angel's Song Essence Lotion


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