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This page is replacing the Grandfather's section of the monthly newsletter. Because the newsletter takes so long to write, they and I both felt that it would be easier on me to be able to work on these pages throughout the month and post them here. For right now because of the extensive changes that we have been making on the website I will be posting some earlier information from them. Later on I hope to be answering questions that have arisen from people who wanted the Grandfather's to focus on a specific topic.

Addendum: Since the time when this was first posted due to the huge number of requests from folks wanting The Grandfathers back in the newsletter, I have decided to post some of the information from them here as well as through the newsletter.

So who are the Grandfathers? They are part of a larger body of Spiritual Guides known as The Council. The GF's as I call them have been with me literally all of my life, I cannot remember a time when they have not made their presence known to me in one form or another.

Their focus is simply Love. Love of all of us, Love of the Earth and Spirit, Love of all life forms both as we know of life and those that exist throughout the Universe. They seek to make us think, to question all the beliefs that we hold dear if those beliefs are limiting us in terms of what we came here to do: To express our full potential as Souls having a physical experience. They seek to help us find our own answers and our own truth.

I have heard from many people that they have interceded on another's behalf when called upon, they have helped to manifest miracles, to restore faith in the Goodness and Love of the Universe and are always there to remind us that we are NEVER alone!

When I think of them or see them as I often do, I perceive them as wise old men from all corners of the globe and beyond, hence my name for them. Granted, they are "wily old men" who have a trick or two up their sleeve along with an extraordinary sense of humor ( Thank heavens for this, I doubt I could have managed with Guides that were too terribly serious)! Too, I wish all of you reading this could see the love that shines from their eyes, the compassion, wisdom and understanding! If any of us fully understood how much we are loved by them and the Universe, our problems and fears would vanish in an instant! We would be as they are, always in a state of bliss, joy and laughter!

I do believe that THIS is what they are seeking to help us accomplish while in body and during our lifetimes, not some future lifetime or only when we have gone through enormous pain and struggle. To teach us that we can exist as they do right now! That there is hope. There is wonder. There is laughter. And above all, there is Love.

Message from the Grandfathers for the month of September 1999:

As I am preparing this updated page in February of 2007, the Grandfathers are saying that this message is as valid today as it was when I first received it from them.


We are most pleased to be in communication with you at this time. As you read these words, we would ask that you tune into the energy we are sending you behind the words as well as the actual words themselves. We are calling this month of September the "Month of Manifestation" for it is during this time more of you will become more abundantly aware of how to work with the different manifestation processes and dis-covering those that are appropriate for you and bring you the greatest results.

We will say that there is no one way to create anything, there is only that which you resonate with and that which you do not. Some of you have tried numerous techniques, some producing excellent results, some not as powerful results. Those that have not produced the results you have sought are not ineffective, they simply are not the appropriate triggers you require to stimulate your own inner ability to create that which you desire. If you desire to find that which is appropriate trigger for your own manifesting abilities, we would suggest that you simply ask the Universe to bring forth those tools and make them abundantly clear to your conscious awareness. You must then act upon this information and use the tools that are given to you until that which you desire is made manifest through your intention and focus upon it. The more you focus on that which is desired, the more you put your e-motions to work through feeling the energy of that which you desire in the most joyous way possible, the faster it will manifest ! This is Universal Law for what you focus on is what you will experience in your reality. That is why if you fear something, you will indeed draw it to you. To release the fear, first ask that your own guides remove it's vibration from your energy field and then whenever it begins to return to your consciousness, simply stop yourself, recognize that you are feeling fearful, then immediately ask that a better picture and emotion be placed into your conscious awareness and it will be so. In order for the Universe to give you anything, you must remember to ask for it and in the asking be unlimited.

You may indeed ask for a small amount of money for example, but since you are about asking for it, why not ask for twice what is needed? This is not greed in your terms for as that extra money or love, friendship, success, health , whatever you ask for manifests, that vibration is then communicated to the mass consciousness for the greater upliftment of humankind as a whole. And indeed we will also say that this upliftment travels into every corner of the Universe for the abundance of all Beings. If you still feel that to ask for more than what is needed is wrong or greedy, then we would say to ask for a lavish amount in order to share more with others so that they too may prosper and become more aware of the Divine abundance available to all. A very wise Man once said that Spirit uses other people as channels for the flow of Divine support and sustenance to the world and to this we most agree.

We will suggest the following exercise to help you become more aware of your ability to manifest all good things. It is quite simple and indeed we prefer to keep things simple for many of you make things much more difficult than they need be.

When you are focusing on that which you desire, call in the energy of your higher guides or any high energy being you desire to call upon. Our grasshopper here visualizes us as we would appear to her if in human form but any way in which you desire to see your guides is appropriate. If you feel you cannot see your guides, simply sense their energy being close to you as a feeling of love and support. Then see both yourself and that of what you desire to manifest being charged with the highest vibrations from those you have called upon. You will then hand that which is desired to these high beings and let go to allow it to manifest in your reality. You must also request that the manifestation process occur now, knowing it is yours already. You may repeat this process as often as you desire, but do not do it out of a sense of fear that what you are asking for will not manifest. Do it instead as a joyful process, because it is fun. You may also ask your guides or other high energy beings to please bring you concrete proof that what you have requested is indeed being created in your reality. The more you can see the beginnings of this or any other manifestation , the more easily and abundantly the manifestation will occur.

There is much more we could be saying to you about this month of manifestation but we also respect the time and space you in physical form experience and so we shall close for now. We look forward to working with Grasshopper to produce a series of audio tapes on this and other subjects that we have been asked to speak upon. Until then ,we send each of you an abundance of blessings, love and support to create that which you desire to create and may the creation be as joyful and uplifting as your hearts could ever hope!

The following is an excerpt from " Simple Wisdom from the Grandfathers" from our October 1999 Newsletter

Creating Miracles

In order for you to understand how to create miracles in your life, you must first realize that there is a being within you, it is a part of you and has been since long before you ever came into physical being, that is the "Miracle Maker". This part of you takes great delight in creating miracles for you in your life and indeed stands ever ready, waiting for you to connect with it and ask that it now shower you with the greatest of blessings that the Universe desires with it's entire being to give you! If you will but take a moment each day, to connect with the Miracle Maker within, to feel it's joy at your recognizing it's existence, to ask it to begin manifesting it's presence more and more in your life, then stand back and allow it to follow it's joy, we promise you will be amazed at what will come into your life.

Most of you believe that miracles are only available during times of great need and even then it's a lucky thing indeed if one occurs. What you need to grasp, is the idea that the Universe can only give you what you believe is possible and what you can accept as your reality. If you connect with your Miracle Maker within and then choose to think " This will never work for me, good only come through my own efforts and even then it's a long shot", then that is precisely what you will receive. If you can work on affirming" I am going to give this a go, my intent is to keep my mind open, try this for a period of thirty days and just see for myself what happens", then you are better able to allow enough of your Good in that in turn will fuel your faith and belief in your own inner ability to create miracles in your life.

Talk to that being within yourself, ask for it's assistance, be willing to listen to it, to feel the joy and gratitude for it's manifestation in your life and affairs flowing through you and into everything around you. Let it grow and develop to the point where your focus and intent is so clear and precise, that miracle must follow miracle and never again will there be a shortage of any good thing in your life. And once again, we must stress the power of INTENT. Your INTENT fuels your actions, thoughts and beliefs. Your INTENT focuses the entire energy of you as Spiritual being on that which is desired and therefor it must be made manifest in your reality. You can train yourselves to think only of that which is desired, refusing to allow any thoughts to the contrary in to your thought processes and thereby quicken the pace of the manifestation of what is desired.

You may also ask for the Miracle Maker within to give you a symbol, a color, a stone, an animal, whatever works best for you and we will say that only that which bests resonates with you is appropriate, no matter what anyone else believes, then work with that symbol, stone, animal or color in whatever way brings you joy, as often as it brings you joy, and you will deepen your connection with the Miracle Maker within.

The Grandfathers

Message from the Grandfathers for the month of December 1999:

Greetings to all of you!

We have been hearing many of you calling upon us for assistance and direction and we want you to know that we are responding on an energy level even if you are not aware we have done so. Many guides and allies are moving closer and closer to the earth plane during this coming month of December as you move into the final initiation that many of you have been working towards for the past hundreds of years. When we speak of a final initiation we do not mean to imply that you have gone as far as you can go in this lifetime, indeed not for there is still much more to be done. But you have reached the final gateway of beliefs that have centered around struggle, pain and suffering, you are now standing ready to leave those behind so you can indeed move into a new age. What we would suggest is for each of you to write an affirmation stating that you now give up the struggle and allow the World and your own reality to right itself.

You all know exactly what you really want and the time has come to decide that you will purposefully acknowledge what that is and begin moving towards it no matter what you feel the dangers and risks are of doing so. For we are here to tell you there is far greater danger in staying with what is "safe" than moving into the "unknown". If you believe you create your own reality than you can choose to create only a reality where things work out well for you even though others may declare that to leave behind what you said you wanted so as not to rock the boat so to speak is to step into disaster. It would not be so unless that is what you also believe to be true. We admit it appears to take much courage, especially for those of you who have dependants such as children to consider. But you must also understand that those who rely upon you are indeed relying upon you to take those final steps, to commit with all of your being to achieving that which is desired. All you need to do is ask for help and help will be given.

The Universe pours out its Blessings and support continuously to all you simply need to accept it. Do not discount the little things that appear in your life as coincidence or chance, but accept them as expressions of the greater good that is to come. This month of December is an ending for many, a time where the old will be dissolved and washed away on one more than one level. It is about coming into one's own power and believing that you can make a difference in the world. It is also a time for giving and the greatest gift you can give is of yourself. But along with the presents and gifts you give this season, remember to give something to the earth itself. We see the problems you are facing collectively such as pollution, diminishing unspoiled wilderness, the extermination of many animal, plant, bird and insect species. We are here to tell you that these things can be solved quickly if the desire is strong enough for it to happen. We shall give you a clue, think about the areas that have what you call the worst air pollution. In those areas you find great industrial plants and thousands of cars on the roads, but less and less plant life. Your scientists have shown that Plants such as trees reduce air pollution and many of you have plants in your homes to improve the air quality there. Would it not indeed then make sense to promote the inclusion of greater and greater plant life in your cities? Do not rely on a Government or other outside source to begin the process. Be instead a trendsetter by promoting the planting of native to your area species of flowers, trees and other such plants even if the only space you can provide is a pot or two outdoors. So in this time of giving and time of endings, make a list of what you can do as individuals to give back to the earth and to promote the ending of suffering, hardship, hatred and conflict.

We also have a gift for each and every one of you who reads our words this month. So be aware, you may suddenly find yourselves receiving something that although it appears to be small at first, will soon grow into something magnificent with you love and nurturance of the gift! Blessings to all of you, each of you is deeply loved and honored!

The Grandfathers

Message from the Grandfathers for the month of January 2000:

Greetings to all of you!

We offer our heartfelt congratulations that you have all chosen to go through the doorway represented by the dawning of the year 2000 and are here to affirm that each of you has agreed to be a force for Light in the world that will change the consciousness of so many. You are all rapidly moving towards a point in time where the greatest and indeed the only thing that any of you will consider to be of real value, is Consciousness. Now when we use this word, we do not mean to refer to Higher or Spiritual consciousness alone, for in fact what you will begin to understand is that the only thing that does matter is Consciousness itself, whether it be based on a material consciousness, a completely self-oriented consciousness or a global consciousness. There are many types of awareness and consciousness and the purpose for this is quite simple: It is for each of you to know for yourselves what makes you as an individual happy and content. It does not matter then you see what kind of consciousness makes your neighbor happy or content, nor will any of you judge that which does make another "happy". And for those of you, such as our dear Grasshopper here who worries whether some may run amuck and create even more chaos and damage to the planet, we say do not worry for those who believe that to serve only themselves at the expense of others and the world you live in will bring them happiness will soon find that which they thought would bring them joy will instead be a most bitter fruit indeed.

It is more important that each of you begin to take your negative focused attention off of what others do that you consider harmful and instead focus only on that which is in alignment with what you desire: Peace among all nations, clean air and water, ample room and space for all species and greater respect for the magnificent diversity you find on your planet. What you need to remember is that there are many among you who are as children, they are still unaware of the importance of the greater good and that indeed the greater good is what will bring them the greatest abundance, health, joy and prosperity. There are those who do not understand that there are planets within your galaxy that support life forms, but rare is the planet that can support such an elegant diversity of species. You are all extremely fortunate to live with such a wide range of not only species, but ideas and concepts as well for in this place, what you may experience is unlimited. So therefore do not be concerned with what others are doing but instead focus on your own behaviour as a role model for others to emulate. The best way to raise another's consciousness is by the example of joy and prosperity a raised consciousness creates in your own life. This is why it is so important that you all put forth great effort in eradicating any beliefs or agreements you have made with each other and the world based on scarcity, pain, suffering, money is evil, power is evil, those who are "Spiritual" and do good in the world and do well materially, well, something must be "bad" about them, because if they are so bloody spiritual, why are they doing so well materially?

We have spoken to many of you about these things before. We do this because we know the day will come when you realize that in order to raise the consciousness of every man, woman and child on the planet there must be an all pervading belief that the material world is a good place, a healthy place, a place where you can live out your ideas and consciousness with joy and a sense of fulfillment. And this will happen when everyone has their needs met, when everyone has the opportunity to enjoy ANYTHING THEY CHOSE TO ENJOY NO MATTER HOW IT LOOKS TO YOU! If you are afraid like our Grasshopper that people will do terrible things to themselves and each other if someone were to "let go of the reins" we say that it is because you are all so afraid of your own inner natures that people do some the "negative" things they do. It comes down to a degree of trust, that Spirit in all his/her wisdom does know what it's doing when it created all of you. That you were given free will for a good reason and that reason was to understand the true nature of yourselves as creators of your own reality. And perhaps even more importantly, that each of you is good and composed of Love.

The world is meant to be a "Garden of Eden" and no tyrannical God is going to come along and kick you out of it no matter what your "Wise Men" say, so good ahead and enjoy the life you have been given! Create your own personal Garden of Eden that you may uplift others in the process should they choose to be uplifted. And should they not, do not feel responsible for them, but instead turn them over to the universe and trust that they too are protected and provided for . For what God it his/her right mind would create only to enjoy seeing its creations suffer and struggle? We ask you to meditate upon this and in so doing we hope to reconnect you with the true nature of Spirit which is always and forever one of Love. And from there you will come to understand that which you yourselves can do individually and en masse to create a most wondrous world.

Now, we have a game that we would like to see each of you begin playing with yourselves this month. It's called "Stop telling yourself the truth about everything". What do we mean by this? Simply put, we are asking you to stop thinking you know the truth about Consciousness, God, Money, Health, Relationships, and anything else that is impacting your lives right now. Pretend you don't know anything and then ask the Universe, Spirit, your Guides or anyone else you choose to call upon to begin showing you a higher truth in relation to these things. You see, as long as all of you are so busy telling yourselves you already know the truth about things, then you can never truly have your mind open enough to see anything differently. And you will continue to keep yourself in the same ruts. But you don't have to, all of you are perfectly capable of changing your minds and beliefs in the blink of an eye. Literally.

Pretend that you can then have anything you want, anything at all, but keep it to yourselves lest others who are not as far along the path try to "burst your bubble" out of a misguided fear that you will somehow hurt yourself in going for a seemingly impossible dream. For you see, this new gateway that has opened up has one purpose: That you choose from your heart, that you choose to create a reality based on what you love to do with your time and your days. Can you think of any better way to Thank that which created you than to spend your time doing that which you truly love? Do not worry about how it will come about, but instead choose in each moment to move closer to that which you love with all your Heart and all your Soul. That is your ultimate purpose for being on the planet you see. And in the face of that, nothing else matters.

You all know that which makes you happy, makes you feel good, and what you love. Make the commitment to pursuing those things above all else at this time. And trust in your own ability to manifest anything you desire from the heart. We must also say, that many of you may suddenly find yourselves in contact with the Overseers of much of what you experience on the Earth plane. Each possible thing you can experience has it's counterpart in the so called higher planes that oversee the function it represents in the physical world. Direct experience of these Overseers can be quite enlightening as many of you will soon find.

There is a second part of the game: "Stop telling each other the truth about things". When ever we see Grasshopper get together with a group of other healers, astrologers and so forth, one thing we hear frequently is how each of them affirms that it is difficult for them to make a living doing their Life's work. Many of the astrologers she knows, all very talented, gifted healers, work other jobs in order to pay the rent while squeezing in time here and there for the occasional client. All bemoan the fact that the general public does not value the gifts astrology has to offer and how it can be used to better the lives of so many. And we will say that this is true because IT IS WHAT THEY HAVE ALL DECIDED IS TRUE AND TELL EACH OTHER IS TRUE! So stop telling each other the "truth" about things. Instead, choose to say that every healer, astrology, clairvoyant, shamanic practitioner is now receiving an abundance of work, honor and recognition and that it is for the greater good of all. Something can only be true if you decide it is true. Doesn't mean it is the one and only truth, and you are free to believe in any truth you want to believe in. But we would behoove you for your own peace of mind to choose "truths" that bring you peace, joy and a sense of fulfillment. So stop telling each other the truth about things as you have been.

Now we will say that some of you will find yourselves changing careers quite suddenly once you begin playing our little games. And that is perfectly okay because the new will help you to serve in the best way for you and will bring about the greatest benefit to all. Some of you may suddenly find yourselves able to relocate to new areas, we know several of you have been trying to get enough "lift off" to make a home change and this month you will find yourselves empowered from within to do so. Only we will say that it may not be to where you had originally expected!

We send you all our Love, friendship and support, now and forever. If we could give you one gift, it would be to have each of you know how much you are truly loved and supported by the Universe and that each of you is a magnificent being and powerful creator of your own reality and experience.

With Love,

The Grandfathers

Message from the Grandfathers for the month of February 2000:

Greetings! This month we would like to touch upon the general causes of illness in a persons life. Illness is created because a situation in the persons life has become so intolerable, has placed such a stranglehold on the persons ability to flourish and grow that the inner psyche in cooperation with the body physical creates a situation whereby the person is pushed to confront that which is creating great inner turmoil and pain. You must understand that the nature of life itself is to move towards happiness, success and fulfillment in all areas. No one area is greater or Higher than another, all of physical life is good and Spiritual. It is only when aspects of the self are denied or repressed due to teachings you are given from those around you since childhood that eventually both the Inner Self and Body Physical rebel, hoping to create a resolution whereby the Life force can once again move towards pleasure and joy. If you want to know the meaning of life we will give it to you here: It is to experience pleasure, joy, happiness, love and the ability to create on the physical plane.

You do not come into physical being to suffer, to learn lessons or pay karma because you supposedly mucked things up in other lifetimes. You came here originally to experience as much fun as you could possibly accept and from our point of view, the vast majority of you have chosen to forget that detail. What we desire to do here is to remind you of your true intent and purpose: Enjoy your physical lives, do not focus on that which you feel you should do or have to do because someone else decided for you long ago that is what you should be doing. Do not focus on the belief that you must "pay" for things you supposedly did wrong in other lifetimes or in this one. Trust and affirm instead that there is indeed a grand design and a Higher Power that has the means and ability PLUS the desire to balance the scales on your behalf. ( This was the original message of The Christ and in fact Christ did not desire to be worshipped, simply that people would remember that things have already been set right in terms of karma without anyone needing to suffer.)

So if you can view Illness and we will say that this includes "mental" illness as well, as a part of the psyche that is so desperate to break out into the open, to be utilized and recognized, honored for it's right to Be, to break through limiting belief systems, and to reconnect with the true desires arising from the Soul, then you can release the need to ever experience physical or mental illness again. In the case of our Grasshopper here, one aspect of her illness was to get her to recognize that she need not live out the patterns of her adopted Mother who gave so freely and consistently but was unable to receive more than a small percentage back of what she gave. Her Natural Mother by contrast was a taker, giving little or nothing back to those she took from. This we must add is not in judgement, for these roles were set up for Grasshopper as well as others to look at and we will say that on a deep level, both women gained great pleasure from their activities. Grasshopper is meant to find a balance between the two, as well as recognizing that she came to this earth to do what she loves for a "living" and to allow herself to accept payment for her work, a very tough issue for her to deal with.

While her illness has certainly been a rather painful experience, it also served an important purpose of stopping her from not setting appropriate boundaries where her work is concerned. Those of you who have had a tendency to give and give and give are being stopped in your tracks, not by the Universe per se, but your own Inner Selves who do recognize the need to expect others to contribute back to you even as you are giving to them. Now this issue may arise in more than one area of life of course. For Grasshopper, it was her work, for others it could be not speaking about what they really want and need, or a relationship where the other person is not contributing much energy but expects you to carry the relationship entity for them. For some, it may be they feel so burdened by family members, children or other responsibilities, that they must find the means to break free in order to reconnect with their true joy and purpose and this indeed often times results in chronic, long term illness, sometimes to the point of death of the Body Physical. You see, whatever the problem or issue is, the illness creates a space for the individual to allow themselves to disengage from the energy surrounding the issue or person(s). For example, those who find themselves care taking other people suddenly are unable to do so due to the illness or accident. They must reasses their behavior in those terms and decide what is really appropriate for them.

Again we must stress that this is not intended to make others appear negative or wrong, it does indeed take two to tango as many of you like to say, but it is the recognizing that a profound change is needed in the way the life is lived, even if that means a possible alienation of others for a time. At some point those who leave a persons life will return so do not worry that they are gone for good. This brings up the subject of death as well. What is the purpose of death through Illness? Doesn't death negate the entire reason the person became ill? Indeed it does not, for in many cases the person decided at some level that for whatever reason, they were not able to restore the balance they needed to live in joy and thus chose to move onto another level of reality where they could find their joy. You see, humans do not understand death very well at all, it is not some terrible event to be avoided at all costs. Nor would the so called "loss" of a loved one cause pain if you all understood death. As you all evolve into more of a multidimensional awareness, you will find that death does not occur as a dropping of the physical body as you thought it did. In fact, you would know that the person you thought had died is in all actuality doing quite well in other neighborhoods of reality. With the Body Physical. Like everything else in your reality, death is an illusion that you have jointly agreed is a truth and fact.

We would also say that death can be used as an "escape" pod from one level of reality to the next and here is where it can get tricky so just let this part sink in at an energy level, the so called dead person does indeed reappear in your so called normal, daily reality periodically to say Hi so to speak. The reason you do seem to be unaware of this is that you have been taught that once a person dies, that is the end and dead people simply do not come popping in and out of your reality like a Jack in the box. And we are not speaking of "ghosts" here, but the actual, in body, physical form of that person. You also need to be aware that you all do the same in all areas of reality construction. Yes indeed, in some neighborhoods of reality you are the deceased! Hopefully this will help you understand the nature of death and reality more fully.

In closing, we would also like to say that you all are given signals and clues as to what needs to be adjusted in your lives, heeding those things early on is what prevents the manifestation of illness to begin with. Start now by asking yourselves what you need to liberate yourselves from and begin taking action! Trust in yourselves, Love yourselves and be good to yourselves! We send each of you Blessings, Love and Positive energy, use it as you see fit!

Message from the Grandfathers for the month of May 2000:


We welcome you and want each of you to know that we are indeed always with you as are your own guides. Sometimes we peek out at you from around the corner and some of you have seen a fleeting image of us as we do this. It is not that we are playing "hide and go seek" but to let you know that a great adventure awaits for you personally.

Our main topic this month is on intent. What is intent? Intent very simply put is the energy you put forth through your thoughts, actions and beliefs. Intent comprises the fuel that determines exactly what you bring into your reality. Emotions are the fuel that launch your desire while the intent behind the desire is what actually manifests. For example, let us say you desire a personal relationship. Your intent is what you hope to experience through that new relationship. And we say that it does not matter if it's companionship, support, sex, ( yes Grasshopper, it is quite alright to speak of such things!) help with the monthly bills, if you are single parent it may be help with your children, to provide a second parent for them. Whatever the intent it is perfectly fine. Yet it is important that you each be very honest, even if it is only with yourself, no need to go shouting it from the tops of your roofs if you don't care to, about what your actual intent is for once you are clear upon that one point, everything you manifest from clear intent will bring you exactly what you want.

You see what happens many times is that you think "I want this" what ever it is yet you do not think about WHY you want it. Perhaps for some it is because they feel if they looked honestly at their intent they could then not allow themselves to have it for they feel the intent is not "Spiritual". There has been such emphasis placed in your reality about what is "Spiritual" and what is not, that many have missed the forest for the trees. "Spirituality" is what YOU decide it is, there are none to sit in some form of judgment over what is spiritual and what is not. No such tribune exists so stop worrying about it! Let us take another example. An Actor may want to become famous. The intent behind that desire is that the person desires to feel loved by others. Now there are several things that may occur. The Actor may indeed become famous and find that he or she does not feel any more loved or special than before because of the unawareness of what the true intent was. Had the Actor known the true intent which was to be loved by others, then he or she could have taken steps to feel more loving towards him/herself or thought about how he/she could express more love towards others for indeed the energy you send out is what will return to you. And in the giving to others this person would have found precisely what was desired in such a way that it fulfilled his/her true needs as well as being of service to others.

Lets take money as another example: You may say I desire more money and we say wonderful, indeed you deserve as much money, love or anything else you want as you can allow in! Now look at the intent behind that desire: is the true intent to feel more secure, to be able to share more with others, to have more fun in your life, less stress over paying the bills and so forth? Once you know what your true intent is, you can create that as part of your physical expression, which is the money. There are many among you who have created great wealth for themselves yet still do not have inner peace, freedom from fear, or a sense of security and trust in the Universe. The reason for this is that the money, relationship or what have you is only one part of the end result. It is your intent that also needs to be firmly and consciously placed into the Higher Mind for a sense of total fulfillment. Now, what if someone says " my intent to create more money in my life is based on my desire to have power over others". We say, go ahead and create that if you wish for you have free will. Yet those who create from such intent find it is an empty victory indeed. Not because there is judgment involved, this is most important point. It is because no one escapes being a part of the whole, for where else could you be? To create from an intent to have power or harm others will only bring that energy back into your life for it is as a great circle. It makes those who set intentions in such a manner feel very isolated and cut off from the Universal flow. This is why many of these people have things occur in their lives that appear to be as "disasters" that take away what they have "gained" for at a deep level of themselves their desire is to feel a part of the whole again.

Once you understand that Intent is everything, it is the way you fine tune the picture so to speak, you will begin to ask yourselves before creating anything " what is my true intent behind this desire?" and from that point you will know exactly what to ask for in your creating and manifesting. For no matter what you do, if there is clear and focused intent behind it that feels appropriate to you then what you create will not only bring you fulfillment, it will also create joy and upliftment for all others.

Next time you eat food, drink a glass of water, make the beds, go out for a walk, anything you are doing, think about the intent you have behind it and you will soon find that your life takes on much greater ease, joy, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment. You will also find increasing clarity in all areas of your life, something many of you have been requesting recently. So now we have given you another key to have fun with!

We so indeed Honor, Love, and Bless each and everyone of you! And our intent behind that flow of energy from us to you is that each of you reach your highest potential!

The Grandfathers

The Grandfathers - For June 2000


We wish you all a most joyful month of June to be sure! Our topic this month is on the Summer Solstice for it is a time in which the Cardinal sign of Cancer plays a prominent role in the development of your spiritual as well as material lives.

The zero degree of a cardinal sign is known as an Aries point. It indicates that others will become involved in the areas of life where zero degrees of Cancer lands in your own natal chart. And in this case, it does indicate a time of great change and new directions. The energies surrounding this Solstice are unique as so many of you have been working hard on creating inner changes and shifts in personal reality. So as you near this point in your time you will find that those people and things that have burdened you are going to be shed even as the Crab sheds it's shell when it has become outgrown and adopts a new one. So expect that plans you have made in previous months to change as they are no longer suitable for who and what you are becoming at this point in time. Some of you may find that guides whom have been with you for many years are leaving and being replaced with a new set of guides for you to learn to work with.

Situations and people you may have relied upon before may suddenly dissolve, leaving you to find your own way. Yet new people and support will arrive to help you become stronger and more self-reliant from within. If you are going to create your own reality, you need to depend only upon yourself to do so for you are nearing a time of "graduation" so to speak. This Solstice is about moving up to the next level, knowing whom you really are in terms of what you are each able to establish for yourself. Rely upon the Universe yes, but do not rely on others at this time to handle your issues or help you complete goals. You see, when you depend on others to do it for you it keeps you from learning what you yourself are capable of doing and becoming. If you would instead act as if it all relies upon you to get the task done, then you would find that true support comes to you from a multitude of sources that is empowering to you. Anything less than that means you are forever at the mercy of others whom can withdraw their support at any time.

Many of you have been carrying other people, trying to do their inner work for them, not expecting them to do for themselves. Several of you have already gotten the message quite clearly that this no longer works. It never did really yet you are now starting to feel the energy burden of trying to carry someone who is actually perfectly capable of figuring out their own problems. This does not mean you cannot be supportive of others, far from it, but it does mean you need to look and see if those you are supporting are moving forward or if they are stuck in a repeating drama that never gets any better. You see, when you are always trying to carry another person, your own development is dramatically slowed as you are pouring so much time and energy into the other person and so the balance is off.

You will know when you are carrying someone as often there is great tension and stress between the shoulder blades of the body physical. You are also likely to feel drained and out of sorts for no obvious reason. If you notice this happening in your life, STOP! Look at who and what is in your life and start asking if this or that is appropriate for you at this time. If not, you will get the message quite clearly for you will notice a major drop in your energy when you think about those people or things. This is not judgment for it is not saying these things or people are "bad" simply they are not right for you as you have grown and they too are really seeking new growth and inner expansion. Sometimes the way that a person chooses to grow is when those around him or her say "enough, I can no longer do all these things for you, you have the capability within yourself to solve your own problems and create your life the way you want it to be". When that person is ready they will do so, just as you yourselves have done in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Stopping your own forward movement by pouring your energy into someone else helps no one and in fact keeps the whole of humanity mired in the past.

You will know when those things and people are right for you because when you think about them you feel uplifted and happy. There is a surge in your energy field and your life improves, often dramatically. By the same token, those whom you are offering support to will also find that their lives are enhanced and they are empowered to create better things for themselves.

At the time of the Solstice the Sun, Venus and Mars will be in conjunction. This indicates that those things and people that truly love and nurture you will help propel you forward dramatically at this time. You will find that you are reaching up to a new level of beingness, of finding more light within yourself and finding new ways of expressing that outwards into the world that is of benefit to all.

For some of you this message may sound frightening at first, but for many it will come as a profound relief that they no longer need be concerned about having to carry another person or situation that may have been draining them on all levels for some time. Again we would say, do not blame the other person or situation but understand that you yourselves have allowed it to occur for a multitude of reasons. Once you understand that you can release it from your life permanently.

Step up to the challenge of this graduation for you have earned it. Be willing to go it alone and be amazed at how much true and empowering support comes to you to help you manifest all of what you desire. Shed your old shell, the old fears and limitations and see what the new holds in store for you! Perhaps if you look over to the right, you will see a brand new shell that is roomy and comfortable just waiting for you to step into and claim as your own. This will come as a surprise to our Grasshopper here, and we are rather fond of springing things on her! For this Solstice we are creating an essence with the Akumon simply named Graduating into Light. It will only be available the month of June and is meant to help those who are seeking to break free from the constraints of the past and to step into a new, all empowering reality. We will be producing essences for the solstices and the equinoxes again available only during those months. This essence may be used from the month of June until the Fall Equinox in September when that essence will become available.

Until next time, we send you our light, love and blessings. Expect a message next month from the Akumon instead of us for we are off on Holiday! We wish you all the very best and as each of your graduates at the time of the Solstice, we shall be there, beaming proudly in the Universal audience as each of your steps forward to receive your diploma and head off for new horizons!

The Grandfathers

The Grandfathers - For December 2000


We would like to discuss the topic of "Giving Over". Some of you refer to this as surrendering to a Higher Power. Others refer to it as having patience ad faith that things will work out in the right way at the right time. We would first have you know that the present moment for anything is the right time, you need not wait for your good to come into manifestation unless you believe that to be so! Miracles can happen literally within the blink of an eye and you can find yourself propelled suddenly into a whole new system of reality where your word and thought are made manifest as soon as you think or speak of it. There is a little trick to this that we would like to share with you that brings us back to Giving Over.

When we speak of Giving Over we see it as the ability to hand the issue, problem, desire, what ever you choose to think of it as to the power within you. This power within is your Spirit or GodSelf as some have referred to it as, it is your Divine Self that already has the answers to everything you could ask, that has the solution to every thing you see as a "problem". What comes with practice is the ability to truly LET GO of what ever it is your asking for! So many of you say yes I am releasing this to my Angels or my guides or Spirit and then you take it right back again! You take it back by focusing on the problem, by speaking to others about it over and over, by trying to come up with a rational solution rather than going off and doing something else that you find entertaining until your intuitive voice steps in and says "Now take this action here". While you are speaking the words to yourself and others, yes I am letting this go, you are not FEELING the energy within of what it truly means to Give Over. This feeling cannot be described in the words you would understand but must be felt on an intuitive level. Yet you will know you have truly let it go when you feel a deep sense of peace within.
As your mind starts to wander back to the problem you will notice "something" seems to step in the way and pushes it away from your conscious mind. Our friend here often advises people to get busy when they have a problem at hand that seems so overwhelming that they feel they cannot possibly find a solution for it. Go do something else she says, take your mind off the problem and see what happens and this is excellent advice and one we give to her often as well. You are redirecting your energy flow which creates your reality into something that is much more constructive than worrying "oh what shall I do if this happens" and "what if my Guides, Angels, Higher Self or Spirit just leaves me hanging here and doesn't help me out on this one"? In effect when you allow your energy to be diverted along those lines you are hindering your own ability to manifest the perfect solution. You are denying your own power within and turning it over to the problem you are facing. You are saying that the problem has more power than you do which is absurd! The problem is nothing more than the life and creation you have given it through your thoughts and fears and if you can create the problem what makes you think you can't create the solution to it?

Does a Divine force intercede on your behalf when you call upon it? Absolutely! Angels, and Guides, Masters and Teachers are real and we do act on your behalf when you call upon us to do so. But how we intercede is something you need to understand if you are going to claim your own power and ability: When you call upon us or others for help, what happens is your own Inner Self connects with the Energy Being you have chosen and that Being transfers some of it's own energy to your Inner Self . Think of this as a booster or amplifier of your own energy. You see your belief systems are such that you feel you need whomever to help you solve the problem or issue and because of this your Inner Self knows the best way to help you with what you are asking for is to connect with whom you have called upon. Do you see where this is headed? Because you BELIEVE that your Angels can help you then your Inner Self must CONNECT with them on some level in order for the healing to be effective. Now, this is not wrong or bad in any way. In fact you are actually helping those you call upon for assistance to generate more positive "karma" for themselves as well as giving them the pleasure of assisting and supporting you. Think of how you feel when you can assist someone else. Never doubt that all of us feel the same pleasure when we can assist you! What we would like to see more of you doing however is recognizing that at this point in your evolution yes you may still need some help with certain issues but that when you call upon the Higher for assistance that you are linking up from within, that your own Inner Self is doing the bulk of the "work". It is you who are problem solver, who is way - shower, who is Divine healing and guidance. We are simply here to remind you of who and what you truly are and the best way we can do that is encourage you all to recognize that the power you attribute to us is alive and well within you!

You see, once you really "get it", once this becomes a conviction within you, there is nothing you cannot do and nothing you cannot achieve and faster than you ever thought possible. If you want to know what is keeping you from really getting it then you need to spend some time talking to yourself and asking why you are hesitant to accept who you really are. Most of you do a grand job talking to yourselves about all sorts of things, unfortunately much of what you tell yourselves is what you can't do or how messed up you are rather than what is totally right and the truth of you! And the Truth of each of you is that you are Love, you are perfection, you are the manifest reality of heaven on earth and once you can accept that and truly believe it, then you will see it. But not before, because you are the creator of your own life's experience and what you think and believe is Law.

So here our friend sat in Portland and worried about finding the right place in LA. She worried and fretted and worried and had half the Universe hopping around trying to remind her that her word and thought is Law in her reality. The other half was linking in with her own Inner Self and was smoothly running the rest of the show. Then suddenly for her the Penny dropped. She thought about where her focus was at and simply asked for resolution in being able to Give Over. Because at that moment in time she was so worn out from trying to figure out a solution, she had exhausted her rational mind, she was finally able to truly let go. And once she had that experience she now finds it easier to Give Over other things. This is the road to Mastery you see. Once you really get that feeling within both the conscious and subconscious minds begin to crave a repeat of the experience. This is the purpose of bliss you see for once you have that you are willing to harness all that is within you to experiencing that feeling again and again and again. A good affirmation for this may be "I know that as I am asking it has already manifested". You see you can't ask for something that is not already available to you in this point in time. For as soon as the thought or desire reaches your conscious mind it has already been processed at deeper levels and the minute it is created there so is the solution. This is the meaning of "even before you have asked I will have answered you". So when your conscious mind says " this is a problem" you can respond with "no it is not because the solution is already at hand". Our friend was just asking us where Flower and Vibrational essences are headed in terms of will they be needed as you all awaken more and grow in terms of knowing who you really are? Yes they will still be used but not for the solution of problems as you think of them now. Instead they will be used to amplify higher and higher levels of consciousness for there is always more to know, be and experience. They will be used more for pleasure than for healing in your terms. A new direction will emerge for all that you think of in terms as the Healing modalities. But for now use what you feel most drawn to yet know that that these things are helping to boost your own knowing and power within, you are the cause and creator of your healing and life experience. For you see, there is nothing but your own power in the entire Universe. Meditate on that last line. We feel it will be most enlightening!

With Love and all the Blessings that are ours to give,

The Grandfathers

The Grandfathers - For June 2002


We must say we are delighted that so many of you have requested that we return to the monthly newsletters. We shall, as time permits, also include a message on our own web page, and Grasshopper has agreed to return us as originally scheduled to the monthly column. We are very crafty for we are bound and determined that we shall have her completing our book and certainly the monthly column on "our" web site will go far in helping her to finish the job. We have decided to choose a slightly different course however in the content of what we shall be including in the newsletters. Over the next few months we shall be answering some of the questions that have been put to us and we hope that you find the answers most useful indeed.

Q. As a "default manifestation," do we get what we want or what is deemed "good for us" by a higher power/source?

A. You always receive what you have requested, there is no other rule. The only "higher power/source" that could possibly choose for you what shall be made manifest is yourself for you have complete free will. Many of you still do not understand fully what it means to have free will so we shall approach the question from this angle first: You and only you, have the power to choose what will be made manifest. You and only you may choose when you are born, when you will die, what sort of life you will lead. There is only you in the entire Universe, you are the Higher that you seek and since there is only you, how could anything else possibly choose for you? Think of it in this way; We are you and you are us. There only appears to be us, you, your neighbor down the lane, your neighbors dog that sometimes keeps you awake at night with it's incessant barking and yet there is only you who are speaking to you now and only you who is the neighbor with the naughty dog and only you who IS the barking dog. Truly there is nothing else and yet this terrifies the lot of you as you have been conditioned to believe that you are an individual with little or no power, who exists in a world with other individuals who on the whole also have little to no power and all are dependant on some "outside force" that you hope and pray will shine it's benevolence upon you and save you from anything you do not want or fear.

You ARE one being and that being is Source or Spirit or what ever else you may care to think of it as that is moving through the time and space you refer to as planet earth. You ARE Spirit. You ARE Source. There is only you. Do you understand where we are going with this? You are the shooting star that hurls itself through the outermost reaches of space and you are the wild violet that blooms in the early spring. Your power is immeasurable. It is Divine. It is who YOU are. This truly is what enlightenment is about, the understanding that there is you and only you, that is the power that moves the Universe .You have chosen to break yourself into billions upon billions of pieces so that you may come to know and understand every aspect of yourself. Yet "at the end of the day" there is only you.

So why is it that not everything you have asked for has manifested in the way you wanted it to, thought it should or perhaps never came into form at all? The reason is very simple: When you think of something you want to manifest initially there is the pure thought "I desire to create this". "This" may be spiritual enlightenment for example and if you had left your thought with intensity that you wanted to manifest spiritual enlightenment for yourself, that is indeed what you would manifest in the blink of an eye. However, what so many of you do is immediately upon choosing something for yourselves, then the inner voice begins with " I must struggle and work hard to become enlightened" or "I must give up all that I enjoy or find pleasurable in order to become enlightened". You have your own thoughts and reactions to each thing you desire to manifest, certainly so, and often the RANGE which these thoughts run rampant through your mind is so extensive, if you had any idea of how extensive they were, you might well be amazed that you were able to generate enough energy to manifest anything close to what you desire at all! Since yours is the only power in the Universe that has the ability to manifest anything at all, what do you think will happen if you set forth an intent and them immediately send forth another intent that is contrary to the original? If the original intent first sent forth was issued with enough strength of emotion, you will receive part of what you have asked for as a manifestation. If however, you sent forth the contradicting intent with more power and energy than the first, then you will not manifest that which you have originally asked for because you have superseded the original intent with the second. Do you understand this? The intent that has the greatest energy and focus behind it will manifest bottom line!

Now. If you desire to make something manifest what you must do is repeatedly send forth the thought of what you desire, catching yourself when you think a thought that is contrary to what you are asking for. And the easiest way to do that is to become very clear about what it is you desire and why. You see, what undermines the "Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men" is that often when you choose to manifest a desire, you also activate a part of yourself that is afraid of having the desire manifest because it is still in the realm of the unknown. You may think you want something and yet your not knowing what that might really be like as actual experience causes you to hold back and hesitate. Your job as it were is to find out as much as you can about this thing you are desiring to manifest. You must run it through your mind in fantasy and imagination, feeling what it would feel like to have it, focusing on what you feel are the positive benefits of having it. You may also choose to do some sort of research on what it is you desire, to talk to other people who have manifested that which you desire, to read about what it might be like to live in a certain place or have something you feel you do not currently have. This last line is most important for in fact you already have it, indeed so! Yet because you believe you do not, it cannot manifest in the world of form because you believe you do not have it and thus are pushing it away. If you can begin to believe you DO have it on an energy level, that it IS built in the realm of mind and spirit, then certainly so will you begin to see it in your physical experience as well.

We wish you great joy in all of your manifestations and that they please you and elevate you on all levels as they are indeed meant to do!

With Our Love and The Blessings That Are Ours to Give, The Grandfathers

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