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Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel has been with you since you took your first breath and will be there for you when you pass out of your body and return to the spiritual realms. This Angel is unique to you and will walk with you wherever you go and what ever you do. You are never alone!

This is the Angel that can bring us comfort during the dark times and help to ignite a spark of hope that things WILL improve! If you have made choices that were not for your Highest Good, this Angel can show you how to release those choices that you may make new ones. Above all, this Angel knows that everything is constantly changing in our lives and if we are open to embracing those changes, then we automatically move into the Higher Flow where everything can be transformed.

This Angel is our cheerleader when we decide to embark on a heart felt quest or dream. He/she applauds our successes, helps us to find solutions to problems, move through obstacles, and affirms to us that we can manifest anything that we desire if we are willing to move towards it with an open heart and mind! This Angel also works hard to remind us that we are each of us totally unique and therefore we must follow our own inner guidance and believe in what our hearts are telling us, no matter how improbable these things we are dreaming may seem. Each day is a brand new start in our lives and whether we feel we have failed or succeeded in the past, this day is totally new, we shall never have another exactly like it again. It is open for us to paint any pictures we desire on its canvass. Think of yourself as an artist presented with a multitude of choices, emotions and possibilities that are represented by colors and brushes that you may choose to use to paint each of your days. Some of the colors are bright and clear, others lovely shades of pastels. There are also dark or murky colors in your palette as well. You are free to choose from any of these colors and even to what size brush you may care to use. You may decide to paint broad strokes of colors that are uplifting and joyful to you. Or you may choose to use the murky colors and paint a day that is not so positive. While your Guardian Angel will always support you in what ever choices you make still there is the soft voice that encourages you to choose those colors and experiences that will bring you joy, not fear or sorrow. She/he will send you the energy of peace and love in the hopes that you will choose the colors that best represent those things to you.

This Angel may appear to use most strongly when we are in danger and need all the spiritual help and support we can get! I will never forget the time I was about to cross a quiet side street at an intersection when suddenly I felt as though someone were standing directly in front of me, preventing me from stepping into the street. As I stood there wondering why I was unable to move forward, a car suddenly came screeching around the corner, the driver completely oblivious to any pedestrian traffic even though she had a clear view of the roadway and the corner. Had I been standing there in the street I would have been hit and at the least seriously injured if not killed. There is no doubt in my mind to this day that it was my own Guardian Angel that prevented me from stepping off the curb. She literally saved my life! I have talked to many people since who also have witnessed their own Guardian Angel acting on their behalf in this way and perhaps you have too! The deeper meaning to this is that we all have a purpose for being here and our Guardian Angel is there to help support us in fulfilling that purpose. When I doubt that I have anything I can offer the world or feel my life may really be meaningless, I think back to this and other times when my Guardian Angel stepped in to save my life for this was not the first of such events! Obviously my own Angel knows that there is something I still have left to do on this earth and if you are reading this, then so do you! There is something that only I can do, that only you can do and that only someone living half a world away can do. Your life has purpose and meaning. It is more valuable than you may ever know while you are in body yet there will come a day when you will see the beauty and the light that you have shared with so many others. You will begin to see yourself as the very precious Being that your own Guardian Angel knows you to be. Your Guardian Angel's prayer for you is that you see yourself this way now!

If you are feeling depressed, confused, wondering why your life has not been going in the way you had hoped it would, it is time to sit down with this Angel and ask for healing and grace. Ask for upliftment. Ask for peace and joy, ask for any good thing that you can think of! This is the job of your Guardian Angel, to listen to your requests and prayers, to help you move more fully into the light, to call in the support of all the other Angels so they too may begin working on your behalf. The message to you from your Guardian Angel at this time is that when you ask for these things the whole of the Universe moves with you and for you to begin bringing you what you have asked for. No prayer ever goes unanswered! Yet your Angel would also ask that you pray as though what you have asked for has already been given for this shows faith and an open heart! Your Angel will ask that you pray with a sense of gratitude, knowing that what you have asked for is at hand! Ask your Angel to help you make a list of all the words that bring you a positive feeling and ask that the essence of these words be given to you now in this very moment. You can have the essence of anything you desire right now, you need not wait! And once you have accepted the essence, the full manifestation on the physical plane must also follow.
If you are feeling frightened and unsure of which way to turn at this time, ask your angel for signs and guideposts. Ask to be led out of the darkness and into the light for your Angel will always be close at hand to lead you forward! Ask for the emotions of joy and happiness, ask for feelings of empowerment and self-confidence, ask for feelings of spiritual courage and faith. All these and more you can have right now in this moment. Each has the ability to turn your life around in the blink of an eye.

If this Angel has come to you today, He/she is asking you to become more aware of its presence, to learn to ask for help and to lean upon its love and grace. Your own Guardian Angel wants you to understand that your life has meaning and value far beyond what you may understand right now. That you do have a special purpose for being here that will bring you all that you have ever dreamed of on any level of physical existence. You were not "meant" to be poor, afraid, depressed, confused, unlucky or alone. These are all things that we have been taught by other human beings who themselves were not connected with their own Angels and Guides and thus knew not that Spirit and the Universe is a loving Universe and that only good and abundance was meant to be the true experience of life. Your Guardian Angel at this time seeks to show you the truth of life, the truth of yourself and guide you back onto the Higher path that is beckoning you at this time. Take hold of your Guardian Angel's hand and hang on tight as you are led out of the darkness! Close your eyes right now and see yourself reaching for your Angel's hand and see theirs clasp hold of yours firmly. Your Guardian Angel will never let go of you. Make the commitment now to never let go of your Guardian Angel.

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

Intuition is often heightened when this Angel is afoot. Especially in the moments when we feel sad, confused or afraid, if you will dig a little deeper into yourself you will feel a sense of peace and trust that is trying to surface. This is your Guardian Angel telling you that by moving into this emotional space that everything truly will be alright! This is when intuitive insights can burst forth, appropriate actions will present themselves and you will find yourself with an abundance of support.

You may feel as though someone was holding you close or a sense of being wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket. Sometimes other people will literally offer you hugs or touch your arm. I always know my own Guardian Angel is near when my youngest son offers me an abundance of hugs throughout the day! Never discount the fact that your Guardian Angel calls upon other people to be its messenger of love and comfort, it will use any means possible to let you know how loved you truly are.

You may feel a deep sense of release around a problem or situation and suddenly it all sorts itself out. This is your Guardian Angel hard at work! Practice letting go and giving things over to your Guardian Angel and the Universe. Your Guardian Angel is always encouraging you to let go and allow the Higher to intervene. Practice giving over when ever you can! If you need help with this, ask your Guardian Angel to show you how.

You may suddenly feel a sense of being deeply loved. This is your Angel asking you to take a moment and bask in that love! Love heals all things and there is nothing that Love cannot resolve or improve in your own life!

Other ways to work with this Angel include asking for anything you desire! Ask your Guardian Angel for the physical things that bring you joy as well as the spiritual. Ask for guidance each morning and it shall be given. Ask for safety and protection as you drive your children to school and it shall be given. Ask to have your fears and doubts released from you and they shall be. Make a list of all the things that you would like your Guardian Angel to help you with and each morning go over this list visualizing your Guardian Angel listening attentively and offering support and guidance. (Be sure to cross off each thing as you are helped with it. This will also help to show you how active your Guardian Angel truly is in your life and how quickly your Angel works! ) Hand this list to your Guardian Angel and then go on about your day, focusing on doing those things you feel most guided to do. You shall be amazed at what will happen and you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is a vast, loving presence known as your Guardian Angel that only seeks to see you prosper in all ways and in all things!


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