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Manifesting - The Experiment
The following is an excerpt from the introduction to the book Manifesting Your Heart's Desire, Authors Fred Fengler and Todd Varnum:

"It all began when two trained scientists were drawn together by a series of events too unlikely to be mere coincidence. Following their curiosity, they organized and participated in a group of diverse, unconnected people who shared the same fascination with the question "What happens if we assume we can create the lives we want?"

This started a train of thought for me along similar lines but with a bit of a twist: What would happen if a group of people decided to assume that the Universe is willing to give them the life of their dreams with little effort on their own part, that all they needed to do was follow the thread of energy that appeared to be the most prominent in their life day after day? What if one assumes that beginning on the day that one decides to embark upon such an experiment, that the Universe will immediately begin bringing that person the resources, people, guidance and wisdom needed to manifest what ever is desired, simply by being open to receive it? And what if, one of the easier ways to go about this is by following the thread of synchronicity as it appears in ones life? This whole concept really intrigued me and my first thought was to create a new e-group where people could connect and share their experiences with synchronicity and any thing else that enhanced this process, including doing what ever one can to feel good each day. However, that really felt like more work than I am able to take on at the present time. What did begin to make sense was creating a page on my site that outlines this experiment and ask anyone who wants to be involved to share what they are experiencing as time goes on so that others may also benefit. Perhaps there are tools or techniques that someone finds helpful that they would like to share and those could be uploaded to that section of my site. When I hear of someone else who has manifested something wonderful using a given technique or affirmation, it helps to give me more faith that it could work for me too. Inspiration is one of the greatest tools we have for shifting old paradigms, for if one person can do it, we all can!

I believe, no, I KNOW that we are all capable of manifesting many wonderful things in our lives. That each of us has come into this lifetime with the ability to send forth our thoughts and emotions with such great focus and intensity that we automatically attract a wide range of experiences and things to ourselves. Most of us do this by default; we focus on things we don't want as well as the things we do want and thus our lives are a mixed bag of experiences. Yet, what would happen if a group of people decided to commit to finding the easiest and quickest ways possible of recreating life experience so that it more accurately reflects the beauty and abundance of our own Souls? Which by the way, do not experience lack, worry or fear. Ever.

Admittedly, I am not the most patient of people and I can be downright lazy when it comes to "working hard" to manifest something I desire in my life. I have done my share of burning both ends of the candle, beating my head against a wall trying to bang something into place, struggled with issues that I thought would be with me forever. When I really desire something, I desire it NOW, not next week, next month or five years from now. Traits that I was taught were not so wonderful indeed! Yet, my own guidance coming through the Grandfathers started me thinking: what if my desire to manifest something in the blink of an eye is really my own Soul, my Expanded Self, sharing with me that it IS supposed to be that way! What if my desire to have things come easily is once again my own beloved Expanded Self whispering "YES!" What if two of the traits that my family has bemoaned over the years are some of the very things that could help me launch new creations that are far more enjoyable in an easy and rapid manner. It is said not only in Metaphysical teachings but in the Bible as well "that even before one has asked, it shall be given". So just maybe, it really is meant to be fun and easy and enjoyable and blissful. Just maybe it is possible to manifest things more and more quickly until we all reach a point of literally pulling things out of thin air. Everything we could possibly need is already here. We shift our consciousness from one of lack to abundance and then abundance appears in our lives. We shift our focus from ill health to great health and that too appears in our lives. I know from personal experience that shifting from expecting problems to expecting the best produces amazing results. And quickly too! We are already literally pulling things to us out of the "unseen" that is Spirit. We impress upon the Divine energy that is within us and every single thing we can name (and those things we are currently unaware of) what it is we desire either consciously or by default, and here it comes. It has to. It is Universal Law. Every spiritual master down through the ages has stated this as absolute fact. They have also stated that it is truth that if they can do it, so can you and I.

Several years ago I was guided to fly to New York City for a week. I had no idea where the money would come from. New York is not the least expensive destination in the world and my bank balance certainly wasn't brimming over to the point where I could pay my bills and still be able to take this journey. Yet when talking to friends about it, all of them, to the last man/woman said they had no worries that the money would come. Each of them saw me in NYC and enjoying myself and doing what ever it was I needed to be doing there. It just didn't occur to any of them that I would not be able to afford to go. They were right. Money started coming from surprising sources. One friend suddenly sold her home that had been on the market for ages without even a nibble and yet suddenly, there it was selling which left her flushed with abundance. Bless her, she shared some of that abundance with me "because of all you have done for me and because I love you" and that was the final amount I needed. Just recently another friend said to me "you have always been good at attracting to you what you need" and upon reflection, I realized she was right! Each time I truly desired something in my life, it has manifested. Not always in ways I would have expected, yet it has manifested. Why? What was I doing that was empowering me to manifest and how could I better harness it so I could manifest the really BIG things I have desired for years and yet still seem just a bit out of reach? I talked to other people that seemed to find it easier than many others they knew to manifest things. They too had many of the same questions as me. Why is it that some people are able to manifest all really wonderful things while others struggle? Why is it that we are able to manifest to a certain extent and then find it difficult to go beyond that? And if we can harness what we ARE doing right, can we teach it to others? And in this teaching to others, can we go beyond what we already are able to manifest and pull everyone else along with us that is also willing to go beyond, making it that much easier for them? Hence this experiment.

Heaven knows I don't have all the answers myself. I keep experimenting with different things the Grandfathers and my other Guides and Angels suggest and I throw those things out in my newsletters to see if others might find them helpful. I read every book, listen to every tape, visit websites, any source where I can find out about and learn more on this manifesting business and Universal Law. I meditate on it almost daily. I ask for validations and signs. How can we make it quicker and easier? And is it even okay to ask that it does become easier? The response to this last question was to my mind most profound. For what I heard was "The more that each of you feels you are totally capable of creating anything that you desire, the faster you will have peace and the faster Humankind will evolve". Sounds like a good reason to me!

On the next page and hopefully other pages to come, I shall be listing different things that I have been working with that have helped me manifest all the good that is already in my life. Some of the tools I shall offer are books, essences, affirmations, audio tapes, websites, crystals, anything that I come across that has been helpful for me and others. Yet I also don't want this to just be about me throwing things out there. I also want to hear from those of you that desire to participate in this experiment as I shall be outlining below. What works for you? If you use any of the techniques or resources that will be outlined in the weeks and months to come, what have your results been? I would really like to be able to upload everyone's comments, suggestions and tools that they have used to these pages so that they may benefit others. Perhaps there can even be a questions and answers page though I do ask that others please do feel free to answer questions as well for surely I simply cannot do it all myself. You can submit questions and answers to me and I will be happy to upload them as quickly as I can. If you do not want your name to be use, I will designate you as Anonymous though please be sure to let me know!

I know there is great power that occurs when a group of people feel connected and working towards a common goal. I have seen many miracles manifest from such group energy, even a very small group! My desire too is that these pages be for all of you. I welcome suggestions, comments, anything that any of you would like to see here, if it is doable and for the common good, I am all for it! Please be aware though that my computer skills are somewhat basic so if it is too difficult for me to do initially, please allow me time to attract the proper help for it, VBG!

Okay, with all the above said, here is a basic outline of what we shall be doing:

The first thing is to designate a journal specifically for use with this experiment. You will need and want a written record of everything you are doing for future reference.

Select a "start day". When you first wake up that morning you are going to begin the day focusing on the following: "Today I have decided to assume that the Universe is willing to give me the life of my dreams with little effort on my part. All I need do is to follow the thread of joyful energy that appears to be the most prominent in my life today. I believe that in doing so, the Universe will immediately begin bringing to me the things and experiences and people that will enhance my feelings of joy and fulfillment in my life. I expect Miracles and I receive them. I expect only joy and I receive it. I know that it is my focus via my thoughts and feelings that create the life I experience". Or of course adapt this to however it might feel right to you. The actual words are not important. Your intent to create the life you desire to live is!

Next, choose one small thing to be going on with that you feel will be fairly easy for you to manifest. If you are a very experienced manifester, pick something that until now has been a struggle for you. Its often better for beginners to start with something small and easy such as a new pair of shoes because that gives you quick feedback which of course helps you to build confidence. Make sure it is something you really do want, that would add to the pleasure and joy in your life.

I will be listing some tools and more will be added as time goes on, on a separate page (link below). Select from this list those tools that really resonate for you and leave the rest. Commit to working with these tools preferably on a daily basis, even 5 or 10 minutes a day in many cases is enough. The important thing is to be consistent! As you are working with the tools you have selected, don't rush through them but really try and get into the feel of what you are doing. What I have found is that the more focused I am on the process the better the result.

Do your best not to worry or focus too much on the outcome when working with any of these tools but focus more on how they make you feel as you are doing them. This is very important, for I have also found that for example when I am doing affirmations and am having fun writing them, the results are always far better than I could have hoped for! Likewise, if you choose a tool and then decide its not really much fun for you, drop it. If it isn't fun, don't do it!

Each time you work with a tool, at the end of the day record in your journal how your day went, how did you feel, what did other people say to you that really stuck in your mind. Do this each time, it is extremely important, especially if you choose to begin working with and paying attention to Synchronicity!

Find ways to get your mind off what the rest of the world is doing. This is often a sticking point for many of us who watch the news on the telly or read the papers. I don't anymore. It sure doesn't make me feel good, and I can't see how it could possibly help anyone else for me to put my focus and energy on things that are "wrong". I am not saying that we should all ignore the tragedies nor that we shouldn't all do our bit in what ever way we feel guided to, to help make the world a better place. But diving into the muck of "how terrible everything is" will only attract more things for people to feel badly about. I prefer to focus on being for peace, for all people prospering and doing well in their lives. For me that feels much more empowering for me AND them! After reading of how many other folks found their lives changing for the better once they too stopped watching the news and reading the papers, it just made sense to me. And happy, healthy, abundant people do much more for the world as a whole than those who insist on focusing on how "how terrible everything is". Happy, healthy, abundant people automatically attract the resources and ways to help empower others to be happy, healthy and abundant as well.

Pay attention to your nightly dreams. Keep a dream journal if you can, even just a few quick notes will help you to retain the energy of the dream. Your dreams are a valuable source of information!

Please share what you are learning and doing with the rest of us! This is so important that I cannot stress it enough!

Truly, this is it, just a very simple, basic exploration of tools and setting of intent! What you will get out of it is what you put into it. I know these tools work because I have had them work in my own life. I have heard others say they work because of what has manifested in their lives. I can't do the work for anyone nor can the rest of the group. I do know that if someone is willing to put more of their time and energy on what they DO want instead of what they DON'T want, miracles happen. And they can come about as quickly as we can allow them too! Above all, please try to have fun with this! Its meant to be joyful, not adding to the "work" you already have in your life. Take a playful and fun-loving attitude towards it all and here's to watching the grand design of our lives begin unfolding right now!

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