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Ametrine - Yarrow Essence

Affirmation - Love, Good Fortune & Life Abundant Are My Birthright
This essence was produced and given to Morningstar by Healer Elly van Ekelenburg of The Netherlands and we are extremely grateful to her, both for her wonderful gift of this essence as well as the healing and support it has brought into my own life.
Here is Elly's account of the production of this essence told in her own word and there will be pictures coming soon:

Ametrine was a mineral that was dear to me for a long time. I worked with a piece even in my practice and I have a beautiful heart-shape polished one.
During this time I was dealing with a severe gastritis and colon spasm, due to a situation on my job, dealing with a very verbal abusive, aggressive female colleague. My intuition told me maybe there was an essence calling to be prepared to help me in this process. And as Dr. Bach was looking in Nature to find the help he needed I also did and found my Ametrine as a rough piece. On a sunny Monday morning (28-06-04) I was called to prepare the essence.
I did prepare myself, the garden and the rocks, doing a cleaning ceremony with sage, aura-spray and asked the Great Spirit of Essences, the four Winds, Mother Earth and Grandfather Sky to help me prepare the essence.
Some minutes after the crystal bowl with the minerals and spring water was placed in the sun I saw a Toad walking slowly trough the garden. It was special seeing this toad as usual they hide during daylight and want to live hidden.
I looked up the meaning of meeting a Toad and found in Working with animal Spirits:

* connection to the altered states of consciousness
* symbol of the Earth
* camouflaging poison
* changing luck
* long life.

Well, these positive energies were most welcome.
The essence was in the garden for some hours and just before it started to rain I decided to bring the essence inside. I only added a little bit of alcohol in it because I sensed there would come another part to be done the next day. And there was. Bringing back the essence in the bowl into the garden several Yarrow flowers were asking to be part of the new essence. So I added yarrow flowers to the bowl with the rocks. One yarrow even was bend down itself to the bowl so this flower was able to be part of the process without being picked. This means the qualities of the flower were expanded with the connection with the roots of the flower and Mother Earth.

A beautiful caterpillar was crawling near, chased by our cat Smiley. I managed to bring the caterpillar on a safe place. She was injured a little from Smiley's claws but I asked the Yarrow to help this heal.

Butterfly/Caterpillar's wisdom:
* the power of whirlwind
* reincarnation
* transformation
* magic

After some hours the essence was ready. I did the usual ceremonies, thanking all elements for their assistance and made stock bottles.

Meditating with the essences brought the following key-words:

The essence provides a time of needed rest, the space for yourself to get rest and calmness. This needed condition helps to bring insight in the problem one is working with. The Yarrow helps building a shield of protection to make the necessary steps that are needed to heal.

People reported from one week research: rest, an unexpected solution of a problem, protection, more space in the chest region and the solar plexus being cleaned and reloaded, power and strength to step right into a situation to solve a problem. For people around me the essence brought immediate relief and calmness. For myself it seemed to take a longer time but now I know that time was needed . It brought much more insight in the problem/medical condition I was working on. Even sometimes the situation I was in felt to even grow more difficult then it was before but this only was a condition to prepare a better opportunity for me to gain strength.

And after talks with the management of my work I even felt worse because the offered options to clear the situation with my colleague made me upset so very much.. The option was to do an official complaint about her. I felt this was very unfair to her, because after all those months that my boss knew about the problem and did not do anything to solve the problem she would be confronted with an official complaint. The management, knowing about the behavior of the colleague, even decided not to talk to her to prevent escalation of the problems. I asked them why in heaven's name they expected from me to be able to talk to her when even they did not do. This made me feel angry, disappointed and very unsatisfied towards the management. This anger and negative feeling suddenly changed in a very firm decision: Doing a complaint, behind her back was not fair, and was not my way to solve the problem. So I spoke out loud to myself: If you do not talk to her I will do it myself.

Then I went for a long walk, to clean my negative energies, ask for some help from "above" and coming home me decision even was stronger. I phoned my boss, told him what I liked to do: talking to her myself. He really was frightened everything would go a wrong way. I was not. I asked her to come to my house to talk to with me. She said yes.
We had a two hour talk. I started telling her I would be completely honest about everything. I was, telling her everything that had hurt me so many times and such a long time. When she asked me why did not you tell me before I answered: I was not able to, I was not strong enough, you were verbal to strong, abusive and dominant. Also I told her that I did not take the option of the management to make an official complaint because I think this was not fair to her. I asked to respect my honesty. She said she did and was very glad I chose the way talking to her straightly. After some time we decided to make some agreements for the future. She even was willing to have a third person helping us when needed. It was a very good talk and I was so glad I followed my intuition and my heart. The essence helped me to choose the most difficult way, to confront my problem myself. But it feels the most fair towards myself and others and it brought very much peace in my Soul. So Ametrine/Yarrow also makes you strong to confront problems in the most honest way, without hiding behind others or searching for very complicated ways that seem to be safe in the first place.

The Amethyst part of the rock is helping to get insight. The Citrine part of Ametrine helps the Solar Plexus, feeling calm and quiet. And developing power that is needed for action. Your heart is in the middle between those two. The Yarrow helps you feel protected and handle from out your Heart and Soul and by being protected you get in inner source of strength.

This essence will help to have the courage to pick up the problem and walk right into the heart of the matter you are dealing with. It helps you to make you straight and honest towards yourself and others. And doing this you will be protected by a very Cosmic Source and your Higher Self.

On the spot were the essence bowl was placed now a bunch of Self Heal flowers is blossoming. Like also this flower shows: the essence helps you heal.

Elly van Ekelenberg

My own experience with this essence has been one of profound healing and support after a serious health crises as well as well as opening of my mind to new possibilities, new ways of thinking, allowing higher concepts to filter through much more easily. I feel much more at peace within my own life, trusting where my guidance is leading me and knowing that the Universe is always seeking to give me and everyone else, all the good that we can envision and even more. It has pulled me back onto my sacred path, the one I know is really right for me! And through it all, there has been more blessings and good fortune than I can count, truly this is a most remarkable essence from a highly gifted teacher and healer and we are so honored to be able to offer it through our site!

Hawkweed Medicine Essence

This is the second essence produced and given to Morningstar by Healer Elly van Ekelenburg of The Netherlands. We are delighted to be able to share this wonderful gift with you!

Here is Elly's account of the production of this essence told in her own words and we hope to be able to include some pictures as well soon.

The story of the preparation of Hawkweed medicine is full of miracles and unexpected events. Last year, 2004, the flower was calling to be prepared but also I had to wait until 2005 for some reason. Not knowing at that time Lynx would visit the Netherlands. Of course we had a wonderful time and during some of the last days of her stay we prepared the Hawkweed essence. Some days before two of our very dear friends had asked for healing for different reasons and the essence was on this level being prepared working very strongly already.

Both Lynx and I had a feeling that the bowl needed some more time in our camping garden. After Lynx left, I went back, had a night sleep and had a weird dream. A fetish that looked like a white snake, which I got from one of those friends and was part of another healing session, did slowly bite a cat in her ear. The cat died in peace and it was okay. Waking up from this dream I thought: the essence! I stood up in the very early morning, went to the bowl and saw the water of the essence was brackish and died. I did a thank you-ceremony and buried the essence on s special place. Coming home I got two mails from my friends that the healing they asked for had taken place and I was very surprised to hear that. But it perfectly fitted to the birth and dying if the essence. I knew there would be another time to prepare the essence.

As the whole week was sunny and I had no chance to go to the camping and I felt a bit impatient and frustrated because the weather would be cold and rainy during the coming weekend. On my day off on Friday I asked Hans (my husband) to wake me when the weather was sunny, he would bring me to the camping before his work. But the sky was cloudy. And when I stood up after he left the weather was clear!!! So I was sitting in the garden, the flowers were speaking (we have also Hawkweed in the home garden) and thought: somebody is making jokes with me. Now I the time is right and I do not have transportation to the camping. Hans would be home at 14.00 but that would be to late. Then a voice came in and said: Henrike (Henrike is my friend on the camping) I phoned her, hardly could explain WHY I had to go to the camping but even without knowing the reason she came to pick me up. In the car I explained what was happening (she knew about the first Hawkweed essence).

Guess what happened: Henrike told me she had the strangest week ever on the camping (!!!!!) First the Sweet Williams blossomed, the were the favorite flowers of her father who had passed over. (A note from Lynx: Sweet Williams were also the favorite flower of a much beloved family member who crossed over when I was quite young. And upon my arrival in Amsterdam, Elly and Hans were waiting to greet me with a bouquet of Sweet Williams)
When she told me, we were actually riding behind a hearse) she also told me it would have been her fathers birthday and would like to have some Sweet Williams from our garden to honor her father. Then she told all that happened during the week.
The first day, walking with her dog, Bobbie the Boxer she discovered a woodpecker nest, the same way as Lynx discovered one when the four of us were walking two weeks ago in another Forest. The woodpecker had special messages for Lynx at that time. The next day she went back with her camera but the woodpeckers had flown out and where flying around her and Bobbie. The following day, in the same Forest she found owl feathers and owl casts, looked up in the tree and saw an owl nest. The next day also the owls where gone but: a young deer was appearing and looking at her and Bobbie!! They stood there for a while and Bobbie and the deer were playing!!! Isn't that amazing!!! And I was telling Henrike that the camping was pulling me all week to go there for the essence. She experienced all those miracles!! Both of us felt this was part of the essence. I started making preparations for preparing the new essence. I did a cleansing ceremony with Sage and cleansed the permanent Medicine Wheel in the camping garden. The Medicine Wheel is made from lava rocks shaped in a circle, the Four Directions are pointed by minerals and in the middle of the Medicine Wheel is a big trunk. On top of it is a hawk statue with a baby hawk at her feet.

In the Medicine Wheel the Hawkweed flowers are blooming. I also included items of the three friends: the little statue frog (Lynx) which Lynx has one also; Annie's snake again (it had to be there to) and an apricot from Doreen, all items placed them on the trunk next to the hawk statue. (Annie and Doreen are very close friends of both Elly and myself). I used the bow technique from the flowers growing in the Medicine Wheel, as also the "cutting" technique, asking the Hawkweed flowers that wanted to be in the bowl that are growing in other parts of the garden. I did move the bowl clockwise in the Medicine Wheel four times during 4 hours, so the bowl followed the sunlight as also the four Directions.
When the bowl was placed five minutes in the east-south direction I heard a lot of noise: lots of cows where coming near to watch to process!! It was the first day the cows where in the meadow closest to the camping and just came to join the process! At 16.30 the essence was ready and I did the finishing ceremony. I felt it needed some more sunshine but my guides will tell me when needed. (the coming week will be nice weather and in the home garden there also grow Hawkweed flowers with more sunlight and, if needed and guided for, I can ask the sun to make the essence even more strong and powerful) Also I got a message to name the essence" Hawkweed Medicine. It carries the energy of the Hawkweed flowered and the Medicine Wheel. The day after preparing the essence something very wonderful happened and I just feel and know this is so much part of the essence (the bottles were on a quiet place in the cabin): I was working in the garden, looked to the meadow where the cow were arriving agian. Then my eye caught a specific cow that had something under her tail that did not look like p.. or p... I went nearby and saw: I little cow will be born!!!!! Running over to Henrike who knows the farmer better then we do, called him to tell him and he arrived through the meadow to our place. He carried a tool that could be used when needed. I talked (in my mind) to the mother cow and said: you can do the delivery yourself!! And so she did!! The farmer only had to help the last seconds. A calf was born: very black, only two longs white socks on her back paws (!) two little white socks on her front paws, a white belly and: a white spot on her forehead in the shape of a heart!!!!! Then the farmer asked my name. He explained that in some cases cows get names (usual they only get numbers) and he wanted to give this cow my name. The official name of the little cow is: Elly 9500!! Is not that a miracle??!!!

The birth of this calve is so much related to the birth of the Hawkweed Medicine essence. Also I felt this all was so much a part of the birth of the essence!! The next morning the young Redstarts flew out of the nest, that is very nearby our cabin and the meadow. (Lynx's note - The Redstarts are rare birds in Holland and a bonded pair had taken up residence in a bird house that Elly and Han's have on their propertywhile I was there. It was amazing to just sit and watch all their activity!) The Redstarts do have the same color red-orange as the flower Hawkweed has. And orange is an earthly and grounding color as it is solar-plexus energy to bring form and materializes your life, actions, creativity and wishes. Wednesday Spirit called me to put the bowl in ur home garden with some Hawkweed flowers to get more Sun Energy to it to make it an ever stronger essence. I know Lynx was with me in Spirit during that time, probably dreaming about Holland, working in the garden with the essence.

Hawkweed flower: It is an annual plant, with a rosette of hairy leaves on the ground, some leaves growing along the stamen to the flower. The stamen is very long, reaching up to the sky and the orange flower is on top if this stamen.
Qualities, as experienced until now: (started last year)

Helping to get an overview in your situation, problem, illness.

Being able to look, focus like a hawk from the sky above to the situation you are dealing with, to get more insight in the whole problem, situation.

The long stamen feels like Kundalini energy and helps you to get those insights right trough your spine into your mind and body and get help to change whatever needs to be changed to heal or transform a situation.

The color orange will help to materialize what is needed to take steps for transformation.

The qualities of the medicine wheel will help to get Earth and Spirit benefits from the Four Directions to be healed in every way needed. And as the Medicine Wheel is on the ground the energy will help to ground the Healing Power.

As many animals where involved in the process Hawkweed Medicine also carries a quality of communication with other people. While looking at your healing process from above it tells us to talk to other people about what you are working on, telling them from your heart.

if something is bordering you and ask others for support, when needed.

The essence is also helpful for healers: giving us a quality of being able, when having permission, to overview a clients situation and therefor being able to help heal on a "deeper and higher level".

Elly van Ekelenberg

As with the Ametrine/ Yarrow Essence, this truly is a most remarkable essence from a highly gifted teacher and healer and we are so honoured to be able to offer it through our site!
If you would like to know more about Elly's work or if you would prefer to order this essence directly from her, please email us and we shall email you her contact details.
Hawkweed Medicine Essence

Cuckoo Flower Essence
This is the third essence produced and given to Morningstar by Healer Elly van Ekelenburg of The Netherlands. We are delighted to be able to share this wonderful gift with you!

Here is Elly's account of the production of this essence told in her own words and we hope to be able to include some pictures as well soon.

Cuckooflower is a tall, 60 cm (2 feet). high flower that grows in many parts of the world. The flower blooms May in several varieties of pink. The plant has a hairy stem and leaves and five petals that are double ones. It is an annual flower and does have seeds that will form next years flowers.

Some essences I prepared I found during a severe healing period. Sometimes think that I know why Dr. Bach died in his early fifties. If he had to experience all the dark sides of the flower essences he found he had a difficult time. Also I have said several times I will never make an essence again. But because I do not decide about essences but Spirit and the essence itself choose, I have no influence on this.

Finding and preparing only a few essences, three of them were found and prepared during a difficult time for myself. This time I have and still have intestinal problems for some months. Knowing that intestinal have to do with letting go I did work on many levels of this subject. The main item of my letting go is: time. Feeling I do not have enough time in my life, especialy for writing about essences. So I decided to write a book. This book was planned for later: when I am retired and have more time. But somehow it is needed letting go of the feeling of lack of time and make an affirmation I do have time. So I made a start of my book and my health improved somewhat.

Hoping this was it I went on with my life, working on mental and physical areas. A psychic healer discovered that I am very sensitive to other peoples energies. Which I did know for a long time but this energy got stuck in my body which seems another cause of my health problem. So I tried to find an answer on that. During this investigation of myself I found a flower in the garden. The flower is CUCKOFLOWER and I started to meditate with it. As probably everybody knows the cuckoo bird lies her egg in another birds nest.

Slowly the Cuckooflower gave her healing message: Cuckoo flower helps to learn not to drop your problems in other people's nest, or mind, aura or body. As the young cuckoo will throw out the other birds eggs and youngsters to get feed it will harm other people when we leave our negative energy with somebody else. Of course it is okay finding help when you need it, but the problems and the energy of your problems are your responsibility and not other (human) beings ones. So we have to learn to take care of our own garbage of our problems. Cuckooflower helps to look inside yourself and see what you can do to solve your problem, not blaming others for all that happens to you. This can happen consciously or unconsciously, but not everybody is aware of that. And of course our lives can be affected by what others "did" to us but we are responsible for we do with our own life. And when you have a good healer he or she will learn you to help yourself, with the tools he or she offers you, like essences, minerals and Reiki and all other healing methods Mother Earth offered us. Knowing that there are people who harm others and can make life difficult, it still is our responsibility how to deal with ourselves and make steps or boundaries, trying to make that situation you are in better for you. Your life is your responsibility.

Another side of the Cuckoflower is that it helps healers to feel more protected. Knowing that the essence works this way I did not have proof yet. Yesterday I was talking to a friend, giving her a bottle of the new essence. On some moment, with the bottle in her hand, she started talking about a problem she was dealing with. I did sense her pain and emotions and I took a bottle of Cuckooflower to. Immediately I sensed an invisible filter between her and me. I could listen to her without feeling her emotions. So this was my proof for the protecting quality of the Cuckooflower.

As I also thought the essence has to do with communication on several levels I asked Lynx to do a short astrology chart. She will write about her insights also. As this essence is in a test stage probably new insights of the healing qualities will appear. So far as I worked with the essence it does show you what old emotions (garbage) that got stuck in your body and mind can be released. This can be your own (old) stuff or somebody else's. One of my proofs is that my husband finally cleaned up his room with 6 boxes of old paperwork (some of the papers were about old jobs and the emotions attached to them ) and I am convinced this will work out on a spiritual level cleanings old emotions from himself and others. This essence will, when using it for a longer time, reveal more other qualities that have to do with emotional "trash" that got stuck in mind and body.

Elly van Ekelenberg

This truly is a most remarkable essence from a highly gifted teacher and healer and we are so honored to be able to offer it through our site!
If you would like to know more about Elly's work or if you would prefer to order this essence directly from her, please email us and we shall email you her contact details.
Cuckoo Flower Essence


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