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Issues about abundance and prosperity are Universal. Many, if not all of us, spend a great deal of time worrying about it, fearing we won't have enough or will never be able to afford the things we really want in life or thinking about how we might be able to attract more of it. Myths and misconceptions about money and it's function are handed down to us from our parents and from their parents to them, going back further and further into history. By the time someone decides to step out from the mass consciousness and explore the true meaning and availability of money, many of those beliefs are so deeply ingrained and may even be deeply buried in the subconscious, that they fly up into the consciousness at moments when one thinks one has the problem solved! This also explains why one may use a tool to enhance prosperity and sometimes the tool works very well and yet other times the result is not what one had hoped for. It's not that the tool has stopped doing it's job, it may in fact be trying to trigger a realization within us that we have another block around money within that we need to push through.

The basic fact is money is energy. It is fuel just the same as the petrol one puts in the tank to make a car run or food in our bodies to keep us alive from day to day. And like any other fuel, there is money energy that is helpful and nurturing, and money energy that can be toxic to someone. Money can be toxic when a person works at a job day in and day out that is not in their best interests for example. The person may complain mightily about how much they hate their job, they dread the ring of the alarm clock each morning and can't wait for the weekend to be able to do something they really enjoy! Yet if our little friend here does nothing to find a job they might enjoy, or does not have a plan of action to use the money he/she is earning to acquire better job skills in an area of interest, then the money being earned " to put food on the table" becomes a toxic energy that runs the person down on all levels. Financially they may feel they never have enough to make ends meet, no matter how many hours they work. Or the may find they are spending money on trying to correct physical problems that have arisen due to stress and the ongoing flow of "I really hate my job" that will at some point be expressed through the body and not in ways that one might find enjoyable! Other areas of their lives will also be impacted in negative ways, relationships with a partner, friends or family can become strained and weakened. The car might break down on a regular basis creating a need for even more money. Appliances too may malfunction. Poison in Poison out. Round and round the cycle goes. Obviously one cannot just up and quit one's job without another source of income, but if a person chooses to start looking around for something they might really enjoy as a career, decides to use some of their income towards training in something they already love doing and seeking ways to turn a hobby into a career, then the energy of money at that point becomes transmuted and healthier as long as the person follows through with the plan! Other opportunities to increase one's income in more joyful ways are also likely to appear. The intent has been sent and action taken on our own behalf means the Universe has a channel to bring more good to us! This point is so important I will be going more in depth with it later on in this article.

Money energy can also turn toxic when someone is doing what he or she loves and yet they are also attracting people that are not in their best interests. This seems to be especially true of Healers and other alternative occupations such as Astrologers. The tendency here is that there are folks who seem to think that the healer should be giving their work away for free or that they are somehow entitled to freebies and no thought is given on their part as to the importance of proper energy exchange. First off, it can be extremely draining to be constantly asked to give and give and give and receive nothing back from the people you are giving to. It also sets up the vibration that the work you are doing is not worth being paid for. It also sends the message that likewise, others in your field are not worth being paid for their services either! Would you go to a restaurant and expect that the meal should be given to you for free? How long do you think that business would stay afloat if they served free meals all day? Most healers and others I have known also have families to support and bills to pay just like everyone else. Start giving way your week for free and what you soon find is you have a heap of people who expect nothing but free service and you should be on call for them 24/7! If you allow it to continue, you will soon be drained, exhausted, burned out and looking for a "real" job just to get by. Trust me, when you decide that your work is worth being paid for, when you begin to trust that people can afford your services and the Universe will provide them with ample funds to do so, then you will begin to attract those folks who are truly appreciative of your work and will greatly benefit by it. Your income will also increase dramatically because you are now constantly affirming through your actions that you are now open to positive money energy!

The second problem many of us face is clients/customers or employers who are needy, demanding, no matter what you do it is ever enough or nothing is quite good enough for them. Let them go! Again, if you are willing to release the fear that tolerating negative behavior is the only way you will attract enough clients or money to pay your bills, then you will attract people that are an absolute joy to work with! Tolerating negative or yuck behavior only says to the other person that it is okay for them to treat you and other people in ways that are not appropriate. It creates negative karma for them and you. Send them love and light to use any way the wish and then let it go. Start asking for an employer or clients that really appreciate and honor the valuable person that you are! Affirm that you are worth being treated with respect and be sure that you are also treating others in the same way as you desire.

As a side note, in an email to a friend I mentioned how I had noticed that those folks who cheerfully expect to pay for services on a metaphysical level always seem to benefit much more than those who are always looking for a hand out or expect that others are here to take care of them and their needs. Stop and think about it, how many times have you joyfully paid for something and received not only great benefit from it but the money returned to you multiplied as well! Here again, you are not doing anyone any favors by giving your work away for free or tolerating negative behavior. Money coming to you from yuck type sources also pollutes the other funds you earn, keep your money energy clean by paying careful attention to the sources and channels it is coming through to you.

If you are seeking services from one source or another, giving something in exchange, even if it is just a little, can reap big dividends. The next time you ask for something, anything, from any source, pay something in some fashion. For example, when asking a totem animal for help put out some food for the animals in your area or even place actual money such as a few pennies in a jar or outside. If you use the jar option, add a bit more when ever you can and then donate that money to a cause that is especially important to you or even to a person who has given you much over the years. When you give to something or someone just to say Thank you or to help support the growth and evolution of the planet, this creates a very positive money channel so that more good can flow to you! Try it, it really does work!

Another thing to keep in mind is before you ask something of someone, to think to yourself "would I be willing to pay this person for his or her time and service?" In Feng Shui it is a tradition that when asking a question or for the services of a Feng Shui Master to pay that person placing the money in a red envelope. Not doing so can cause problems for both the Master and the person asking for the service. Believe me, I have seen this happen to me and to others I have talked to that are into Feng Shui! Yet I think too that following this tradition does result in a more positive outcome, and probably in part helps to explain why Feng Shui works so well! The Universe is based on energy exchange, give and receive. Not flowing in this way upsets the balance in all things. Your time and energy is precious. So is the time and energy of others! Respecting and honoring yourself and others in this way helps to insure that the money flowing YOUR way is also positive and nurturing!

Clearing your money:

Have you ever given yourself or your home an energy cleanse? Probably so! Yet have you ever given your MONEY or pocketbook/wallet an energy cleanse? Most of us don't even think about the importance of cleansing our cash on a regular basis and yet when you stop and think about it, just how many channels did that money flow through before it came into your hands? If you have been going along, money flowing in nicely, business or your career going well and then suddenly things take a dive, it's time to start cleaning up your money energy! This is also important and even more so if you have been "dry" money wise for a long time. Money as energy is meant to flow. It needs to flow in and out, in and out or as Deepak Chopra says, it becomes clogged and clogs up other areas of your life as well! The money currently in your possession may have recently been in someone else's possession that had very negative beliefs about money or who earned that money in ways that was not conducive to their own well being. Energy of all sorts becomes imprinted into the possessions we own and money is no exception. It also magnetizes more of the same type of vibration to you. So here is a quick and easy way to cleanse all the money in your possession: First imagine as best you can all the money you have. Write the sum down if need be or if that scares you because your bank balance is low, just focus on piles of money in front of you. This way too you can begin to cleanse all the money that is on it's way to you! Pretty nifty! Next, begin to visualize white light, rainbow light or any other colour of light you like coming from Spirit, the Universe, what ever you choose to call a Higher Power. Call in the Angels if you desire, Totem animals or Guides. The more the merrier, call in them all if you wish! Now see this energy moving through the piles of money, cleansing it of any negative vibrations, bestowing upon it only goodness and joy, pleasure and happiness. See all the yuck vibrations melting away until your money is glowing brightly. Do the same for the money in your bank, change jars, wherever you have money stored, see it being cleansed and renewed. You can take this a step further by seeing this clearing energy going all round the world, clearing and elevating the money energy of the planet. This too helps to insure that any money coming to you will already be in a higher energy state. I do this about once or twice a week, more often if it feels needed. Over time you can learn to do this so quickly that you can even do it several times a day if you wish, and each time you will be elevating your own vibration which in turn will attract all manner of good things to you and not just money!

If you want to add even more oomph to this cleansing, there are many essences that can be used to help cleanse Money energy by using them internally or misting them in a circle around where you will be sitting to do this meditation/cleansing. A few of my faves are:
Gold Sheen Obsidian
Green Sheen Obsidian
Black Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline
Saint Martin de Cabellero
Angelic Roots
Angelic Protection
White Sage
Asteroid - Money (more on this in a few as well!)
There are others that you might resonate with more so keep in mind that these are just a few suggestions.
Taking Action on Your Own Behalf:
This is so important that I have recently produced an essence of this energy ( this can be ordered at the bottom of this page). What it boils down to is being willing to do for yourself what you want others to do for you. It means that you are not sitting on your bum waiting for good fortune to arrive but are actively asking for guidance, actively ACTING on the guidance you receive and doing what ever you can to improve your life in some way. It means that if you want a new job, you are out there looking for one or exploring ways to start your own business to help fill a niche. It means that you are open to trying new options to attract more business your way or to achieve a goal in any other area of your life. Sometimes as guidance comes through it may not make much sense. For example, lets say you are wanting more money or business and the guidance comes to change and improve your diet or get a bit ore exercise. Keeping in mind that money is energy, why do you think someone would receive this guidance in relation to money? Money is both of Spirit and the earth plane, taking care of ourselves and our bodies means we are also open to other forms of energy manifesting on the earth plane that are god for us. Perhaps the person feels they are over weight or not in very good shape, therefore they feel uncomfortable attracting new people to them. Getting into what they feel is a better physical state also gives them the confidence and thus the eagerness to meet and connect with new people and financial flows! It all goes together hand in hand.

Or perhaps the guidance says hey, you know all those broken bits and bobs you have lying round? Clear them out! In Feng Shui leaving broken items sitting round or stored says that other things in your life are not working as well. Ditto for clutter! Get rid of what you can now and replace with the best you can afford right now. If you do this bit by bit, you will soon find that new resources and financial well being will also take root in your life. Bottom line is if you are willing to do something for yourself to the best of your ability right now, so too will the Universe respond with more and better resources, including people, who can help you achieve your goals. There is always something one can do to make things better around and within us, even if it just clearing out a cluttered drawer or working to examine one's beliefs about money and energy and seeking more positive beliefs to replace the old with. Yes, indeed this can all take some amount of work and doing, but if you are not willing to do it for yourself, then you are not providing the Universe with a channel to flow more good to you. Find one thing you can do today to help increase your financial energy. Tomorrow find one more thing you can do. Keep going for as long as it takes, things WILL change and the more you do holding a positive focus in mind, the faster the situation will change.
Holding a positive focus is so important that it is here that I would like to mention a book that has not only changed my life dramatically, but also the lives of everyone else I know that has taken it to heart: Excuse me, your life is waiting by Author Lynn Grabhorn. Buy this book, check it out from the Library, borrow it from a friend. READ it and USE the techniques she suggests! Read it often, as often as you can spare a moment or two, it is so well worth it! I guarantee if you really apply the principles of this book you will be amazed at how fast and how brilliantly your life changes as well as your overall state of mind. Positive energy attracts more positive energy and it's all stored in your thoughts as you go through out your day. Start thinking in negative ways and watch your life take a nosedive. Start thinking in positive ways and watch miracles happen! Lynn also has such a fabulous sense of humor and is such a fine writer that this book is an absolute joy to read, which brings us to our next topic.

Laughter can increase your income!

Yes indeedy, even as some folks have cottoned on to the fact that laughter can cure all sorts of diseases including cancers, so too can it attract wealth and prosperity to you. If you pay close attention to how you feel when you laugh you will note a strong note of joy underneath. This joy makes you feel that everything is right with the world. When you feel things are going right for you, this sends out the intent that everything IS flowing well to you and this includes money! Laughter also breaks up and release tension and stress, it clears blocks from the subconscious and is sure a lot more fun than moping about all day! Have you ever noticed that people who are upbeat and cheerful, that find many reasons to laugh throughout the day also seem to have the best luck, heaps of friends and all round good things happening in their lives? The reason is they have found something to feel good about and everyone prefers being around someone who is smiling as opposed to frowning! Well, Money and other forms of energy feel the same way! Money has consciousness just the same as you or I. It may not be consciousness as humans understand consciousness to be, but that doesn't make it inert none the less. Money is attracted to those who smile, who are generous, loving and kind. It is attracted to those who can find something, anything in life to laugh about or appreciate, who are open to feeling the joy of just being! Just the same as we are attracted strongly to those people who can make us laugh, or make us feel good about ourselves, so the same is true of Money. Make some time each day or each week to find something to laugh about. Rent some funny movies, read things that make you laugh or smile, find reasons to laugh as often and as hard as you can and watch your life in all areas improve!

Online Prosperity Two
I was re-reading a wonderful book by Jane Alexander titled Spirit of the Home even though I thought I was "supposed" to be doing some work on my own prosperity issues. Little did I know that in essence I was in fact headed down that road! I read through the exercise on drawing one's childhood home in order to sort through what home means to one and instead of bypassing it as I have done several times in the past, I found myself setting the book down to focus on it. When I did the exercise in my mind, allowing my Inner child to choose a color and begin drawing what her and I thought of as my childhood home, my Inner Child drew it in Red! Now from my studies of Feng Shui I know that Red is often associated with Wealth. To me it also speaks of fire, stress, tension a color that makes one STOP! and take stock of what is going on around one or in my case, inside. It so caught my attention that she drew the house in red I started asking why and the answer that came back truly startled me!

My family purchased a home in a posh area through sheer stroke of luck. The previous owner was a rather eccentric elderly lady with no family of her own and apparently some rather interesting ideas when it came to money in general. She sold the house for a very low sum and my parents were thrilled to be able to afford such a nice home! On the surface it seemed this was a very happy event indeed, and yet it was to start a trend towards the fear, at least for me, that I would never be able to measure up financially. The children I went to school with were the sons and daughters of highly successful business owners, doctors, and a few were the products of inherited wealth. Needless to say, my family income was no where near the level of what these other families experienced. I didn't have the posh clothing that the other children wore, my parents were not able to throw lavish birthday parties like the other parents did, and certainly the family car was no where near as nice as the Bentley that sat across the lane from us! I was surrounded by material wealth on all sides and yet I never felt that I fit in but was always on the outside looking in at things I believed I could never have.

Now as an adult, I had to start wondering just how much of this I still believed, how much of my early experience with money and wealth was still running my life! For many years I had old myself that money didn't matter, only snobs had money, nice people didn't. I didn't need or want nice things or posh, trendy clothing like my schoolmates were able to afford. I didn't want to be like those people who scorned and snubbed others simply because they didn't have the financial flow that someone else had. And so I pushed money away at every opportunity, even giving much of my work away when I truly needed to be paid so I could make the rent and put food on the table. I was very effectively stopping the flow of money and energy in my own life through pain and fear, not really because money didn't mean anything to me or that I couldn't do good things with it.

The turn around came when things in my own life became so desperate, single mum with two children, no financial help from their father, that I pleaded with my Guides to help me correct what was stopping the flow! Knowing what I do now about my own personal relationship with money, I do feel it was simply an act of will that was able to override my previous programming, for certainly my Guides could not do for me what I was not willing to do for myself. I have known all along that there was still more work to be done but again I wanted to push it aside, pretend that it was all taken care of but I expect the Universe had other plans for me! I "happened" to do the exercise in this book even though I have read the book several times, looked at the exercise and thought oh, I don't really need to do that! This time though, the image came into my mind so easily and the red so vibrant, I knew it time to begin again, to dig a little deeper and clear out some more of those old blockages.

Money is energy just the same as electricity, the blood that flows through our veins or the petrol that goes in the motor car to make it run. When something is blocking that flow, what happens? Well, what ever we are trying to power won't run properly at best and at worst may explode in our faces! If the block has been cleaned out even a little things run better for a time, but then we must get down to the deeper work of understanding what the block is, where it came from and what tools we might need to clean it out completely! Yet first, we need to start at the beginning, to look back at where our earliest ideas and concepts about money were formed if we are to truly understand what the block is really all about. So try the following exercise only intending that it show you where you may be blocked because of early conditioning around money. Grab those crayons or simply pretend in your mind that you are drawing your own childhood home. What colors first jumped into your mind? The colors you choose can tell you an awful lot about your feelings on money, and don't just assume for example that if you drew a green home that money and you are doing okay! Really stop and think to yourself what that color means to you personally. Do you love it or hate it? If you drew a green home and yet you hate all shades of green, that is telling you something about how you are relating to money! What emotions or sensations are coming through to you from your body? Talk to those feelings what ever they are and ask them what messages they have to share with you. Take your time with this, sometimes answers can come quickly, yet if not, allow yourself what ever time you need to fully explore what these images, colors and sensations are bringing up for you. Jot them down and set them aside for the time being if needed, Just allow the energy to be what it is for right now.

When you feel ready, you are going to "call in" the energy of Money, the Over-Lighting Deva or Higher Self of Money (yes it does have one!). You can do this simply by focusing on the energy of money and seeing this being coming towards you in whatever form you feel it to be. Don't judge or censor, just go with what you are seeing and feeling. Now talk with this Being, ask it what messages it has for you, ask it to show you the real truth about money and financial flow! You are likely to find, as I have, that the true energy of money and what we all THINK of money to be are widely different. Ask this being to be a part of your daily life, spend time connecting and communicating with money energy from this Higher Level and just see what happens in your day to day life! I knew the energy for me was kicking in when I started finding coins on the ground almost every time I left my home. As I acknowledged and thanked the True source of financial wealth and abundance I started to note an upturn in my own financial flow. It really is about learning how to step aside from the mass beliefs that we have all been handed from generation to generation and to find out what is really true about money for us as individuals. That the only way that a certain sum of money can make us worse individuals, not better, is if we continue to believe in what we have been taught about money to begin with and instead ask to be shown all the joy and beauty that it can bring not only into our own lives, but the lives of others as well!

Ametrine for Financial Flow:
This is one of my all time, favorite techniques for bringing more of anything good into my life and not just money! For those of you who are not familiar with Ametrine, it is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine that grew together giving the stone flashes of gold within the purple. It truly is a lovely crystal and energy! To do the following technique you will need either the stone itself or a bottle of Ametrine gem essence, either works well. A small, tumbled stone works fine but if you want to invest in a larger stone, that's good too! Now, hold it against your solar plexus while thinking of what you would like to have manifest in your life. You can tape the stone there if it is small enough, sprinkle a few drops of Ametrine essence on your solar plexus or even hold the bottle there, how ever you want to do this will work. (For an even longer lasting impact add 9 drops Ametrine gem essence to some carrier oil such as Jojoba or Sesame seed oil. I prefer sesame because of the words "Open Sesame" to get to the treasure within the cave!) Leave the stone if that's what you are using in place for as long as you feel it appropriate. This could be 5 or 10 minutes or up to an hour, what ever works for you! Doing this morning and night is also an excellent way to help establish a continuing flow of energy into your life. It is very important that you state an Intent such as "The flow of money energy into my life is becoming more abundant right now" or "The Universe and the World are working together right now to bring the flow of Money into my life!" I often prefer to include the word "World" because the Universe works through the world to bring us what we are asking for. By acknowledging this, we are also giving thanks and making ourselves more aware of the connections we all have to the larger tapestry of life. Intentions and affirmations must also be used in the present tense, it is important to think in terms of the energy moving towards you in the present moment rather than in the future because otherwise what you are always asking for will remain in the future which of course never arrives! We are always in the present so that's where our focus needs to be, no matter what we are intending or asking for!
Now while I use this technique for financial flow, there is no reason that it cannot be used for other things such as attracting a loving relationship, right career, a new home, boosting your creativity, attracting positive, loving friends and helpers into your life. Amethyst greatly raises one's vibration so we are standing in the Higher energy flow of the Universe and Citrine links our will with the Divine Will which desires only the absolute best for each of us, no exceptions! Ametrine helps us to bypass negative thinking, past programming and blockages that keep us from creating the sorts of lives we desire. Of course we must each follow our inner guidance, doing those things we know we need to do to be active co-creators, yet Ametrine certainly does make the process so much easier and joyful!

And if you want a real energy boost, add 44 drops of Ametrine essence to your bath water for 7 days and see what happens! Use it in a mist bottle and mist your home, your car, and your workspace frequently. The more a tool is used, the more powerful it becomes for us. I also have a light box for crystals on which I have a larger piece of Ametrine placed on top of my computer and I have found that then I switch the light on not only foes it elevate and purify the energy of my home it also attracts many wonderful things to me! I think of Ametrine as a sort of "wonder stone" and use it in as many ways as I can think of. Try placing a piece in a cash register or money box, I also place a small tumbled stone on top of the box of parchment paper I use for my labels. Use the oil combination as a dressing for candles as well as anointing yourself. And if you would like to give someone else an energy boost, try placing some on some coins or money and give it to the other person. Ditto for affirmations and written intentions. Get creative with this energy and I hope that it serves you as well as it has served me!


Focusing On Opportunities For Success:

Not too long ago I read the following:
"Any successful person will tell you that there are unlimited opportunities in life. Interestingly, the unsuccessful individual will insist that this is untrue."

It really started me thinking about how many opportunities seem to come my own way when I follow up on those I have already been given and how the flow slows or even dries up for a time when I ignore incoming opportunities! Every opportunity, no matter how small it seems on the surface, is the Universe's way of saying "Here, you have asked for something and now it is being given IF you are willing to receive it and act upon it!"

I have talked with so many people about the concept of limitless opportunities and often what I hear is "Yes, I believe this is true too and I am just waiting for someone to come along and offer me_____ (fill in the blank). The problem is the other person is sitting there waiting for a Santa in disguise to come along and hand them all the goodies, it doesn't occur to them that there just might be something they need to do themselves to help bring their desires into form! I used to work as a model and actress and I can't tell you how many times I listened to other actors talking about how they were just waiting for the right person to come along, notice how talented they were and hand them their lucky break. But it's the actors that pounded the pavements day in and day out, who went to "cattle calls" even when it wouldn't appear they had a hope in heaven of getting the part, who rang their agents day after day and scanned the papers and trade magazines for any bit parts that made a successful living at it. They saw each of these things as yet another opportunity to make it in their chosen field. And the funny thing is, none of them saw all the hard work and effort they put into it as hard work at all! All or at least a good portion of it they saw as rather Jolly, it gave them the opportunity to meet new people, to get their face out there that much more and for several, it added up as auditions for other roles that were even better than what they had originally been going for! Many of these same people were also very helpful and kind towards others in their field, especially fledging actors. They offered to keep their ears open for any parts for which the person might be suitable. Trust me, this energy then returned to them threefold and more! Likewise those that took a more cutthroat approach also reaped what they had sown.

Every successful person I have ever met has said the same thing as the words above: opportunities are everywhere and one just has to keep ones eyes and ears open so when they appear one can act upon them! I have also heard many say that they ASKED to be shown the opportunities that could come their way each morning that would help them reach their goals and then they set about their day keeping that thought firmly in mind. If they met a new person, they would start asking what sort of relationship might develop that could be beneficial for both parties not just themselves. If they read something in the morning papers that might be useful to them in some way, they found ways to act upon it. Perhaps it was that XYZ company was looking for new employees so they applied for the position available because they knew it would help them to reach an even greater goal. Even if the job being offered was not precisely what they wanted, they still saw it as an opportunity to get their foot in the door and that's what counts! An excellent example of this is my flatmate whom, when reading in an online newsgroup that a Recording studio here in LA was seeking employees applied for one of the jobs. It wasn't his exact dream job, but it got him in the door where he can learn the "tools of the trade" so eventually he can become his dream. And all the while he is also making useful contacts!

The other day I was watching the telly and I noticed a program about folks who trade homes with people in other parts of the world as part of a holiday scheme. It saves both parties a lot of money and they also have the benefit of being in a nice home and for a longer period of time rather than an inn or hotel. It made me wonder how many other folks were watching this same program and thinking "gee, if only…." Who knows, maybe there are some people out there who would like to trade flats with me for a few weeks! The point is, it was an opportunity for me to ponder, to look into and see if it would be feasible for me to trade flats with say someone in London who would love to visit LA so I can go to London and see my family and save some money to boot! An opportunity that appeared because I "happened" to be tired that day and decided just to sit and relax for a half hour or so!

The magazine that you just happen to notice and really calls to you at the newsstand might contain some fabulous opportunities for you to explore. Chance meetings, even taking a different route to work could also open up some possibilities. I know the Universe operates on the principles of abundance and plenty: Therefore how could opportunities be in short supply? Even what looks like to be a disaster on the surface could actually be a blessing, an opportunity in disguise, a chance to do something radically different in your life that you might never have allowed yourself had not the "disastrous" event occurred. We can make opportunities happen for ourselves as well! If you want to work for a certain company or have a certain sort of career, you can take it upon yourself to begin exploring ways of making that dream a reality. Asking to be placed on a mailing list, visiting Websites of folks that are already doing what you would love to be doing can be extremely helpful. Using the metaphysical tools you are already working with but intending them towards specific goals instead of just asking for "what ever". Be specific! Read any trade magazines that are available or books. Take classes if that relates to what you are seeking. Start looking for folks of like mind that you can join forces with, always keeping in mind that you too must also contribute to them in some way to keep the energy flowing and balanced. Begin to formulate a game plan, asking the Universe to send you the right opportunities to make it happen and go for it! The more you put into it (and if it is something you truly want you will find you enjoy expending the energy) the more opportunities WILL come your way to make your dreams a reality!

We hope that you found this article helpful, next time we shall be covering - Anything you can dream you can have! as well as including more manifesting techniques, essences and some astrology as well! Until then, dream your dreams and trust in your ability to make them real!

Online Prosperity Three

On this page the focus is on creating a prosperity magnet. And while it sounds easy enough to do, it can actually bring to the surface many of your own beliefs and feelings about money that may be keeping you from generating more of it in your own life. To start, choose one thing is your home to act as a prosperity magnet. It can be anything you would like to work with but choose carefully as you will need to work with it for 27 - 28 days or one lunar cycle. You can purchase something expressly for this purpose and yet it is not required, it does need to be something that you truly love and enjoy having in your home. Plants work very well for this technique as do aquariums but only if you really enjoy plants or fish! You will also need a journal or notebook so you can make daily entries as to what this technique is bringing up for you. (and include whether you actually followed through for that day!)

Okay, here's what it can get a bit tricky; for each of the next 27 - 28 days you are going to do something to care for your prosperity magnet. For example, if it’s a plant, you can dust it, water it (don't overdo of course!) rotate it, place it another window. If it’s a crystal, you can cleanse it, set it in the sun, make an essence of it one day, dust it the next, talk to it another day, doesn't really matter what you do as long as you think of one thing to do for it each day for the next lunar month! Sounds easy but its amazing how much easier it is to actually forget to do something for your prosperity magnet every single day! If you do forget, you need to start over again and no cheating by doing something twice the next day or the magic won't work. If you start saying, well I am just too busy to do this each day, so too are you really telling yourself you are too busy to create and allow more prosperity in your life. This in turn can lead you to examining why you have so much busyness in your life that is not bringing you the things you really want! If you find yourself forgetting to do something for your prosperity magnet, then you are likely also forgetting to act upon other things in your life that are important to you. If you are so busy putting other people's needs before your own need to do this for yourself, then what you are really saying is everyone else BUT you is important and guess what, that’s exactly how others are going to treat you as well! It goes far beyond the attraction on money. Money is energy and how you feel about it, how you relate to it is also showing you how you relate and feel about other forms of energy in your life as well. Money is such a wonderful tool for the expansion of consciousness and self-awareness because there are such strong emotional and physical attractions to it. We desire it not only for the things it can bring into our lives but also its ability to help us to simply survive in the world. When we strive to understand our own personal relationship with an energy that has such a powerful impact on our day to day lives, then we have a greater ability to harness it and use it to enhance our lives and the lives of those around us. We come to a deeper understanding of what we are really worth (which of course is priceless for no amount of money can replace the unique genius that is one soul) and we begin to come from a place that is empowered rather than a place of feeling enslaved to the pursuit of something that is already what we are, pure energy in manifest form.

Manifesting Money Tip

This is something I have been doing for years with very good results. In this line of work or really any career, there are certainly one’s share of ups and downs. Thanks heavens there are also plenty of tools and spiritual friends we can call upon to make the rough times shorter and yes even sweeter! One such spiritual friend for me has been St. Martin Caballero. If you live near a shop that carries 14 day candles, it is likely you will be able to find one dedicated to this saint. Because of the large Latino population here in LA, most supermarkets carry candles dedicated to him so I am assured of an ample supply! What I do is when things are slow or I am working very hard and yet showing little income, I light this candle and ask St, Martin Caballero to please intercede for me and bless with me with greater abundance and peace. Sometimes I leave the candle burning for as little as 22 minutes, other times up to three or four hours depending on what my intuition is saying. It has never failed that within three days I usually have an upswing in business and even old debts have been suddenly paid in full! What is really wonderful to me though is that I feel I have a real friend who is watching over me, who hears my requests and responds so quickly and abundantly! I always light the candle afterwards again as a Thank you to St. Martin Caballero and to the Universe as well. Because he shared what he had with the poor, I always try to tithe even a small amount each month in honor of him and his generosity.

The second hint is really more of a recipe that I have been experimenting with. Take 3 drops Green Tourmaline essence, 3 drops Styrex Gum essence or resin ( if you use the resin instead of the essence, do NOT use this internally! ) and three drops Patchouli essence. Add to a dosage bottle or add to a carrier oil such as sesame seed oil and use to anoint candles with. As you use the essence in either fashion, focus on yourself opening more to greater wealth and money. Think of all the things that you could do for yourself and others if your income was greater than it is right now. If I am really grappling with a financial issue this combination does seem to do the trick in getting me unstuck. I too have many beliefs that are not so positive and helpful around money and yet I know that as I become more enlightened prosperity wise that others will find it easier to move through their issues even faster. Money can be such a scary issue for so many of us, especially those of us involved in Metaphysical and Healing fields, and yet as the Grandfathers so often say, it serves no one, including ourselves, to not take up the task of working through these issues and finding more resolution on them from within. The Grandfathers also had a message about manifesting not only money but anything that is needed/wanted in life and so I have also included that here.


We are most pleased to be in communication with you at this time. As you read these words, we would ask that you tune into the energy we are sending you behind the words as well as the actual words themselves. The "Month of
Manifestation" for it is during this time more of you will become more abundantly aware of how to work with the different manifestation processes and dis-covering those that are appropriate for you and bring you the greatest results. We will say that there is no one way to create anything, there is only that which you resonate with and that which you do not. Some of you have tried numerous techniques, some producing excellent results, some not as powerful results. Those that have not produced the results you have sought are not ineffective, they simply are not the appropriate triggers you require to stimulate your own inner ability to create that which you desire. If you desire to find that which is appropriate trigger for your own manifesting abilities, we would suggest that you simply ask the Universe to bring forth those tools and make them abundantly clear to your conscious awareness. You must then act upon this information and use the tools that are given to you until that which you desire is made manifest through your intention and focus upon it. The more you focus on that which is desired, the more you put your e-motions to work through feeling the energy of that which you desire in the most joyous way possible, the faster it will manifest ! This is Universal Law for what you focus on is what you will experience in your reality. That is why if you fear something, you will indeed draw it to you. To release the fear, first ask that your own guides remove it's vibration from your energy field and then whenever it begins to return to your consciousness, simply stop yourself, recognize that you are feeling fearful, then immediately ask that a better picture and emotion be placed into your conscious awareness and it will be so. In order for the Universe to give you anything, you must remember to ask for it and in the asking be unlimited. You may indeed ask for a small amount of money for example, but since you are about asking for it, why not ask for twice what is needed? This is not greed in your terms for as that extra money or love, friendship, success, health , whatever you ask for manifests, that vibration is then communicated to the mass consciousness for the greater upliftment of humankind as a whole. And indeed we will also say that this upliftment travels into every corner of the Universe for the abundance of all Beings. If you still feel that to ask for more than what is needed is wrong or greedy, then we would say to ask for a lavish amount in order to share more with others so that they too may prosper and become more aware of the Divine abundance available to all. A very wise Man once said that Spirit uses other people as channels for the flow of Divine support and sustenance to the world and to this we most agree. We will suggest the following exercise to help you become more aware of your ability to manifest all good things. It is quite simple and indeed we prefer to keep things simple for many of you make things much more difficult than they need be. When you are focusing on that which you desire, call in the energy of your higher guides or any high energy being you desire to call upon. Our grasshopper here visualizes us as we would appear to her if in human form but any way in which you desire to see your guides is appropriate. If you feel you cannot see your guides, simply sense their energy being close to you as a feeling of love and support. Then see both yourself and that of what you desire to manifest being charged with the highest vibrations from those you have called upon. You will then hand that which is desired to these high beings and let go to allow it to manifest in your reality. You must also request that the manifestation process occur now, knowing it is yours already. You may repeat this process as often as you desire, but do not do it out of a sense of fear that what you are asking for will not manifest. Do it instead as a joyful process, because it is fun. You may also ask your guides or other high energy beings to please bring you concrete proof that what you have requested is indeed being created in your reality. The more you can see the beginnings of this or any other manifestation, the more easily and abundantly the manifestation will occur.

With Our Love and Blessings,

The Grandfathers

Essence Combinations for Business and New Career

I know that many of you have your own business’s and here is a technique I have been using with the following combination to help draw more people to my own work that would truly benefit by it:

Add 3 drops Dolphin Friendships, 3 drops Emerald and 3 drops Angelic Roots to a misting bottle filled with spring water. Add 3 drops each Black Pepper, Lime and Cypress essential oils and shake well. Now go outside and mist the path leading up to the doors of your home or office. As you do, focus on drawing new customers and clients that you will have excellent and highly positive working relationships with. Allow this energy to move out through your heart and third eye chakras, flowing round the world and increasing in strength and intensity until it returns back to you. You need only do this once a day and may repeat as many days in a row as you feel the need. If you live in a flat and are uncomfortable going out and misting your walkway, simply mist your front door on the outside, a little goes a long way! Or you can stand at your doorway and mist facing into your home.

Need a new job or career? Substitute Akumon Sacred Well for the Dolphin Friendships and use the process above, all the while stating your intent to soon be working in the perfect job or career for you! Both of these are available premixed in Mysts from Morningstar under the names Essential Attracting Business Myst and Escential New Career Myst. I did want to give people the opportunity though to mix up their own blends and the essential oils used are easily obtainable.

More from the Grandfathers on Money and Manifesting


Our Grasshopper here was asking us a while back while we are always trying to give her insights and ideas through the concepts of money as energy and ways for people to increase their own material as well as inner sense of prosperity and abundance. We say the reason is very simple: There are some who come here to teach about love through relationships, or whose focus is on health or working with and healing animals. Our Grasshopper came in with the focus of helping people achieve greater wealth and abundance on all levels for she noted throughout her lifetimes of exploring the cosmos that when people shut the door on any level to money as energy, they are in fact shutting the door on every other form of energy as well! Close down to one avenue of energy and all other channels will close, it is that simple.

Even though she thought we were going to go on again about money and prosperity and dearly wishing we wouldn’t as she feels that many people are tired of hearing us speak on that, we shall accede to her wishes for now and tackle the subject from a different perspective so that she too gets her way ( she is a very stubborn one, our Grasshopper is!) and we shall have our say. Many of you have heard of the book by Douglas Adams “ The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” and in the book the actual guide has the comforting words “Don’t Panic” written on it. When something happens you do not like, the first thing many of you do is Panic. We are here today to say to you “ DON’ PANIC UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES”. Print those comforting words out if you desire, they may come in useful from time to time! When you panic, about anything, when you become stressed and fearful about anything, the very channels that were open to assist and support you in overcoming the challenges are snapped shut. They become restricted and clogged with your fears and thoughts of disaster rivaling the Hindenburg or the Titanic bearing down upon you. What you must understand is that you are all indeed comprised of energy. What keeps your cells among other things from simply spinning off into the Universe is that the energy you are is always pulling more of it’s own kind to yourselves. This is why you all seem to age for example when you do not need to. Someone comes along and tells you when you reach such and such an age you will start to get the wrinkles and so you do. Your hair will turn gray and so it does. But it does so because you have set up a magnetic vibration that pulls the cells that appear to you as the wrinkles and gray hairs to you. That’s all aging is. That’s all anything is, what you focus on is what is set up in your magnetic field and by law of attraction you will pull those things to yourselves. So when you panic, not only are you compounding the original problem but you are pulling even more problems to you, something which Lynn Grabhorn outlined so beautifully in her book “ Excuse me, your life is waiting”.

Now we can hear you all saying but Grandfathers, you do not have to deal with the problems of everyday life, you are not in physical form so it is very easy for you to say “Don’t’ Panic” when something in life goes awry. It would be doing you all a great disservice however to sit here and simply empathize and pat you on the head and send you on your individual ways. To say to you there is nothing you can do, yes this situation or that is so horrible that surely nothing can be done about least of all could any good possibly happen from it would be a lie and a bigger “sin” than any of you can imagine right now if there is such a thing as “sin” at all. You all have the power of choice and when you choose to acknowledge that there is support for you, there is help for you and you choose to move past the panic went it hits, RECOGNIZING that if you choose to stay in that frame of mind, you are only sabotaging yourself and doing naught to help yourself in any way, THEN you have gotten the message and can really progress faster and faster. As it says in another book we are rather fond of, perhaps you may feel that a problem is beyond the scope of your abilities to cope with and resolve, but it is never past the abilities of Spirit or your Expanded Self, both of whom precious few of you really stop to listen to and ask for help from.

So we have a method to our madness today, we are going to give you a very basic tool or two to help you when you find yourself slipping into panic mode. The first thing is DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO RUNNING OUT AND SHOUT TO THE WORLD ABOUT WHAT THE PROBLEM IS UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR OWN ENERGY FIRMLY UNDER CONTROL! What we mean by this (quieter now, smile) is that many of you hit a bump in the road and the first thing you do is ask for others to panic right along with you! So not only are you in panic and drawing more things to panic about, now you have a whole group of people panicking right along with you. Guess what happens? You have 5 or 10 or 50 people in crises at some level over your crises which trust us is going to make your own crises far worse. Unless and this is a very big Unless, one or more of these people have the power and ability to step back, offer support and guidance while asking for Universal support and assistance and strongly send forth the image that everything will be perfectly fine. Now we will say that it takes a mighty strong person indeed to over come the fearful energy of all those thought form s going out into the Universe and corralling them before they can do any real damage. This does not mean you should not share or express what is happening in your lives, but you need to do it in a different way. Instead approach others with “ I need some support for helping me to visualize that everything in my life is going great, please send me peace and upliftment and joy. The focus is going towards you and other being happy and things going well. See what a difference there is in the energy flow?

A while back our little friend here was beetling along just fine, no big financial worries (a big break through for her) and then suddenly she started to notice that problems were cropping up. She started asking why. Then she realized over the past two weeks she had received hundreds of emails from people concerned about their finances. Guess where her focus went! If all of those people had instead said to her "“Could you please light a candle for extra abundance for me, Thank you” and left it at that, both them and her would have received much greater financial income during that time. When someone fills in all the gory details so to speak, what it does is set up an even stronger vibration for more of the same to come in. Now our little friend here loves to see people being happy, having all the best that life has to offer and gladly welcomes people emailing and saying please focus on me having something wonderful! But also keep in mind that when you ask someone to pray for yo u because of a problem and that person happens to have very strong psychic energy, they may actually be sending out a very strong vibration of WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT UNLESS YOU ARE VERY CAREFUL OF HOW YOU ASK FOR SOMETHING! Grasshopper is very aware of this and many years ago asked us to catch and dispose of any thought forms that would be harmful to others as she does not wish to hinder but to help. Yet if others have not asked the same of their guides, and this is something you should all do right this minute before going any further as well, then they may be unknowingly sending forth the vibration and pulling to you and themselves more of what is not desired.

So the first tool is to be very careful of what you are asking for, and in fact until you get this down as an everyday practice, instead of stating a problem thinking it will somehow help make it better, simply request others to see you filled with joy, abundant, prosperous, happy, successful and so forth and that is what will be sent your way. We do not wish for any of you to feel badly about how you have asked for help in the past, it was and is not wrong it simply does not bring you what you want. Instead we want you to know how to ask for what you do want and so we shall be working with this theme further as the months roll along in your time and space. We do suggest that as many of you as desires to, to agree each morning or afternoon, when ever it is convenient, to agree to have a list of names that you can each send blessings to and them you in return. Just ask for blessings and joy for one another and see what happens. Do this for two weeks and you may be amazed at what changes occur, especially if all those involved are truly committed to the process. It only need take a few moments of your time and yet the results can be spectacular! If you focus on sending out blessings instead of worrying about your own “problems” you will soon find that those things that had you frightened or upset simply fall away of the ir own accord. They no longer are being fed by your thoughts and focus, therefore they must release themselves from you. You will panic less and less, your lives will flow into such a spectacular realm of being that you will be amazed at how far you have come in such a short time. But do not take our word for it, try it for yourselves, put our words to the test and see what transpires.

Above all, keep this firmly in mind: You are loved, dearly, deeply, unceasingly by the entire Universe. No matter what you do, what you say, how you act, there is nothing you can do that will ever make us or anything else in this vast and wise and infinitely powerful Universe love you any less. We love you. We are sending each of you our blessings that are ours to give and we shall hold the focus for each of you who asks that your lives be filled with joy, peace, health, prosperity, love and wisdom. Let it in and watch the magic flow!

The Grandfathers

Hard Economic Times?

Not too long ago I was idly surfing the web and I came across a site that was speaking about the difficult times people have been having financially. The site stated that we have been undergoing the worst economic downturn in 20 years and As I was going through the list of emails, I found myself asking "Grandfathers, what in Heaven's name IS going on? What happened to all that money that was so available and is now dried up for so many?" The reply was simple and yet to my mind, also most profound: "It's not being circulated". And why isn't it being circulated? Because those that relish "doom and gloom" have been merrily proclaiming that we were all headed for a major downturn and people in turn panicked. Business's began to cut back on their expenses and the number of employees they maintain. People stopped spending money in the shops which led to more business and personal financial problems. People began to worry more than they trusted. The money that was there 20 years ago is still available. Its always been available but what has happened is that through lack of circulation, its not passing through your hands, or my hands or your neighbors hands. Its stopped up and like a blood clot, it causing damage to the larger collective body. There are always people who prosper, no matter what the so called "economic climate" might be. These are the folks that choose to ignore what others are saying and focusing on their own talents, abilities and trust in themselves and the Universe to help them prosper. They keep their own money circulating through finding a niche market and filling it. Creating a whole new career field. Following their own higher guidance and taking a chance. Stop and think. 20 years ago we didn't have "Life style coaches" for example. Feng Shui certainly was not as well known as it is now. Nor were many other alternative and more "mainstream" careers and jobs. Someone decided that they wanted more out of life and that included more than just money. They decided they also wanted to do something they loved. Maybe they wanted to help people, the environment, animals or increase spiritual awareness. Or maybe they just wanted to make a whole lot of money and frankly, there's nothing wrong with that either! As long as someone has money somewhere, it means that at some point, its going to become a whole lot more accessible to everyone else as well. Folks that do well during difficult times are the ones that take the resources they do have and for some, those resources may not amount to a hill of beans when it comes to actual cash flow. It needn't take an awful lot of money to make money, unless someone believes it does and uses that as an excuse not to make an effort to better their own lives.

Money, as Deepak Chopra says is energy, and like any other energy, it needs to flow, to circulate. It also needs a channel to flow through in order for us to attract it! One may be willing to circulate their resources but if one is also not willing to keep a clear channel for it to return, then one is still blocking the flow any way its sliced. I have talked to more people over the years who wanted to attract more money into their lives and yet every suggestion for ways for them to do so was met with "well, I can't do that because ________" (fill in the blank). Some common excuses are:

Don't have the time
Don't know where to begin
Don't think "someone" will allow me to do that
Don't have enough experience
Don't know enough yet
Not really willing to put out a lot of effort right now, too many other things happening

People who do well financially don't sit around and tell themselves and others excuses as to why they "can't". They DO tell themselves and others why they CAN! Maybe they don't have much money in the bank to begin with, in fact some really wealthy people I have known started off with nothing and I do mean nothing. No money to pay rent, buy food, pay any of their debts. I was there once myself so I do know totally how that feels, especially when one has children to support. What they recognized was that they had one truly valuable asset: Themselves. Some took jobs they didn't like but ended up loving the fact that job helped them get to where they really wanted to be. Some took the risk of asking others to believe in their vision and to support it. Some looked at ways they could get around not having a lot of money but still start a business. They did research, talked to folks that had been where they were at and were now succeeding. They kept at it, persistence and patience. They talked to others about what they were doing and why, how much they valued the services they were providing. As the business grew, they found ways to re-invest in their business dreams and goals.

Years ago when I would go in to apply for a job, along with my resume I also included a letter stating why I wanted the job, my intentions to be a valued employee and how I felt I might be able to contribute to my employer, fellow employees and customers. At one time I had applied for three different jobs and in the "real world", stood no chance in heaven of being offered any of the jobs as there were many folks applying much better qualified than myself. I couldn't even afford a typewriter at the time so I wrote those three letters by hand. I was offered all three jobs! My potential employers were so impressed that I had taken the time to write what I did, that my enthusiasm and desire to serve both their business's and their customers were something that they valued. They were willing to spend the money to train me, when they could have just as easily hired someone who already knew the ropes. Never think that you can't if you are willing to say you can.

If you yourself are facing some grim economic times right now, I want you to sit down and think of all the ways that you can begin attracting money to yourself. Get creative, I even saw a website recently where someone was asking folks to each send them a dollar! While I don't know how many people had sent any money, I must admire the moxie of someone willing to ask! When you have your list, start listing next to the three ways that are most resonant for you why you CAN begin doing these things today, and I do mean right now! Maybe you are into Feng Shui and you understand the importance of clearing clutter, yet you have loads of it. Start clearing that clutter today. Maybe there is a career field that you are interested in. Start researching right now how you can begin the process of entering that field yourself. Maybe its a business. How many ways can you think of to start this business with little to none of your own money? You can find many website hosts that will host your site for free. You can borrow books from the library that will teach you how to build a website and believe me, if I can learn HTML, anyone can! You can start small, as small as you need to and build from there. You can ask friends and family to spread the word about your new business and word of mouth is far superior to any other form of advertising out there. You can exchange links with other sites. You can always find creative ways to connect with people that will be interested in what you have to offer and none of it will cost you a tuppence. And always, always, always, what ever it is you choose to do as a career or business, make sure its something you will REALLY LOVE DOING! Don't copy what other folks are doing, make what you have to offer unique. Otherwise you are trying to "compete" with other people and that never works as well as finding your own special niche and filling it. Believe in yourself! Believe in the truth that the Universe IS on your side and wants you to prosper and be happy! Tell yourself you CAN and you ARE, even though nothing may have seemed to have changed (it will!) in your outer world. Tell yourself you can't and guess what, you have just put that energy into motion too.

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