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Soul's Energy Dolphin Essences Essential Oils

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Soul's Energy Dolphin Essences Essential Oils

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Soul's Energy Dolphin Essences Essential Oils

SE Star Dolphin
Choosing what roles you wish to continue to play in your life and leaving behind that which you can live without. Choosing to be the star in your own life's play, writing the script, acting, producing and editing as needed. Enjoying your life and creating that which brings you the greatest sense of fulfillment and peace of mind and heart.
SE Dolphin Abundance
Abundance is about more than just money. You can have an abundance of joy, creativity, right livelihood, love as well as an abundance of things that are not so wonderful. This essence helps you to focus your awareness and power on what you do desire rather than worry or stressing about anything negative. What we focus on is what we receive and this essence helps to insure the focus is positive.
SE Dolphin Alchemy
Alchemy is the process of turning the dross in our lives into gold. When life hands us lemons, we may not have the first idea of how to turn it into lemonade or even believe that anything positive could come out of the situation. Yet embedded within the challenges, there is a nugget of pure gold that we can reach when we distill our experiences down into their purest form. This essence helps us to find the benefit behind the challenge and shows us the way to use our challenges and problems as fuel to launch grander and more positive creations.
SE Dolphin Anger/Irritation Release
We all get angry or irritated by different things in our lives and we each have pet peeves that seem to trigger these feelings, sometimes quite strongly. These are not "negative" emotions, they are messengers that something is bothering us at a deeper level and we may be projecting that anger or irritation onto other things or people so we don't have to examine what is really happening within. Yet like envy, many of us tend to get stuck in a repeating cycle of feeling angry and irritated about the same things and so as consequence, we tend to attract even more of those things which makes us even more angry, a vicious cycle. This essence helps us to examine why certain things seem to make us angry or more irritated than others, and what constructive steps we can take to make appropriate changes.
SE Dolphin Attracting Light
Attracting and activating the presence of Divine White Light in your life which propels your life into a much higher vibrational frequency.
SE Dolphin Aura Healing
Helps to repair and shield the aura from negative energies/influences. May be especially helpful for those who must spend a great deal of time near or at computers.
SE Dolphin Awakening
Awakening to higher truths, seeing through the illusion and finding answers/solutions with ease and grace. Awakening to the positive potential behind every situation and challenge while navigating that challenge with an abundance of support and guidance.
SE Dolphin Blessings
This essence is for allowing the Dolphin realms to bring you gifts of joy, abundance, peace and harmony. Expect the unexpected, for the Dolphins will bring you more than you could ever have imagined for yourself! It also helps the person to discover their Dharma, that which you came to do as an expression of your Soul's highest gifts and energies. Finding and following your Dharma is one of the greatest blessings a person can experience.
SE Dolphin Business
A wonderful essence for those who want their business to reflect the spirituality and passion of their Soul. This essence is also of great support to those wanting to start their own business, helps to draw the right people, energy, money and practical knowledge to insure it's success and prosperity.
SE Dolphin Career
Are you doing what you really love, want, need to be doing as you life's work and to earn a living? If not, what do you believe keeps you from it? The Universe is asking each of us to start on our life's path and work now! Allow the dolphins to show you the way, help open the doors and path and provide you with all that is needed to support you in doing and living your life's work.
SE Dolphin Celebration
For supporting the good times as well as giving us the energy to expect cause for celebration when things are not going so wonderfully. One of the primary components to experiencing more good in one's life is to find reasons to celebrate as often as one can. This essence supports us in finding more and more reasons to celebrate the abundance of good that is available to us at all times in life. This is an excellent essence to share at parties or get together where a happy event is being celebrated and given thanks for!
SE Dolphin Cellular Healing
Clears negative energies and past life traumas that may have been stored within the body. Also helpful for releasing negative energy imprints, cordings and attachments.
SE Dolphin Chaos
Life can seem terribly chaotic at times, so much up in the air, waiting for the pieces to land and to see what pattern they land in! This essence helps us to keep focused and on track as to what we can do while awaiting the moment when things will become clear and helps to reduce the stress and fear as well as confusion that occurs during these cycles. Soon the way will be made clear and new understanding and insight will arise.
SE Dolphin Communication
Giving voice to your unique inner song, communicating openly, lovingly and freely with others. Helps you to communicate what you need from others and learning to say "no" when it is appropriate.
SE Dolphin Creating From Joy
This essence is to help us to create from a feeling sense of joy rather than creating our reality by default through worry, fear or negative thinking.
SE Dolphin Decisions! Decisions!
In every persons life there comes a time when we are faced with making a life changing decision but are also faced with more than one choice. Which is the correct path to follow? This essence helps you to make a clear, focused decision based on your highest guidance and your heart's knowing.
SE Dolphin Deprogramming
Helps to deprogram the etheric bodies of negative thinking, beliefs and infrastructure that has been incorporated into all the major bodies and chakras. Helps to release the tendency of expecting that only hardship and sorrow will be one's lot in life and helps to ferret out and release any thoughts along these lines, no matter how deeply they are buried! Most if not all of us have many expectations and beliefs that bring more pain than joy into the life yet they can easily be released and replaced with more positive, heart felt expectations and goals. We only need to allow ourselves to believe.
SE Dolphin Dreaming
Dreams are such an important aspect of our lives, they give us guidance and support for anything we may face in life as well as solutions and intuitive awareness as to what may be preparing to appear for us. So many answers as well as questions can arise from dreams, the Dolphins who are master dreamers themselves would like to work more closely with humans in helping us understand the true purpose and meaning behind our dreams. In Shamanic terms to dream something is to bring it into being. This also applies to daydreams as well which function as a support system not only for our nightly dreams but also for our hearts' desires. Paying attention to one's daydreams will also provide the awareness you need to manifest that which makes your life filled with joy and shows you the road home.
SE Dolphin Eclipse 2000
This essence was produced with the Dolphins at Venice Beach and is intended for ringing in the new energies that are emerging into our current individual and collective realities. Things are changing so rapidly that often it is hard for many of us to get a good grasp on what is happening and what we need to do next. Often there is a sense of being off balance or fluctuating between feeling very high and then dropping back into old patterns. This essence is intended to help ease those fluctuations and bring more balance and stability into one's life. I have also noticed a lot more laughter in my life since this essence was produced and a deep feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.
SE Dolphin Ecstasy
Sheer joy, sheer bliss, sheer pleasure! Sometimes all we really need is a dose of pure ecstasy to renew ourselves on all levels. The Universe was created out of ecstasy and it is our true nature. Dolphins experience this kind of ecstasy in everything they do and desire to remind us that ecstasy is our birth right. Enjoy!
SE Dolphin Emergency
The gift of Love and Support from the Dolphin realms during times of crises or stress.
SE Dolphin Envy Release
Everyone has feelings of envy from time to time, we see that someone has something we too desire and then we often feel badly that we don't have it. Envy is a natural, healthy emotion like all of our emotions and feelings that serves the purpose of telling us there is something that we too are meant to have, but that we do not feel good enough about ourselves to have it yet. Envy arises because our own Higher or Expanded Self is trying to claim our attention, to share with us that there are things we can be doing right now in the present moment so we too can have what see others having. The challenge arises in not getting stuck in that pattern of always feeling envious each time you see what you don't have but so dearly desire (which will in time push away the very thing you are seeking). This essence helps you to first accept and embrace your feelings of envy, not judging it, but instead to use it as the message it is and then to align with the energy of your Higher or Expanded Self so you may begin to attract the steps and resources you need to manifest that which you are seeking.
SE Dolphin Faith
One of the greatest gifts we can be given is the gift of faith. It is faith that brings about the healing, the abundance, the fulfillment within. Whatever we ask, if we ask it with the faith it will be given, we shall receive it! Dolphins are now offering this gift to humanity.
SE Dolphin Freedom
This essence is to empower you to say " This is my life's journey and I can live the journey in any way that I see fit! I now give myself the freedom to be whomever I feel I need to be because my Soul speaks to me from that level of my being".
SE Dolphin Going Home
Everyone has a special place called "home" even when it seems we are strangers in a strange land or have been searching for "home" unsuccessfully. The Dolphins know the time has come for each of us to find our proper home wherever that may be on the planet and to trust that if we are open to that special place, we will be picked up and carried along to it even as the Dolphins have picked up and carried drowning sailors to a safe shore.
SE Dolphin Gold and Violet
A very high, pure, spiritual vibration to soothe the soul and attract blessings. This is what I refer to as a "programmable" essence, it is important to focus on what you want/need the Dolphins to assist you with while taking this essence.
SE Dolphin Good Luck
Good luck is not something that a few are born with but an energy that surrounds all of us! What we focus on is what we experience in life and often the energy of good luck and good fortune is following us about scattering pink Dolphin dust trying to get our attention! If we would focus on it we would find a bounty of good luck and good fortune just waiting to pour into our lives. Luck comes in many forms and packages. Instead of trying to make good luck happen for you, open your mind to allowing it to happen. Look behind you or in front of you, perhaps you might catch a glimpse of a lovely Dolphin nudging a bit of luck towards you, all you need do is reach out and take it!
SE Dolphin Hidden Treasures (From The Deep)
Within us is the expression and fulfillment of everything we could possibly desire. This essence helps a person to bring forth those gifts, the true desires of the Soul, that which will bring each person the greatest peace, joy and happiness no matter how deeply it appears to be buried! I know from personal experience, working with this essence yielded a treasure trove of creativity and inner guidance that has proven to be a major blessing in my life.
SE Dolphin Intuition
Everyone has an inner voice that guides and directs us throughout our lives. We can make it stronger, clearer, so that it's power may influence every aspect of our lives. This essence helps you to hear, follow and trust in your intuition. You already know the answers and the way. Listen!
SE Dolphin Just Be Happy
Dolphins understand the value of simply being happy for no particular reason. We humans on the other hand tend to believe that in order to be happy, we must have this, that or something else happen first, we are not taught that we can be happy just because we are alive and breathing in this moment. Yet learning how to choose to be happy in any given moment is one of the most important techniques we can learn to heal anything in our lives. Happiness spins out from our energy fields and attracts more of itself back to us. Happiness fluffs up our auras and makes it stronger and brighter, and a nice, big, fluffy aura can only attract all manner of good to us. This essence is very playful and fun, and a nice big dollop of happiness is a wonderful way to start the day!
SE Dolphin Just Breathe!
It can be so easy to get caught up in events as they occur and often what happens is our bodies go into survival mode or "fight or flight", even when the situation is not an actual emergency, while our rational minds kick into high gear trying to come up with a workable solution rather than slowing down and allowing the Universe to guide us. By tensing up and allowing the rational mind to take over, our power and energy centres also shut down as we are not bringing in the extra life force we need in the situation. This essence helps us to remember to slow down, take a few deep, long breaths and relax into the situation. This allows the power and wisdom of the Universe to move through us and the proper action/solution will be made clear to us or the situation will suddenly shift into a much more positive experience. Remember, Just Breathe!
SE Dolphin Magic
Magic and mystery is all round us in every moment! We perform a feat of magic when we send an intent or idea out into the world and it returns to us manifested. But magic is also about having the best in life come to us in ways unexpected that has the hint of a larger hand at work in our lives. That is when we experience the real magic of life. Magic happens when something we deemed wrong or bad turns into a blessing in disguise. Magic is opening up to the power and potential that lies within us just waiting our intent to tap it's depth and recreate our world anew.
SE Dolphin Manifest Light
This is a bit of a heyoka essence, it has no set description or indications for use and yet like Pink Quill of the Shamanic series, if it is one that you need you will be strongly drawn to this essence.
SE Dolphin Meditation
This is a powerful essence for those who need support in learning to meditate or are simply needing to be able to quiet the mind so they can go within and find their own answers.
SE Dolphin Music
Music is a powerful stimulator of positive energy and healing. Dolphins are seeking to teach us how to work with music so we may heal every aspect of our lives through its power, be it healing on the physical, mental, emotional or soul levels.
SE Dolphin New Choices
We all have a tendency to get stuck in a rut, making the same old choices day after day, often without realizing that we are doing so and then feel like our lives never change. In order for life experience to change, we need to be more consciously aware of the choices we are making in every moment and elect to make new ones. The beauty of this essence is that it helps to make us aware when we are making an old choice that is no longer in our best interests and helps us to perceive a new choice, giving us the courage and enthusiasm to make the new choice rather than feeling fearful of the change and slipping back into old choices.
SE Dolphin Optimistic Expectations
This essence is especially helpful for people who have negative expectations in many areas of life or in one or two very specific areas such as relationships, prosperity or health. Often we are not really aware of the continuous loop of thoughts that go running through our minds each day. While some of these thoughts may be highly positive and we see some of the result of our optimistic expectations in our daily lives (though not the full manifestation, for the negative beliefs and thoughts we are experiencing do dim the full expression of the positive) there may be other thoughts and beliefs that say "I can have love but not money" or " I can have a job that is fulfilling but I will always be lonely when I go home at night". This essence helps to both kick start the belief that there is reason to hope and feel optimistic, there is always the possibility of positive change and especially if we believe this to be true, as well as understanding that our negative thoughts and beliefs are not "wrong" or "bad". They are messengers letting us know that we are not happy at some level and it's our task to begin asking for support and guidance so we can become clear about what we truly want and how we can go about getting it.
SE Dolphin Prosperity
Allowing money to flow into your life freely, effortlessly for doing what you love to do with your time and energy. Very helpful for those who have difficulty accepting money for their healing work. Knowing that the Universe always provides us with an abundant flow of money if we are allow it into our lives.
SE Dolphin Protection
An excellent essence for protection against psychic attack, others negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings, especially those directed against you by others. While everyone is good and a child of the Universe many of us are still very unaware of how our energies impact ourselves and others. This provides a filter so that only positive energies can penetrate our energy fields, helping to repel anything that is not in our best interests. It also prevents any negativity we ourselves are unknowingly sending out, stopping negative karma in its tracks.
SE Dolphin Pyramid Energy
This is an extremely high frequency essence. It is excellent for problem solving, solutions appearing unexpectedly or solutions become known to mind that one would not have thought of before. There is also a very strong mystical element to this essence and myself and others have felt it strongly impact the third eye and crown Chakras.
SE Dolphin Rainbows
This is a very special essence that the Dolphins requested. It will act differently for each person who works with it, but it's focus is to be a channel for the upliftment of every aspect of a person's life.
SE Dolphin Re-Generator
An essence when things have come to a standstill and you need an extra push of energy to get the flow moving again. The Dolphins say it is important to state what you need to have re-generated in your life when using this essence, be it career, relationships, home life, schooling, travel or simply recharging your own inner batteries and developing clarity as to your next steps and having the energy to take them! What is truly important for you to keep in your life will stay but that which is draining or limiting the possibilities in your life will be swept away by the tides.
SE Dolphin Self-Empowerment
It can be difficult to know how to stand in our own power when we have not been taught to do so or have been taught that everyone else has power over our lives but ourselves. This essence helps to open and cleanse the third chakra which allows us to feel our power more fully and radiate it out into our lives. The Dolphins are master teachers and they are now offering to help you claim and accept your own magnificent power!
SE Dolphin Self -Worth
In all my years of healing work, one thing that has stood out as being a major contributor to life's challenges is the lack of self-worth that so many people feel. When we feel worthy and good about ourselves, we automatically allow better and more positive people, situations and opportunities into our lives. Many of us have a great deal of healing to do in this area and it is especially important because if we do not work on healing our lack of self-worth, other healing modalities and tools are not as able to help us heal in other areas of our lives. Feeling a strong sense of Self-worth allows you to openly embrace and accept healing on any level because you know you deserve it. So if other tools or essences do not seem to be bringing you the healing you need, try working with this essence and use any other tools that resonate for you to help you build greater self-worth and self-esteem.
SE Dolphin Soul
Being in tune with the beauty, wonder and splendor of your own being. Knowing you have the power of you as Soul, as a child of a bountiful Universe, you can be and do anything you envision for yourself. Having such clarity and insight into your own Soul that you now allow yourself to heed your Soul's urgings to live the most joyful life you can imagine!
SE Dolphin Soulful Life
Supports the process of infusing every aspect of your life with the energy of your Soul.
SE Dolphin Synchronicity
Synchronicity is the means by which the Universe tells us we are on the right track. When we sent an intention out into the world and Universe to be fulfilled synchronicity is the means by which we receive guidance and support for our goals. We can literally see all the pieces beginning to fall into place which tells us our intent was clearly received. Now as we follow the guidance and awareness that synchronicity provides we are in the midst of receiving that which was requested. Likewise if no evidence is forthcoming, this essence can help us restate our intent clearly and forcefully so that the World and Universe may respond in kind.
SE Dolphin Tanzanite
If you love the energy of Tanzanite, you will love this essence! The essence of Tanzanite and Dolphin combined helps us to swim through the seas of intuitive knowing and understanding. It helps to connect us with Divine Wisdom so that we always know what to do and when to do it. It also opens the heart & thymus Chakras to allow for healing in what ever way it is needed on all levels and helps us to know that we are indeed worthy of that healing. It also helps us to experience more of the wonder and joy of life in all its manifestations and to float through needed changes in our life rather than resisting the flow.
SE Dolphin Telepathy
I believe that each person who is strongly drawn to the Dolphin realms have a personal Dolphin guide to assist them in creating a more joyful reality for themselves and others. This essence helps you attune to your personal Dolphin guide so you know what steps to take and act upon your inner guidance for the good of all.
SE Dolphin Transitions
This is an essence that has been coming up repeatedly for many people, the Dolphin kingdom is reminding us that even though many of us have been undergoing some major transitions in the past few months that we are also being highly supported and guided at this time. Dolphins are well known for rescuing people from drowning, the most recent such case I have heard about was when the young boy Elian Gonzalez was stranded out at sea after the boat he and his mother were in capsized. He later said that Dolphins helped keep him alive, that they protected him during his long ordeal. The Dolphin kingdom are willing to do the same for all who ask, they understand that the true purpose of any transition is to lead us onto a higher path and flow so that we may experience more of the joy and happiness that can be experienced here on Planet Earth. When we can allow ourselves to be supported the Universe can step in and sort things out for us, we were never meant to do it all alone.
SE Dolphin Wishing Well
This essence helps us to return to a more childlike state of mind when we wished upon stars or threw a coin into a wishing well and really believed that our wish could come true. We tend to lose that sense of trust and innocence the older we grow and the Dolphins seek to help remind us that when we return to that state of excitement and wonder, our wishes can come true!

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