Fuschite Healing Stones

Fuchsite Healing Stones Crystals

Fuschite Healing Stones aka Fuchsite Healing Properties

Fuschite Healing Stones aka Fuchsite

Fuschite is a CHROME-mica, Muscovite is a white mica. Lightheartedness, friendliness, compassion, recovery, immunity. Speeds deeper healing.

Fuchsite is a variety of Muscovite, which is a form of Mica. Ruby crystals are sometimes found within the Fuchsite. When this occurs, it is known as Ruby Fuchsite. In this case, the healing properties will be a combination of both Ruby and Fuchsite gemstones.

Fuchsite helps us to understand issues concerning our daily lives; such as stress, physical health, routines, career and environment. It brings about a need to focus on basic concerns directly related to interactions with other people and the material world. Fuchsite channels information regarding holistic and herbal remedies, giving suggestions as to the most holistic action to take and receiving guidance on health matters and well-being.

Psychologically, Fuchsite teaches true self-worth, assisting in the elimination of a tendency towards martyrdom or issues of servitude. Fuchsite helps to overcome codependency and aids in a speedy recovery from trauma, both emotionally and physically.

Fuchsite increases the energy of other crystals and helps in the transfer of their energy. It shifts energy into positive channels, therefore releasing blockages caused by excess energy. Fuchsite stabilizes spinal column alignment and increases flexibility in the musculoskeletal system. It treats repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and also aids in balancing the red and white blood cell ratio.

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Rough Fuchsite

Rough Fuschite specimens. Pieces range in size from 1" - 2". Pack of 3 for $20

Fuschite Rough

Huge Crystal Stone EggsRuby Fuchsite w/Kyanite Egg w/Stand
A beautiful combination of Fuchsite, Ruby and Blue Kyanite Gem eggs from India. The Ruby crystals sparkle, surrounded by Blue Kyanite in a Green Fuchsite matrix. Kyanite holds no negative energy and is used to cleanse other crystals. Ruby encourages the search of one's Bliss and lights the darkness within the spirit. Fuchsite is said to increase the healing properties and flow of energy from other healing crystals. Each 2 1/4" highly polished "A" quality gem egg comes with a Walnut Finish Oriental Stand.
55mm or 2 1/4" H
$134.95   rf-egg

Ruby Fuchsite w/Kyanite Egg



Ruby In Fuchsite Egg
Ruby in Fuschite Egg long. $160 each

Ruby In Fuschite

Ruby In Fuchsite Wand
Ruby in Fuschite Wand, approx. 3" - 3.25" long. $50 each

Ruby In Fuschite