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Aqua Lemuria

This new gem material, recently discovered in Indonesia, carries the energies associated with the fabled ancient land of Lemuria.  It is said to enhance clairvoyance, to assist in recall of ancient knowledge and to increase capacities for empathic healing.


A lovely, transparent, pale sea-green piece of rare Aqua Lemuria from the mountains of Sumatra, Indonesia, with some very small bubbles inside.

This material is similar to Obsidian volcanic glass. Aqua Lemuria can be used in meditation to access the akashic records of knowledge and wisdom of times gone past and times to come. It also has cleansing and relaxing properties.

Radha tells us: "Aqua Lemuria resonates with the heart and throat chakras, bringing to consciousness the inner core of wisdom which the heart knows but cannot express in words.  It helps activate the mind centers, for understanding and interpretation of this 'heart knowledge' and also for development of the powers of the higher worlds, Aqua Lemuria energizes the throat chakra for clear expression of this innate wisdom.  It charges one's auric field with the pure energy of the Water element, bringing enhanced awareness of the realms of dreams, angels, spirit guides, the ancestors, the feminine, shape shifting, interdimensional traveling, intuition, clairvoyance and related paranormal abilities.

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Aqua Lemuria

Aqua Lemuria Wire Wrapped Pendant

Knowledge from the ancient past

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Aqua Lemuria Wire Wrapped Pendant


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