Sauralite Azeztulite Healing Crystals

Sauralite Azeztulite Healing Stones Crystals

Sauralite Healing Stones

Sauralite (New Zealand Azeztulite) is from the Sanskrit saura, meaning the Divine Sun. It is found in New Zealand.
Sauralite vibrates with astonishing intensity, combining the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun with the living vitality of the Earth. New Zealand is one of the energetically clearest places on the planet, a place where the Light of Heaven and the love of Earth are vibrantly intermingled, and these stones are evidence of it. They carry the purpose of Azeztulite in its full realization, the living Light of the Divine married to the density of matter. In meditation, these stones literally draw the Light down through the crown while they open the base chakra for the upwelling of Earth energies. They allow one to become a living vessel for the manifestation of Divine purpose on Earth, the spreading of Light and dissolving of fear, contraction and pain. They are stones of physical enlightenment, making the body a place of ecstatic celebration of union with the Divine. Sauralites are the most feminine Azeztulites, because the Earth's vitality is alive in them. These stones bring one to the question, "Will you give up your old life for a new, unknown joy?"
Sauralite resonates with Rosophia, Anandalite, Tibetan Tektite, Astaraline, Guardianite and all other Azeztulites.

“A small proportion of Sauralite Azeztulite contains a vein of rich purple Amethyst. These stones have their own unique qualities, in addition to what has been said above about Sauralite Azeztulite. When I held a piece of Sauralite with Amethyst, I felt a focus of currents at the crown chakra, and I saw an interior light of deep violet hue, pulsating in my inner vision. I felt intense currents in the crown chakra, which gradually flowed down through the whole body." —RS


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 Sauralite Azeztulite

Sauralite Azeztulite™ Crystal with Amethyst (4" x 3" x 1.5")

Sauralite Azeztulite Crystals

Sauralite Azeztulite

Sauralite Azeztulite™ Crystal (3.75" x 3.5")

Sauralite Azeztulite Crystals

Sauralite Azeztulite

Sauralite Azeztulite™ Crystal (2.5" x 4.5")

Sauralite Azeztulite Crystals

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