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Blue Johns Healing Stones

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Blue John stone healing power:  

The 'Enigma Stone', holding a very special energy within, this is a stone that can gain no understanding yet give understanding. A stone that has a never ending "bible" of solution and wisdom, quick to learn and quick to teach.

Blue John absorbs wisdom from everything and everyone, it holds so much solution and knowledge, that it is to be this is a stone to have a never ending array of teachings that come from a never ending source. It continues to grow and develop, just as the physical and spirit being does.  A stone that can be relied upon when situations arise that seem to have no solution, no understanding. Blue John will bring a sense of deep peace and clarity of the mind, guiding the being towards the light at the end of the tunnel.  Also, this is a stone that help's one know where to look for answers and solution, but that also brings teaching and wisdom. A stone to give fair view to both sides of positive and negative to bring forward the best possible outcome.   "There must be dark to have light, there must be negative to have positive, everything and everyone has a double side, it is how these are learnt and used that chooses life’s path"

Blue John can help to stir the correct chakra at the time of need but without causing imbalance or upset. The main chakras that are working alongside Blue John are, the Third eye and the Crown. This is how the sufficient energy and wisdom is to come through to the being.   This stone also help's the being find a soul sealer, something or someone that brings a matching energy, a deep comfort like no other, a settlement.

Blue John is here to keep close when all else fails, at times of confusion and seemingly no solution, when appears there is nowhere to run, hide or turn to for answer. Use this stone as the needed connection, Blue John is a Divine Hand, learning from oneself as oneself shall learn from it, giving teaching, guidance and most of all, a way home.   "Close your eyes and you shall see me, open them and i shall remain .. call for me and i am there, walk away and i shall follow .. my touch is your touch, my tears are your tears, my laughter is your laughter .. you are as I as I am as you, We are as One"
Katie Jacqueline - September 2009


Fluorite, Blue John (aka Blue John) Blue John is fluorite from the Blue John cavern in Derbyshire England. It comes in striped colors of mainly purple-red, dark blue, and yellow, which makes it name seem a bit odd to be called Blue John. The name supposedly comes from what the French miners of the past called it “bleu-jaune” meaning blue-yellow. It’s reputedly the most expensive and prized fluorite in the world. Roman legend says that drinking alcoholic beverages from cups or bowls of blue john kept away drunkenness. Metaphysically, Blue John does have the properties of fluorite in general. Additionally, it is especially good for bringing succor and relief to sensitives and mediums who give too much or take too much in. It is said to bring renewal and energy, as well as strength, health and well-being. Blue John is said to be a catalyst for personal growth, encouraging experimenting, exploring, and understanding. It is a strong teaching and learning stone because of this. It is reputed to work very well with Magnetite for aligning the spine in polarization. Blue John is primarily related to the third eye and crown chakras with the solar plexus chakra tied in. Fluorite, Opalized

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Beautiful fluorite from the Blue John cavern in Derbyshire, England. The only place so far, which it has been found. Strangely enough, it is not blue but comes in a variety of colors.   Some of the products and styles of items we could offer are as follows:  (Let us know which you are interested in)  Natural mineral specimens of Blue John stone are available ranging from $150.00 to $300.00

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