Calcite Healing Crystals


Calcite Healing Crystals



Calcite Crystal Healing

Abundant crystal that comes in shades of white, gray, black, green, yellow, blue, brown, or red. Beneficial for the cleansing organs, bones, joints, and for sharpening mental clarity. Helps boost memory. Helps one draw more insight from books or personal experience by making important information easier to remember. Soft. Athletes use Calcite because they feel it can aid the bones and joints that are stressed or injured during practice or competition. Calcite is strongly recommended for those involved in the healing professions.

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Bulgarian Pink Calcite

Bulgarian Pink Calcite

Bulgarian Pink Calcite:  Soothes the heart and emotional body making it easier for one to release stress, and to remember that the essence of life is love.

Cobaltian Pink Calcite

Cobaltian Pink Calcite, pink from Cobalt, Brings love, patience, gentleness, compassion. Soothes intensity of feelings. Mental and emotional balance. Works wonders on the heart chakra and allows healing to transpire. Pink is believed to inspire love, patience, gentleness, compassion and balances the emotions.


Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite is a stone of peace and well-being. By enhancing the flow of energy from the Crown Chakra down into the Heart and Higher-Heart Chakras, Pink Calcite can attract new opportunities to learn the concept Universal Love. Pink Calcite can help healers and counselors forge a strong, energetic bond with a patient, allowing the healing vibrations to travel to the right location on the client. Pink Calcite can be very calming when held in the hand during meditation or energy work.

Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite is also beneficial for those enduring any type of emotional trauma, including abuse, break-ups, or the death of someone close. Those who suppress their emotions will benefit from Pink Calcite's ability to root out deep-seated causes for acknowledgment and release. Clearing the Nadis and enhancing the flow of energy between the Crown and Heart Chakras, Pink Calcite can help to clear the emotional center of stagnant or negative energies, making room for new experiences of Divine Love. Pink Calcite is said to be extremely helpful for distance-healers.

Master Shamanite Black Calcite

Master Shamanite Black Calcite Healing Crystals

Record keeper stone for regression and regaining memories so that the past can be released.  It returns the soul to the body after trauma or stress, alleviates depression and is a useful companion during a dark night of the soul. 

It can be very helpful for initiating inner journeying, and it can help one connect inwardly with power animals and spirit guides. It is a Stone of the Ancestors, aiding one in communicating with spiritual elders and guides on the other side, as well as loved ones who have passed. It is a stone of those who wish to walk between the worlds, and to heal others through soul retrieval. It can help dispel the fear of death through bringing one to a clear experience that death is not the end of one's being.


Stellar Beam Calcite

Orange Stellar Beam Calcite Healing Crystals

Stellar Beam Calcite Healing Crystals

Stellar Beam Calcite stimulates the third eye & crown while aligning the solar plexus chakra with Divine Will. It facilitates clairvoyance & aids in the Ascension process

Iceland Spar Calcite

Iceland Spar Calcite Healing Crystals

Iceland Spar Calcite:  Amplifies images and heals the eyes.  It can aid in seeing the double meaning hidden behind words.  It reduces the tension that causes migraines and a cleanser of subtle bodies

Clear, Optical Calcite

Clear Calcite Healing Crystals

Clear/Optical: Cure All stone especially as an elixir, for clearer vision & communication, wellness, general cleansing.

Rhomboid Calcite

Rhomboid Calcite

Closes off mind and chatter, bringing mental stillness and is a powerful healer of the past  Calcite in its most common shape is the three dimensional parallelogram called a rhomboid. A rhomboid has six parallel planes all connected to each other.
Clear calcite is most commonly found in rhomboid form. Green calcite comes in a variety of shapes. Honey calcite comes in chunks. Pink calcite is most commonly found in chunks which are then tumbled.
On the spiritual level calcite teaches us the importance of allowing new energies to flow through us. That it's all right for us to break the barriers of old beliefs.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite Healing Crystals

Eases pain (especially back). Calming stone that also has healing properties for liver and colon.


Brown Calcite

Brown Calcite Healing Crystals

Brown Calcite - Has an energy of wisdom

Golden Brown Calcite is an excellent crystal to keep on hand, especially for those who seem to repeat mistakes; it breaks the pattern so the wearer can make better decisions. It is useful in keeping the balance, especially at home or at work. Golden Brown Calcite protects the user from negative energy and brings about a sense of peace. It is also used as a prosperity stone

Red Calcite

Red Calcite Healing Crystals

Increases energy and uplifts emotions, aids willpower, removes stagnant energy and aids in constipation and dissolves blockages. It alleviates fear and energizes a party

Grey Calcite

Gray Calcite Healing Crystals

Grey calcite - Promotes an air of calmness and serenity, along with detachment from problems/issues

Peach Calcite

Peach Calcite Healing Crystals

An energy amplifier. Helps the body to remember the state of perfection while experiencing disease in order to return to the natural state of flawlessness. Treats disorders of the kidneys, pancreas and spleen. A balancing agent for the assimilation of calcium in the body.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite Healing Crystals

Orange Calcite: Uplifting, joy, happiness, humor.


Milky White or Creamy Calcite Healing Crystals

Milky White or Creamy Calcite Healing Crystals

White calcite - The energy stimulates feelings of peace and love, for the whole universe, plus it gives a sense of protectiveness.


Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite Healing Crystals

Yellow calcite that stimulates the intellect. It can help one organize intellectual thoughts and information.  Yellow calcite also boosts one's general energy level. From this, it increases one's personal power and sense of self-worth.  Yellow calcite is also very helpful for psychic abilities and meditation. It assists with channeling, intuitive awareness, shamanic work, and other psychic activities.  In the physical realm, yellow calcite benefits the stomach, upper intestines, upper back and upper spine.

Green Calcite

Green, Emerald  or Lime Green Calcite

Green Calcite Healing Crystals

Lime Green: Tranquility; soothes spiritual heart; helps us learn from lessons in each situation and new options. Clarifies visions, imagery, astral travel and recall. Helps us replace fears, old ways with healthier ones. Cleans toxins and fumes from body. Needs cleansing if sticky.

Emerald Green Calcite helps you adjust to the transition from a stagnant or negative situation to a challenging, more fulfilling, and positive one.



Honey Calcite Healing Crystals

Honey Calcite Healing Crystals

Honey calcite is used by people who meditate because the color is linked to the sun and light. Recommended for astral projection. Spine, bones. Detoxification of kidneys, pancreas, spleen. Decalcifying joints.


Merkabite Calcite

Merkabite Calcite Healing Crystals

Simply an astonishing stone! When it is held to the third eye, one can feel a great rush of energy, like an interior wind, blowing through the upper chakras and out the top of the head. Allowing this energy to move through and aligning oneself with it, one can be transported, in definite stages, upwards through each of the seven Light-body chakras above the head. It can feel a bit like being on an elevator, and when the doors of perception open on each “floor” one experiences different and higher-frequency domains at each stop. Merkabite Calcite can facilitate access to multiple “halls of records” and other interdimensional realms. It is fitting that these stones are named after the fabled Merkabah vehicle of Light mentioned in kabalistic texts, for it opens many doorways within the inner realms.


Hawaiian Gold Calcite

Hawaiian Gold Calcite

Warms the energy body, clarify mental processes, and assist in the manifestation of one's desires

  Elestial Angel Calcite

Elestial Angel Calcite™ Natural Crystal ("White Moldavite")
These finely-textured crystals are found in desert areas of the American Southwest. They are a clearish white, with a wrinkly outer surface texture that does look a bit like Moldavite. Elestial Calcites are stones of Angelic communication and interdimensional connection, assisting one in receiving inner guidance and enabling one to tune in to realms of the highest spiritual Light.

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Golden CoracalciteGolden Coracalcite

Golden Coracalcite™ Natural Stone
Golden Coracalcite is the name given to a group of honey colored Calcites found in Southern Florida. These stones are of great assistance in enhancing the level of vibration and harmony of the entire Liquid Crystal Body Matrix

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Golden Ocean Calcite

Golden Ocean Calcite Natural Stone
These pieces are from the only known find! It can help one combine mental energy, spiritual vision and Higher Will for manifestation of one's dreams.

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Green Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendants

Green Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant

Soothes heart chakra and emotions


Green Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendants


Clear Light Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendants

Clear Light Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant

Spiritual light, multi-dimensional awareness, clear insight,

Inner clarity and spirituality


Clear Light Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendants


Pink Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendants

Pink Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant

Love energy, soothes emotions


Pink Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendants




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