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Dumortietrite Healing Crystals Stones




DUMORTIERITE HEALING CRYSTALS Dumortierite is a stone that teaches you to stand up for yourself. It will help you to take control of your own life and increase your level of patience.

This crystal is very stimulating to the brain and brings enhanced intellectual abilities as it assists with all mental skills,. both mathematical and language based. It is highly stimulating to the pineal gland located behind the third eye in the forehead.

If you have the potential to develop psychic powers... it is a powerful stone to amplify many psychic gifts.
These stones will aid you if you work in psychic employment, including if you work in the astrology field, or are a tarot reader. Your accuracy, in your interpretation of the information that you receive from the Divine mind... is aided by this stone.
Where Does It Come From ... Dumortierite Meaning

Deposits have been found in Madagascar, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Canada, Poland, France, Brazil and the USA.

The meaning of its name comes from the name of the French paleontologist Dumortier, who it was named after.

The colors of the stone range from red-brown, to violet-blue to dark blue, but the dark blue variety of the stone is the most common... although the natural raw stone may look a little lighter.

Want To Enhance Your Intellectual Abilities?

This dark blue stone, has a strong ability to aid intellectual activity within the brain.... and will assist you to develop enhanced mental abilities. Dumortierite is a highly useful aid for anyone who is studying... as it assists the retention of information... as well as enhancing your will power, and capacity for self mastery.

They help you to stabilize your emotions, and this is helpful as these stones can create a large degree of change. If you are willing to work with the change... these crystals bring many gifts to you. They will also assist you to be patient... which is always an asset especially if you work with the public.

It is primarily a stone of the third eye chakra but it will also have a beneficial effect within the crown chakra and the throat chakra. The pineal gland is located within the third eye chakra and is located behind the middle of the forehead. It is this area... the origin of psychic ability, that is highly stimulated by the use of this stone.

Why Would You Use It... Develop Psychic Abilities

Hold them in your hand when you do a psychic meditation... as natural crystals of Dumortierite have a strong frequency that may assist you to hear the voice of the Divine... and may aid you to hear the thoughts of others.
Their vibration is quite obvious, and if you are already using your psychic powers they will enhance these quite quickly with regular use.

Through its action in the throat chakra, you gain elevated abilities to communicate more clearly... and this stone's energy may aid your psychic communication abilities... and using these lovely blue stones may bring through past life visions... as well as enhancing most psychic skills.

This crystal also has an extraordinary capacity to help you to acquire many psychic gifts. This includes most of the best known ones, such as psychometry, clairvoyant abilities, clairaudience and developing intuition. It will also assist you to develop some of the less well known psychic powers, including prophetic vision, psychic knowing, channelling, automatic writing and psychokinesis.

How To Use It

One of the best ways to use almost all natural crystals is to use them in meditation. Hold a stone in your hand when you sit down to meditate... or even better hold two, one in each hand.

Once you begin to use Dumortierite regularly they will enhance your patience and this will flow on to make the process easier.

During your meditations with these crystals, it is possible that you may become attuned to the frequency of the Divine Mind.

This may aid you to understand exactly what direction you need to take your life in... and may aid you to learn to be psychic. While at the beginning you may not necessarily be aware of the meaning of these communications... as you progress, it is possible that Divine guidance will start to be made available to you.

Who Should Use It

This stone is also a stone for helping those of you with addictions, to more easily work through the issues involved. Dumortierite will help you with problems of addictions... by highlighting the patterns in your current life that underlie why you have these addictions.

DumortieriteBy keeping a piece under your pillow at night, this will be an effective way to get the stones energy to work with you for a long period of your day.

Alternatively (or as well) you may prefer to wear it during the day... just keep it within your aura to gain the most from its unique vibration.

These powerful blue stones are on the Zodiac Birthstones list. They make beautiful crystal jewelry, and as they are a Virgo birthstone you should be able to buy jewelry made from these stones, although they are not as common as some stones.

The best type to wear would be pendants and earrings... or Dumortierite stone bead necklaces. If you wear it as close as possible to the chakra that it vibrates to the most, and the area you want to develop, this will aid you the most.

It is reasonably easy to buy these stones, so if you want, put a tumblestone of blue Dumortierite in your pocket... so that you keep the energy of it working on you all day.

Combining It With Other Stones

There are some stones that are both grounding and psychic protection stones... and keeping one of these on you is important when you are working with your psychic gifts. Black Tourmaline, Sugilite, Amber and Amethyst Crystals are all highly recommended for this purpose... and may also aid you in other ways.

If you combine Dumortierite with Iolite Stones, Sugilite, Purple Amethyst Crystals, Unakite, Hematite Crystals, Staurolite or Dravite aka Brown Tourmaline... in any combination... it will be effective in helping you to beat addictions.

Combining this stone with Blue Sapphire or Azurite Stone will aid mental capacity. It will help you to restructure your DNA when combined with Green Prehnite and Golden Rutilated Quartz.

Phenacite and White Azeztulite are two of the high crystal energy stones that are beneficial to combine with this stone.

If you are doing spiritual development work you can become ungrounded. It is a good idea to regularly do spiritual grounding... to make sure that you keep yourself healthy. Take preventative actions regularly.... such as doing a grounding meditation... into the earth star chakra.

Lapis Lazuli Stones, Lazulite and Arfvedsonite are blue crystals that are also third eye chakra stones... and are effective in combination with this stone to deepen psychic abilities.

Used in meditation with Vanadinite or with Que Sera Crystals it may aid you to get answers about how to utilize your psychic gifts.

Septaria stones will also aid you in this area... as they are also excellent aids for psychic protection.

It is beneficial to combine it with other stones that help to enhance your willpower... including Libyan Desert Glass, Sardonyx, Iron Pyrite, Preseli Bluestone, Carnelian and Pietersite.
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