Opals Healing Crystals & Stones

Opals Healing Crystals & Stones




A silicate. Contains water, correlating with our emotions. Clarifies by amplifying and mirroring feelings, buried emotions, desires (including love and passion). Less inhibition, more spontaneity. Crown and Brow Chakra. Visualization, imagination, dreams, healing. Easily absorbs, stores emotions and thoughts. Fragile. Fades/cracks in sun, heat, salt, acidic foods. Moisten frequently with water or oil. Some cancel/negate other gems. (backfires if not used for good of all) May change color with high energy/intensity people.   Anytime the wearer feels uncomfortable with an Opal, the stone should be removed.  Creativity, spontaneity, relationships, memory, happy dreams and changes.

Opal stone meaning foster love, passion, loyalty, faithfulness, emotional expressiveness, warmth, spontaneity and dramatic ability. Opal also associated with peace, and consciousness. Sometimes considered unlucky, but this is only because modern people fear their emotional side. Its a very emotionally responsive stone.

Opal stone is unique in the gem kingdom. In Roman times opal was, next to emerald, the most valuable gem. The enthusiasm which opal arouses in artists and poets is not too extravagant. White opal scintillates against a solid background, which is always light, either white or tinted some pale color. OPAL is a hydrate of silica, consisting of from 90 to 95 of silica, and 5 to 10 of water. By reflected light it displays the most beautiful iridescent
colors, green, yellow, red, blue, violet.

Opal is fine stones are extremely rare, and seldom large. This variety is called the Harlequin opal. Golden opal is a term applied to that variety in which only one color, an orange-yellow, is present. The largest opal known is in the Imperial Cabinet of Vienna. The precious opal (as opposed to regular opals) contains the beauty, the reflected energy that is called fire opal.

The precious opal and the beautiful fire opal are very emotional stones. It is a rather brittle stone, not an especially stable one. It is not true that opals must be kept in water in order not to dry out. lf they are properly created and processed, they do keep their beauty, their fire. Generally they are put into cabochons.

Common opal doesn’t have any fire, so its energy is not the same. Black opals from Australia are quite rare and therefore quite valuable, but they are not appropriate for spiritual use. They are not as evolved and just haven’t gotten it all together yet.

Here Some Variation of Opal stone and their meanings ;

Black Opal stone meaning promotes cosmic awareness and oceanic consciousness.

Boulder Opal stone meaning foster creativity and originality.

Fire Opal stone meaning inspires dynamic energy and intensity.

Sonoma Opal stone meaning induces emotional stability.

White Opal stone meaning enhances competency and efficiency.

The opal stone should not be worn with anything except diamonds – or by itself. Diamonds will enhance it, but rubies, sapphires, pearls and amethyst are not appropriate. These other gems cause imbalance and cancel out the specific emanation that would allow a holistic application of its beauty as a healing stone or for spiritual attunement to the Source level itself. The opal becomes imbalanced and then it acquires a bad reputation by being placed within a setting that is not conducive to its use.

Opals may come from Australia, Mexico or the United States. Some of the most beautiful, valuable and evolved stones are the Mexican ones, but generally they are not as spiritually attuned in their evolution. It is generally accepted that Australia’s opals are some of the very best. It is their fire and the range of their fire that indicates their spiritual attunement. Some have green, some blue, some violet, but I like the multicolored stones.

Black OpalsBlack Opals

Black opal is characterized by a dark body tone causing brightness of color which is unmatched by lighter opals. Black Opals are mined in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, and are the most famous, and sought-after type of opal. The term 'black opal' does not mean that the stone is completely black (a common mistake), it simply means the stone has a dark body tone in comparison to a white opal.

Black/Dark Blue: One of the most potent. Although Opal was regarded as a stone of misfortune, black Opal is considered an exceptionally lucky stone. It is said that if you dream of Opals, you will receive great possessions.


Black OpalsBlack Opals See self as Soul. I find this stone is great for helping one see the possibilities of how one can be all they can be. This stone seems to strengthen bones too.

Black: Is known to enhance sexual attractiveness, as well as leading one to a higher spiritual experience. One of the strongest good luck stones. It is told to transform the fears that hold us back from action into optimism and an eagerness to get on with our lives.
Black-Brown-Gray: Particularly useful for releasing sexual tension that arises from an emotional cause, as well as for processing and integrating newly found or released emotions. Black opals will absorb pain and/or illness, replacing it with a healing rainbow of light. It may ease chronic bone problems or weaknesses and any disease deep within the body tissue. Use it to counter side effects fro modern x-ray or laser treatments as well as to reduce the toxicity of necessary chemical treatments.
Black opals are prized by magicians and Wiccans as strong power stones. More recently in Wiccan rituals used as God stone (white opal being the Goddess stone) Black opal amplifies power magically and an amulet of black opal attracts good fortune.
Black-Brown-Grey: resonates with the 2nd, Sacral or Navel Chakra as well as the reproductive organs. Use with fluorite to clean the aura and prevent cording.

White Opals

White Opals 

Also known as 'milky opal', white opal features light white body tones, and is mined in South Australia. White opal is more common and because of its body tone, generally does not show the color as well as black opal. Nevertheless, white opals can still be absolutely magnificent in color if a good quality stone is found.

White: Greatly increases general productivity through activation of the necessary glands. Regularizes the biorhythms of the wearing, avoiding discordant energies which may lead to uncontrolled behavior between frantic activity or total inactivity. Harmonizing desire, creating lovemaking rather than pure appetite, restores pleasure to eating which alleviates food related disorders.

Grey OpalsGrey Opals

White: Balances Left and Right Brain.. Opals are extremely sensitive and must be treated with great care. Rarely used in crystal layouts except by someone who wishes to intensify his or her emotional state. They easily diversify and scatter energy. Some literature states frankly that many who wear this stone have a fickle nature. Black-Brown-Gray: Particularly useful for releasing sexual tension that arises from an emotional cause, as well as for processing and integrating newly found or released emotions.

Boulder Opals

Boulder opal forms on ironstone boulders in Queensland. This type of opal is often cut with the ironstone left on the back, as the opal seam is usually quite thin. Leaving the ironstone on the back means that boulder opal can be very dark and beautiful in color. The opal forms within the cavities of the boulders in both vertical and horizontal cracks. Boulders vary in shape and size, from as small as a pea, to as big as a family car. Boulder Opal has a tendency to cleave; when cleaved the "split" leaves two faces of opal, with a naturally polished face. This phenomenon is due to the angle the microstructure of the opal originally grew. The opal cutter commonly finishes the opal, with the natural opal veneer exposed with ironstone backing. Although Queensland produces other forms of opal, sandstone opal as pipe and seam and matrix, which are often found at the same mine, it is the Boulder Opal that is most sought.

Australian OpalsAustralian Opals represents purity and intensity. It assists in emotional and mental balance, calms the inner soul. Facilitates actualization. Excellent stone for progress, expansion, and development. Helps one connect the conscious and subconscious, providing for a clearing understanding of oneself. Facilitates communication between the Earth plane and the star people of this world and other worlds. Clears and brightens the aura, stimulates healing. It has been used to access spiritual guides and animal guides. It can be used in medicine-wheel ceremony to stabilize energy.

Crystal Opals
Crystal Opal
- Crystal opal is any of the above kind of opal which has a transparent or semi-transparent body tone - i.e. you can see through the stone. Crystal opal can have a dark or light body tone, leading to the terms "black crystal opal" and "white crystal opal".  

Fire OpalsFire Opals Fire opal is mostly an American term, meaning any of the above kind of opal (normally a black opal shows it best) which displays a significant amount of red coloring. Red of course is the rarest color, so these are quite valuable. ('Mexican fire opal' is a different kind of opal completely, which displays orange coloring.) 
Fire: This is an enhancer of personal power, awakening the inner fire, as well as protection against danger. It is a symbol of hope, an energy amplifier, facilitating change and process. It supports through emotional turmoil, and is a wonderful stone in releasing and letting go of the past.
This opal supports through emotional turmoil, and is a wonderful stone in releasing and letting go of the past. It resonates with the abdomen and lower back and the triple burner meridian. It heals the intestines as well as the kidneys, balancing the adrenal glands and preventing burn out. It also stimulates the sexual organs, and is an excellent stone for warming and reenergizing.
Fire opals are often used in spells for drawing money. They are effective in use within rituals to increase passion in a relationship. It is excellent for working with the four elements and channeling the energies of the fire spirits in a positive way.
Mexican Fire Opals conducive to mystery, variety, progress, and change. Adds brilliance and clarity to the intuitive and reflective processes. Hope in the future and faith in the self.
Fire Opals: May stimulate passion, temper, energy. Opals, particularly Fire Opals, are good for business, though they can adversely affect the solar plexus.

Matrix OpalsMatrix opal - Matrix opal is where the opal occurs as a network of veins or infilling of voids or between grains of the host rock (ferruginous sandstone or ironstone). Matrix comprises precious opaline silica as an infilling of pore spaces in silty claystone or ironstone. It generally shows fine pinfire color in the natural state



Oregon OpalsOregon Opals

 is a stone of transformation, dreaming, and imagination. Enhances psychic abilities and visions. Cleanser and purifier. Helps one strengthen positive emotions and release negative emotions




Opalite is a delicate clear or milky iridescent stone, which when placed on the Crown Chakra in meditation is said to enhance psychic abilities and induce visions.  In healing Opalite is believed to stabilize mood swings and purify the blood and kidneys.



Andean Pink Opal

Pink Opals: Promotes a feeling of centeredness, as a spiritual level this opal actives clairvoyance and clairsentience. It can be particularly helpful in healing head aches caused by blocked or unopened third eye chakras. Pink: Aids in cleansing and activating the 1st, Root or Base Chakra and 2nd, Sacral or Navel Chakra. Promotes a feeling of being centered. It can be particularly helpful in healing head aches caused by blocked or unopened 6th, Third Eye or Brow Chakra.
Pink: It can be particularly helpful in healing head aches caused by blocked or unopened third eye chakras. Ti promotes tissue regenerating and heals blood disorders, muscle tension as well as spinal disorders and menopausal symptoms which may afflict.

Pink Peruvian Opal Healing Stones
Pink Peruvian Opal: Despite it's natural color, this is not a soft pillow-y kind of energy, but rather incredibly vibrant and stimulating. It raises ones spirit and elevates the mood. This "euphoria" is not the kind that you lose your thought process, but it more attunes you to the natural pulse of love, which of course brings about the shift in attitude, mood and mind. Which in turn helps in balancing the art of giving and receiving. Often we are drawn to one or the other, and have trouble balancing...this opal will help one to see that both side (like ying & yang) are necessary and both are needed for wholeness.  Andean Pink Opal From Peru
 For centering, grounding. Stone of spiritual journeying

Blue OpalsBlue Opals

We like Blue Opal because of it's beauty, but legend says the Blue Opal has soft relaxing energies. Also, that it softens the impact of stress from the outside world and can help one to release the trauma of old wounds. It facilitates facing the future with a tranquil healing nature. Opal is the October Birthstone.

Blue: the ultimate stone for all forms of wishes, for entering the world of the fae (fairies) and for seeing beyond the immediate physical reality to the wonders within nature and life.

Greeen OpalsGreen Opals

Green opals help give an energy boost. Green Opal, in particular, is a cleansing and rejuvenating gemstone that gives meaning to life and brings about spiritual perspective, while strengthening the immune system.

Green: This is beneficial for cleansing and rejuvenating that promotes emotional recovery and aides relationships. It has the ability to filter information and reorient the mind, thus giving it a better meaning to every day life, and bring about a clearer spiritual prospective.

Moss OpalsGreen Moss Opals, Moss Opals

A planetary record keeper. with the markings on it that look like trees or shrubs. Is said to enhance the achievement of personal goals, the acquisition of prosperity, the healing of wounds from past lives, the ability to communicate with nature spirits and the grounding of one's spiritual energies within the physical body

Chrysopal OpalsChrysopal  Opals     Blue-Green (Chrysopal): This opal will open one to new impressions and encourages openness in others. It will help one to observe the world with new eyes, and it alleviates emotional burdens.

Blue-Green (Chrysopal): This opal will open one to new impressions and encourages openness in others. It will help one to observe the world with new eyes, and it alleviates emotional burdens.
Blue Peruvian Opal: Relatively rare and comes from the Andes in Peru, it is a moderately translucent stone with a blue-green color quite similar to the Caribbean Sea. This stone has soft relaxing energies, and lore tells us that it has the ability to remove the tension from any communication to help ideas to flow freely. It is told to soften the impact of stress from the outside world, helping one to release the trauma of old wounds, facilitating facing the future with a tranquil self healing nature. It is good for quieting the mind and helpful in aiding sleep.

Blue: Emotional soother that helps to realign one to their spiritual purpose. It is useful when past life experiences are affecting the present life, these can be healed through the etheric blueprint.
Blue: resonates the 5th, Throat Chakra and can enhance communication, especially that of which has been suppressed through lack of self confidence. Rainbow blue opal cleanses and gently energizes the aura and all the chakras.
Blue-Green (Chrysopal): Detoxifies and regenerates the liver as well as relieving feelings of constriction from the heart and chest.

Dendritic Opals

A planetary record keeper. with the markings on it that look like trees or shrubs. Is said to enhance the achievement of personal goals, the acquisition of prosperity, the healing of wounds from past lives, the ability to communicate with nature spirits and the grounding of one's spiritual energies within the physical body.  Promotes growth spiritually and physically, aligns physical and etheric bodies.


Cherry Opals

Healing Qualities: Aids healing after surgery, Boosts energy and vitality, Cleanses the blood. Helps with convalescence. Speeds up tissue regeneration. Supports birthing process.
Indications for Use: Convalescence Fatigue & exhaustion, Poor healing, Post-birth recovery, Post-surgical recovery Weakness
Chakra Resonance: Sacral, Crown.

Hyalite OpalsHyalite Opals

Opal is unique in that it is the only silica mineral of direct organic origin. This opal is formed from the hot underground spa waters Hungary is famous for. Hyalite opal forms botryoidally masses, resembling a cluster of grapes, or brain. All hyalite fluoresces green, a property of certain minerals when illuminated with ultraviolet light. Fluorescent minerals contain particles in their structure known as activators, which respond to ultraviolet light by giving off a visible glow.
Opal is a very unusual mineral in that it has no crystal structure (meaning a regular arrangement of atoms), however opal does possess a structure. Random chains of silicon and oxygen are packed into extraordinarily tiny spheres.
"In general, acts to assist one in progression to ones destiny. It further provides an impetus to actions which will advance one in the quest for serenity which is inherent in all life.”
“It can increase ones ability to both earn and retain money and stimulates ones sense of self-worth. It further enhances working environments and business relationships.”
“Hyalite opal has been used to balance the male/female energies within the body and to both align and balance the chakras.”

Brown OpalsBrown Opals

Brown opal with or without fire, can be translucent or opaque.
Brown Opal helps you move forward in life (“get on in life”). It has been used as a scrying stone and is especially useful for looking into yourself. Brown Opal can help relieve depression and is useful in the treatment of digestive problems, some say that it is the “key” to the treatment of bulimia. It has also been used in the treatment of menstrual cramps and period pains effectively. Although all Opals are good for eyesight Brown Opal is particularly beneficial.


Violet Flame Opal Healing StonesViolet Flame Opal

Violet Flame Opal soothes the emotional body and brings a state of inner tranquility. Its currents exert a gentle influence of healing to the stresses that can linger in the cells and organs, allowing the body’s inner wisdom to prevail. This stone can spiritualize the emotions, transmuting them to higher forms of feeling. It stimulates spiritual awareness, links one to the planes of angelic communication, and aids in connecting with guardian angels and helping spirits


Honduras OpalsHonduran Opals


Black-Brown-Gray Opal resonates with the sacral chakra and the reproductive organs. It is particularly useful for releasing sexual tension that arises from an emotional cause, and for processing and integrating newly released emotions. They are gentle catalysts to the physical healing process, through their support of one’s emotional body. They can aid in lifting depression, not through “cheering you up,” but through moderating the sense of isolation. They can help one receive more life force and creative energies through gently stimulating the first two chakras. These stones clear and strengthen and protect the emotional body. They lend strength to the physical body and act as a general tonic on the first and second chakras.


Redwood OpalRedwood Opal

This lovely and powerful new Opal from Mexico strengthens the emotional body. It increases one’s resilience to life’s ups and downs, and it allows one to bear grief and loss without being dragged into depression. It helps in healing emotional wounds from the past, and it enhances one’s capacity to feel things deeply


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