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Petrified Dinosaur Bone
Petrified or Fossilized Dinosaur Bone increases energy and memory. It has ties with the deep past, and this makes it an excellent stone for past life work. Dinosaur bone is also wonderful for calming anxiety, in particular survival anxieties. It helps, too, with communication and ability to understand communications. Physically, dinosaur bone is used for healing of paralysis, broken bones, hearing, vigor, regulation of body temperature.

Fossils increase life span, reduce toxins, anxiety, stress, balance the emotions, increase self confidence, promote a sense of pride and success in business. Healers use fossils to enhance telepathy and stimulate the mind.

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Fossil Stone Hot Box Vaporizer
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Fossil Stone Hot Box Vaporizer

Bocina Stone Hot Box Vaporizer

Burma Teak Stone Hot Box Vaporizer

Stone Hot Box Includes
Hands Free Vapor Wand (whip)
Ceramic Nichrome Heating Coil
Free Aromatherapy Bulb / Oil Diffuser
2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Stone Hot Box Hands Free Vaporizer Combo
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Stone Hot Box: Vaporizer History
Introducing the Stone Hot Box Vaporizer, a revolutionary multipurpose inhalation device to designed to enhance your herbal vaporizing experience.
Through it's innovative design the Hot Box is a simple and effective and healthier alternative to conventional methods.
Stone Hot Box Vaporizers are available in a variety of designs and colors the patented stone and tile construction & highly engineered ceramic nichrome heating element.
Which allows the Stone Hot Box Vaporizer to heat-up and sustain its optimal temperature more efficiently.
Stone Hot Box: Vaporizer Usage
The Stone Hot Box Vaporizer is used with standard glass vapor whips, or vapor wands as the manufacturer named them.
This means that you would use the Stone Hot Box Vaporizer with a glass vapor whip held to the heating element while you enjoyed your refreshing vaporizer inhalation.
Stone Hot Box: Vaporizer Warranty Information
With an iron clad 2 year no hassle warranty on the Stone Hot Box Vaporizer. You can be assured that your getting yourself a quality flavor enhancing vaporizer made and tested with the love one would expect in order to achieve this kind of product.


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found in Morocco
Devonian Period
395 - 345 million years old
Goniatites are an extinct group of ammonoid.
They lived early in the Devonian period, some 400 million years ago, and became extinct during the Permian period.

#FS-140 Polished Goniatite, approx. 2.25" - 3" in size. $35.00 each


Polished Goniatite, black/grey in color, in two sizes:


#FS-141a Polished Goniatite, approx. 2.25" - 2.75" in size. $25.00 each


Polished Goniatite

#FS-141b Polished Goniatite, approx. 1.5" - 2" in size. $20.00 each


Polished Goniatite

Pleistocene Age
Woolly Mammoth Bones recovered from the bottom of the North Sea, between England and the European continent. The bones come from a depth of 65-165 feet where they were deposited during the last ice age. The Mammoth remains are approximately 11,000-110,000 years old. This area was once exposed when the sea level was lower, and was an area of plains, rivers, and lakes. These Mammoth bones are recovered by fishermen as their nets scrape the bottom of the North Sea. These are not fossilized - they are actual bone.

Wooly Mammoth Bone
#FS-79 Woolly Mammoth Bone. Partial leg bone specimen. 14.5" long. $100.00

Wooly Mammoth Bone
#FS-74 Woolly Mammoth Bone. Partial leg bone specimen. 8" long. $100


Wooly Mammoth Bone
#FS-62 Genuine Mammoth Bone with informational booklet. Bone is approx. 3.5" - 4.5" long. $50


Dinosaur Eggshells
#FS-67 Dinosaur Eggshell fragments. You will receive a specimen from either Saltasaurus or Titanosaurus. Late Cretaceous Period, about 83 to 79 million years ago. Pieces are about 1" - 1.25" long.

Fossilized Turtle Shell
#FS-86 Fossilized Turtle Shell fragments from the USA, Oligocene era (approx. 35 million years old.) Sizes and shapes vary, approx. 1.25" - 1.5" long.

Fossilized Bone of the Oreodon
#FS-83 Fossilized Bone of the Oreodon, an extinct mammal from the USA, Oligocene era (approx. 35 million years old.) Bone fragments approx. 1.5" - 2.5" long.

Tumbled Coprolite
#FS-85 Tumbled Coprolite - fossilized poop! Approx. 1.5" - 2" long.

Wooly Mammoth Bone
Woolly Mammoth Bones specimen,
email for current supply

Wooly Mammoth Bone
#FS-79 Woolly Mammoth Bone. Partial leg bone specimen. 14.5" long. $100

Woolly Mammoth Bones

Wooly Mammoth Bones
#FS-84 Genuine Mammoth Bone, from the Pleistocene Age, found in the North Sea. Approx. 3" - 5" long.

Brachiopod Fossils
#FS-131 Brachiopod Fossil, from the Devonian Period.
Mucrospirifer Thedfordensis. Found in Arkona, Ontario, Canada. About 1.25" - 1.5" long.

Turitella Fossils
#T-TU Tumbled Turitella Fossil. Fossilized shells in matrix. Approx. 1.25" - 1.75" long.


Fossil Stone Mortar & Pestle Set
#MOR-3 Fossil Stone Mortar & Pestle Set. These mortar and pestle sets are carved from solid pieces of fossil stone. Each is just under 4" tall and 4" in diameter. Imported from Pakistan. $100 each

Fossil Stone Mortar and Pestle Set

Gastropod Fossil Shells

Gastropod Fossil Shells

These are small Gastropod Fossil Shells, they are often found in Turritella Agates.
Fossil - In ancient times they were believed to be "gifts from the stars" and have been used to enhance telepathic communication between worlds, present, past and future. Helps bring forth accomplishments in the business world and bring quality and excellence within our environment. Helps us open up and be more receptive to new and innovative forces that are open to us. Helps allow the old programming and schedules to dissipate.

Shell - They are good to help bring boundless in all areas of our lives. It can stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability. It can heighten mental clarity and can ready us for times of decision making and insight into what options are best. It helps with cooperation between ourselves and others. It can provide an energy that will help keep the group working together effectively.

Gastropod Fossil Shells


Brachiopod of Paleozoic age
Apart perhaps from the trilobite, no other organism typifies the Age of Invertebrates more than the brachiopod. They were the first bilaterian animals to lose their mobility and encase their bodies in a solid external shell. Despite a superficially similar appearance to clams, they are actually completely different in their anatomy, belonging to the group known as the Lophophorata, which use a fringe of tentacles known as the lophophore to sweep food particles into their mouths. Brachiopod's are rare today, but during the Paleozoic era (especially from the Middle Ordorvician period onwards) they absolutely dominated every benthic (bottom-living) marine ecology. The fossils offered here are from the Silurian period of the Paleozoic age and were found in the fossil fields of northern Africa.  sized approximately 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch

$29.00 3/4 inch

Brachiopod Rough

$35.00 1 inch

Brachiopod Rough

$45.00 1 1/4 inch

Brachiopod Rough

Crinoid stem fossils devonian age
Crinoid stem fossils from the devonian age. It appears that there could be other parts of the Crinoid included in these pieces but mostly stems,,columnals,, that were collected from the fossil beds of northern Africa. Crinoids or "sea lilies" are an ancient sea creature closely related to starfish. Their skeleton was comprised of a root-like structure attached to a stem made up of many disc shaped plates called columnals. At the top of the stem was the head or calyx which the arms of the Crinoid were attached. The arms were used to filter food out of the water. After death, most crinoids skeleton would fall apart leaving behind only the columnals and small plates that made up the calyx.

$19.00 3/4 inch

Crinoid stem fossils Rough

$25.00 1 inch

Crinoid stem fossils Rough

$38.00 1 1/2 inch

Crinoid stem fossils Rough

$45.00 2 inch

Crinoid stem fossils Rough


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