Padparadsha Orange Sapphires Healing Crystals

Padparadsha Orange Sapphires Healing Crystals


Padparadsha Orange Sapphires Healing Gemstones

Padparadsha Sapphires are prized for enhancing creativity, sensuality, eroticism, and delight in the world of experience.


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Did you know that the qualities that draw you to a particular stone or gemstone is because that stone hold healing properties that help you feel good when you wear them.  As far back as recorded, minerals, stones and crystals have been held in the highest regard and many times only allowed to be worn by people of power. 

These stones are Russian Laboratory grown crystals that have the same chemical composition, hardness, and other basic physical properties as the corresponding natural gemstones, but are cleaner, more perfect stones. Laboratory grown gemstones are real stones and should not be confused with pressed glass or simulated/lab-created stones.  All metaphysical properties are the same for these stones as for their natural cousins.

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Padparadsha Orange Loose Gemstones

Padparadsha Orange Sapphire Unset Gemstones

Don't see what you are looking for?  Please let us know and we check with our suppliers to see if they have it.

These stones below are around $160.00 per carat, please inquire about current availability and prices, if the piece is no longer available, we will send you comparable pieces to choose from



Sapphire Clean Facet Rough 

Sapphire Clean Facet Rough 



Minimum Order 15 Carats, $1875.00

Carat weight: 2.5ct to 6ct +
From Umba Tanzania
Clarity: SI 2 to VS 1

Interested in finding out about other rough Sapphires, please email us and we will get back to you with this

Sapphire Clean Facet Rough


SE Padparadsha Orange Sapphire
A powerful essence for the Second chakra, it helps to stimulate creativity, enhances feelings of abundance and joy, and is very useful for working through sex related issues.

  1/2 Ounce


  1 Ounce


  2 Ounce


  4 Ounce



Mist Spray Essence

Our Morningstar Essence Products believe that the preservative we use as well as the spring water we are able to offer has as much impact on the potency of the essences as the actual process of producing the essences themselves. We also like being able to offer choices! And because we receive so many requests for alcohol free essences, we wanted to let you know that this is also an option. The essences will not go "off" if treated with proper care.

We now have four types of preservatives: Brandy, Vanilla Brandy, Vanilla Rum and Vanilla Vodka. We can also use Cider Vinegar if you request it.

You can also select which spring water we use for your essences as well. We have long used Fiji water which has an abundant, flowing, rich energy to it. We also have available Ty Nant from Wales which has a more mystical quality.  If no preference is stated, we will use Brandy and Fiji water. We hope that this will help to enhance your use of the essences, to make them a bit more personalized for you and your needs.

Sapphire Gem Essences, Essence Oils & Mysts

All Sapphires support the manifestation of what is desired as well as elevating one's thoughts, awareness and joy. They help to increase prosperity, fine tune the chakras both front and back so they are vibrating at a higher level and help to open one's intuition. Sapphires also help to release unwanted thoughts and feelings of sadness/grief. It is believed that carrying or wearing a sapphire acted as a tonic for the body and helped to decrease cellular disorders yet no medical claims can be made for any sapphire essence.

The Affirmations listed for each essence can be used as they are or feel free to change them to suit your needs best. Affirmations can be extremely helpful in changing one's vibration to one of more positive energy and we hope that you do find the Essences and Affirmations very helpful for you!


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