Conch Shell Healing

Conch Shell Healing


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A Conch Pearl is a non-nacreous, calcareous concretion produced primarily by the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas). Conch pearls often exhibit a flame-like pattern due to concentrically arranged calcium carbonate plateles in a lamellar fasion.

Conch Pearls, The Pearl Thatís Not Really A Pearl, in the Technical Sense
Conch pearls (pronounced "konk") contain no nacre, so technically they are not actually pearls at all. Instead, the gems are calcareous concretions, similar to kidney stones in humans. They are produced by the Queen conch mollusk (Strombus gigas), which lives primarily in the Caribbean near southern Florida.

Conch Pearls Are A Very Rare Occurrence
No one has yet devised a method for culturing conch pearls, so every one you see will be a natural pearl. Therefore, they are extremely rare and valuable. It is estimated that only one in 10,000 conchs produces a pearl, and that less than 10 percent of those are of gem quality.

Pink Pearls: Works especially with the Heart Chakra. Pearl works best without other gems. Divers wear pearls for shark protection.

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Sterling Silver Conch Shell Charm

Sterling Silver Conch Shell Charm with Pink Enamel Accent
Equally beautiful on a charm bracelet or necklace! This Sterling Silver Conch Shell Charm is accented with pink enamel. Measures approximately 1 cm.



Pink Conch Shells

Pink Conch Shells



 Gold Conch Shell Charm

14k Yellow Gold Conch Shell Charm
Wear a piece of tropical paradise with this 14-karat gold conch shell charm
Charm features enamel on inside of shell
Spring ring clasp allows for easy attachment to bracelet or necklace



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