Mabe Pearls Healing

Mabe Pearls Healing


Mabe Pearl Healing

Mabe Pearls From The South Seas

A mabe pearl is a hemispherical shaped pearl which is grown against the inside of the oyster's shell, rather than within its tissue. Mabes occasionally appear in nature.
Mabe Pearls Develop On The Shell
Cultured mabes are grown intentionally, by using a hemispheric nucleus, rather than a round one; and by implanting it against the oyster's shell, rather than within its tissue. The pearl then develops in a hemispheric form, with a flat back. While in the oyster a mabe pearl is actually considered a blister pearl not a mabe pearl.  Mabe Pearls


Usually pale white or cream-colored, though darker blue, gray, and even black variations exist. In tune with women, especially pregnant women. Absorbing by nature and because of this must be used with caution. If you feel excessively negative while wearing a Pearl, it will hold that energy until it is worn again. Remember, Pearl is the result of layer upon layer of substance produced to combat irritation. It is very nurturing. If used properly, lessen stress and its resulting maladies: hypertension, headaches, and exhaustion. May help to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Also an assist in digestion and may reduce the chance of developing ulcers. If using Pearls in conjunction with other gemstones, consider Diamonds to amplify and purify, or Emeralds to bring negative energy out and disperse it. Recommended for occupations as varied as artists, chiropractors, and farmers. 

White Pearls: Symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence, faith. Of the sea, it has watery and lunar elements, thus balancing emotions, especially for water signs. Absorbs thoughts, emotions. For Solar plexus Chakra (digestion, stomach, immunity) and emotional stress. Low integrity or anger rebounds to user (like Opal). Cleanse frequently. Fire signs less compatible unless drawn to Pearl. May cool and soothe.

Gold and Black Pearls: Also for prosperity.

Pink Pearls: Works especially with the Heart Chakra. Pearl works best without other gems. Divers wear pearls for shark protection.


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 Baroque Mabe Pearl Pendant

Baroque Mabe Pearl Pendant

Baroque mabe pearl pendant, the size varies from 40x60mm to 40x70mm. It's simple and stylish.


Baroque Mabe Pearl Pendant

Baroque Mabe Pearl Necklace
Gorgeous mabe pearl necklace made with baroque mabe pearls, ending with special magnetic mabe clasp. The necklace is very special and shiny.
Mabe pearl is a half-spherical cultured pearl grown on the inside shell of a mollusk, as opposed to inside a mollusk's body. Mabe pearls are sometimes referred to as blister pearls.
Length 19inch
20x30mm Mabe Pearls


Baroque Mabe Pearl Necklace


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